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Product Name Description Code

Medonic M20 basic 3-Part Hematology Analyser

Medonic M20M GP 3-Part Hematology Analyser with Built-in Mixer

Medonic M20C Closed Tube 3-Part Hematology Analyser with cap piercer

Medonic M20S Auto Sampler 3-Part Hematology Analyser with mixer & cap piercer

Dialab DTN-410K Semi-Automated Chemistry Analyzer (inc. Keyboard)

Stat Fax 3200 ELISA Plate Reader Automatic Microplate Plate Reader

Stat Fax 2600 ELISA Plate Washer Automatic Microplate Plate Washer

Medonic M20 Basic Medonic M20M GP Medonic M20 Closed Tube Medonic M20S Autosampler
3-part WBC Analysis 3-part WBC analysis 3-part WBC analysis 3-part WBC analysis
16 or 20 Parameters Colour Touch Screen Color Touch Screen Color Touch Screen
QC Program 16 or 20 Parameters 16 or 20 Parameters 16 or 20 Parameters
Automatic cleaning Automatic cleaning Automatic cleaning Automatic cleaning
Optional Printer, QC program QC program QC program
Optional External barcode reader Micro-cap inlet, Micro-cap inlet, Micro-cap inlet,
Built-in mixer Cap Piercer Cap Piercer
Optional Printer, Optional Printer, Built-in mixer
Optional External barcode reader Optional External barcode reader Optional Printer,

Stat Fax 3200 Elisa Reader DTN-410K Chemistry Analyser

Fully automatic reading. Stat Fax 2600 Elisa Washer Optional PC Keyboard for easier data entry.
Bichromatic optics. Fully automatic. Real time reaction curve display
Standard model includes four filters, six filters are Washes flat, round, and V-bottom plates and strips. Big memory. Up to 2000 results.
available for a nominal charge. No user adjustments required. Automatic calibra - Dual Cuvette System
New larger display with graphics capability. tion, alignment, and last row detection. 132 methods in memory
Large, non-volatile memory stores over 100 user tests. 6 ready-to-run wash progams. Delay Time: Programmable, 0 to 600 seconds
Includes parallel and serial outputs. Large, non-volatile memory stores at least 50 user- Four Quality controls per test
PC Recorder software included for PC interface specified wash protocols. CE, ANMAT, IS9001 Certified
Optional onboard printer. Precision operation with constant monitoring of
NRTL and CE certified. vacuum and pressure. Pump cycles only when
Stat Fax readers use IAD filters. necessary for quiet operation.
Programmable automatic rinse cycle.
Ready to run: bottles, aerosol shield, 8-way manifold
12 and 16 position wash heads available.
NRTL and CE certified.