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Gabriel Comnescu

Asociaia patronal operaiuni i servicii

petroliere (APOSP)
APOSP a iniiat alturi de FPPG o serie de evenimente menite s contribuie la
crearea unui mediu de afaceri favorabil dezvoltrii i competitivitii: astfel, Gabriel
Comnescu, preedintele APOSP a participat la Conferina cu tema Dialogul
Sindicat - Patronat de la Istanbul, din 2004, unde a susinut punctul de vedere al
asociaiei, circumscris strategiei de dialog social a F.P.P.G.. Conferinele din
martie 2006, S construim un mediu de afaceri favorabil dezvoltrii i
competitivitii precum i din septembrie 2010,Ce trebuie fcut pentru un
patronat eficient al companiilor din Romnia?sunt alte dou evenimente cu
semnificaie deosebit la succesul crora au contribuit membrii APOSP.
Dl Gabriel Comnescu, Preedinte al Upetrom Group - GSP, a prezentat
progresul pe care GSP l-a fcut de la deschiderea antierului i nceperea
lucrrilor. De asemenea, a fcut referire la rezultatele obinute de GSP n urma
ultimului audit efectuat de ctre beneciarul, Turkish Petroleum. n timpul vizitei, a
declarat urmtoarele: Compania GSP este hotrt s conrme nc o dat
statutul de lider n domeniul furnizrii de servicii offshore obinut datorit celor mai
ridicate standarde profesionale. Contractul de construcii marine care include
proiectare, achiziii, instalare, comisionare (EPIC), ce se ridic la 100 milioane
USD, ncheiat n 2008 cu TPAO, este nceputul unei serii de construcii marine
importante ale GSP, cu real contribuie la securitatea energetic n regiunea
Mrii Negre. Procesul de fabricaie continu conform planului, simultan cu
procesul de dezvoltare i extindere a otei de nave tehnice. Activitile planicate
sunt susinute prin programul de recutare de personal pentru a asigura att
Gabriel Comnescu interview for Gazprom
The DzhubgaLazarevskoyeSochi (DLS) pipeline project is included in the
Program approved by the Government of the Russian Federation for construction
of olimpic facilities and the development of the Mountain climatic resort Sochi. The
Russian company Gazprom is the beneficiary of the gas transportation pipeline,
out of which. With a total length of 177 km out of which an offshore section of
159,5 km, the DLS gas pipeline is installed on the seabed, along the shoreline (at
a distance of approximately 4.5 km) having as final point the gas distribution
facility in Kudapesta, in the vicinity of Sochi. As this project is one of strategical
importance for the economical development of the Sochi region, Gabriel
Comanescu, President of Upetrom Group, was invited to answer a series of
questions addressed by the Gazprom corporate magazine editor. This interview
was published in the December issue in the partners section. We present the
interview here:
MR. Gabriel Comanescu, the President of Upetrom Group, answered the
questions asked by our journal.
Mr. Comanescu, Upetrom Group was established in 1991. What are the
companies that currently make up your corporation? What is their activity profile?

Upetrom Group is made up of two major companies: Grup Servicii Petroliere (GSP) and
Upetrom - 1 Mai. GSP is specialized in areas such as offshore construction, offshore drilling,
offshore transport, hydro-technical engineering, well intervention services, subsea
engineering inspection (using remotely operated vehicles ROVs and SAT diving
equipment), as well as design and training
The company GSP was established in 2004. What are the projects carried out for
the past six years that you would mention as most noteworthy?

Five years ago, GSP had only 200 employees and operated six offshore drilling rigs. Today
it employs more than 1.5 thousand people, owns and operates five offshore jack-up rigs, one
modular drilling rig, ten multi-task vessels, three barges (pipe-laying crane barge, heavy lift
submersible barge, as well as accommodation and working barges), two offshore cranes
(one of which has a power of 1.8 tons). It also uses ROVs and SAT diving devices. Most of
these rigs, by their parameters, are unique in the Black Sea.
GSP`s strategy envisaged from the beginnings providing integrated services
for offshore oil and gas industry with a focus on activities of interest to the
most dynamic global markets.

The early stage limits of the activities on the regional market in offshore oil and
gas industry are risk factors. Our activities are not restricted to one market: we rely
not only on the regional demand. This kind of strategy would lead to business
suffocation in the region! GSP is now a global service provider operating
worldwide from the Gulf of Mexico to Sakhalin; development decisions are based
on the three main areas ", said Gabriel Comanescu, GSP President, for Curierul
GSPs President and CEO, Gabriel Comanescu, said: We are very pleased with
the award of this second contract in Pechora Sea. It will further establish GSPs
reputation as a reliable partner for the offshore reserves development in the Arctic
region. GSP is on track to achieve our long-term aspiration to intensify the
presence and diversify the services we are fully qualified to offer in the region.
GSP and IT International Telecom Launch Strategic
Partnership for Cable Laying

MR. GABRIEL COMANESCU, GSPs CEO and Chairman of the Board, declared:

GSP Offshore is determined to continue its strategic growth. The partnership with
IT International Telecom continues GSPs strategy of diversifying the range of
services. We are committed to making this partnership successful for both parties
by consistently exceeding project requirements and client expectations.
Compania Grup Servicii petroliere a obinut trofeul the Deal of the
Gabriel Comnescu, preedintele Consiliului de
Administraie al GSP, a declarat cu acest prilej: Trofeul
<<Deal of the Year>> nseamn foarte mult pentru
compania Grup Servicii Petroliere! Este foarte important
pentru fiecare membru al echipei i, desigur, i pentru
mine. Sunt foarte mndru c m aflu aici pentru a primi
acest premiu deosebit de valoros. Adresez mulumirile
mele organizatorilor de la Business Review, gazdele
noastre din aceast sear, tuturor membrilor juriului
precum i membrilor echipei mele, specialitilor care se
afl n spatele acestei reuite a Companiei.
Achieving Operational Excellence

31st October marked the kick-off conference for one of the most ambitious
programs GSP has ever launched.

Mr. Gabriel Comanescu invited about 60 members of GSPs top management

worldwide to discuss strategies for achieving Operational Excellence. What is
meant with Operational Excellence? I was nominated leader of this essential
project and took this task with great honor and responsibility. Our vision is to reach
the strategic objective of entering among the top 25% of our market competitors,
among the leading companies of the industry.

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