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Detailed Lesson Plan

In Grade 8 Physical Education

I. Objectives:

At the end of the lesson the students should be able to:

a. explain the rules involved in playing a volleyball games

b. identify the official size and the location of the officials
c. list down all the duties and functions of the officials in a volleyball

II. Subject Matter:

a. Main Topic: Team Sports

b. Sub-Topic: Volleyball Games
c. References: MAPEH II by: Vilma V. Perez, Lillian N. Luna, Crisanto E.
Tomas,( pp. 195-207) Grade 8 Module 2 in Physical Education
d. Materials: Pictures, Chalks, Cartolina, Manila Paper

III. Procedure

Teachers Activity Students Activity

a. classroom management

- Good morning class

Kindly pick up the pieces of paper
under your chair. Before we start our
class, let us pray, Cristina Camero
kindly lead the prayer and to be
followed by Jhasper for the words of
wisdom. Again good morning class.
- Good Morning Sir Runas
- Who are absent for today?
- None Sir!
- You may now take your
b. Motivation
- Before we start our lesson I
have some pictures here,
analyze and observe. After
you analyze the pictures I ll
be asking a questions.
- Class! In the pictures that I
showed to you what do you
observe? - Sir in the pictures you have
shown to us I observed that
they are the players of the
UAAP Women Volleyball

- Aside from the UAAP

Volleyball Team what else? - Sir I saw in the pictures the
2012 Team Captain of the
Ateneo Blue Eagles
Volleyball Women, Felle

- Very Good! What else

- Michelle Gumabao The La
Salle Volleyball Women

- What else class? - Sir the Tres Marias of the

Ateneo Volleyball Women
Team, Felle Cainglet,
Valdez, and Gretchen Ho.
- Very Good Class!..

c. Lesson Proper

- Did you know class the

Volleyball Game was started
in 1895 at YMCA Holyoke
City Massachusetts, USA.
Volleyball Games was
invented by William
Morgan.William Morgan with
an idea of creating a game
easier than the basketball.
Using the interior of a
basketball as the first ball.

- Class in playing Voll eyball,

the team is composed of 12
players, but there are only
six players who are actually
playing inside the court.

- Okay class, what do you call

to a player whose uniform is
different color than the other
member of a team? - Sir Libero

- Very Good! Libero is

allowed to substitute any
member of the team playing
once the ball is dead. He
can get in or out of the
playing area even without
asking permissions from the

- Class, can libero allowed to

spike or attack the ball in the - No Sir.
attacking area?
- Correct. The libero cannot
attack the ball in the
attacking zone or in the
attacking area. Because the
main duty of the libero is to
stop, retrieve the ball and
make a defensive play.

- Class what is the main

reason for having a libero in - Sir. The main reason why
a team? the team is need a libero
because for the spikers to
have a rest.

- The first team to get a 25

points they will declare as
the winner

- Class in officiating the

volleyball games the duties
and functions of the officials
should be final.

- Class this is the location of

the officiating officials of the
- Class this is the official and
standard size of the
volleyball court.

- Class in officiating the

volleyball game the officials
are composed of the first
referee, second referee,
scorer, and the linesmen.

- In
officiating the
game only the first
and second referee may
blow the whistle during the

- The first referee gives the

signal for the service that
begins the rally.
- The first and second referee
gives the signals at the end
of the set.

- The first referee is located at

the end of the net. It carries
out his functions seated or
standing on a referees

- Class what are the functions

and duties of the first

- What else?

- The first referee direct the

match from the start until the
end, he has the authority to
- Prior to the match the first over all the officials and the
referee: members of the team.
Inspect the conditions of the
playing area, the ball and the
other equipment.
Perform the toss coin with the - Sir, during the match, his
team captains decision is final, he has
Authorized the faults above the authorized to overrule the
net and its upper part. decisions of the other
First referee decide upon the officials, if he notice that
faults of the server and the they are mistaken.
positions of the serving team.

- Okay class we proceed to

the functions and duties of
the second referee.
Second referee is the
assistant of the first
The second referee
controls the work of
the scorer
At the end of the sets
he checks the actual
positions of the player
on the court
corresponding to
those on the lie-up

- The next one is the duties

and functions of the scorer

- Prior to the match and set,

the scorer should registers
the data of the match and

- The scorer records the

starting lineup of each team.

- Record the points scored

and ensure that the
scoreboard indicates the
right score.

- Records the tine-outs and

player substitutes controlling
their number and informs
the second referee.

- And the last one class is the

linesmen, the linesmen
stand at the corners of the
court, on the other side from
the service zone diagonally
at 1-2 m from the corner.

- Okay class can you read the

duties and functions of the
- Sir they signal the ball in or
out whenever the ball
lands their line(s).

- They signal the touches of

out balls by the team
IV. Generalization receiving the ball.

- Mary Joy Carerra can you

summarize our lesson for - The y signal when the ball
today? crosses the net outside the
crossing space touching the

- The linesmen in charge of

the end lines signal the foot
faults of the server.

V. Application

- Students play the game

VI. Evaluation

Direction: Answer the following questions.

1. List down the officials of the volleyball game and explain their functions.

2. Organize a volleyball game and assign officials.

VII. Assignment

Research about the hand signal of the official in officiating volleyball