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Puisi 1

Hot blazing sun undefeated ...

Red flag stand me .. White ..
Dark red and white in the mist ..

Flushed in a catastrophe of this country ..

Eliminate corrupt This country charm ..
Mellow red to white criminals ..

Garuda also spread your wings banish wicked issues ..

Wicked traitor nation ...
Carrion eaters evil people ..
Armed tie havoc ..
Harm is only available ..
Their brains are filled with inhabitants of Hell ...

Is trying to create a sense of longevity ..

.. A sense of caring by one nation ...
May the wrath away from my country
Hopefully traitor nation will rewarded melancholy story ..
Judgement itself evil .. in Red rose and white in the great throne ..
Indonesia at the end of the story .. one in the homeland ...

Puisi 2

Your land emerald equator

treasure barn, star cluster
useless..! !
during prosperity only owned by a handful of people

your sea endless blue

where hope grow and evolve
useless..! !
during the famine still be one boat friends

your reds so gallant

echoed through the spirit that burnt
useless..! !
if limited to discourse and rhetoric

your whites authoritative sacred

radiated through the soul that great
useless..! !
if stained by promises and lies

your ancestors whiz-bang seaman

tame the sublime waves
useless..! !
his successor just a two-faced coward

your emblem the holy Rajawali

true protector that isn't partial
useless..! !
because your Rajawali can be purchased with dollars

you song woo melodious

shouted the beauty of your nature nations
useless..! !
that song already sad, crying in time sequence

your story independence squeals

fight for the freedom of nations
useless..! !
that squeals has been silenced, forced into silence even from within

Puisi 3

dreamy sight
in our hearts

many years
never ending
in our feelings

better future
struggle for freedom
in our memories

every parts
survive humanity
in our land and water

Cut Meutia
Buya Hamka
Mohammad Hatta
Ki Hajar Dewantara
Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa

Dr. Karyadi
Ismail Marzuki
I Gusti Ngurah Rai
Jendral Ahmad Yani
Shodancho Soeprijadi

Teuku Umar
Sultan Agung
Cut Nyak Dien
Jendral Sudirman
W. R. Soepratman
Sultan Hasanuddin

Dr. Soetomo
Teuku Cik Ditiro
President Sukarno
Pangeran Diponegoro
Ki Cipto Mangunkusumo

Doewes Dekker
Panglima Polim
Patih Djelantik
Sultan Baabullah
Nyi Ageng Serang
Tuanku Imam Bonjol

you are our light

you are our oasis
you are our torch

motivate us
to learn better
better ways

support us
to do better
better strategy

inspire us
to think possitive
positive energy

guide us
to love people
people and nature

flags sway
around country
grow heroic spirit

red and white

blood and faith
unity in diversity

merdeka !
merdeka !
merdeka !

List Pertanyaan

1. Apa nama kongsi dagang yang dibentuk oleh belanda? (VOC)

2. Siapa presiden pertama Indonesia? (Ir. Soekarno)
3. Siapakah yang menjahit bendera merah putih yang digunakan pada waktu pembacaan
proklamasi kemerdekaan? (Fatmawati)
4. Siapakah tokoh nasional yang mengetik naskah teks proklamasi? (Sayuti Malik)
5. Siapakah wakil presiden pertama Indonesia? (Moh. Hatta)
6. Pada tanggal berapa Indonesia merdeka? (17 Agustus 1945)
7. Apa alasan utama Belanda menjajah Indonesia? (Belanda mengiginkan rempah2)
8. Mengapa Indonesia membutuhkan bahasa Indonesia? (Karena Indonesia terdiri dari
banyak suku dan bahasa, sehingga dibutuhkan bahasa pemersatu)
9. Siapakah pahlawan yang terdapat pada uang seribu rupiah kertas terbaru? (Tjut Meutia)
10. Siapakah yang menulis novel Maxx Havelar? (Multatuli / Eduard Douwes Dekker /
Douwes Dekker)