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Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles


Prepare Economy with Mrunals 7-Pillars TM Approach

2a. Banking
2b. Finance
3. Fiscal Policy, Taxation, Planning, Budgeting
4. International Trade, Balance of Payment, FDI
5a. Sector of Economy
5b. (GS3) Food Processing Industry
6. Infrastructure: Transport, Communication, Energy, ICT
7. Human Resource Development, Schemes, Subsidies
8. BizGK, Bank-CMDs, Persons in News
1. Basics from NCERTs[10-11-2015 12:54:43]
Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles

2a. Banking


[Banking] D-SIB: Domestic Systemically Important Banks- meaning, classification, capital norms, benefits,
[Economy Lecture3] Banking Sector: Evolution, Classification, Narsimhan, New Bank Licenses, Jan-Dhan, KVP
& more
[Economy Lecture2] Monetary Policy: Qualitative Tools, Priority Sector Lending; How to prepare GS, Notes
Making, Time- Management
[Economy Lecture1] Banking: Monetary Policy- Quantitative Tools: SLR, CRR, OMO, LAF, MSF, Repo rate &
[Banking] Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), SBI Shariya Equity fund, KYC partial freezing, Minimum
Balance guidelines
[Banking] RRB Amendment Bill, Small Banks-Payment Banks, Kotak-ING Vysya Merger, NBFC Guidelines
[Financial Inclusion] Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP): Features, Money Laundering, NSSF, Small Savings Instruments
[Banking] PM Jan Dhan Yojana: Salient Features, Benefits, Limitations & truckload of criticism[10-11-2015 12:54:43]
Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles

[Banking] P.J.Nayak Committee 51% shareholding, Gopalkrishna Committee HR reforms in Banks & Non-
[Banking] Minor Bank Accounts, SBIs Pahali Udaan, Pahala Kadam, Kotak My Junior Account
[Economic Survey] Ch4: Measures of Money Supply, M0-M1-M2-M3-M4; Reserve-Narrow-Broad Money,
Money multiplier & Velocity
[Economic Survey] Ch4: Monetary Policy Trends, Reforms, RBI Restructuring program
[Economy] New Bank Licences: Bandhan, IDFC, Bharatiya Mahila Bank; Differential Bank licences, Bimal
Jalan Committee, Narsimhan Committee; arguments favor against, Bank nationalization, Historic evolution of
Banking sector in India
[Economy] Urjit Patel Committee: Fixing Accountability in RBI, Monetary Policy Committee, Decision by
Majority, Fiscal Deficit (Part 2 of 2)
[Economy] RBI Urjit Patel Committee: 4% CPI, Nominal Anchor, Multiple Indicator, Monetary Policy
Framework Reforms (Part 1 of 2)
[Banking] Monetary Policy: Quantitative & Qualitative Tools, applications & limitations MSF, LAF, Repo,
OMO, CRR, SLR, Revisited before upcoming Urjit Article
[Banking] Bancassurance: Compulsory Broker Model, IRDA vs Banks, issue, benefits, challanges, insurance
penetration, Financial inclusion & Nachiket Committee
[Banking] Shadow Banks, Wholesale Banks, Securitization: Functions & Features Nachiket Committees
[Banking] Nachiket Committee: Remove SLR, Reduce CRR, Raise PSL to 50%, Increase Loan Access: Issues,
implications explained
[Banking] Nachiket Committee: Universal Electronic Banking Account (UEBA), Payment Access Points,
Financial Inclusion, Seigniorage and More
[Banking] White Label ATM: Meaning, Features, Advantages, Limitations, Financial Inclusion, Nested Design,
Contagion Risk
[Economy] Money-Bitcoin: Functions of Money, Exchange Medium, Transfer Value-NEFT-RTGS-Bitcoins,
Money Illusion, Overcapitalization (Part 3)
[Economy] Barter-Money-Bitcoin: Circular Flow of Income, Savings to Investment, Time Value of Money,
Deferred Payments (Part 2)
[Economy] Barter-Money-Bitcoin: Fungibility, Double coincidence of wants, division of labour (Part 1)
[Economy] Banking Ombudsman: Meaning, functions, appointment, reforms explained
[Economy] Banking Business Correspondents Agents (BCA): Meaning, functions, Financial Inclusion,
Swabhimaan, Common Service Centres (CSC)
[Economy] Cheque Truncation System (CTS-2010): Meaning, Advantages explained[10-11-2015 12:54:43]
Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles

2b. Finance
[Economy Lecture3] Finance: Shares, Bonds, E-IPO, ADR-GDR, Municiple Bonds, P-Notes, Inflation Indexed
[Economy] Companies Act 2013: Salient features, types of Companies, public ltd. vs private ltd, Independent
Directors, SFIO, SEBI Corporate governance norms
[Economy] Participatory Notes (P-Notes), Hedge Funds, New Limits on FII, FPI, REFI explained
[Economy] Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Gold Deposit scheme, Elasticity of Demand explained
[Economy] New Pension Scheme, Swavalamban, NPS-lite, PFRDA: meaning, issues
[Economy] Social Security: Meaning and Laws in India
[Economy] Shares vs Stocks, Rights Issue of Shares, Bonus Shares, RSU
[Economy] Bonds vs Shares, Debt vs Equity, IPO, Underwriter, Venture Capital, Angel Investor, Junk Bonds,
Bearer Bonds, Gilt Edged securities: Meaning, Explained

3. Fiscal Policy, Taxation, Planning, Budgeting

[Economy Lecture] GST Goods & Services Tax 122nd Amendment, GDP Calculation Methods & CSO Base
Year Revision
[Economy Lecture] 14th Finance Commission: 42% Verticle Tax Devolution & 5 Parameter Horizontal Tax
Distribution, BTT, DTC, GAAR, PDMA revisited
[Economy Lecture] Budget 2015: Direct & Indirect Taxes, Public Debt, Fiscal Deficit & FRBM Targets
[GS3] Shanta Kumar report on FCI-restructuring, Buffer stock, PDS & Food security & Direct Benefit Transfer
[Economy] Niti Aayog, Planning Commission: Evolution, Structure, Function and truckload of Criticism
[Disinvestment] Timeline, Methods, Pro & Anti Arguments, Modi Policy on PSU reforms and Disinvestment
[Lecture] Economic Survey Chapter 1,2,3 & Budget- Taxation, Deficits, Subsidies MINUS Schemes
[Taxation] Advance Pricing Agreement, Arms Length, Vodafone Transfer Pricing, DTC, GAAR, Advance Tax
ruling explained
[Budget] Interim Budget 2014: highlights, Funds, Schemes, CSIS, UDAAN, Magnivisualizer, RDB Kit, NIMZ[10-11-2015 12:54:43]
Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles

[Budget] Types of Subsidies & Structural Deficit, Public Debt Management Agency, FRBM Act & Its Targets
[Budget] Interim Budget 2014: Plan vs Non-Plan Expenditure, Subsidies, Disinvestment, Deficits, PDMA Public
Debt Management Agency
[Budget] Interim Budget 2014 : Revenue Part: Non-Tax Receipts, Expenditure,Effective Revenue Deficit, Loans,
Interest, Dividend classification explained
[Budgeting] Revenue receipts: Direct taxes, Indirect taxes, Gross vs Net taxes, shortfalls in collection
[Budget] Consolidated Fund of India, Contingency Fund, Public Account Vote on Account, Interim Budget
[Economy] Recommendations of Vijay Kelkar Committee on Fiscal Consolidation Roadmap
[Economy] Fiscal Consolidation, Fiscal Deficit : Meaning, Implications, Explained Why Vijay Kelkar Committee
was formed?
[Economy] Calculating Income Tax, Tax Exemption vs Tax Deduction, Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme

4. International Trade, Balance of Payment, FDI

[Economy Lecture] (Contid.) Foreign Trade Policy 2015, MEIS-SEIS, GIFT City, Chinese Forex Reserve &
Undervalued Yuan
[Economy Lecture] Foreign Trade Policy 2015, TPP/RCEP Trade Agreements, Regionwise Strategy to boost
[Economy Lecture] Capital Account Convertibility, Balance of Payment, Rupee Devaluation, Eurozone
Quantitative Easing & Greece Anti-Austerity
[Economy] WTO: Bali Summit, Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), De-minimus level, 10% Subsidy Limit,
Why Modi Opposed?
[Lecture] Financial Intermediaries, Balance of Payment, International Trade
[Economy] Special 301 Report, Priority List, Implication on India, Nexvar case, Compulsory License, Patent
Evergreening, IPR protection, USTR explained
[Economy] Nokia Tax Row: Royalty Payment, Chennai Plant, Finland DTAA, Microsoft Takeover,
UNICITRAL, TDS, Withholding Tax explained
[Fed Tapering:Part1 of 2] Meaning of Fed Tapering, its Negative Impact on Indian Economy, Worst case
scenarios, Balance of Payment Crisis, explained
[Fed Tapering:Part2 of 2] Measures to immunize Indian Economy against negative impacts of Fed Tapering,
Currency Swap, Dollar Swap, FCNR swap, Brics bank explained[10-11-2015 12:54:43]
Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles

[Economy] Quantitative Easing: Meaning, phases, Impacts on Indian Economy, Rupee-Dollar Exchange rate,
Pros & Cons, Positive & Negative aspects explained
[Economy] Geographical Indication GI-tag: Features, Issues, benefits, Madurai Malli, Meerut scissors
[Economy] GMR Maldives Airport Controversy, IFC, AAI: Meaning, Reason, Implications, Explained
[Economy] Fiscal Cliff: Meaning, Reasons, Implications on US and Indian Economy explained
[Economy] Bretton Woods and Fixed Exchange Rate system : Meaning Explained
[Economy] LIBOR Scam : Meaning, Reasons, Consequences, Timeline, explained

5a. Sector of Economy

[Economy Lecture] Inflation Theory & Survey Analysis on WPI, CPI, IIP; Make in India, Skill India & Mock
Mains Qs
[Economy Lecture] Agriculture Reforms from Eco Survey, Manufacturing Industry- Mudra Bank, AIM, SETU
[Economy] Index Theory: WPI, CPI, IIP, Components, Baseyear; Core vs Headline inflation, Laspeyres formula
[Economic Survey] Ch4: Inflation- Trends in WPI, CPI, IIP & International market, Government reforms to
combat price rise
[Economic Survey] Ch8: Agriculture Fertilizer, Nutrient Based Subsidy Policy, Budget 2014, Schemes, Funds
[Economic Survey] Ch8: Agriculture Minimum Support prices (MSP), Sugar pricing, FCI, Decentralized
Procurement, OMSS
[Eco-Survey] Ch8: National market for Agriculture, Reforms in APMC, Commodities market, NSEL crisis
[Economic Survey] Ch9: Industrial Policy, Labor Reforms, Factories Act, Apprentice Act, Customs & Excise
duties in Budget 2014
[Industries] Public Sector Undertakings, CPSE-ETF, Disinvestment, NIF, Mini-Nav-Maharatna
[Industries] Micro Small & Medium enterprises (MSME), Definitions, SSI reserved items, SIDBI, SIDF, Sick
industries, Budget 2014
[Industries] Service Sector- service tax, negative list, FDI limits, ICT, Tourism, Trade, R&D, Budget 2014
provisions[10-11-2015 12:54:43]
Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles

5b. (GS3) Food Processing Indusry

[Food Processing] Edible Oil: Supply-Chain, Upstream, Downstream, Onion-Crisis and ofcourse Desi-liquor
[Food Processing] Tea, Coffee Supply Chain, Upstream, Downstream for UPSC General Studies Mains
[Food Processing] Poultry, Meat, Supply Chain, Upstream, Downstream, Avian influenza, government schemes
[Food Processing] Fisheries: Freshwater, Aquaculture, Shrimpfarming: supply chain, upstream, downstream,
Marine Policy, Fisherman Welfare Scheme
[Food Processing] Milk Dairy Sector, Supply Chain, upstream downstream issues, Amul Model, Operation Flood
[Food Processing] Supply Chain Management, Upstream Downstream requirements for Fruit & Vegetables,
Confectionery industries
[Food Processing] Export, Dumping, FDI, Finance, Taxation, Budget Provisions, CODEX, NWR, BRGF, RKVY
[Food Processing] Nuisance of APMC Acts, Commission Agents; Marketing of agricultural produce: issues and
constrains for GS Mains
[Food Processing] Mega Food parks, Agri-Export Zones(AEZ), Cold Chains and truckload of government
[Food Processing] Introduction, Scope, Significance, Awesomeness (hardly), Obstacles (truckload of) for GS

6. Infrasructure: Transport, Communication, Energy, ICT

[Economy Lecture] GS2: UNFCCC Lima Summit, Paris Summit Post-2020 Kyoto framework for Climate
Change & Indias Stand
[Economy Lecture] GS3: Environment Clearance, Green Law Panel Report, Go Areas, No Go Areas, Public
Hearing, Linear Infrastructure
[Economy Lecture] GS3: Communication & IT Infrastructure: Digital India Mission & Spectrum Auction 2015
[Economy Lecture] GS3: Urban & Rural Infrastructure- Smart Cities, Swachh Bharat, Rurban Mission, Prasad,
[Economy Lecture] GS3: Infrastructure- PPP Bidding & Financing Reforms, Rail budget 2015, Debroy
Committee, MMDR, Coal Auction
[Infrastructure] Aviation Sector: No Frills Airport, ATF-tax reforms, Predatory Pricing, Safety Rating
[Energy] Coal Gasification, Syngas, CBM, hydraulic fracturing, Rangarajan Formula, NELP-X
[Energy] Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Under-Recovery, Deregulation; Clean Energy, Telecommunication, NTP-2012,[10-11-2015 12:54:43]
Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles

[Infrastructure] PPP challenges & reforms, 3P-India, highway projects, Industrial corridors, DMIC vs DFC,
Golden vs Diamond quadrilateral
[Infrastructure] Project Sagarmala, Port Infrastructure in India, Problems & Reforms
[Infrastructure] Shipping & Port infrastructure, Major ports, FDI, Sethu Samudram, Budget 2014 announcement
[Infrastructure] Rail-Budget 2014, Tariff Authority, Biodiesel, Biotoilets, FDI & more
[Economic Survey] Ch13 P4: Rural & Urban Infrastructure, REITs, Smart Cities, Swatchh Bharat, Rurban, Gram
[Economy] Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFC), High Speed Rail Corridors, Rail Tariff Regulatory Authority,
Issues, Reforms in Indian Railways
[Economy] 2G scam, Spectrum refarming, Sistema controversy, Allocation of Natural Resources explained

7. Human Resource Development, Schemes, Subsidies

First read NCERT Class11: Ch4 (Poverty), Ch5 (Human Capital), Ch7 (Employment).
[HRD] Din Dayal Antyodaya Yojana: Skill Training for Urban and Rural Poors + 100 days of HRD ministry
[HRD] Government Intervention for Skill development, issues from design & implementation for GS Mains2
Food Security Act: Salient features, Benefits, Entitlements, grievances redressal system & criticism
[Economic Survey] Ch13: P1- UNDPs Human Development report 2014, HDI, Gender Development, gender
inequality, Multidimensional poverty, World Banks Gini-Coefficient
[Economic Survey] Ch13: Poverty Line Estimation- Tendulkar vs Rangarajan, Engels Law, MNREGA,
Aajeevikaa, Urban Livelihood
[Economic Survey] Ch13: Demographic Dividend, Education & Skill Development schemes, National Youth
Policy 2014
[Economic Survey] Ch13 P3: Human Resources- Minorities, SC, ST, PH, Elderly; USTAAD, Van Bandhu,
Hamari Dharohar

8. BizGK, Bank-CMDs, Persons in News[10-11-2015 12:54:43]
Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles

That portion is only important for non-UPSC exams. Refer to for monthly updates on Persons in
news, BizGK etc.

1. Basics from NCERTs

Download the NCERTs from This Link.
NCERT: Class11: Read it from First to last page.
NCERT: Class12: Macroeconomics: Only selective reading. Ignore formulas, graphs, equations and other
complicated things, because its not asked in UPSC. At max, just memorize the formulas about GDP-GNP, national
income etc.

NCERT: Class12: Microeconomics

Its not asked on regular basis in the UPSC CSAT. Therefore do only selective study:

1. Elasticity of demands (ch2) + Giffen goods (internet)

2. Law of diminishing marginal product (ch 3.4)
3. Perfect competition (ch4.1): only features.
4. Non-competitive markets: (ch.6)
a. features given @intro
b. Monopolistic competition (ch.6.2.1)
c. Oligopolistic competition (ch 6.2.2)
5. Price ceiling and Price floors (ch5.2): only basic definition
6. Glossary: only MCQ worthy definitions.

Not required / Non-Essential Books

1. Dutt Sundaram, Mishra Puri, Uma Kapila = these are all academic books. For general studies/competitive
exams you dont need to prepare that deep. so, Dont waste time in them. Certain (coaching) sites from 90s era
still mention these as reference sources. My advice: Avoid.. Only after youve completed your core syllabus and
want to refine points for Descriptive / Interview, you may selectively read its chapter.
Textbook, Budget-Economic survey .
2. Economics Times, Financial Express, Business line etc.= In certain doctored (fake) topper interviews published[10-11-2015 12:54:43]
Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory & Current Affairs articles

in certain magazines, the topper would claim I read all these newspapers every day for preparing economy.
This is overkill, humanly impossible . At most one newspaper is sufficient. For
competitive exam you dont need to prepare that deep from three-four different newspapers. However, if a topic
is really important (such as GST/DTC related development) then you may use google to dig more from those
newspapers. But dont waste time reading three newspapers per day.
3. Coaching material/Postal material: Most of them just bullet the paragraphs given in Hindu and sell it as
Current affairs compilation. Waste of time and money.

How to prepare Economy for IBPS, Bank Exams?

Detailed strategy given here: click me

How to prepare Economy for SSC?

Detailed strategy given here: click me

How to prepare Economy for IIM/MBA GDPI/Interviews

Most of the candidates spend entire year only on CAT. They start economy/current
affairs preparation only 1-2 months before the GDPI= low quality
answers=#EPICFAIL. You must do following

1. Daily read any one English newspaper (preferably IndianExpress, Hindu) thatll help
you even in reading comprehension.
2. Maintain notes for important developments related to BusinessGK/FDI/Graduation
field. Those IIM professors are too intelligent to fall for low quality clichd points
taught in magazines and *** classes for GDPI.

Idea prep = NCERT + Ramesh Singh. But if you want to take a shortcut then I would recommend go through Day to
Day Economy by Satish Yeodhar (IIM Ahmebad Business books series);

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