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BML Munjal University

Master of Business Administration (Hero- Lead) Program

2016-18 Batch
Faculty Dr. Ankur Roy Year/Module 2017 / 04
Course Name Strategic Management No. of Credits 4
No of Contact Hours 20 Session duration 1.5 hour

Name of the Instructor: Dr. Ankur Roy,

Assistant Professor, Management Development Institute - Gurgaon

Email ID:

Course Objectives / Key Take away /Learning Goals

The organization has to understand and articulate its raison d tre. It has to further know what it
is, where it is and why is it here? It has to decide where it wants to be and why? Finally it needs to
determine how it is going to be where it wants to be and what it takes to reach there? The
environments create threats but they also create opportunities. Both need to be identified and
managed. Tomorrow will depend on decisions taken today. These decisions will emerge from the
understanding of the limitations and possibilities - within and outside.

The objective of this course is to develop ability to understand the organization and the environment
in which it functions and competes. The student should be able to integrate acquired knowledge of
other functional areas with the body of the knowledge of strategic management and be able to
deploy all as a unified tool to analyze, formulate and implement the actions that shall deliver the
intended results.

Required Text Book :

Contemporary Strategy Analysis, by Robert M. Grant (8th edition)


Components of Course Evaluation Percentage Distribution

Class Participation 20%

Assignment / Group Presentation 20%

Project work, Etc. 20%

Mid Term Examination -

End term Examination 40%

Total 100


Session No-1& 2
Session Title Introduction to Strategy and External Environment
Reading Material Porter, Michael E., 1996. What is Strategy? Harvard
Business Review pp. 61-78 (Reprint No. #96608)

Porter, Michael E, The Five Competitive Forces That

Shape Strategy HBR Article # R0801E Jan 1 2008.

Chapters 1, 3 and 4

Additional Reading Eisenhardt ,K.M. and Sull, D. N.(2002). Strategy as

Simple Rules. In:HBSP (ed.).HBR on Advances in
Strategy. USA HBR. pp 95-122

Case Title Madonna: Sustaining Success in a Fast Moving Business

The US Airline Industry in 2012

Pedagogy Discussion/Group Presentation
Session No-3 & 4
Session Title Strategic Intent and The Internal Environment
Reading Material Building Your Companys Vision-Collins and Porras.
HBR on Point Article # 410X. Feb 1, 2000

Wernerfelt, B. A resource Based View of the Firm.

Strategic Management Journal. (Sept.-Oct.1984).

Chapter 5
Additional Reading Hamel, Gary and Prahalad C.K., Strategic Intent.
Harvard Business Review 67, No. 3 (May-June 1989),
pp 63-76

Hamel, Gary and Prahalad C.K., The Core Competence

of the Corporation. Harvard Business Review 70, No. 3
(May-June 1990), pp79-93
Case Title Wal-Mart Stores Inc., June 2012
Pedagogy Discussion/Group Presentation
Session No-5 & 6
Session Title Source of Competitive Advantage and Value Chain
Reading Material Chapter 7
Additional Reading
Case Title AirAsia: The Worlds Lowest Cost Airline

Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited:

Managing the Value Chain Transformation (Ivey
Publishing # 906M71)
Pedagogy Discussion/Group Presentation
Session No- 7 & 8
Session Title Business Strategy
Reading Material Chapter 9
Additional Reading Business Model
Case Title Raisio and the Benecol Launch [A]
Pedagogy Discussion/Group Presentation
Session No- 9 & 10
Session Title Corporate Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions

Reading Material Collis, David J. and Montgomery, C. A., Creating
Corporate Advantage. Harvard Business Review
(MayJune 1998)
Additional Reading Chapter 15
Case Title Newell Company: Corporate Strategy (HBS # 9799139)

Cadbury Schweppes: Capturing Confectionery (A) (HBS

# 9708453)
Pedagogy Discussion/Group Presentation
Session No- 11 & 12
Session Title Competing in International Markets & Alliances
Reading Material Ghemawat, P. Distance Still Matters: The Hard Reality
of Global Expansion Harvard Business Review (Reprint
Additional Reading Porters Diamond Framework

Chapters 12, 15
Case Title The Espresso Lane to Global Markets (Ivey Publishing #
Pedagogy Discussion/Group Presentation
Session No- 13
Session Title Managing a multi-business firm
Reading Material
Additional Reading
Case Title Illinois Tool Works: Retooling for Continued Growth
and Profitability (Ivey Publishing # 9B17M027)
Pedagogy Discussion/Group Presentation