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Punctuation Review

Italics, Quotation Marks, Apostrophes, Hyphens, Dashes, and Parentheses

1. I was moved by Garys expressive reading of ______________, a poem by Rios.

a. Nani b. Nani
2. The French word ________________ is sometimes used to refer to the iris.
a. fleur-de-lis b. fleur-de-lis
3. The characters in James Baldwins short story ________________ are well-written.
a. The Rockpile b. The Rockpile
4. _______________ was the title of last nights episode of the show.
a. Baby Blues b. Baby Blues
5. Sakima was very proud of his essay, ____________________.
a. The Human-Animal Bond b. The Human Animal Bond
6. The CD ___________________ contains two of my favorite songs.
a. Firecracker b. Firecracker
7. _______________________ is my favorite song from the album.
a. Truthfully b. Truthfully
8. ______________________ is a great movie.
a. Titanic b. Titanic
9. Some concepts in the chapter _________________________ are difficult to
a. Atoms and Molecules b. Atoms and Molecules
10. Is the column ___________________________ a regular feature in the Sunday
a. For the Record b. For the Record
11.I found a 1901 issue of an ______________________ magazine in the attic.
a. American Legacy b. American Legacy

Punctuating Italics
Mark A if the sentence is correctly written. Mark B if the sentence is incorrect.
12. Did Ms. Uno really say, Class, we will have a test on Friday? asked Kim.
13. Kara said that she did lots of hiking while on vacation.
14. The instructor reminded the boaters that life jackets must be worn at all times.
15. Have you seen any films by Spike Lee? Elaine asked.
16. Discuss the following elements of the short story Conquistador: foreshadowing,
flashback, and suspense.
17. Miles Davis. Chet announced, Is Aunt Marlenes favorite jazz artist of all time.
18. These tomatoes look ripe, Waneta said. Lets use them in the salad.
19. Howard said. Were going to the movies. Do you want to go along?
20. I just finished reading the short story The Most Dangerous Game, Michelle
announced. What a wonderful book!

Mark A if the sentence is correctly written. Mark B if it is incorrect.
21. This hat is too small for me; it is yours if you want it.
22. Early in the season, we thought our team could win.
23. The dog should have its teeth brushed every day.
24. Someones books were left on the floor.
25. Do I have everyones attention? asked Mr. Sullivan.
26. Shelly and Aaron will complete theirs tomorrow.
27. Both of the sculptures were appealing, but hers won the award.
28. Will anyones presentation be on Mayan architecture?
29. Willingness to listen to anothers idea is a sign of maturity.
30. Both groups gave great presentations, but ours was more thorough than theirs.

Choose whether Box A or Box B is correct.
# Box A Box B
31. A friends family A friends family
32. Several friends families Several friends families
33. Thomass hat Thomass hat
34. Two boys helmets Two boys helmets
35. The babys playpen The babys playpen
36. The presidents speech The presidents speech
37. Both cars front bumpers Both cars front bumpers
38. One cars front bumper One cars front bumper
39. An officers uniform An officers uniform
40. Some officers uniforms Some officers uniforms

If the sentence is correct, mark A . If the sentence is incorrect, mark B.
41. The largest kind of shark the whale shark may grow up to 40 feet 12 meters
42. The smallest sharks are about 6 inches (16 centimeters) long and weigh about 1
ounce (28 grams).
43. Sharks hear very well only low pitched tones and listen for their prey.
44. White sharks (among the most dangerous sharks) prey on large animals such
as sea lions and tuna.
45. Hammerhead sharks a group that includes a number of similar species are
rather strange-looking creatures.

Choose whether the sentence is correct (A) or incorrect (B).
46. This is a well-made basket, but it does have a flaw.
47. After scoring twenty-one points, Vanessas confidence improved.
48. She scored in the ninety second percentile.
49. The treasurer elect does not officially take office until mid March.
50. The highly-controversial bill passed last week.

Choose whether or not the sentence uses colons correctly (A) or incorrectly (B).

1. The letter began, Dear Dr. Garcia: Thank you for considering my
application for kennel attendant at your clinic.
2. The play doesnt start until 8 00 P.M.

3. We have lived in the following cities: Cary, Burlington, and Atlanta.

4. Make sure you bring: books, tennis shoes, and a rain coat.

5. We will be traveling in a boat, a car, and a train.

6. You will need the following items to make cookies flour, sugar, eggs,
and vanilla.
7. We are going to: the carousel, the train, and the toy boats.

8. At the store I will buy crackers, milk, and oranges.

9. You need to know the following items for the EOC: colons, commas,
and semicolons.