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To achieve a 4 you will have produced a series of research pages using sources relevant to photography which also link

to your theme. You will have recorded some basic contextual information about these sources and will have collected
appropriate imagery. You will be able to comment on visual qualities of the sources.

To move up to a 5 your research pages will show how you can produce your own photographs in the style of the
photographers work. Be able to use the S.E.M.I method to analyse sources relevant to photography. You will develop
and link ideas to the sources you have investigated.

To achieve a 6 you need to analyse sources such as photographers using the S.E.M.I method. (Subject matter,
6 elements, media and intent). You will show a good level of understanding and knowledge of the photographers work
and written personal reflections about the visual qualities of their work and explain how it has informed your own
To achieve a 7 you will have annotations which explain, interpret and analyse sources. You will purposefully study
sources because it connects to your ideas. You will have demonstrated visually how you have applied your critical
knowledge and understanding of this photographers work. You may have a series of investigations which combines
your ideas with sources explored.
To achieve an 8 you should be able to develop highly creative ideas which connect purposefully to sources such as
photographers. Your critical understanding of sources is at an exceptional standard both visually and in other forms.

To achieve a 9 your investigation into sources such as photographers will show that you understand the
9 context/history/culture/style/genre/methods of their work to such a high standard that it is apparent in all aspects of
your work. You will have an exceptional ability to critically analyse sources.
To achieve a 4 you will be able to experiment with different camera settings and functions. You will take and select your
own images and edit or manipulate them further. You will document what you have tried out and explain how your well
you have done and what needs to be improved.

To achieve a 5 you will experiment with a wide variety of digital media techniques and processes and will select from
those that most match to your starting point or ideas. You will show ability to evaluate your strengths and weakness and
AO2 - Experiment

be able to explain how the experiments undertaken have developed your ideas. You will chose methods or techniques
which also are also used by photographers or artists you have investigated in A01.
To achieve a 6, you will be able to select and experiment with ideas by editing or manipulating your own photographs.
You will ensure that you evaluate how techniques and processes are appropriate to your intentions. In light of self or
peer evaluations you will refine and improve on your work further towards a final idea.

To achieve a 7 you will have chosen media experiments purposefully and will have refined these as your work
progressed making your intentions clear. You will have thoughtfully linked your experiments with sources such as artists
or photographers.
To attain an 8 you will have effectively selected appropriate digital media techniques & processes and have purposely
refined your experiments as they developed. You will need to remind yourself of the purpose at all times and refer to
photographers methods/ processes.
To achieve a 9 you must have exceptional skill and ability to thoughtfully refine ideas with discrimination. You will
9 need to show purposeful selection of techniques, processes and media when experimenting.
AO3- Record
To achieve 4, you will record your ideas using a variety of approaches for a project or starting point . You could record
ideas through sorting and labelling your own photographs in folders or web pages, making notes beside edited or
manipulated photographs explaining what you have done/ list keywords on mind-maps/ make screen shots, collecting
secondary sources and use collages, drawings and diagrams to show how your work has changed as it progresses.
To achieve a 5 you will be assessed on how well you record your personal ideas and how you have developed them.
You must use a variety of approaches such as notes, mindmaps, scrap books, annotated contact sheets, collected

objects or props, screenshots of digital manipulations, drawings or diagrams which show how your ideas are relevant
to your intentions. You must explain why you have made certain choices and how they are relevant to your idea.
To achieve a 6 you need to skilfully document your ideas , observations and insights through carefully selected
6 creative media including drawing. You will have written annotations on your studies which thoughtfully reflect on
improvements and alterations; making your ideas clear.
To achieve a 7 you need to consistently and skilfully record your ideas, insights and reflections through a wide variety
7 of appropriately selected media to a good standard. You must evaluate your studies thoughtfully making purposeful
improvements and alterations, showing how the influences explored matches your intentions
To achieve an 8 you need to document confidently how your ideas, insights and reflections have developed towards
8 a final outcome. Your ideas should visually read like a clear journey or pathway making your reasons, choices and
connections clear to an examiner.
To attain a 9 you must skilfully and meticulously document the projects journey through highly skilled records of
9 ideas, observations and insights through a wide range of purposefully chosen creative approaches. You must show
how you realise your intentions with confidence and conviction.
4 To achieve a grade 4 you must make a final piece that brings together all your research, experiments and
investigations showing that you understand visual qualities/elements.

5 To achieve a 5 you must present personal final artwork that links together assessment criteria A01-A03 meaningfully.
You should show an ability to understand visual language.
6 To achieve a 6 you need to create a personal, informed and meaningful final piece that links together all research A01-
A03 and your own ideas. You to must demonstrate throughout all aspects of your work that you understand visual

7 To achieve a 7 you must produce a confident and skilful final piece(s) that clearly links all investigative work to your
own ideas. You will evaluate the whole project, pointing out strengths and weaknesses and speculating on what could
be achieved with more time. You will display in all aspects of your work a strong understanding of visual language.

8 To attain an 8 you must produce an ambitious, confident and visually accomplished final piece. Being original, but
with clear links to Artists/photographers you have studied; realising your intentions with consistent ability to
demonstrate good critical understanding & evaluating the outcome(s). You will be able to show high ability to
understand visual language.
9 To achieve a 9 you must produce a final piece(s) which competently presents an imaginative, personal, informed and
meaningful response when realising intentions. All work is completed to an exceptional standard convincingly covering
all assessment criteria. A highly developed ability to demonstrate critical understanding and where appropriate, make
perceptive and discriminating connections between visual, written or oral elements. You will show exceptional
understanding of visual language.