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Tanhim Shamit

From: Sahir Hussain

Sent: 21 April 2017 16:11
To: Christine Twigg; Daniele Atkinson; Danielle Moss; Dave Espley; David Weston; Enna
Bartlett; Elena Zelenkova; Emma Scamell; James Tallentire; Kenneth Evans; Nicholas
Parker; Peter Alderson; Phillip Boulton; Rina Srabonian; Sahir Hussain; Sonali Henshaw;
Tanhim Shamit; Vicky Plane; Zabina Kosar-ahmed
Subject: Green Impact Newsletter - April
Attachments: A to Z of Waste Types.pdf

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THIS MONTH: We have saved 180 trees in 6 weeks!

Recycled printing paper at Stores

Great news! Since Stores agreed to stock recycled printing paper, we have managed to save 180 trees' worth of paper in the
first six weeks. Thank you to Daniele for meeting with Stores to ensure enable this change. Please continue to spread the word
to colleagues in other departments about the recycled option and we'll continue to see amazing results like this.

Sustainability Updates

WASTE campaign

This month, our focus is on waste, so this section

will provide you with information on the proper
use of recycling bins and how to recycle all sorts
of stuff at the University.

Recycling bins can be found in our office near the

printers. Here, you can recycle paper, plastic
bottles, cans, batteries and CDs/DVDs, There are
additional paper recycling bins outside the
kitchen and at the front of the office. There are
also recycling bins in the ground floor foyer of the
Renold Building.

Here are some quick notes on what NOT to

recycle in the bins in our office:

Paper: NO food, cans, foil, food

wrappers, fruit skins, plastics,
cardboard, paper cups or polystyrene.
Plastic: Grade 1 and 2 plastic bottles
only, NO cups, sandwich wrappers
plastic bags or yoghurt pots.

Please take some time to look over this

document, which lists all the waste types you
may need to dispose of and how to recycle them.

To learn more about waste at the University,

click here.

Find out how the University manages waste here.

Figures from the Government Statistical Service
in December 2016 stated that the UK household
recycling rate was 44.3% in 2015, falling for the
first time and falling short of the EU target of
50%. You can find more statistics here.

The figures are referenced in this article, which

mentions that waste companies often reject
entire lorry-loads of recyclables because of
improper recycling and contamination.

Click here to read a Q&A with Chris Jordan, who

produced the 2011 Prix Pictet Commission-
winning phot series 'Midway: Message from the
Gyre', displaying the role of waste in
environmental tragedy.

Photo: Chris Jordan

Daniele Atkinson's Green Actions

Unsolicited Mail
If you receive any unsolicited mail, please make the effort to unsubscribe from it if it is a magazine or newsletter. If you need any

help with this, please let Sahir know.

Next Team Meeting: Environmental sustainability discussion

For the Green Impact portion of next month's Team Meeting, we would like to discuss the environmental impact of our team's

behaviour. We will be discussing and ranking the five most significant positive and negative environmental impacts of our

team. Please take some time before the meeting to consider any ideas you would like to contribute to the discussion.

Bag full of bags

Starting this week, there is a Sainsbury's carrier bag on the wall at the front of the office that you can store used carrier bags in.

We would like to encourage everyone to re-use bags from here in the future when going to the shops during the workday.

Sustainability Events

Love Food, Hate Waste
Look out for an invite to next month's Love Food, Hate Waste
lunchtime event! Our theme is food sustainability, so we
encourage everyone to contribute with one or more of the
- Homemade food
- Leftovers
- Canned food
- Recipes
Find out more: Love Food, Hate Waste

Date: Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Time: 13:00 14:00
Location: B28, Renold Building

*Please ensure all food is suitable for vegetarians.

Next Green Impact meeting

Our next Green Impact Team meeting will be taking place next
week. Its a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas, put forward
suggestions and help out planning an event or two in what should
be a really exciting few months.

Date: Thursday 27th April 2017

Time: 14:00 15:00
Location: B28, Renold Building

Weekly spotlight

As we are a growing team in a relatively new space, there will be an inevitable need to procure new furniture and dispose of old
All unwanted furniture is now returned to the furniture store and items are available for staff to re-use free of charge. Find out
more by clicking here and by watching this video.

Share your stories and tips!

If you have any stories, tips, or anything else youd like to

contribute, please feel free to email Sahir Hussain.