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Ghid de Conversaie Englez-Romn pentru oferii de autobuz/autocare

La staia de autobuz

Where's the ticket office? Unde e casa de bilete?

Where are the ticket machines? Unde sunt automatele de bilete?
What time's the next bus to ? Cnd e urmtorul autobuz spre...?
Can I buy a ticket on the bus? A putea cumpra un bilet pentru autobuz?

How much is a single/ return to London?

Ct cost o cltorie/un bilet dus-ntors spre Londra?

I'd like a child single child single/ child return to Bristol.

A dori un bilet pentru copil/un bilet dus-ntors pentru copil spre Bristol.

I'd like a senior citizens' single/ senior citizens' return.

A dori un bilet pentru pensionari/un bilet dus-ntors pentru pensionari.

Are there any reductions for off-peak travel?
Este vreo reducere pentru cltorii n afara orei de vrf?

When would you like to travel?

Cnd dorii s cltorii?

When will you be coming back?

Cnd v ntoarcei?

Where do I change for ?

Cnd trebuie s schimb spre...?

You'll need to change at

Va trebui s schimbai la...

can I have a timetable, please?

A putea avea un program, v rog?

How often do the buses run to ?

Ct de des circul autobuzele ctre...?

I'd like to renew my season ticket, please!

A vrea s mi rennoiesc abonamentul, v rog!

Does this bus stop at ?

Oprete acest autobuz la... ?

Could I put this in the hold, please?

Pot s aez aceasta pe suport, v rog?

Could you tell me when we get to ?

Mi-ai putea spune cnd ajungem la...?

Could you please stop at ?

Putei s oprii la...., v rog?

Tickets, please!
Biletele, v rog!

All tickets and railcards, please!
Toate biletele i abonamentele, v rog!

What time do we arrive in ?

n ct timp ajungem la... ?

We arrive there in...minutes/hours.

Ajungem n... minute/ore.

What's this stop?

Ce staie e aceasta?

Whats the next stop?

Care e urmtoarea staie?

This is my stop.
Aceasta e staia la care cobor.

I'm getting off here.

Cobor aici.

We are now approaching London Kings Cross.

Ne apropiem de London Kings Cross.

The bus terminates here.

Aceasta e ultima staie.

Please take all your luggage and personal belongings with you.
V rog s v luai toate bagajele i bunurile.

The ride will be a long / short and expensive / cheap one.

Cursa va fi una lunga/ scurta si costisitoare/ ieftina.


Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to ?

Scuzai-m, mi-ai putea spune cum s ajung la...?

Do you know where the post office is?

tii unde e oficiul potal?

I'm sorry, I don't know.

mi pare ru, nu tiu.

I'm sorry, I'm not from around here.

mi pare ru, nu sunt din zon.

I'm looking for this address.

Caut aceast adres.

Are we on the right road for ?

Suntem pe drumul cel bun spre... ?

Is this the right way for ?

E acesta drumul potrivit ctre...?

Do you have a map?

Ai cumva o hart?

Can you show me on the map?

Poi s-mi ari pe hart?

Cum s oferi indicaii

It's this way.

Este n direcia aceasta.

It's that way.

Este n direcia aceea.

You're going the wrong way.
Mergei n sensul opus.

You're going in the wrong direction.

V ndreptai spre direcia greit.

Take this road.

Mergei pe drumul acesta.

Go down there.
Cobori pe acolo.

Take the first/the second on the left/right.

Mergei pe prima strad la stnga/a doua strad la dreapt.

Turn right at the crossroads.

Facei dreapta la intersecie.

Continue straight ahead for about a mile.

Mergei drept nainte cam o mil (o mil este aproximativ 1,6 kilometri).

Continue past the fire station.

Trecei de unitatea de pompieri.

You'll pass a supermarket on your left.

O s trecei pe lng un supermarket ce se afl pe stnga.

Keep going for another

Continuai nc...

Hundred yards
O sut de yarzi . (aproximativ 91 metri)

Two hundred metres

dou sute de metri

half mile
o jumtate de mil (aproximativ 800 metri)

un kilometru

It'll be
Va fi...

on your left
pe stnga

on your right
pe dreapta

straight ahead of you

n faa dumneavoastr

Ct de departe este?

How far is it?

ct de departe este?

How far is it to ?
ct este pn la ?

the airport

How far is it to from here?

ct este pn la de aici?

the beach

Is it far?
este departe?

Is it a long way?
este un drum lung?


not far

Nu este departe.

Quite close.
Este relativ aproape.

Quite a long way.
Este cam un drum lung.

A long way on foot.

este mult de mers pe jos.

A long way to walk.

Este mult de mers.

About a mile from here.

Este cam la o mil de aici (o mil este aproximativ 1,6 kilometri)

Cum s oferi indicaii oferilor

Follow the signs for

Urmrii indicatoarele spre

The town centre

Centrul oraului

Continue straight on past some traffic lights.

Mergei drept i trecei de ceva semafoare.

At the second set of traffic lights, turn left.

La al doilea semafor,facei stnga.

Go over the roundabout

Facei sensul giratoriu.

Take the second exit at the roundabout.

Prsii giratoriul la a doua ieire.

Turn right at the T-junction.

Facei dreapta la intersecia n T.

Go under the bridge.

Mergei pe sub pod.

Go over the bridge.

Mergei peste pod.

You'll cross some railway lines.

O s traversai cteva linii ferate.


Can I park here?

Pot parca aici?

Wheres the nearest petrol station?

Unde e cea mai apropiat benzinrie?

How far is it to the next services?

Ct mai este pn la urmtoarea benzinrie?

Are we nearly there?

Suntem aproape?

Please slow down!

Te rog ncetinete!

We've had an accident.

Am avut un accident.

Sorry, it was my fault.

mi pare ru,a fost vina mea.

It wasn't my fault.
Nu a fost vina mea.

Youre left your lights on.

Ai lsat luminile aprinse.

Have you passed your driving test?

Ai luat examenul pentru permis?

La o benzinrie

How much would you like?

Ct ai dori?

Full, please!
Plinul, v rog!

25 worth, please!
De 25 de lire, v rog!

it takes
Funcioneaz cu



Its an electric car.

este o main electric.

I'd like some oil

a dori ceva ulei/petrol.

Can I check my tyre pressures here?

Pot s verific presiunea din roi aici?

Probleme mecanice

My car's broken down.

Mi s-a stricat maina.

My car won't start.

Maina nu vrea s porneasc.

Weve run out of petrol.

am rmas fr benzin.

The battery's flat.

A murit bateria.

Have you got any jump leads?

Ai vreo siguran?

I've got a flat tyre.

Am pan.

I've got a puncture.

Mi-a intrat ceva n cauciuc.

The isn't working.

nu funcioneaz.


petrol gauge
indicatorul de benzin

fuel gauge
indicatorul de combustibil

the aren't working

nu funcioneaz

brake lights

ceasurile de bord

There's something wrong with

E ceva n neregul cu

the engine

the steering

the brakes

The car's losing oil.

Maina pierde ulei.

Discuii cu poliia

Could I see your driving licence?

A putea s v vd permisul de conducere?

Do you know what speed you were doing?

tii cu ce vitez circulai?

Are you insured on this vehicle?

Suntei asigurat pe acest vehicul?

Could I see your insurance documents?

A putea vedea documentele dumneavoastr de asigurare?

Have you had anything to drink?
Ai but ceva?

How much have you had to drink?

Ct de mult ai but?

Could you blow into this tube, please?

Ai putea s suflai n fiol, v rog?

Lucruri pe care le poi ntlni


Give way
Cedeaz trecerea

No entry
Accesul interzis

One way
Sens unic


No parking
Parcarea interzis

No stopping
Oprirea interzis

Vehicles will be clamped

Vehiculele vor fi ridicate

Keep left
Pstrai banda stng

Get in lane
ncadrai-v pe banda corespunztoare

Slow down
Reducei viteza

No overtaking
Depirea interzis


Low bridge
Pod cu nlime redus

Level crossing
Trecere la nivel de cale ferat

Bus lane
Band pentru autobuz

No through road
Drum nchis




Road closed
Drum nchis


Accident ahead
Accident n fa

Queue ahead
Coad n fa

Queues after next junction

Coad dup urmtoarea intersecie

On tow




Don't drink and drive.

Nu bei i conducei.


You must change your destination at once.

Trebuie s v schimbai destinaia imediat.

Where are you now?

Unde v aflai acum?

Why are you running late?/Why are you late?

De ce ai ntrziat?

You are off tomorrow.

Suntei liber mine.

There is an accident on this road. You have to go on the other side.

Este un accident pe strada aceasta. Trebuie s mergei pe cealalt.

Have you reached... ?

Ai ajuns la...?

What time will you get to...?

Cnd vei ajunge la...?

You will be diverted to a different route.

Traseul dumneavoastra va fi deviat pe o ruta diferita.

You must reach ... station in ten minutes.

Trebuie sa ajungeti la statia ... in zece minute.

Please hurry up!
Va rog grabiti-va!

Please stop at the next station, another driver will drive the bus.
Va rog opriti la urmatoarea statie, un alt sofer va conduce autobuzul.

Come to the bus garage.

Veniti catre garajul de autobuze.

Leave that passenger at the next station.

Lasati acest pasager la urmatoarea statie.

Tell the passenger to stop smoking in the bus.

Spuneti pasagerului sa nu mai fumeze in autobuz.

Tell the passenger to stop drinking immediately.

Spuneti imediat pasagerului sa nu mai bea.

Tell the passengers to keep the bus clean.

Spuneti pasagerilor sa mentiona autobuzul curat.

Heavy traffic on usual route. Please take diversion through ... Road / Street.
Trafic greu pe ruta obisnuita. Va rog sa luati diversiunea pe Bulevardul / Soseaua ...

Please wait at ... Station and wait further instructions.

Va rog asteptati la Statia ... si asteptati mai multe instructiuni.

Please wait at ... Station and someone will inspect the engine / tyres.
Va rog asteptati la Statia ... si cineva va inspecta motorul / cauciucurile.

Contact us when you reach your destination.

Contactati-ne cand ajungeti la destinatie.