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Patient Information
Oraldene mouthwash How to use Oraldene
Active ingredient: 0.1% w/v hexetidine Oraldene is to be used solely as a mouthwash.
The treatment for children (six years old and
Hexetidine is a substance that kills bacteria and above only, adults, and the elderly is as follows:
certain fungi. When used in a mouthwash, these
properties are useful for the relief of mouth and 5 Rinse the mouth or gargle with at least
throat infections. 15 ml (approximately 1 tablespoonful) of
Oraldene undiluted, do this two or three times a
What is Oraldene used for? day

Oraldene is a therapeutic mouthwash that can be 6 Oraldene should not be diluted before
used to treat: use.

1 sore throats 7 Oraldene should not be swallowed.

2 mouth ulcers 8 If symptoms persist, discontinue

treatment with Oraldene and consult your
3 bleeding gums (gingivitis) doctor.

4 bad breath (halitosis) How to store

Store Oraldene in a cool place, away from direct
Oraldene helps to combat the growth of bacteria light
eHa and fungi that can cause mouth ulcers, oral
thrush, and bad breath. It also fights established Keep out of the reach of children.
gingivitis, reducing infection, swelling, bleeding
and pain. In addition, Oraldene can also be used Do not use if bottle seal is broken when
to soothe sore throats. These oral conditions and purchased .
their symptoms are explained more fully on the
other side of this leaflet.
Oraldene is distributed by Warner Lambert Health Care, a division of the
product licence holder, Parke, Davis & Company, Lambert Court, Chestnut
Avenue, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO5 3ZQ and manufactured by Parke
Davis & Co. Limited, Usk Road, Pontypool, Gwent NP4 0YH.

Warner Lambert, Lambert Court, Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh, Hampshire


Oraldene is a trade mark

Oral Health Guide
A healthy mouth, teeth and gums are everyone's aim. scientific evidence to show that antiseptic mouthwashes
Not only do they look good, but they also feel good. But are an effective element in good oral hygiene. However,
no matter how thorough your oral hygiene routine is, the when the first signs of trouble appear, Oraldene may be
mouth can still be prone to infection from time to time. able to give you the extra help you need.
The result is swelling, inflammation, painful mouth
ulcers, and an uncomfortable mouth generally. Listed below are some common oral health complaints
and their symptoms for which Oraldene is an effective
Regular trips to your dentist are an essential part of treatment. Remember to consult your doctor or dentist if
looking after your mouth and so is eating a healthy diet. the problem persists or the symptoms worsen.
Flossing and brushing your teeth well on a regular basis
are also vital, and there is considerable
Sore or bleeding gums Sore throats
Gingivitis is inflammation of Like mouth ulcers, sore throats can
the gums (the gingiva) have many causes, for example, they
caused usually by a build up may accompany colds or flu. Gargling
of dental plaque. Plaque is a with Oraldene will help soothe an
living colony of bacteria that inflamed throat and promote healing.
accumulate in pits or fissures Remember that some sore throats
where the gums meet the result from serious infections. You
teeth and between the teeth. should consult your doctor if a sore
If the plaque is not removed throat persists or is particularly
regularly by toothbrushing troublesome.
and flossing, the bacteria
grow and produce
substances which cause
gum inflammation and some
Mouth ulcers Bad breath (halitosis)
Mouth ulcers are shallow, Bad breath has two main causes: strong smelling or spicy
usually painful erosions of foods or drink; or bacteria normally present in the mouth can
the lining of the mouth or digest food particles to produce smelly, sulphur-containing
gums which may occur singly compounds. Oraldene combats growth of the bacteria that
or in crops and may be produce bad smells and is recommended for people with
recurrent. Many ulcers are severe or recurrent bad breath problems.
caused by bacterial, viral and
fungal infections associated Oral Thrush
with stress, underlying
certain foods, stopping smoking, or menstruation. Thrush is the medical term for an infection caused by the
They may also be cause by repeated rubbing from fungus Candida. It is identified by a characteristic growth of a
badly fitting dentures. Mouth ulcers generally last material resembling milk curds, usually on the tongue and
between 10-14 days. The pain lasts three to five inside the cheeks.
days, then healing starts to take place. However, if
an ulcer lasts from more that 14 days, go and see
your doctor.
When used as directed, the therapeutic properties of Oraldene help to combat and
ease the symptoms of painful and irritating oral infections. It is important that you
consult your doctor or dentist if any condition persists.