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There are 3 other residential interns living with me: Cailyn (from
Minnesota/Maine), Kelly (from Virginia/Illinois), and Angelia or Lia (from
Kentucky/Illinois). So Im the only one thats from west of the Mississippi
river, which is kind of cool and funny cause things are kinda different in the
west from back east (instead of arena they say ring).
There is also going to be a residential intern guy named Alex who is
starting a week after us and 3 non-residential (live within 30 minutes of the
farm) that are also starting a week after us.

Day 1 Monday, May 15, 2017

This morning we met with Nicky. Shes the Community Outreach Director
and shes super super nice. We were supposed to meet with her at 10 am,
but a film crew was here to film about the operation and the rescue horses
so we didnt end up meeting with her until around 11. From there, we went
and met the volunteer director and Megan (a high school intern that is part
of their Legacy program). Megan showed us around the farm and gave us
a quick tour of where certain horses are (critical care, mares, geldings,
quarantine, etc.); she also talked about some of the horses and their
backgrounds and such. Then she showed us how to do barn chores:
mucking out stalls, changing the water, where to dump the manure, etc.
She also showed us about feeding and preparing the buckets for night
feeding (4 pm and 8 pm). She showed us the new hay, old hay, and
nice hay. It was interesting to me because in Utah theres a lot of alfalfa,
but they dont use alfalfa except for lactating mares because its so rich.
Then the 4 of us got to clean out a stall before going to lunch. Were
meeting up with Nicky at 2 for the rest of the day.
After lunch we met up with Nicky and met the Equine Health Director
(Brittney) and the Equine Programs Director (DeEtte). DeEtte talked to us
for a while about security and what she does, which is super cool. She
works on the cases and presents a witness to the courts for cases and
presents the evidence that DEFHR has collected while caring for the
horse. Its really interesting to hear about what she does and to see how
integral it is to the function and operation and protection of the horses at
DEFHR. Then we talked with Nicky for the rest of the day. She gave us
our workbooks with all this information for us to use and keep for the
summer. We talked about the volunteers and rankings of horses.

Day 2 Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This morning we started by having a pow wow with the barn staff (who
well have a pow wow with every morning) to talk about the plan for the
day and stuff. I fell on my knee and it popped so I probably hyperextended
it but its okay, I can tough it out. After our pow wow, started doing feeding
and leading the geldings in. The geldings come in first and then the
mares. Everyone gets fed and put back by 9:45. One horse got put on
colic watch because the volunteer put her at the wrong feeding station and
she got way too much feed and a completely different kind of feed. After
feeding, we all got assigned a horse to groom. I groomed Luna; her legs
were super muddy so it took a while to get her finished before putting her
back in the paddock. After that, Cailyn and I were assigned to go muck out
some stalls in Robins Nest. We mucked two stalls in there and I refilled
the water. Then I went into the barn and mucked out Cherrys stall after we
moved her and Davidson. Cherry and Davidson are inseparable so they
have to be moved together. When I finished Cherrys stall, Lia and I went
to clean the big front stall where all the babies were and it was a huge
mess. It was crazy how dirty they got the stall: there was hay all over the
place but we got it all cleaned up before going to lunch. Our lunch is
getting cut 15 minutes short though cause a shipment of round pens came
early so Lia and I going out at 12:45 to help with unloading and stuff like

This afternoon was crazy busy. After lunch, Lia and I helped for a little bit
with unloading the new round pens. Then we got to see Charlie (hes a big
thoroughbred) get his dressing changed and cleaned because he has a
puncture wound. Then Lia and I went and prepared all the feed for night
feeding (so at 4 pm and 8 pm). We also fed Cherry and Davidson their
additional meal (they cant have any hay because they are so old and
dont have any teeth so theyd choke). After we did night hay we learned
about preparing feed for the horses: each horse has their own special diet
that is unique to them so their supplements and everything varies. We
learned about watering it down and stirring it and seeing how the charts all
coordinate for prepping food. Then we brought the geldings and mares in
and fed them their second feeding. We did some grooming then too. I got
to groom Yana (our little miniature that is soooo cute) and Jericho (hes a
sweetheart that was completely feral last year!). After that we checked the
water in the paddocks and threw hay for the 4 pm feeding. We also put the
prepped food buckets for tomorrow in the feed vault. Then Lia, Kelly and I
went and got 5 huge tubs of hay to put out in the mares grazing field. After
that Lia and I went to check the paddocks for water and see if they needed
more. Everything was fine except for in the lower pond paddockwe
found 2 dead birds!! It was really gross so obviously we had to dump the
whole tub of water and refill it. We dealt with that and did some minor
clean up stuff before having a pow wow at the end of the day. We talked
about our majors and what were looking at for careers and found out that
tomorrow were going to do vaccinations! The four of us were all
Tonight we learned about night feeding because we are always going to
have to take care of night feeding for the quarantined horses (right now
Percy and Que) and Robins Nest and if the night volunteer doesnt come
then we have to throw hay for everyone else that gets night fed.

Day 3 Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today after our pow wow we went and did feeding. After feeding we did
some grooming. I groomed Harleyquin. She was pretty good except the
flies were kinda bothering her. Then Cailyn and I went to throw hay. We
got through the main barn and the outside paddocks before having to go
for training. Megan did Robins Nest for us since we had to go. The four of
us got some training on leading and handling horses so leading, using the
lead rope to get a horse to move off, having a horse back up with the lead
rope, turning, and cleaning feet. For our training we used Officer Barney
(hes a draft gelding and is GORGEOUS) and Queso (another gelding).

After training we got to watch the chiropractic work on a horse for a few
minutes before mucking some stalls in the main barn. Then I had a lunch
date with Remington and Belmont. I went and got Remington and
Belmont and fed them their lunchtime meal, which was super awesome
cause I got to go get them and feed them all on my own. The only rough
part was that I had to go all the way up the field to get them. Then I swept
the barn a little bit and felt a little heat sick cause it was pretty hot
yesterday. And then I went to lunch.
After lunch, Lia and I put the prepped feed for tomorrow in the feed vault
and set out the feed for the big PM feed today; then we watered the feed
for the big PM feed and stirred it before passing it out and feeding the
geldings. Cailyn and I learned how to do Delmars carrot stretches
because he has an arthritic back. That was cool. Then we all learned how
to clean a sheath. Kiowa (barn staff) cleaned Zippos sheath and gave us
a demo on how to do it. Zippo has an infection so it was a little bit different
than a normal cleaning. After she had cleaned it all we got to all feel the
sheath and put our hand in, which was really awesome.
After cleaning the sheath, Cailyn and I groomed Eddie before we put all
the boys back out. Then Kelly and I went and got loose hay to put in the
mare field and then Lia and I went and got hay and refilled the main barn
with hay. Lastly, Kelly and I went and fed the marabs (mare Arabs) hay
before going to our pow wow. Before our pow wow though, Kiowa and
Jayce went over the end of day chart with us and showed us how to do
that. At our pow wow we talked about how tomorrow is going to be a little
hectic because the farrier is coming, which is really cool and because we
are doing vaccinations, which we get to learn how to do!
Tonight we did night feeding on our own but all four of us went and did it
just to make sure we all knew what we were doing. Its super cool to be on
our own at night and have all that responsibility but its also a little scary.

Day 4 Thursday, May 18, 2017

This morning at our pow wow we talked about who was going to do who
for the farrier and about vaccinations. I get to go in quarantine today
because theres not very many days left of it so were all taking a turn. I
made Que and Percys feed for the morning and then while they were
eating I went and brought in some horses. Then we did vaccinations.
Kiowa went over doing vaccinations wih Cailyn and me. Today we just did
West Nile Virus so Cailyn did Belmont and Athena and I did Quest and
Delmar. It was really cool to do and it was kind of awesome because I had
done it once before in Horse Production Practices so getting to do it again
and practice that skill was awesome. After that, I went back with Sophia to
let Que out for an hour of round pen time. While he was out in the round
pen, I cleaned out his stall and made sure it was all set for him to come
back. We didnt need to do anything in quarantine for a bit so I went and
mucked out Nikes stall and Fancys stall. Then I went back into quarantine
to work with Sophia and Que medicating him. We had to medicate his
feet. So what that means is that I cleaned his front hooves, looked at his
thrush, put thrush bust on them, cleaned out the slit between his bulbs, put
some cleaning solution in it and some medication. Then I prepped their
lunchtime feed. After that, it was time for me to go to lunch.
This afternoon, Lia and I started by putting the night hay together, but then
I had to go get Barney for the farrier. It was really cool to get to hold
Barney while the farrier did him and see how he trimmed his feet and use
the rasp. Then after I put Barney back I came back and was going to go
move some tents but I ended up going to the store to get feed. I went to
three different stores to get stuff: Southern State, Walmart and Tractor
Supply. They didnt have all the mineral blocks that I needed but in total I
ended up getting 1580 lbs of feed.

It was a lot to drive back with in the truck. I finally got back a little after four
and we were able to unload and do some end of the day chores before
our pow wow. Tomorrow the vet is coming!
Tonight just Lia and I went and did night feeding. We didnt have to do as
much though because there were volunteer night feeders so we just had
to feed the staff only horses.

Day 5 Friday, May 19, 2017

This morning after our pow wow we did morning feed and then we did
some vaccinations. I went with Kelly to do Sequoia. She was really good
but she was anxious because she has separation anxiety from Yahaira. I
was going to do Yana but Yana kept freaking out whenever we would stick
her and so Kelly and I asked with Kiowa would helps us. She showed us
that she neck twitched Yana to release the endorphins. Then after that I
put together and threw all the morning hay. Then I helped with mucking
stalls. At that point the vet Rich - showed up and we all got to see him in
action, which was really cool. We got to see him give shots (in veins) and
see him listen to lungs for Fancy and Kalarime and it was all very exciting.
After that we went to lunch (it was later than normal and we all went at the
same time because of the vet).
When we got back we all helped with big feed and then Kelly and I went
and got Quest and Nugget from the critical care paddock and brought
them down. I groomed Nugget for a bit until a little kid came to ride
Nugget. Then I went to groom Eddie and I found a wound on his neck (a
scrap) and the flies were getting into it. So we learned how to clean
wounds. You get benadine and water and first you scrub it with benadine
and then with water and then theres this stuff that is like a salve and you
put it on there and its kind of like a bandaid. After that, we put all the
horses back out. I went with Cailyn and we fed the babies. You have to
separate them all so that they can eat. Then I started putting feed away,
but then Sophia asked if I wanted to come into quarantine so that I could
hear Percys vitals. I did, so I went and mucked out Percys stall while he
has his first round pen experience. He ended up getting brought back in
early because it started pouring rain. When he got back in Sophia showed
me how she wraps his knee wound because his wrapping got wet and
needed to be changed. After that I got to listen to his heart rate and his gut
sounds. It was really cool because you can hear his heart and his gut
really really well. His heart rate was 60 bpm, which is high for a normal
horse, but he runs high usually because of his personality. After that, we
all went and Lia showed us how to clean and wrap Charlies wound
because she learned how to do it yesterday so that was really cool. Then
we had a pow wow and ended at around 5:30.
Not on night

Day 6 Saturday, May 20, 2017

So today we did the big morning feed like always. Then I groomed Fable
even though she got dirty right after I finished grooming her. Then Kelly
and I caught Harrison (the cute little orange cat) and gave him ear mite
drops. He wasnt a fan. Then Kelly and I went and gave Charlies his
meds. It was an experience like always. After that I mucked stalls. During
mucking stalls I took a break to go and feed the Marabs. After mucking
stalls, Cailyn, Kiowa, and I went to hitch up the trailer and move it so that
we can assemble round pens. We practiced hitching and unhitching a
trailer. Then Lia and I went and fed Belmont and Remington worked on
dismantling and mantling round pens until we went to lunch.
After we got back from lunch it was afternoon big feed so we did that.
Instead of grooming Lia and I went with Kiowa so that she could show us
Gabes hives. He had mild hives on his left buttock. It was asymmetrical
and they were warm. If they are symmetrical on both sides then he is
allergic to something systematic (something he ate) but where his were
asymmetrical it meant that he had a topical allergic reaction to something
he touched. We treated it by hosing him down with cold water. Delmar
also had an allergic reaction but his was symmetrical and since both
Delmar and Gabe are in the same herd they suspect that the boys are
allergic to something in the field and that Gabe just sat in it while Delmar
ate it. We went over and found Delmars hives afterwards. Then Kiowa
showed us a reaction to a vaccine that Zippo was having (he had a huge
lump on his throat). It was really cool to see because I had no idea that
horses can get hives. After that Lia and I went and threw the afternoon hay
and set up all the night hay. Then Kelly and I went and fed the Marabs and
gave them hay. After that we went down and fed the stallions. Its hard to
feed the stallions because you have to pretty much just throw it in their
stalls. The last major thing of the day was that when we were finishing
everything up, someone got bucked off of Zazu. She was okay but it was
scary when we first heard it.
So tonight I did night hay all by myself. There were volunteer night feeders
so I had to only worry about the staff only horses. I was a little unsure of
myself but I hope that I didnt screw anything up and that I got it all down
and right.

Day 7 Sunday, May 21, 2017 OFF

Day 8 Monday, May 22, 2017

This morning we did morning feed. It was raining so we didnt do any
grooming except picking feet. I got to do Charlies meds instead of doing
feet though. After that Lia and I went and fed the goats and sheep. That
was an experience. Then I did the water for the main barn during barn
chores today. Barn chores went by a lot faster today than usual I feel like.
Then Lia and I got to learn how to drive the tractor, which was super cool.
It was really exciting. Its kind of light driving a car except you have to light
bulb it and you dont shift gears. I really liked driving it. We brought hay
down to the main barn and to Robins Nest. Then we went to lunch and
Kelly got to learn.
This afternoon when Lia and I got back from lunch we started doing night
hay and then went to unload the truck cause Cailyn had gone to get some
feed. After unloading I went and parked the truck and then went back to
doing night hay. I did all the night hay for the paddocks and the main barn
before the new interns came and I had to teach them how to prepare night
hay. While I was doing the night hay we got new horses!! They are part of
Que and Percys impoundment and were in quarantine at another barn
before coming here. Theyre two yearlings. One is a paint and one is a
bay. They are soooooo cute. I want the paint so bad. I showed them the
chart and how to do it and then sent them off to do Robins Nest. I then
went and helped Lia muck out the small paddock by the babies (not the
new ones theyre in isolation in stalls until theyre dewormed) because
the babies came down with something yesterday and theyre now in
quarantine and the small paddock had to be stripped and mucked out.
Then we did big feed. And I went and got Luna to be fed. I also partially
groomed her. Then the four of us got to go and learn about different
treatment methods from Jayce. The rest of the day was a lot of odds and
ends and just tidying up and cleaning and doing kind of like barn chores,
except Cailyn and I had to go help Kelly wrangle some goats to go back in
cause they got out while Kelly was feeding Yana. I definitely miss Kiowa
on Mondays cause she has the day off. She gives the four of us a lot
more responsibility and trusts us to act accordingly and challenges us
more. Jayce doesnt know that and so she wasnt letting us do some
harder things. Its weird with the new interns because we have like
authority over them and the four of us can handle horses that the new
interns cant yet and like we know more of whats going on than the interns
do so its different. This week is going to definitely be and interesting one,
thats for sure.
Night Off

Day 9 Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This morning we did morning feed. I fed Charlie and Jupiter. Then I went
and brought Fable into her stall. Its weird being able to take certain
horses that the other interns cant. After morning feed, I went and groomed
Athena and looked at her thrush. It was really cool to be able to diagnose
thrush. After that I took Athena back out and I got to make her bow cause
you have to do that before she can be released. Then Kelly and I did
morning hay. After morning hay, we went and released Cherry and
Davidson into Mare Grazing. They seem to have been enjoying it. Then I
went and did waters in Robins Nest and helped finish some stalls for
castrations. Before lunch I did some minor jobs and helped with putting up
a round pen. My lunch got cut short so that I could go watch a castration.
So I went to watch Melvins castration but it didnt end up happening
because they discovered that Melvin is a cryptorchid. After that, Lia and I
went to work on the building a round pen for Firenze. We got pulled away
from that to go muck out the paddock areas in Robin Nest. Then we went
back and put the rest of it together with Sophia and Jayce, and then Cailyn
and Kelly came at the end and helped. Lia and I got to drive the tractor to
move panels when we were helping with the panels and moving them.
After we set up the round pen, Lia and I went and put some panels back
around Robins Nest that we switched out. Then when we were done with
that we helped with the big feed. Cailyn and I went up to critical care and
got Nugget and Quest to bring them down. Then Lia and I went and got
Cherry and Davidson. Cherry was being such a brat and she tried to plow
through the gate so I had to back her up and make her go through the
gate again. After moving Cherry and Davidson, I went and put Keratix (its
a hoof hardening that heals cracks in hooves) on Berkleys front hooves.
Then I helped Lia with doing Jupiters hooves. After we did that, we put the
boys back out. Then, Lia and I went and used the tractor to move a huge
round bale of hay down to mare field. It was crazy when we were in the
field though cause the mares kept trying to come and get the hayKit was
especially a problem and it was kinda scary driving it. Then after doing
that Kiowa took the tractor and we went and got mulch to put in the
cleaned Robin Nest paddocks. Then while 3 of the new interns were doing
one paddock, Lia and I spread the mulch in the other one. We got done a
lot faster than the other interns. Its hard sometimes cause I feel like Lia
and I put in a lot more work than some of the other interns do. Then after
that, Lia and I just kind of picked up and then her, Cailyn and me went and
moved a donation into the donation shed. After that we had pow wow and
were done for the day. I feel like we did so so much today.
Night Off

Day 10 Wednesday, May 23, 2017

So this morning we did big feed. I brought Ebba in for the morning feed.
Then I went and did Charlies medicine. It was really good cause he took
most of it and didnt get it everywhere. Then I groomed Athena. Its hard to
groom her because she is so tall compared to me. After that, the four of us
got to go see Kiowa taking false sole off of Trixie. For morning chores, I
did mucking and then a bunch of us went and mucked pony paddock, the
goat chute and small paddock.
In the afternoon we did big feed and I went and got Cherry and Davidson
with Lia. Then Lia and I did Harrisons medicine. I felt so bad for that little
cat. After that I taught some of the new interns how to clean a sheath and
how to do it with Zippo because of his infection. Then I assessed Gabes
hives and cold hosed him and Zippos vaccination reaction on his neck.
After that I showed Alex how to throw hay to the marabs in lower middle
and then for the rest of the day I mucked left pond paddock. At the very
end of the day I went with Cailyn to do Graces meds (shes having really
bad hayfever) and I did Jupiters meds (he has a raw spot on his neck, a
foot wound, and a sulci wound).

Day 11 Thursday, May 24, 2017

This morning we did big feed and then the entire morning Lia and I worked
on doing hay. We did all the day hay and the night hay and then we went
and got hay bales with the tractor to refill the main barn, Robins Nest and
the shed by the marabs.
After big feed, we mucked paddocks. Then I got tested on a red horse and
had to groom Davidson (hes a red for grooming). It went pretty well. After
that Lia and I put Cherry and Davidson out and then mucked some more
Tonight it was my turn to do night feed. I had to open the barn door cause
it was closed while this huge thunderstorm blew threw. I also had to put a
blanket on Santana before he could go outside for the night because he
got shaved down during the day. That was all the excitement for the night.

Day 12 Friday, May 26, 2017

This morning after big feed I groomed Santana. Then I went and started
doing day hay, but no one was doing water so I went and did that instead.
Then I went and helped with mucking pony paddock and small paddock.
After that Lia and I gave Belmont a bath. Then Lia and I took two ladies on
a tour of the farm.
After big feed, I went to go feed Yana and take her temperature but it went
awry. I got ran over by the goats. They all got out, I fell in the mud and got
walked on by goats. And I got so embarrassed and mad at myself that I
started crying. After that fiasco I went with Lia and we mucked out a
paddock in Robins Nest. Then I fed Que his 5 pm meal and I fed some

Day 13 Saturday, May 27, 2017

Today after big feed I groomed Ebba and did her foot meds (putting
Miracle Oil on her foot). After that, Kelly and I hammered up mineral block
holders in two of the stalls. Then we cleaned Brittneys office because it
was super super dusty. At 11 we went and did a little clinic on how to
wrangle and trim goat feet.

Cailyn and I wrangled Pumpkin. She fought with us a lot when we finally
got her and in the end I was laying on top of her to keep her pinned down.
Then Lia and I went to lunch.
After lunch I worked on cleaning Brittneys office more. Then we did big
feed. After big feed, we used the tractor to put up shed panels and take
the hay bale holder out of one of the fields.
Night OFF
Day 14 Sunday, May 28, 2017 OFF

Day 15 Monday, May 29, 2017

Today after big feed I groomed Ginny. Then I did hay with Cailyn and then
worked on mucking the sheds in the mare fields.
This afternoon after big feed I assessed Gabes hives and then I put
mudrot cream on his pasterns. After, we all worked on mucking the
paddocks and the round pens. Then we did some random jobs. At the end
of the day we found lice eggs on Tia and Samara, which is not good.
Night OFF

Day 16 Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This morning instead of doing big feed, Lia and I got to go down and see
Stuart Rybak (a trainer) work with Gaston and put him under a saddle. It
was really cool because I had seen this happen in my Horse Production
class and I had seen the types of training methods that he was using. It
was cool to see him make so much progress on Gaston in such a short
time period. I didnt think he was going to be able to get on him and ride
him but he did. After that, I went and mucked some stalls. When that was
all done, Lia went and changed the water in the goat paddock and then
Lia and I worked on mucking Back Paddock, Small Paddock and Pony
Paddock before lunch.
After lunch Lia and I went back to mucking the paddocks before we went
to give the babies a bath. Lia bathed Samara and I bathed Tia. Tia is my
favorite. I am absolutely in love in love in love with her. I would adopt her
and keep her forever if I could. I love her. After that we did big feed. Then
instead of grooming I ended up making the mudrot cream that we use on
mudrot here. It has a bunch of different ingredients. Then I learned about
my first project for my equine programs internship portion. After that Lia
and I finished mucking the paddocks. We finished the day by doing some
odds and ends.
I did night hay tonight. Its really easy to do. And I played with Tia and
Samara a little bit because they are so so cute and if I could I would
seriously take Tia home with me.

Day 17 Wednesday, May 31, 2017

After big feed, I groomed Ginny and when I was grooming her I identified
thrush in her feet. I felt really good about that because it means that Im
actually learning and understanding things. After grooming, I did the water.
Then Cailyn, Kelly, Alex and I went and mucked mare grazing and then we
mucked left pond. After that Lia and I gave Fancy 2 vaccinations because
shes supposed to go to her forever home on Friday!!
After lunch, Lia and I scrubbed feed pans. Then we did big feed. I
groomed Gabe and took care of his mudrot. Its really weird to feel the
scabs on their legs. Then I also did Quests feet medication. After that
when I was putting Gabe out in his field it was so sad his carrot fell out of
his muzzle. Gabe is beautiful. Hes a Polish Arabian and he is absolutely
gorgeous. After big feed I worked on my equine programs project. I just
hope that it doesnt take up a lot of my time and that I can still do a lot of
work on the farm and not be stuck at a computer a whole lot.
Night OFF

Day 18 Thursday, June 1, 2017

After big feed, I groomed Sequoia and Davidson. Then I went and did the
daytime hay because thats my responsibility for the day. After that, I
started the night hay. Then I got asked if I wanted to hold Remi (because
he was being good) for the farrier. Well, he was really good for a bit and
then he started not behaving. And hes a thoroughbred so he couldve
actually just flung me around if he wanted to. I thought I had a good
handle on him, but eventually I asked Sophia to take over because its the
farrier and I didnt want the farrier to get hurt on my account. Im glad that I
at least made an attempt and I did learn from it so thats good.
This afternoon, Lia and I put towels on the round paddock to hopefully
keep Que from cutting up his chest when he hits them. Then, we did the
night hay before big feed. After big feed, I did Belmonts medicine and
found a scrape on his hock. Its really nice that I learned a lot of the parts
of the horse so that I can accurately name the body parts where I find
things when Im talking to staff about them. Then I groomed Eddie. When
we were done with that, Alex was back with the truck and so there was
feed to be unloaded. I was really grateful that my dad had taught me to
back up a truck because Alex couldnt back the truck into a parking place.
I ended up backing the truck up into the parking place. After that, Lia and I
brought down hay for the main barn and for Robins Nest. After that, it was
4:45 so when Lia and I got back to the main barn everything was pretty
much wrapped up so we just went and had pow wow.
Night OFF

Day 19 Friday, June 2, 2017

This morning after big feed I assessed Charlies wound. Fancy left this
morning to go to her forever home!! Then I mucked stalls in Robins Nest.
We all went and saw a leg wrap on Yahairas legs because she has fluid
on her hocks. Then after that, Lia and I gave Grace a bath.

She was really cute and good for baths.

After lunch, Lia and I showed some volunteers how to clean sheaths on
Charlie and on Eddie. Then we did big feed. After big feed, I took care of
Belmonts scrape on his hock and I treated his mudrot. After that, I
scrubbed feed pans and watched Sophia attempt to give Lisbon (a marab)
a bath. It didnt go well and she ended up getting help from Brittney. It was
a pretty uneventful day. Tomorrow Wish and Jupiter are both leaving to go
to their forever homes! Its crazy how many horses are leaving this week
for their adoption homes.
Night OFF

Day 20 Saturday, June 3, 2017

After big feed, we did projects because on Saturdays we get a lot of
volunteers who can do barn chores. Lia and I took down some towels that
we hung up around Que and Percys round pen to keep Que from hurting
himself if he runs into the panels. Then we learned about vitals because
Davidson got put on colic watch (his and Cherrys food got switched so
Davidson ended up eating twice as much food). It was cool to go over
vitals because I actually retained a lot of that lecture from my class last
semester. I was able to explain the capillary refill time. I liked going over
the vitals because I learned some tips of where to put the stethoscope to
better hear what youre listening for. After that, Lia and I gave Athena a
bath. It was a little intimidating giving a bath to such a big horse because
she could just bolt and take us with her, but she was really good. I even
cleaned her teats, which was really really weird.
After big feed, I did some medicine. Lia and I worked on Remingtons
meds together because he has a lot of meds. Then after grooming, I
worked on my equine programs project of remaking and redoing the horse
boards. Its kind of a cool job. I hope I do a good job of it.
Tonight I did night feed. Its weird because so many horses are no longer
in the barn at night but I like doing night feeding sometimes because you
get to see the barn when its quiet and theres not a million people running
around or you dont have to rush from one job to the next, you can take
your time and talk to the horses and look at the sunset.

Day 21 Sunday, June 4, 2017 OFF

Day 22 Monday, June 5, 2017

Today was kind of a crazy hectic day. We started with feeding like always
and then barn chores, but we were supposed to have training with Sarah
(our trainer) this afternoon so Lia and I went to lunch at 11 right after barn
chores instead of at 12.
This afternoon, the vet came at 12 so Lia and I got to see a pregnancy
check on Ireland, one of the Arabian mares that we have on the farm. It
was a really fast check and she wasnt pregnant (none of the marabs
were) so that was good. Then Lia and I worked on mucking a paddock but
it started raining pretty hard so we were going to take a break and when
we were heading back Kelly came to get us because we were meeting
with DeEtte. Instead of working with Sarah today, DeEtte gave us a lesson
or a class on the legal process of DEFHR. It was really cool because we
got to learn about all the investigation process and the evidence process
and how it all works with collecting information to present in court. DeEtte
told us some of the cases that she has been at and its crazy how much
abuse and neglect goes on in this world and how little is done to protect
horses and how little is known about the abuse and neglect of horses. Its
so sad to think that a person could bring themselves to that kind of abuse
and lack of compassion towards another living creature. After our meeting
with DeEtte, it was time for big feed. Once big feed and grooming was
done I did the 4 pm feeding (I was in charge of feed today) then Lia and I
went back to finish mucking our paddock. We werent able to finish
mucking the paddock because they needed to turn the horses out for the
night so well have to finish it tomorrow. After that we just did the chores to
wrap up the day. It was kind of an unusual Monday but it was a really good
one at the same time.
Night OFF
Day 23 Tuesday, June 6, 2017
This morning after big feed I groomed Grace. Shes so sweet I really like
her. Then I groomed Davidson. After grooming I did waters for the main
barn. Once barn chores were done, Lia and I used the tractor to push the
dump pile up into a pile better. Then we went to lunch.
This afternoon was super fun. So we all took our lunches at 12 because at
1 we met with the trainer Sarah for a lesson on groundwork. Ive never
really done groundwork before so it was really interesting to learn about it
and tips to do. We worked on proper leading and stopping and how you
should look where youre going not at the horse. We also worked on
backing up. I got Queso as my horse to work with and he was being really
bad about backing up so Sarah took over and had to work with him for a
few minutes because he really needed some work with backing up. After
that we worked on disengaging the hind legs and we talked about how
doing this when a horse isnt willing to give you their hind foot can be
helpful because it shows them that youre in control and it uses that
pressure and release system. That was pretty much all that we worked on
for the session but I think it was really good and I hope that I can
implement these methods into my handling when Im going forward with
my internship and with my life as a horse person. After our session with
Sarah we went and did big feed. I did Belmonts mudrot and made sure
that everyone got groomed because grooming was my responsibility for
the day. After big feed, Cailyn, Lia and I worked on getting hay to all the
barns and sheds that needed it. Once we were done with that, just some
end of the day stuff needed to be done. Then Lia realized that Quest
hadnt had his meds done so she and I went to do that. Then we had pow
wow and that was it for the day.
Night OFF

Day 24 Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This morning after big feed I groomed Grace. I really am growing quite
fond of Grace. After grooming I did barn chores, today I did mucking in
main barn. Sometimes mucking is nice because it gives you time to think
and its nice when you have a beautiful stall at the end. After barn chores
Lia and I went around the west side of the farm cleaning the auto waters
before we went to lunch.
We only got a 40 min lunch because we had to meet with Caroline (the
Development Director) to learn about tours. It was actually really awesome
because she gave us all these facts about the farm that I didnt know like
how out of the 98% we save, 94% get adopted. After meeting with
Caroline, Lia and I swept the barn with Kiowa before doing big feed. After
big feed I did all of Belmonts medicine, which he has a lot of (I think I had
to do 4 different medications). Once we were all done with big feed and
such, Lia and I worked on fixing the tie/feed stations ropes. Once we had
finished that, we just did end of the day cleaning chores before wrapping
the day up with a pow wow.
Night OFF

Day 25 Thursday, June 8, 2017

This morning went really fast. We did big feed and then I groomed
Sequoia and fed the goats. After grooming, I mucked stalls in main barn.
Then the dentist came so Lia, Rachel and I went down to see him float
Gastons teeth. The dentist was Raymond Hyde, he also teaches at the
American School of Equine Dentistry in Virginia. It was really cool to watch
him work with Gaston because he explain everything as he went and why
the teeth should be the way he was floating them. We also got to pull
Gastons wolf teeth, which was really cool to experience and I got to keep
This afternoon, Lia and I came back and did some random jobs. Then
Kiowa said we could bathe Davidson and Cherry so Lia had Cherry and I
had Davidson. Davidson was really good for his bath part and then he
started freaking outIt was really hard because Ive never dealt with a
horse like that. I had to make him spin in a circle and disengage his back
and I had to make him walk and pivot and do everything that Sarah had
showed us earlier this week in our groundwork lesson. It was really
frustrating because he would calm down and then he would start up again.
The really hard part though was having like 5-7 people watching Lia and I
as we tried to deal with Cherry and Davidson because Cherry was also
freaking out a bit. We did get through it though. I just wish I had had more
time to work with Davidson, but sometimes when he would explode he
would just yank me with him and I couldnt do anything but follow for a few
steps and I had to think about Cherry and Nike in Common Area Paddock.
However, I do think that I learned from it and gained experience from it.
After we got through the baths, it was time for big feed. We brought the
boys in and then I went to feed and groom Yana. That was going okay and
it was really good because I got to get away from everyone and just have
a moment to myself after Davidsons bath. However when I was going to
put Yana back in Timmy fought with me and practically jumped over Yana
and me. It was so frustrating so I put Yana in and then I had to go back to
get Timmy and corral him back into the paddock. After big feed and
grooming, Lia and I just found some things to do like mucking a paddock
and filling waters and stuff like that.
Tonight I did night feeding. It was really nice to have a quiet moment with
the horses, especially after the day I had with Davidson.
Day 26 Friday, June 9, 2017
This morning we vaccinated all of the horses for Potomac Fever. I gave a
vaccine to Nugget and to Sequoia. I love Sequoia so much I feel like her
and I are on the same wave length. After that, we kind of had to rush
through barn chores because we ran late with big feed due to
vaccinations. I was in charge of hay today and so thats what I did all
morning, I did daytime hay and then started night hay.
This afternoon after big feed I groomed Remington and did ALL of his
medications, which are a lot! There are so many vaccinations that this
poor horse needs because he has really bad skin. He has rainrot, sunburn
and mudrot. We got to go see sweet itch on Zippo. Its a bunch of little fly
bites on the midline. You know a horse has it because when youre
currying their stomach you have found their good spot. To treat it you have
to use SWAT and another ointment I forgot the name of. After big feed and
grooming we all went and met with Nicky. It was really nice to just sit and
talk with someone for a little bit and not have to run around the farm or
anything. And we got our intern shirts!!!

After that, we went back and I threw the 4 pm hay and got everything
ready for 8 pm hay. Then we just did end of day chores.
Night OFF

Day 27 Saturday, June 10, 2017

This morning after big feed I groomed Ebba and did her feet medications
and then I groomed Monroe! Monroe is still a baby (shes three) and shes
so cute and now Sarah wants us to start getting to know her so that she
can start getting used to more people and so I got to groom her and walk
her out and it was really awesome because I was the first one out of the
interns to groom and walk Monroe so it was really cool. After that, the
whole rest of the morning Lia and I spent checking waters, cleaning auto
waters, and changing waters so that were all prepared for the hot weather
thats coming next week.
After lunch, I gave a tour to a lady and her granddaughter. They were
super cute and they thought the farm and what we do at DEFHR is really
cool. The lady also complimented us on how clean the barn was and how
organized everything is. She even made a donation. After my tour, I taught
a volunteer how to give a bath and we gave a bath to Zazu cause she is
sponsoring him. This was Zazus first bath and sheath cleaning so I wasnt
really sure how it was going to go but he was actually really really good for
the whole thing and so it was really nice for the volunteer to get to bathe
him and I showed her how to clean a sheath. Once Zazu was done with
his bath, Cailyn, Kelly and Alex were all going to give baths so I helped
with the feed. Then we did big feed and after that, I did Belmonts
medications. After big feed, Lia gave Remington a bath and I got the 4:30
feed ready. Then we lost power and water for a good 15 minutes. It was
not good. We were getting all ready to take our water buffalo over to the
spring-fed auto water in Mare Grazing when the power and water came
back on. Once we had that moment out of the way, we just did end of day
chores. I got to help Sophia with feeding the babies and I fed half of the
marabs their meals. Overall it was a really nice Saturday.
Night OFF

Day 28 Sunday, June 11, 2017 OFF

Day 29 Monday, June 12, 2017

This morning was a little different because Legacy (its like a summer
camp program) started. The kids let all the goats out at one point and I
ended up diving and tackling a goat. Besides that it was just normal
chores and getting stuff done.
This afternoon Sarah evaluated us for riding and shes going to give us a
project horse next week for each of us to work with. After we got
evaluated, we found out that we are getting an impound. Its a mare. We
are getting her tomorrow but we dont really know what condition she is
going to be in or anything like that. After that we did the rest of the day and
started preparing for the mare tomorrow and switching some horses
Night OFF
Day 30 Tuesday, June 13, 2017
This morning after big feed and barn chores we started gathering stuff for
the new mare and prepping stalls that we might put her in. Then we found
out more about her situation and that she is most likely pregnant. Shes an
Arabian and a body score condition of a 1.5. We had to do a lot of
rearranging and set up a strict quarantine because there is a possibility
that she has strangles and strangles is really contagious to other horses.
When she arrived and got off the trailer and we saw her it was really really
obvious that she is indeed pregnant and close to dropping her foal. Kiowa
looked at her and its likely that she could drop her foal anytime in the next
week pretty much. After we got her all settled and the interns talked with
barn staff, Lia and I got to go to lunch for 30 minutes.
After lunch, we did some regular chores and worked on checking waters
and stuff. Then we did big feed. After big feed and grooming and stuff, Lia
and I gave Sequoia a bath. She was really good for cleaning her teats.
After that we had a meeting with Kiowa to go over checking for foaling
signs and going over what all we need to when we do checks. We are
checking on the mare at 8 pm, 12 am, and 4 am tonight. I am going to do
the 12 am check and Alex is doing night feeding and Lia is going to do the
4 am check. Then I had to go and sit with two kids from Legacy and wait
for their parents to come until 5.
Night 12 am check
It was hard and weird to get up at 12 to go to the farm. It was a little eerie
also but it was good. I went down and saw the mare. I took her vitals,
cleaned up her stall, refreshed her water, and gave her a little love. Shes
so sweet.

Day 31 Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Today Im in charge of checking and take care of the mare so I started by
taking her vitals at 8 am. After I was done with her I came and helped with
meds and grooming in the morning. After that, I went back and turned the
mare out into the paddock behind her stall and then I cleaned out her stall.
She loved being outside and having some freedom. After that, I did a bit of
mucking in the main barn. Then Lia and I sorted some fly marks. We found
out then that the mares name is Udaya (U-day-a). I wasnt going to take
her vitals at noon because the vet was supposed to come at 11:30 but that
changed to 1 so I went and took her vitals at 12:10.
This afternoon the vet came. He did her intake exam, so he looked her all
over and noting any scars she has, problems, vitals, etc. Then he checked
to see if she is actually pregnant. Shes actually open so the 4 of us
residential interns were kind of on the sadder side of that. Once the vet
visit was over, we talked with Brittney and she went over the rehabilitation
process at DEFHR. When we got done with our talk with her it was close
to 4 so I did some little jobs before going down to take Udayas vitals
again. On my way to taking Udayas vitals, I stopped to let Kiowa and
Gaston walk by and Gaston started walking toward me so instead I got to
walk him in. It was really cool. After that I went and took care of the mare
and made sure she was all set until 8 pm. When I was done with that, the
last thing I did was I got to go and pick out Gastons feet. It was really cute
cause he sniffs at you the whole entire time that youre picking out his feet.
Night OFF

Day 32 Thursday, June 15, 2017

This morning after big feed I groomed Sequoia and then Monroe. While I
was grooming Sequoia, Luna broke off her tie and everyone was running
around the barn. After grooming I went and cleaned the stalls in Robins
Nest. While I was leaving Robins Nest, Isaac broke off his tie. Then the
farrier came. I held Charlie for the farrier and he was pretty good. Then I
went back to Robins Nest to finish up before lunch.
After lunch, Lia and I learned how to make feed. Then we did big feed and
I groomed Casanova. After that I taught Taylor about sweet itch and
keratex. Then Lia and I taught the other interns how to make feed. After
that I fed the marabs in upper and lower middle field and then I walked
Kalarime to his stall and curried him. Then I did end of day chores.
Night OFF

Day 33 Friday, June 16, 2017

Today we took the main barn apart because volunteers were going to
clean the bird net. After that we all got to feed the marabs before
continuing to work on the main barn project.
In the afternoon we had a lunch talk with Kiowa about reproduction. After
that we got to dissect testicles. Then, we fed the marabs. After that we had
to feed the geldings in the chute because main barn was still taken apart.
Then I did waters. After that we started putting main barn back together
and doing mucking and stuff.
Night 2 am check
This check wasnt as bad as the first one because I didnt have to check
for signs of foaling. I just had to take Udayas vitals.

Day 34 Saturday, June 17, 2017

This morning we fed the girls out in the chute because the main barn was
only have put back together last night. Then I did daytime hay with Kelly.
After that Kiowa and I pulled out mats from stall 8 so that it could be
leveled and I scrubbed the mats and we put them back in before going to
After lunch, I ran errands so I drove the truck and went to Frederick to get
feed and then to Mt Airy to get feed and mineral bricks. When I got back I
did Belmonts meds and after that I used the tractor to move panels
around and take a round bale to mare field.
At 8 pm I did Udayas vitals while Lia fed the other staff only horses.

Day 35 Sunday, June 18, 2017 OFF

Day 36 Monday, June 19, 2017

Today after big feed I groomed Sequoia and Monroe. I think they are my
favorite girls. I love how Sequoia is so responsive and I think Monroe is so
cute. I got to work with IRELAND today! That means Im moving up in my
ability to do stuff and work with horses on the farm. I got to bring her in
and feed her and I groomed her and did her meds. Then I did water for
Percy and Ques round pen before heading to lunch.
After lunch, we met with Nicky. We talked about our capstone projects.
Then we had to do big feed really fast because a huge rainstorm came
through and it was pouring for most of the afternoon. We started doing
end of day chores at 3 pm instead of 4. I ended up giving a lesson to
varsity legacy about digestion and nutrition because they couldnt do
anything outside due to the lightning. Then I just helped with cleaning up
and organizing for the rest of the day.
Night OFF

Day 37 Monday, June 20, 2017

After big feed I groomed Ebba and Trixie and I quickly groomed Monroe
while we were waiting to go into the chute because no one had groomed
her. Today I got to work with Jewel! Its really cool to get to work with these
higher level horses and be trusted by staff to handle them. I fed her,
groomed her and did her meds. Then Cailyn and I put braids in Gastons
mane to help him not overheat.
I worked on my horse boards in the afternoon. Then we met with Sarah
and got our horse assignments. My riding assignment is Zippo and my
groundwork assignment is Queso. After that I worked on horse boards and
then did end of day chores.
Night OFF
Tonight I worked with Queso mainly just on stopping and on backing up.
He does a lot better one on one than in a big group of horses.
Day 38 Wednesday, June 21, 2017
After big feed I brought Ireland in and fed her. Then I got to feed and
groom Orchid! I was absolutely in heaven. I think Orchid is the cutest thing
ever and I love her. Then I groomed and medicated Ireland.
This afternoon we worked on our capstone projects. I worked on putting
together the photos Ive been taking. Then we met with Sophia and
learned some tips for behavioral issues with Udaya but I think that you
could use it with any horses. Then we did big feed. After that, I fed Ireland
and then I took her back out to the field.
Night 2 am
I had to check on Udaya tonight at 2 am but everything was good so it was
a quick check.

Day 39 Thursday, June 22, 2017

Today I was in charge of Udaya. I fed her, mucked her stall, and cleaned
the quarantine area because we have a big clinic coming up this weekend.
At 11 we met with Kiowa and learned about breeds and colors and
genetics. It was really cool because it was a big review for me from what I
learned in class but there were some things that I didnt know or didnt
remember so it was really cool to learn more about. After that I groomed
Udaya and did her feed and medications.
This afternoon I worked on cleaning out quarantine and making it really
nice for the clinic this weekend. After I did that we had a meeting with
Kiowa in the locked meds room (staff and interns). And we found out that
we were going to get an impound tomorrow anywhere from 15-20 horses.
So a lot of things needed to be changed for horses to come into a
quarantined area. We set up the entire main barn to be put into
quarantine. We moved Tia and Samara to small paddock. I got to lead Tia
and it was the greatest moment ever because she was so cute. Then I got
to feed her and groom her and show her around small paddock. Shes so
cute. I love her. We then found out that we were getting the horses tonight
and so we had to hustle to get ready. We sent Gaston and Kalarime up to
DE2. Then we started getting the impound around 6. We ended up staying
at the barn until 11:30 waiting for trailers to come with horses so that we
could unload them and put them in the barn. In all we got 18 horses, which
was fate because we only have 18 stalls in main barn. We mostly got
mares and we got a stallion. They are all super emaciated, like a BCS of a
1. We had 1 sling candidate, some might be pregnant, one might has a
neurological problem. They all have lice. It was super upsetting to see so
many horses come from one place in such a horrible condition.
Night OFF
Day 40 Friday, June 23, 2017
Today was our first full day with our new horses. Kelly and I were in
quarantine with them. We started the day by taking vitals for all 18 horses.
Then we started mucking and taking care of everyone. The vet is
supposed to come this afternoon.
I only got a 5 minute lunch because the vet came as soon as I went on
lunch. It was really cool to watch him work and see how he does the
intake exams and neurological tests and everything. Then we had to start
cleaning up the barn because two news crews came to the barn to film the
new horses and report on the impound.
Night 2 am
Lia and I did the 2 am check tonight. We didnt have to take vitals but we
had to check if they were pooping and drinking. It took us a whole hour to
do the check.

Day 41 Saturday, June 24, 2017 OFF

Day 42 Sunday, June 25, 2017

Today I was in quarantine with Lia. We took vitals, mucked, did water, hay,
everything. Its so different in quarantine because instead of everyone
being in charge of one thing everyone helps with everything. Its like its
this separate little bubble away from the rest of the world.
The highlight of this afternoon was that the horse in stall 10 had to get
tubed because he hadnt drunk anything since he got to DEFHR. The vet
came and what happened is he sends a tube through the nostril into the
esophagus and then pumps water into the horse. It was really cool to
Night 8 pm/2 am
Tonight Lia and I had the 8 pm and 2 am checks. It took us 3 hours to get
through the 8 pm check and we also had to check on Charlie because
Charlie got put on colic watch. I had a kind of bonding experience with the
horse in stall 10. I had to hand feed him. It really changed my perspective
and showed me how childlike these horses are and how we are like a
parent to them and were slowly just nursing them back to health like a
parent would with a sick child. At 2 am I checked Udaya and Charlie. I had
to hand feed 10 again and I had to feed D, who dumped all of her food on

Day 43 Monday, June 26, 2017

Lia and I came in at 9 am today. This was the first day that I was out of
quarantine since we got the new horses. It was weird being out with the
other horses. I groomed Belmont and did his meds. Then at 10 I got to
feed all the marabs. After that I got to work with Elysian for the first time. I
groomed him and did his meds and did carrot stretches with him. The nice
thing about having this new impound is that when you arent in quarantine
you have more of an opportunity to work with higher level horses and
learn from staff. After working with Elysian, I went and fed all the marabs
their meal before going to lunch.
After lunch I got the feed ready for big feed. I got to lead Orchid to pony
paddock, which was really cool and I was really excited about. I had to
remake Trixies food because I found mold in her feed. I then did Eddies,
Gabes, and Zippos meds with the help of Reagan (she is the daughter of
the head of DEFHR). After big feed I went and fed the marabs and let the
3 in lower and middle free to roam. Then I went into quarantine to help
finish up the day.
Night OFF

Day 44 Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Today I was in quarantine with Lia and Kiowa. We took vitals first thing
and did feed. Then I had the task of going around and giving UGARD to
four horses. UGARD is an ulcer guard medicine. After that I helped with
given baths to Autumn and Margo.
This afternoon the vet came and set up an IV for Freedom because he stil
hasnt drank since he got here on his own. We gave him 10 liters of water
through the IV and we will do it again tomorrow too. I got to learn how to
change an IV and how to flush a catheter.
End of day stuff
Night 8 pm/2 am
The only exciting thing for night check was flushing Freedoms catheter. At
8, he tried to rear the first time we did it so that was great. Besides that he
was relatively good.

Day 45 Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today I started at 9. I helped explain how to change a catheter and I gave
UGARD to 3 horses. Then at 10 all the interns went to participate in an
Animal Control Officer Class. We learned about what Animal Control looks
for when they show up on site, went into BCS, and we talked about the
changes that go on in a horses body when it goes into starvation mode.
After lunch, we had to go and clean up the barn for the class to go into
quarantine and see what we do. After that, I had to go and rinse off to be
able to come of of quarantine and be with the main herd. When I got back
it was time for big feed. I groomed Monroe and Fable. Then I worked on
switching out feed buckets for the rest of the afternoon aside from taking
a short break to feed the marabs so that a community service person
could scrub all the buckets.
Night - OFF

Day 46 Thursday, June 29, 2017

Today I was in quarantine. It was the last day of IV fluids for Freedom and
so they pulled his IV and wrapped him up where his needle had been. The
goal of today was baths so I did a lot of baths this morning and a lot of
grooming because photographers were coming to take pictures of the
horses so I had to get them all groomed to look nice when the
photographers showed up.
This afternoon was spent just preparing for the photographers to come
and take photos. They were 2 hours late. I did have to pretend to groom a
horse though for part of the video that they were making for us.
Night - OFF

Day 47 Friday, June 30, 2017

I was in quarantine again today. After doing vitals and feed I did the waters
for the barn. Then we work on baths again. Today the main goal was to
get the rest of the horses bathed so after doing waters thats what I
worked on.
After lunch we did the last bath and then all 8 horses had been bathed.
Then I worked on grooming before doing vitals. I had to cold hose Bristol
because she overheated. Then we had to cold hose Freedom because he
was overheating and his face was swollen and puffy looking. We also
gave him a shot of banamine after.
Night 8 pm and 2 am
The check was pretty normal. We did have to have Brittany come and look
at Freedoms puffy face because it was still really puffy and his heart rate
was still high.

Day 48 Saturday, July 1, 2017 OFF

Day 49 Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lia and I were in charge of quarantine today and that was a bit of a
struggle for us because some of the volunteers did not like being asked to
do things by interns. The challenge this morning was that horses started
overheating at 10 am so I had to start hosing horses down very early in
the day.
After lunch I finished the mucking of the stalls that needed to be done.
Then we worked on meds and vitals. We ended an hour later than normal
because a bunch of horses overheated at 4:30, which threw us off our
Night 8 pm and 2 am
Everyone was good so our checks werent that bad.

Day 50 Monday, July 3, 2017

Today I was outside of quarantine. I got to lead Jessie James. He just
came back from off site training and Im falling in love. Hes the cutest.
Hes Orchids dad and you can totally see it. After that, I worked on hay
with some volunteers. Then I groomed Tia and I did her meds. I did some
organizing after that. Before going to lunch, Lia and I fed the marabs.
Big feed was kind of a mess this afternoon. Jessie broke off of his tie and
went crazy. He caused chaos and made Luna freak out and they both got
loose. Then everyone was frazzled so horses got put at the wrong feed
stations and Luna ended up on colic watch. I had to do a quick release
knot on Krispy because she ended up at a feed station without a tie since
everything got messed up. Lia and I fed all the babies and the marabs
after we sorted everything out with big feed.
Night OFF

Day 51 July 4, 2017

Today was farrier day for the quarantine kiddos. During vitals, I got
stepped on a broke a toe. I got to hold Gaia for the farrier. It was really
cool to see the farrier work on feet that hadnt been worked on in a while.
These horses are going to need a lot of care before their feet look normal
We focused on grooming in the afternoon. It was a lot of delegating and
organizing tasks once the farrier left but we got through it okay. We even
got done at 4:57!
Night 8 pm, 2 am
Everyone was good at both checks.

Day 52 Wednesday, July 5, 2017

This morning I groomed Sequoia and Grace. After big feed, I went and fed
the marabs and did Irelands meds. Then I worked on the horse boards.
Im trying to get as much of them done as soon as possible.
This afternoon during big feed I groomed Trixie and Monroe. Then I
groomed Jessie. I really love Jessie for no reason at all. I love that I can
kiss him before he goes to his feed and he almost like waits for the kiss.
Its so cute! After big feed, Jamie and I had to wrangle Laverne to take her
vitals because we thought she might be overheating (which she was).
Then I went and fed Orchid and Qadira and groomed them. Getting to
work with the babies is the coolest thing ever!
Wrangled Laverne
Night 8 pm, 2 am
Everyone was great!

Day 53 Thursday, July 6, 2017

It was raining all morning pretty much so mostly everything went by really
fast and I worked on the horse boards mostly.
It pretty much rained all day long. Alex and I moved the panels in lower
middle so that the 18 can have turn out. Of course as soon as Alex and I
started moving the panels the rain got worse, but eventually we got some
help so that was good. I did get to groom Jessie (Im falling hard core in
love with him) though because he comes inside for his meals.
Night OFF

Day 54 Friday, July 7, 2017

Field Trip
We went on a field (Alex, Cailyn, Kelly, and me) to the Fair Hill Training
and Therapy Center. I wasnt quite expecting what we got. We got to learn
how the starting gates for races work, which was awesome!
We got to see different style barns and tracks. We saw some training
going on. But the highlight of the day by far was that we got to see Irish
War Cry in the flesh! I got to pet a horse that won second place in the
Belmont Stakes! I still cant believe it!
Night 8 am, 2 pm
Everyone was good!

Day 55 Saturday, July 8, 2017 OFF

Day 56 Sunday, July 9, 2017

Alex and I in charge of quarantine today. It was our first day turning out the
horse, but it went really smoothly. Dawn was so excited to get to go
outside! It was really cute to watch her run and buck. Then we had to
clean the barn really fast because a tour was coming to look at the 18. We
mucked all the stalls before noon!
This afternoon was focused mainly on grooming and meds. We had to
switch the kiddos that were turned out for the ones that stayed in, in the
morning. I worked on leg wraps, which was pretty cool. And then I worked
on cold hosing horses that were overheating.
Night 8 pm, 2 am
Everyone was good!

Day 57 Monday, July 10, 2017

Today I wasnt in quarantine. I came in at 9 and got there just in time to
groom some. Then I fed the marabs and worked with Nalani for the first
time, which was pretty awesome!
The big thing that I did this afternoon was go to some stores and get feed.
It took most of the afternoon.
Night OFF

Day 58 Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I was in quarantine today. The first thing I really got to do was cold hose
Dawn. It wasnt even 9 and she was already overheating. After feeding
and everything, I gave Gaia her Ugard. Then we took everyone out for
turn out. Its so fun to watch how excited Dawn gets when she goes
outside. At 11 I went to the scoop so that I could learn more about the
horses to help me with what to put on their horse boards.
This afternoon the focus was meds, tidying up, and grooming. Then when
we were trying to wrap up the end of the day, half the barn had to get cold
hosed for overheating.
There are no more 2 am checks! Yay! Everyone was good at 8.

Day 59 Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Today I was out of quarantine. After big feed and grooming I groomed all 3
marabs. Then Alex, Jamie and I went on weight taping adventures. We
needed to weight tape all the horses in the main herd (except for staff
only) so that we can deworm them. Lisbon loves me and followed me
around like a puppy dog in grazing. Alex freaked on Queso. And he
messed up with catching Jericho. He lunged at Jerichos face and sent
Jericho running away. So then I had to spend 5 minutes trying to catch
Jericho and showing him that being caught is not that bad and trying to fix
what Alex did.
Nothing very exciting happened this afternoon. I helped with big feed and
grooming and then I worked on horse boards.
Night OFF

Day 60 Thursday, July 13, 2017

Today I was out of quarantine. After big feed and grooming I went out and
dewormed Krispy because she is leaving to go to her forever home this
weekend! It was also farrier day. I didnt hold many horses for the farrier
but I did get to hold Qadira. I was the first non-staff to hold her for the
farrier. She was really good. I have some cute pictures of her eating the
tree while we were waiting.

I also worked on horse boards and measured horses for the horse boards.
When I got back from lunch I helped with putting mulch in common area.
That took up all the time until big feed and grooming. I fed the babies after
big feed. I love the babies so much for some reason. Ive actually been
thinking about looking more into breeding careers because I love working
with the babies.
Everything was good in quarantine. The real excitement was that Samara
broke the fence that separates her and Tia from the other 3 babies and got
into Pony Paddock. She was beating up Orchid and causing chaos so I
had to lead her back to small paddock and we had to fix the fence.

Day 61 Friday, July 14, 2017

The big project for the morning after big feed was fixing the fence that
Samara broke. Kiowa and I put up two new broads to keep the babies
separated. Then I got to groom Orchid and Qadira.
I worked on the horse boards for a good portion of the afternoon aside
from taking some time to feed the marabs.

Day 62 Saturday, July 15, 2017 OFF

Day 63 Sunday, July 16, 2017

Today Alex and I were in main barn. Good news: its no longer quarantine!!
We still take vitals but we dont have to be as stringent with
decontaminating and with who can come into the barn. After vitals, we
mucked and did waters before starting on meds.
In the afternoon, we focused on grooming and cleaning up the barn. Then
we did vitals and cold hosed those who needed it.
I had to give Freedom Banamine paste during the night check. He didnt
really appreciate it. I also cleaned up a scrap on Laneys hock because it
was super bloody and dirty.

Day 64 Monday, July 17, 2017

Today I was out with the main herd. I groomed all 4 marabs after big feed.
I also got to do the babies: Qadira, Orchid, and Tia. I fought with Tia about
giving her dewormer. Then I went to the store and got some stuff we
needed. When I got back I worked on the horse boards. Im trying to get
them done before August.
Before the big feed in the afternoon, I worked on the horse boards some
more. Then things got switched up because of a thunderstorm. After big
feed I taught a lesson to the varsity legacy kids about body condition
scoring, our entrance exams, and what makes a horse healthy. Then I
focused on end of day chores.
Everyone was good.

Day 65 Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Today we learned how to draw blood. I didnt really enjoy it because I have
a hard time with needles and drawing blood. I drew blood from Casanova.
I did get to keep it, which is pretty cool. We also learned about handling
stallions. I even got to walk Oberon, which was really awesome because
usually we dont get to touch the stallions. After our lessons I worked on
the horse boards some more.
This afternoon we learned about conformation. Then we did the big feed
and everything else that was necessary. We got done early though so we
had a lesson on hoof wraps and we got to practice. I got to practice a hoof
wrap on Qadira. It was so much fun and cool to see how the babies
reacted to.
Night OFF

Day 66 Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Today after big feed I groomed all the marabs (Nalani, Jewel, Lisbon,
Ireland) and did their meds. Its cool that I can work with all of them and 3
of the babies now. After grooming, I started doing daytime hay before
delegating it to the two varsity legacy girls. Then I went and worked on
some random jobs. At 11, all the interns had a lesson with Kiowa on
nutrition. It was a really good refresher to my nutrition class that I took last
year and it was cool that I could remember a lot of what she was talking
about like selenium toxicity.
After lunch, I worked on the horse boards more. Pretty soon they will all be
finished. I just will need photos. Then we had big feed. I did a bunch of the
boys meds and I groomed Jericho. After big feed, I worked some more on
the horse boards.
Everyone was good.

Day 67 Thursday, July 20, 2017

Today was pretty straightforward. The only major thing was that we
dewormed the main herd. So after big feed, that was the main project
before barn chores. Then I groomed and did meds for the babies.
The only exciting thing that happened this afternoon was that I got to work
with the babies and feed them.

Day 68 Friday, July 21, 2017

Today I was in main barn. After vitals, I did the waters for the whole barn.
Ive definitely gotten stronger from lifting those 20 gallon buckets. Then we
learned about round penning with trainer Sarah and talked about joining p
and different methods. I learned that the focus of round penning is to get
the feet to move and respond to your signals.
This afternoon, I helped with giving Crystal a bath. Then we had a good
chunk of down time in the main barn because we were ahead of schedule.
We started vitals really early and got done in time to help outside of the
main barn. I got to go and see the babies, which made my day.
Tonight I did the night feed all alone because its the weekend off and
everyone else left. It wasnt that bad though. It only took me a half hour
longer than normal.

Day 69 Saturday, July 22, 2017 OFF

Even though I have the weekend off Im doing the night feeding tonight
because Im the only one here and they couldnt get anyone else to cover

Day 70 Sunday, July 23, 2017 OFF

Everyone was good.

Day 71 Monday, July 24, 2017

Today I was in main barn. It was pretty straightforward. Sophia was going
to be with us in main barn, but then she went home sick so it was just the
interns in charge. We also didnt have any volunteers so we just ran the
show, and we did pregnancy checks on all of the mares. It was a little
stressful knowing that we were the only ones doing everything but we
pulled through.
We ended on time even though we were the only ones in main barn for
pretty much the entire day. None of the mares were pregnant so thats
good because that means their rehab will be a lot easier.
Night OFF

Day 72 Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Today I was out with the main herd. I got to lead Firenze for the first time
so that was pretty cool. Nothing super exciting happened today. We are
starting to prepare for our huge TAA (Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance)
inspection. The TAA awards grants and stuff to organizations that retire,
train, and take care of thoroughbreds after their original careers are over.
Its a really good organization for DEFHR to be associated with so we are
trying to get a good review when they come inspect us, meaning that our
farm has to look spectacular. So we started doing projects to get us ready
for that.
The only really exciting thing that happened this afternoon was that I took
photos of Prim, Qadira and Firenze for the horse boards. I only have a few
left to finish so Im trying to get them all done in time for the big inspection.
Night OFF

Day 73 Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Today I was back in main barn. This time Alex and I had Becca with us
and a couple of volunteers so things went a lot more smoothly. We now
only have to take vitals in the morning so thats exciting. Also another
exciting thing is that we no longer have to wet down the hay.
Besides grooming and doing meds, the big thing this afternoon that we
worked on was getting ready for the TAA inspection. We worked on
beautifying main barn and making sure everything looked as presentable
and nice as possible.
Night OFF

Day 74 Thursday, July 27, 2017

This morning everything was going really well. We were doing some last
minute things for the TAA inspection in the afternoon and we had the
farrier coming, but then the inspector came at 10 instead of 1 like we all
thought was when she was coming. So then we were kind of scrambling to
put all the thoroughbreds in nice fly masks and make sure they all looked
presentable and nice. And the farrier showed up at the same time. And
then I went to go get Udaya and Udaya got scared and started freaking
out in front of the TAA inspector and DeEtte and one other person and so
they were all watching me as Im dealing with this horse that is panicking
and thinks she is going to die. It was very stressful. Then I held Charlie
and Zippo for the farrier and I went on a long walk up the hill to bring
Jericho in for the farrier. Jericho came up to me in the field so that was
really precious.
This afternoon was pretty much a cake walk because we got everything
done for the TAA inspection in the morning. We all met with Nicky for an
hour just to catch up on everything and make sure everyone was on the
same page. I fed the babies after big feed with Rachel and we took some
cute photos. I am so attached to Orchid and Qadira (especially Orchid)
that its not even funny. I love her with my whole heart and I would adopt
her in a heartbeat if I could. Absolutely love her.
Everyone was good.

Day 75 Friday, July 28, 2017

This morning we did as much as we could do to prepare for the rain storm
that was supposed to hit us at noon. I was in main barn with Alex. We
were so ahead of schedule that by lunchtime half the barn was groomed
and medicated. It was really great.
It rained all afternoon so we didnt do very much aside from cleaning and
doing random stuff inside. We did have a lesson with Brittney about
hooves and the diseases and issues that can occur with them.
Night OFF

Day 76 Saturday, July 29, 2017 OFF

Day 77 Sunday, July 30, 2017 OFF

Day 78 Monday, July 31, 2017

This morning was a lot of grooming and putting things away and barn
chores. There was nothing very exciting going on.
This afternoon, we had trailer loading with Sara. It was very interesting to
see how Sara went about trailer loading. I liked the idea of going at a
training session with a horse with the idea that you have all the time in the
world and to give the horse time to think about things. After our session
with Sara, we did big feed. Because we were so ahead of schedule, Jamie
and I got to give Orchid a bath! IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN! Orchid is
actually the cutest. She was playing in the water from the hose, it was so

Day 79 Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Today I was outside of the barn. It was cool because today we introduced
the babies to mare paddock so that they can start being introduced to the
mare field and make friends and eventually become part of that herd and
grow up. The vet came and looked at Lisbon. I went to the store to get

Day 80 Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Today I was outside. The main thing that I did today was put away a bunch
of feed bags that we got as a delivery.

Day 90 Thursday, August 3, 2017

Today was a good day and a bad day. Alex and I were able to see a
castration (Nikes) which was really cool to see and interesting. The hard
part of today was that we put Crystal down. Due to her pelvis injury and
somewhat neurological issues and chronic pain, it was decided that her
quality of life was not good and that the best thing for her would be to let
her go. However, it was really hard. I cried. You dont realize how much
you care about a horse youve been around until that moment when you
think about all the times you were there to take her vitals, to feed her and
check on her at 2 am, to help her as much as possible. It was also so sad
to think that maybe if she had been taken care of, it wouldnt have come to

Day 91 Friday, August 4, 2017

Today the big thing was vaccinations. I did pretty good with them, but I did
have to have Alex take over at one point because the needles got to me
and I got very lightheaded.

Day 92 Saturday, August 5, 2017

Today I was outside. It was a busy day. I gave a tour, took care of the
babies, and did some cool meds. I flushed Lisbons injury and I wrapped
Torques leg. I also helped with giving vaccinations by holding Lisbon,
Jericho and Sequoia for their shots.

Day 93 Sunday, August 6, 2017 OFF

Day 94 Monday, August 7, 2017 Day 99 Saturday, August 12, 2017

As interns begin to leave and things start to clump together, it is easier to
do a weekly journal than a daily one as everything has become mostly a
routine except for the big things. On Tuesday, Samara left to be fostered
offsite. It was so cute! On Wednesday, we had a talk with Nicky Ratliff
about animal control laws, which was pretty interesting and cool to learn
about. On Thursday, I held Holiday, Lisbon and Jewel for the farrier. They
were all misbehaving, but Holiday was definitely the worst and it took the
farrier a while to do her feet. On Friday, we talked with Sara about
adoptions. It was cool to learn more about the process. The craziest part
of the week was on Saturday when Orchid COLICED! I was so worried
about her. Kiowa and I had to take her vitals and gave her medicine and
she kept trying to lie down and I had to keep her up and walking. I was so
worried about her all night long. My poor baby. This is another moment
where you realize just how much you love a horse and cant imagine your
life without them. Orchid and I have bonded this summer and I am terrified
to leave her and even more so after this adventure. I realized just how
much I love her and I want her in my life.

Day 100 Sunday, August 13, 2017 OFF

Day 101 Monday, August 14, 2017 Day 106 Saturday, August 19, 2017
This week there is no more separating the interns into main barn and
outside, which was really exciting for everyone. It was also my last
Monday working, which was crazy! On Monday, Lea (the assistant trainer)
showed us some trick training with Quest and Monroe. It was super cool to
see how much Quest trusts her and the connection that they have with
each other. On Tuesday, there was a torrential downpour all day pretty
much. On Wednesday, I went to 5 different stores to pick up feed and then
when I got back to the farm I showed a photographer around so I didnt
really do much work that day. On Thursday, I was a little assistant during
the vet visit. I took notes, held horses and so forth. It was really cool to be
a part of that. Thursday was rough though because we had to put Percy
down. Due to his knee injury that he had before he even came to Days
End and the amount of time that he would have to stay in a stall 24/7 even
just to have a chance of it healing would be so long that it wouldnt be fair
to him at all. It was really hard to see that. But I think that he was ready to
go. He had a hard life. On Saturday, Alex and I (we were the only two
interns left) helped out at the Montgomery County Fair. We had a booth for
DEFHR so we got to talk to some people about it and we got to see the
drill team perform.

Day 107 Sunday, August 20, 2017 OFF

Day 108 Monday, August 21, 2017 OFF

Today we had a trail ride with Sara and Nicky. I got to ride Eddie. It was
really fun and it was really cool that we got to do it the last week.

Day 109 Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Today was my second to last day. I spent as much time with the babies as
I could. I also had to go to the store one last time to pick up some feed.

Day 110 Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Today was my last day and I am sooo sad to be done. I did all the babies
meds and spent time with them. Alex and I also helped with a clinic: I held
Jessie for the farrier part and we helped with a catching exercise. This
internship completely changed my life and I will never forget the
experiences I had here. I fell in love with the babies and I got to be around
stallions and now I want to go into breeding. I cant believe that this
summer is already over, or how much Ive grown in the past three months
and how much I have learned. I am so sad to leave tomorrow and I will
definitely have to come back and visit sooner than later.