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REALITY WARPERS: These beings can tweak, mold, and manipulate the very fabric of reality
itself at will. -TBD

COSMIC+: These beings are truly forces of the universe. They typically have cosmic based
powers capable of effecting vast areas from galaxies to the universe itself. These are
Universal forces and the lower level of cosmic entities. They are generally a constant staple of
the cosmos. -Galactus

COSMIC: Irrelevant physical condition(They're just that powerful) If the comic book world had
Boss Battles, these would be them. Some of the highest level beings in the universe short of
cosmic entities, their powers are vast, various and plentiful. A lot like the Team Busters but
more so. -Darkseid, Thanos, Mangog, Odin

TOP+: Incalculable physical condition(range of strength is generally immeasurable) Vast

strength, speed, psionics, elemental, matter/energy manipulation. Some in this tier have
Super powers that are planetary or near cosmic in scale whatever the power may be. These
beings are generally considered "Team Busters", typically requires entire teams of various
other tiered beings(including in some cases multiple Top tiers) to hold their own and beat.
-Apocalypse, Silver Surfer, Despero, Captain Atom, Swamp Thing, Juggernaut

TOP: Immense Superhuman physical condition(Well over 100+ Tons) Incredible Superhuman
powers ranging from nearly immeasurable strength, light speed movement/travel, high level
psionics, vast elemental control, high level matter/energy manipulation, high grade magic and
some of the highest grade tech imaginable. -Superman, Thor, Dr. Doom, Kid Omega, Dr.
Strange, Beta Ray Bill, Wonder Woman, Hulk, General Eiling, Shazam, Ghost Rider, Martian
Manhunter, Uncle Sam, Loki, Atrocitus, Invincible, Doomsday, Sentry, Aquaman, Hal
Jordan(Power Gauntlet), Wonder Man, Supergirl, Vulcan

UPPER: Vast Superhuman physical condition(75-100+ tons) High level Superhuman powers
and abilities ranging from psionics, some matter/energy manipulation, vast super speed, high
level elemental control, advanced magic and extraordinarily high grade tech. -Hal Jordan, John
Stewart, Magneto, Starfire, Professor Xavier, Ms. Marvel, Booster Gold, Rogue, Thing, Groot,
Zatanna, Firestorm, Vision, Plastic Man, Scarlet Witch, Colossus, Hawkman, Raven, Sinestro,
She-Hulk, Flash, Iron Man(Extremis, Hulk Buster, Bleeding Edge, Superior, Model 52), Storm,
Solomon Grundy, Witchblade, Snowbird, Red Tornado

MID+: Higher level superhuman physical condition(30-75 tons) Advanced Superhuman powers
and abilities including super speed and low level psionic abilities or extremely high grade tech
and equipment to grant higher level abilities. -Lex Luthor(Warsuit), Mr. Fantastic, Drax The
Destroyer, Venom, Iron Man(Standard), Static, Luke Cage, Gamora, Cable, Quicksilver, Steel,
Darth Vader

MID: Superhuman physical condition(10-30 tons) Intermediate level meta/superhuman powers

and abilities or high grade tech and equipment to grant such abilities. -Spider-Man, Beast,
Beast Boy, Poison Ivy

MID-: May have lower level superhuman physical condition(5-10 tons), lower level meta
human abilities or high grade technology and equipment. -Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Toad,
Wolverine, Pyro, Dr. Octopus, Iron Fist, Deadpool, Sabretooth, Blade, Captain Cold, Mystique,
Cannonball, Cheshire

STREET+: Peak human physical condition to slightly enhanced(up to 3-5 tons), high grade
tech that allows for combatting stronger opponents, may have some slight meta human
abilities such as low grade healing factors. -Captain America, Batman, Deathstroke, Bullseye,
Kingpin, Black Panther, Kraven The Hunter, Moon Knight, Mr. Freeze, Star Lord, Rocket
Raccoon, Guardian(DC), Bane, Black Canary, Vulture, Ted Kord, Nightwing, Falcon, KGBeast,
Black Widow, Constantine Drakon

STREET: No powers, average to peak human physical condition. Primarily use melee, guns or
other basic weapons and lower grade tech. -Harley Quinn, Joker, Deadshot, Green Arrow,
Captain Boomerang, Hawkeye, Kick-Ass, Punisher