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Lively The truth Sex

about her perfect life Religion


Its all on the table.

And BS-free.
Could being

a cranky bitch
save you?

100% real, happier than ever. p54

Glitter for grown-ups
+ everything else
you need to crack

So, is everyone
in Britain racist now?
i n s ide

Shine bright
in mega


50/ WHAT RACISM MEANS TO ME Four writers open up about their experiences

54/ JUST. BE. YOU. Dolly Alderton takes a pledge one week, zero lies

64/ NSFW TALK, ANYONE? The hosts of cult podcast Guys We F**ked talk threesomes and BDSM

140/ BLAKE LIVELY The truth about her perfect life

160/ HEY, ITS OK TO BE ANGRY AF How to harness your rage, and even use it for good







Dust of your
dancing shoes

disco is back
All the fashion you need to know
about, straight from the catwalk Have
Celebrating who you are and owning it romance?


HERO A/W17 dressing made easy,
thanks to Mulberrys main man


The new-season style rules to obey


This month, our Fashion Editor,
in s i de
Lucy Walker, dares to wear red

gla mo u r.c o m


Our favourite subject, but of course

37/ HEY, ITS OK Dont worry, we all do it


ABOUT THEIR PENIS 11 guys bare all
44/ WHO SAYS WE CANT BE FRIENDS? Everything were binge-watching,
When best mates are total opposites downloading and loving this month

Losing Mum taught me to embrace life Stenberg is burning up our screens

Confessions so bad theyre brilliant is one kick-ass leading lady, plus meet
your newest movie girl crushes

140 What weve learnt from five years of Tinder 110/ 24 HOURS WITH Suranne Jones

talks Ryan and Were all human so act like it hooked on these new shows and books
role models

The need-em-now buys and island

126 escapes were loving this month

Our muse of 166/ GREECE, BUT NOT AS YOU

the moment? The KNOW IT Swap the major destinations
all-American girl for these lesser-known favourites

168/ WANT, LOVE, SHOP Hot new

collabs and must-have pieces


71/ AUTUMN? BRING IT Your A-to-Z

guide to nailing the new season

81/ STUDY THE CLASSICS Five decades,

five forever pieces Health, body and mind: the lowdown

modern again What the pros want you to know


style formulas you did not see coming
in s ide
114/ CLUB KIDS From sequins to street
chic, dressing up has never looked cooler

gla mo u r.c o m

Gorgeous lippies 95/ MAKE MINE A DOUBLE Chanels new
to add to your handbag and fragrance duo is everything Blake Lively photographed
arsenal ASAP by Nathaniel Goldberg
Fashion Editor Jillian Davison
96/ LOOKBOOK: BARE-FACED BEAUTY Hair Rod Ortega at Solo Artists
No make-up? No problem Make-up Kristofer Buckle at
Crosby Carter Management
Manicure Elle at Tracey Mattingly
98/ #ASKALEX Lightweight brightening Producer Wei-Li Wang
skincare and dreamy palettes this way Prop stylist Bryan Porter
for Owl & The Elephant
Dress Saint Laurent by Anthony
101/ BEAUTY FAIL? Youre not alone: Team Vaccarello; black diamond earrings
Glamour reveal their biggest mishaps Ara Vartanian; studs Blakes own

Get the look: Hair Elvive Fibrology

104/ BACK TO (BEAUTY) SCHOOL Its Shampoo and Conditioner 4.49 each
time for some post-sun damage control both LOral Paris Make-up True Match
Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige
9.99, Glam Bronze Powder Duo in
106/ HOW TO GET THE PERFECT BLOW- 101 Blonde 10.99, True Match Powder
DRY Hair guru Larry King shares his secrets Highlight in Golden Glow 8.99, True
Match Blush in 90 Luminous Rose 7.99,
Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper in Light/
154/ THE BIG BEAUTY TREND REPORT Medium 6.99, Colour Riche Crayon/
New looks to love, fresh from the runway Superliner Le Smoky in Mystic Grey
4.99, Volume Million Lashes Mascara
in Black 10.99 and Colour Riche Lip in
303 Tender Rose 6.99, all LOral Paris

editors letter

religion for some real talk. We have men getting very
raw and honest about their most intimate body part;
our cover star Blake Lively comes clean about when her
husband, Ryan Reynolds, makes stuf up about their and often older that I didnt always have the answers,
lives; and Dolly Alderton accepts our challenge to live I would look weak and undeserving of the job. I thought
with her uncomfortable truths for a week without so theyd lose respect for me. But actually, when I broke down
much as a No, I didnt get that email passing her lips. on one occasion, admitted I didnt know how to solve
Putting this issue together, naturally, had me a particular problem and asked for the advice of a couple
examining my own relationship with honesty. of my team members, the opposite happened.
Like everyone else, I probably tell several little
sugar-coated versions of the truth in any given
There really for Iothers noticed that showing this level of respect
trusting them enough to see my more
week. But I dont think Im a routine teller of is magic vulnerable side made them more inclined to
whoppers. The only one I can think of right now to be found respect me. Because I was more honest, I was more
is that time in the early 90s when I forgot to when you collaborative and people seemed happier to work
tell my dad I had scraped the car in a shopping let people with me and be led. It was a life-changing lesson.
centre parking lot. He discovered it a week Younger me used to pretend Id read that book,
later and I let him believe a random stranger
glimpse the or had heard of that fancy artist. This in itself is
had done it while he was out with it. real you embarrassing to admit, but Id try to gloss over the
What I will say is, Ive learned over the years truth of these things when I felt that being more
that being honest with yourself can take real courage. honest about my knowledge gaps would be humiliating.
But it can be completely freeing. I remember years ago, These days, I realise if Im brave enough to risk looking
when I edited another magazine, I was young and new stupid for a second when I dont know something, I learn
to being the boss. To tell you the truth, I was ying blind. a hell of a lot more than if I pretend to know it all.
I hadnt been the boss before, and I didnt really know There really is magic to be found in those moments
how. So I had a very cartoonish view of how the boss when it feels terrifying to lower your guard, but you do
should behave. I was so paranoid about being seen as it anyway and let people glimpse the 100% warts-and-all
Photograph: Rex Features

worthy of being in charge that I put up a ridiculous front. real you. You learn a lot more when youre brave enough
I tried to style out uncertain moments by pretending to, as our cover says, just be you. Thats advice we all
I knew exactly what I was doing, when sometimes I really need reminding of, once in a while.
did not. I thought if I admitted to those I was supposed
to be leading who were usually the same age as me Enjoy the issue,

Jo Elvin, Editor-In-Chief

Contact me at: Follow me on Twitter at and Instagram @joelvinglamour. Tweet us at @GlamourMagUK

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Thank you
@glamouruk for

not only the Editors
Choice award but
also the July cover

As a trans woman, I can relate to everything ETT
in The Power Of Being You by Juno Dawson. inspiration

Like Juno, Ive been bullied, and the mental

and physical scars still live with me. But
yesterday, I plucked up the courage to go POWER
of being
to the beach, wearing a maximum-coverage Showing people who
you *really* are takes
guts something our

swimsuit, conscious of my masculine

transgender columnist
J U N O DAW S O N has
learnt the hard way

figure. I was terrified, but slowly realised

ow often have you been told to be yourself ?
Whether its a job interview, a rst date or going to

that no one was interested in me. So, with a party full of strangers, the advice is always the same:
Just be you! But for some of us, showing our true
self is more difcult. In my case, becoming myself
has involved a mix of doctors, pills and surgeries.
Three years ago, I was living as James a best-selling author who
always knew she should have been born a woman. As a child, I was told

my confidence high today, I wore a bikini. to be myself, but when I merrily skipped across the playground, I was
told to walk. When I chose My Little Ponies at the toy shop, I was rmly
told no. When I asked if I could be Charlene if we played Neighbours,
I was laughed at. So in 2015, I decided it was time to be myself and
I started my gender transition. During my journey, Ive experienced both
triumphs and truly dark days, and discovered support and compassion

Walking along the beach, I kept Junos

in surprising places. Ive had to take the intensive crash course in
womanhood. For my nal Glamour chapter, heres what Ive learnt:

words in my mind, and felt happy and

confident. Features like Junos, speaking
openly about trans issues, are so important.
Sharon, by email

This months star letter wins a Sensai The Silk gift set
of eau de parfum and body emulsion. The latter is intensely
hydrating with a scent of white flowers, while the perfume
has notes of amber accord. Worth 160,

Be thankful, feel happy The strength to let go

Is This The Happy Booster We All Need? Dawn OPorters Be Your Own Superhero
felt close to my heart. Feeling bitter about resonated with me. Although she created
everyones fantastic news, I decided to write something wonderful, I love that Dawn had
a daily gratitude list. Now, Im thankful for the courage to admit it wasnt working. Its
what I have, and enjoying life so much more. important to recognise when something that
Mandy, by email was once inspiring is no longer what you want
it to be. Shes set a good example by making

edit letters, Tweets and unsolicited material. Unfortunately, Glamour is unable to return any photographs submitted
Compiled by Ali Pantony. Photographs: Tiago Banderaa, Sophia Aerts, Lauretta Suter. Glamour reserves the right to
@_GracieWalker_ Love @AlexSteinherrs the best decision for her and her family.
SOS routine for those annoying breakouts Shelley, by email
will be purchasing! @GlamourMagUK
@richards_tayler Only just on the Hey,
Wonder ful Winnie Its OK podcast hype my commute will
When I brought the Women of the Year never be the same again. Loving Rylans.
Awards issue home, my five-year-old squealed @GlamourMagUK @jo_elvin keep it up! @glamouruk
with delight at Winnie Harlow on the cover,
saying she wished she could have skin like the Tiny triumphs count, too #INSTA-PIRATION
superhero lady. Hats of for helping educate
my daughter on what it means to be beautiful.
I loved Julys Editors letter: Hey, Were
Women Of The Year, Too! The quotes were
Amie, by email inspiring, reminding me that small things can @karenmagee1969 Girl crush
be amazing achievements. Its encouraged @the_honest_storyteller Definitely
@meli_ale_padi Shout-out to me to do what I want in life, and helped me agree! Super mumma
@GlamourMagUK for their amazing believe that I can accomplish anything. @maryannecp If only I could manage the
video on why we should all be feminists Kimberley, by email killer attitude in that killer pair of heels

This months winner is Michelle Mak, pictured on Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece.
Michelle wins an Instax Mini 70 camera, with selfie mode and high-performance
flash; worth 99,
For your chance to win, send us a photo of you with the latest issue of
Glamour (with your name, address and location). Good luck!

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The worlds
B E S T- D R E S S E D
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fashion world?
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5 Under 50 Shoesday Busting The 5 Smoking What To Wear
Our Fashion Prepare for Beauty Myths Beauty Looks this weekend
Directors top your feet to Our Beauty for the #FriYay
high-street fall in love Director days
Photographs: Getty Images

picks tells it ahead

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Every fashionable
thing you need
to know now

Diana Ross
getting her
groove on

Photographs: Jacques lifting Phyllis Diller and Andy Warhol by Gene Spatz, NYE Dec 31, 1979
Martha Cooper, Harry Carr, Jason Lloyd-Evans, Indigital, Getty Images, Alpha Press
A-list regulars
Andy Warhol (left),
Sterling St Jacques
It may be 40 years since the
and Phyllis Diller D. I. S. C. Oh-so-retro Studio 54 opened,
but fashion is once again burning up the
dancefloor with 70s-infused glamour
Jagger on



hen it comes to nightclubs, they dont get
much more legendary than Studio 54. The
Manhattan disco, which opened its doors
in 1977, was inhabited by the social scenes
most fabulously flamboyant characters, from Rollerena
the ubiquitous roller-skating presence on the dancefloor
to Liza Minnelli and Andy Warhol huddled in banquettes,

to Bianca Jagger being led around the club on horseback
by a naked stable hand to celebrate her birthday. This was
definitely 70s hedonism at its most bonkers.
In her autobiography, Grace Jones says it was as if every
Earrings 69 night was an opening night at Studio 54, with memories
of [Giorgio] Armani welcomed with a drag queen ballet;
cakes in the shape of Elizabeth Taylor presented by an army
of decorated Rockettes. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Diane von
Top 46 Furstenberg described her average night out there thus:
Topshop I would have dinner with my children, put on my cowboy
boots, take my Mercedes, park in the garage next door,
go in for a couple of hours, find someone, and leave.
The clubs co-founder Ian Schrager elaborates: It allowed
people to be free and to express themselves. That is such
a special feeling that I think people will always think of it
like a comet passing through the sky.
Curb your FOMO by flicking through Ians new book,
Jeans 165 Fiorucci

Studio 54, for style inspiration to inject some roller-disco-

dancing diva into your wardrobe. Or simply look to the
A/W17 shows: there were those Rihanna-approved crystal
boots at Saint Laurent, party dresses at Isabel Marant
and appropriate louche-ness at Diane von
Furstenberg. For a millennial take on disco, look
to Halpern (the new label from Oscar de la
Renta alum Michael Halpern), which has been
described as unabashed glamour with Studio
Shoes 490 54 pride of place on its moodboard. Then Studio 54
Pierre Hardy by Ian
theres Fiorucci: the 70s Italian brand with
the New York shop once dubbed the daytime is out
Studio 54. Relaunched for now, the London September
store opens complete with basement club
this September. Dancing shoes at the ready.



As designers cast a more diverse
and eclectic mix of women in their
shows, E M M A S E L L S reports on
the A/W17 trend thats shaping

more than just your wardrobe


Graham at
the Max Mara
A/W17 show
in Milan



ith hindsight, it feels like a no-brainer an
obvious why didnt we do this before? move.
Simone Rocha, while working on the casting

for her A/W17 show, decided that she wanted
to reflect the all-ages appeal of her clothes by making
her model line-up a multi-generational affair. So, alongside
girls of the moment such as Lineisy Montero and Olympia
Campbell, she enlisted the gloriously poised and elegant

Gone are the days

Benedetti Barzini, 73, Jan de Villeneuve, 72, and Cecilia
Chancellor, 50, in the process conjuring up one of the
most refreshing and talked-about moments of the season.
And she wasnt alone: Dries van Noten celebrated his 100th
when a shows models
catwalk show by reuniting past muses such as Amber
Valletta, Emma Balfour and Rosemary Ferguson, while Dolce
were an army of near-
& Gabbana staged a euphoric extravaganza that featured identical mannequins
grannies, babies and everyone in between. The biggest
trend of the season wasnt about the clothes, but the a constantly changing melting pot of races, sizes

thrillingly wide variety of people who were wearing them. and genders. Gone are the days when a shows
Fashion has always been a haven for those who models were carbon copies of one another, an army
identify as outsiders. Though its not always foot-perfect of near-identical mannequins. Right now, the most
when it comes to diversity, it has a strong history of booked and celebrated models are those who really
celebrating difference, whether its the curvaceous stand out from the crowd, and the designers who employ
appeal of Sophie Dahl and Crystal Renn or transgender them are keen to amplify what sets them apart rather
models such as Andreja Pejic and Hari Nef. But whats than mute it. Take Halima Aden, the boundary-breaking
really great about this trend is that its less about Muslim model who strode down the Max Mara catwalk
celebrating alternatives than about welcoming everyone wearing a camel trench and co-ordinating hijab; Ashley
Photographs: Indigital, Rex Features

just as they are which makes total sense when you Graham, the plus-size star whos a sought-after cover
consider that were living in an era in which no one wants girl, and who walked for Michael Kors this season; the
to be pigeonholed in any part of their life, least of all compelling crew of misfits and oddballs that populate
when it comes to clothes. Were swerving trends, the world of Vetements; and the assortment of friends,
preferring to pick and choose the pieces we love and put family and street-cast men and women enlisted by the
them together in a way thats personal to us and our style. likes of Molly Goddard, MarquesAlmeida and more.
This eclectic approach to casting isnt so much new, The message? Being yourself in all your weird and
but it is becoming routine. Were not just talking about wonderful glory is the most authentic approach. And
age either: across the board, runways have become thats a trend that we can all really rock.

Johnny Coca
is working his
magic at

Mulberrys creative director has
style hacks like no other. Notepads
at the ready

JOHNNY COCA is arguably fashions greatest whizz

kid. In just over two years, the Spanish designer has
transformed Mulberrys quirky Britishness into something
thoroughly modern and millennial. His latest collection,
for autumn/winter, was a case in point an ode to the
Somerset countryside around the Mulberry factory,
mixed with the cool-girl smarts of those working in its
London HQ. With eiderdowns, checks, frills and oversized
silhouettes in full efect plus, of course, those
delectable, signature bags it was one of the key shows
of the season. So we asked the main man himself to
reveal his top tips on getting dressed this season.
Photographs: Getty Images, Rex Features,

Indigital, Jason Lloyd-Evans

A woman can wear a mans jacket and

be feminine too. The oversized jacket
is great this season. Its visually striking
and a great way to show of your
personality. I think its really sexy. Girls
are always stealing something from their
boyfriends a T-shirt, some jeans. I would
say a big jumper is nice, too. Its one
of the key pieces we put in the show.
Its very warm, very protective.

I love so many girls on the street, but I also love

Amber Valletta, Annie Lennox and Debbie Harry.
They have a distinctive attitude, and are strong in
how they wear their clothes. Its the personality
coming through. Amber Valletta worked through
the 90s and into the Noughties, and is working
now. It shows its not only young women who can
be modern. We love it when superstar models
come back. She is one of the muses of the season.

O PEN MI N D From lilacs
to deeper
hues, purple
I love people who dominated
mix pieces and take the A/W17
risks. Lotta [Volkova,
stylist and Vetements L E T P UR P L E
collaborator who R E I G N
works with Johnny
on his shows] mixes I grew up in the
everything, and south of Spain and
she is clear in her my mother was
head about what is very classic, but she
modern. I might see would play with
a girl and say her From top colours. I really love
Annie Lennox,
outfit is beautiful Amber Valletta colour and it means
and shell say, Oh, and Debbie a lot to me. If Im
Harry were
it comes from my tired, Ill be in black
grandmother. The but, if Im having
way she puts an old a relaxed and happy
thing with a modern day, I will be more
piece, it makes it colourful. I love lilac
unique. Or you could this season. Weve
take a mans T-shirt used it [and purple]
and mix it with in prints and florals
trackpants or a shirt and on a skirt and on
with a bomber bags. I think its
jacket. Sometimes chic, sophisticated,
I think something is feminine and
ugly, but then I play luxurious.
with it and its
actually really cool.

D AY , F O R N I G H T ,
F O R A N Y T I M E !

I love sunglasses. Whatever the season,

they bring such a strong message to
your face. You can relate to lots of eras
with the shape. You can be quite chic
but bring a twist with sunglasses. They
Cult stylist Lotta could be oversized 60s sunglasses or
Volkova put her tiny, round ones they can completely
eclectic spin
on Mulberrys change your style. Theyre an easy piece,
A/W17 designs but they have a lot of impact.

Every fashionable
thing you need
to know now
I will
become a hat person
Dior declared the
return of the hat by
completing every
one of its 68 show
looks with a black
leather beret. Wear
with boilersuits and
ballgowns alike.

T he 10
Ah, the new season: the perfect time to try
fresh trends, right? C A R O L I N E L E A P E R
presents your A/W17 fashion manifesto

es, you will give those Dior-esque berets
a whirl, and you will swap your fail-safe jeans
for some Prada-esque navy cords. Youll finally
find the colour thats so you and trade in your
navy pea coat for a jazzy new model. Why? Because
its a new fashion season and, if the shows can teach
us anything, its that switching up your sartorial norms
every now and again is not only a good thing, but its
also quite easy to do. Your pledges are as follows

I will
revisit the slouch boots

of seasons past
Theyre back,
and bolder
than ever.
Saint Laurent
even covered
them in crystals
for a full fashion
I will not
write off old knitwear
Cardies have cachet
again. Christopher

Kanes came ready-

bobbled, which
means its acceptable I will embrace tonal

to revisit that tatty

Pick a colour and dress from top to
one at the back of
toe in its various tones. Remember
the wardrobe, right?
to offset with one contrasting item
to avoid the full Crayola look.
Every fashionable
thing you need

to know now

I will

buy a statement

Photographs: Schohaja, Jason Lloyd-Evans, Indigital

Yes, your navy pea coat is
eternally chic. But for A/W17,
I will there are superior options
glossy macs, embellished
invest in a suit bikers, even bumper-quilted
Suiting is trending. Has ones like gorgeous duvets.
there ever been a better
time to ditch your scruffs
and start dressing like
I will

the boss youve always reconsider corduroy
wanted to be? Seventies professeur vibes are hot right
now. Just ask Chlo, Prada or any other
label that brought it back for A/W17.

I will accept
chain mail as
a party-season
As everyone
from JW Anderson
I will
I will not to Brienne of Tarth coordinate with

will attest, chain

my wallpaper
wear said coat properly mail is more badass
than sequins.
Shrug it nonchalantly off your shoulders The best new-season prints are borrowed
or do a full Balenciaga cape twist. from interiors. Who knew that Laurence
Just dont button it up normally. Llewelyn-Bowen was such a fashion plate? O
Bright and seriously bold: Fashion Editor
LU C Y WA L K E R styles the colour of the season


A LADY IN RED. Apparently so do designers, with a vast number
(including Fendi and Max Mara) making it the colour of A/W17.
Last season, pink ofered us a light-hearted optimism, but while
the two colours sit together on the spectrum, the messages they
convey couldnt be more diferent. Wearing red shows you mean
business. Take Jourdan Dunn, who picked up the Entrepreneur
award at this years Glamour Women of the Year Awards. She wore
red-hot Ermanno Scervino and brought the house down with
both her impeccable sartorial choice and storming acceptance
speech. Although Ive never owned a red item of clothing per se,
I often reach for Macs Ruby Woo lipstick when I need a pep up/ Dress 1,595
Roksanda; shoes
have a meeting/cant be bothered to put a decent outfit together. 372 Tibi; bag
I decide to take a tip from the catwalks and go for the whole 1,350 Loewe
head-to-toe shebang. Before writing me of as a total fashion
victim, consider this red worn only with red means theres no
need for complicated colour maths. Very appealing. I identify
which shade suits me, avoiding anything orangey (it drains me)
and opting for a rich red (great on most colourings). I also avoid
anything clingy and settle upon a luxurious silk Roksanda dress.
I add a pair of low heels by Tibi (currently my favourite brand)
and a clutch by Loewe. Its matchy-matchy, but I think it works.
Ive barely left the ofice before I find myself noting the power Earring 90
of red. While I love the cool androgyny of more traditional power Designs
dressing, when wearing red I feel like Im tapping into a diferent
supply of confidence. Out on the streets, I attract a fair amount
of attention from passers-by, but I dont feel self-conscious.
Instead, I feel emboldened and womanly and I cant remember
wearing something thats made me feel like that before.
Alexandra MacMahon. Shopping: Emma Hargadon
Hair & make-up: Poppy France. Fashion assistant:
Trousers 99 Cos

Top 75
Stuart Weitzman

Boots 515
you you you

Puppies the
answer to all of lifes
problems, right?

its OK...
if you avoid interaction Want to see your
with strangers at all costs, own ideas here
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but introduce yourself to for our weekly

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to spend more money on interior dcor than on clothes. Well take three
Scandi throws over a slogan tee any day
if you proudly recite every line of a film, but get seriously annoyed whenever
anyone else does it (thanks to Glamour reader @ellie_grace_mck)
to have a stationery binge every September. There are some school habits you just cant kick
if, however hard you try, you cant avoid feeling weird when wearing
a fedora. Chic, but #awks
to wait for your phone to stop ringing so you can text and ask what they wanted
if you feel satisfied with your restaurant order, but get instant food envy
when you see someone elses (thanks to Glamour reader @chandlerlou)
to not-so-subtly side-eye anyone engaging in a PDA on public transport
if you read three books back to back on holiday, and a grand total of zero
for the rest of the year
to accidentally call your boss Mum. But, yeah, theres no coming back from that
if the answer to Still or sparkling water? is always Tap (thanks to Glamour
reader @NaziaOsman)
By Hollie Brotherton. Photograph: Stocksy

to decline your familys social media requests. Auntie Anne does not need to see you
passed out in a tutu at V Fest

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men & sex

Think guys are all the same when it comes to their
manhood? Well, these honest stories are here to prove
you wrong. As part of a project by photographer
L AU R A D O D S W O RT H , 11 anonymous guys bare all
work through it. Quitting porn and masturbation was a reset
and, after several weeks, I could orgasm during sex again.

I had surgery to create one A g e : 47

I was born in a female body but never felt like a girl. I changed
my gender when I was 26, and later travelled around Europe
researching surgery to create a penis. In the UK, surgeons
normally do a forearm phalloplasty, where they take skin from
the top of the arm to make the penis shaft. Ive got a tiny arm,
so it would have been a very small penis. I thought, Why the
hell am I going to go through nine hours of surgery when
I hide behind my big penis A ge : 3 3 thats all Im going to get? So I chose thigh phalloplasty in
I like having a big penis, but I disagree that a large penis Belgium after meeting other trans men who showed me their
is better than a small one. Ive had self-image issues from results. Size is the first thing most of us ask about, but surgeons
childhood. Ive worked on them, but part of that journey was wont give you something thats too big in length as theres
to realise that in the past Ive hidden my personality (which Im a risk of blood not hitting the end, and it dying off. My penis
not sure people will like) behind a body that Im confident they is just over seven inches. It gets harder (but not bigger) when
will like. Ive chosen to meet someone through a hook-up app erect. The clitoris was basically de-hooded and buried within
and get naked straight away, rather than get to know them and the shaft at the base and the nerves are still growing and
then decide whether we sleep with each other. It was far easier changing. It wont be the same as a [genetic] penis, but it is
to be naked because I was pretty sure I wouldnt be rejected amazing, and although its different and takes longer, I can still
my penis is something that society values as attractive. orgasm. I can have an erection for as long as I want thanks to
the mechanical pump. I still have confidence issues using the
I told cancer to do one A ge : 3 6 penis; I have been experimental and climaxed with one woman.
When I was 22, I was lying in bed having a scratch when I have also had unhealthy rejections but Im hopeful for love.
I felt a lump on my left testicle, about the size of a pea. Too
embarrassed to tell anyone, I ignored it for nine months until it I have always felt shameful about
was the width of two fingers. Turns out, it was cancer but early my penis A g e : 5 8
stages. I had the testicle removed and three weeks of treatment. Ive spent my life feeling my penis is too small. At school, Id
One of the first things I did after the operation was masturbate look at other guys in the showers and think they were bigger
I had to make sure my penis worked. It did. than me. I also didnt have sex until I was 21 because I was
I met my fiance four years later. Id frozen sperm before worried it was too small to function and, even now, I get too
radiotherapy just in case, and we had twins through IVF. After tense to wee in public toilets. However, I dont think a small
the kids were born, I found myself feeling really tired and low, penis has held me back: it feels like an inner wound which
and I wasnt as up for sex. One day, I felt like killing myself and has given me humility. Instead of walking through life with
it scared me. Id heard about another testicular cancer survivor a swagger, Im more tentative. Ive also thought more about
who had felt the same due to hormones, but the doctor said who I can trust. I heard a female friend say to my partner
it was all in my head. I went for a second opinion and started that she could never go out with a man who didnt have
HRT, using a synthetic gel [I] rubbed on my arms. It worked a large penis because she wouldnt feel like he was a real
straight away and I felt normal again. man. I wondered how many other women think that, but its
Then, at 34, I found another lump in the shower and thought, never been an issue with my partners. A couple have even
Shit, here we go again. I walked past a Cancer Research poster said they liked my size because it didnt hurt. I read about
that said one in three of us would have it in our lifetimes, and penile enlargement, then thought it was a waste of time.
said out loud: Well, I dont know what youre doing in me, but The way forward is to make friends with the body I have.
you can fuck off. It felt like an invasion, and
my body was the battleground. I knew what
men gr l y,
me ip to o t igh t
So feel enough
was coming and I knew I would survive it.

You can see something like this as a curse
then n
s e x do e s
or as a blessing. I see it as a blessing, and
its changed my outlook on life. Id always
been self-conscious before cancer. Now,
I have confidence and I live in the moment. Its one thing losing
a bollock or two, but it could have been far worse. I know how to handle a penis Age: 40
The penis is pretty boring until it comes to sex. Im gay and
Porn was bad for my penis A ge : 2 0 I dont think all penises are attractive. Most guys look better in
I used to watch porn every day. Young people can watch a pair of trunks, leaving something to the imagination. Over
anything they want on their iPhone they dont have to sneak the past year, Ive been playing the field with different men.
on to a computer. If you hit puberty and get straight into porn, I was acting straight before, and once I stopped pretending
like I did, it affects you later. I had issues ejaculating with my ex
during sex because I associated it with my hand and watching
porn. The hand is nothing like actual sex and a lot of men grip
too tightly its called the death grip when masturbating. They
get used to it, and then sex doesnt feel tight enough. I told my
girlfriend I had issues staying hard and ejaculating. She said wed


I wasnt gay it was a game changer. My mum was worried it

would make my life harder, but its better. Im more confident
with a man than I ever was with a woman. I know more about
what my male partner enjoys in sex and how to handle a penis
because I have one, but Im also older and my relationship
with my penis has changed as Ive aged.

My penis may be beautiful, but it cant

nd me love A ge : 4 1
My penis is one of my best features and if I could enter something wrong because the desire was there, but Rufus
a beauty contest, I think it would contribute towards my score. wasnt. I was like, Man, what are you doing? You dont seem
But no one has taken an interest in it for some time, so my penis that bothered. Im bothered, the whole team is bothered. Come
is actually linked to quite a lot of sadness in my life. Whats sad on. Ive got quite an active mind and the only time its completely
about missing out on sex? Missing out on love. I havent spent silent is during sex. A partner once said to me, What do you think
much time in relationships not through choice, but because about when we have sex? and I said, Youre naked, were making
of insecurity. Ive had therapy and can make sense of it all now, love there are no thoughts! For me, the penis is a tool of
but I have issues with trust and intimacy. Its quite common communication. Its a gateway to losing who you are, and your ego,
to dismiss mens feelings as fragile male ego, but we should and to be absorbed into another person, as well as a more primal
hold people to account more for how men are talked about. you. There is nothing greater than being fully present in sex.
People are concerned when women worry about the appearance
of their vaginas, and rightly so I think its appalling that women I get erections all the time Age: 35
have doubts about how they look. Yet we laugh at men who are I call it my widge its a northern word. Im not that confident
worried about their penises, and thats not on. about the way I look. When I was 17, I was bullied for being
gay and podgy but Im very comfortable with my widge. Im
I call mine Rufus A ge : 46 quite excitable and get erections all the time. I hope that never
My penis Rufus is a barometer of my health and happiness. changes, because I like that its unpredictable. Most men worry
The only time Ive ever worried about Rufus was when I went about the size; I think mines fine. If anything, I wish it was
through a period where he wasnt rising. Im often juggling smaller because it has put people off in the past.
different work projects, but I never thought
stress could have a negative effect on
gh at men r r
e lau w ho w o
. Its not on y
sex. A few years ago, I knew there was

W abo n i s

ut their pe
Im into S&M Age: 33
I love my penis. When I have sex, its got an upward curve,
which makes it useful for hitting G-spots. We all have our own
sexual desires, and someone controlling my orgasms really
turns me on. Thats why Im wearing a chastity device until
I see my girlfriend she is bringing the key, and will unlock
it later. Im part of an S&M subculture. It opens up a hundred
different flavours that you cant access if you are a vanilla-style
person. Kink is not essential, but its enriching and it gives
you the ability to talk openly and honestly about yourself in
ways that you cant in normal society.

Every guy has measured his penis A ge : 4 3

My cock is my favourite subject its every mans favourite
subject. No matter what they say, every man has measured
Compiled by Lisa Harvey. Photograph: Getty Images,

his penis: erect, mine is eight inches long, with a six-inch

girth. But because of male bravado, I dont think men are
honest with each other about size, and you wouldnt say if
it bothered you. If you did, youd be called John Small Cock
down the pub for the rest of your life. Women definitely
used for illustrative purposes only

check out mens penises, but as my partner was an escort,

I never asked whether she liked others. Its difficult and has
caused a lot of trouble between us. Even though you know
its only sex, its hard to fall in love with someone who you
know is going to have sex with someone else. O

Manhood: The Bare Reality by Laura Dodswoth is out now.

Order on For more info, visit




They may seem incompatible on paper,
but in reality? It works. J U L I E M c C A F F R E Y
meets the best friends
who celebrate
their differences
Ellie (left)
and Rachael

She stole my boyfriend

Rachael Smith, 23, is a medical writer from
Farnborough, and Ellie Wood, 21, is an English
language graduate from London

R A C H A E L S AY S : My boyfriend of four years was strangely

distant after returning from Reading Festival in 2012, and my
instinct told me hed cheated. Unconvinced by his denials, we
broke up and I moved to New Zealand to work as an au pair.
When Ellies message popped up on Facebook asking for tips on
travelling, I was happy to help out as we had mutual friends. But
two weeks later, she sent a message that shocked me: Are you
Johns old girlfriend? Im his new girlfriend. I was furious, but
with John, not Ellie: hed insisted he was single when they met at
Reading. Seeing pictures of them together made me realise that
my previous inklings were true. Ellie and I stayed in touch, and
when I came home nine months later we met for a cofee. I liked
her immediately she could keep up with my sarcasm. I think
we found it refreshing that teenagers can be full of such bullshit,
but there we were, laying everything out. Our friendship grew
rapidly; other friends thought we had a keep your enemies close
situation. It wasnt like that, though. John eventually cheated on
Ellie, too, and we became even closer after they split. Whenever
anyone asks how we met, I love saying, Wait til you hear this

E L L I E S AY S : When Rachael returned from New Zealand,

I worried thered be resentment and she and John would get
back together. At that cofee meeting, she was hellishly nervous.
I explained Id never steal anyones boyfriend and hadnt known
they were together. I also said: If you and John want to work
things out, Ill move aside. She didnt want to. We liked the same
music, which, at that age, was a huge deal. We had close mutual
friends, so it seemed obvious wed get on and, at rst, we spent
a lot of time hanging out in groups, which gave us the chance to
get to know each other without any awkward one-on-one time.
Much to Johns annoyance, we built a rm friendship. Nine
months later, when John strayed again, Rachael was my rst
call. Graciously, she didnt say, I told you so. We were both
mutually supportive and sad that wed both been through such
hurt. We had a lot of girls nights out to make us feel better.
Rachael nds it hilarious telling people I stole her boyfriend.
Were close and I nd it funny, too so Im sorry, yet not sorry.
I work in a shed,
she walks the red carpet
Rosie Blake, 35, from Berkshire, is the author
of The Hygge Holiday and Marianne Oldham,
also 35, is an actress from London

R O S I E S AY S : On my rst day at boarding school, aged 11,

Maz picked me as her best friend, and I havent been able to
Susie (left)
shake her of since. We had a typical teenage relationship at rst. and Chantelle
We were intensely close, then had huge rows, after which shed
ounce of to write owery apology notes, taking all the blame.
Maz was always generous and eccentric, while I was the sensible
one. We both loved drama and, in my twenties, after watching
Maz in a play, I realised she was better than me. My pang of envy
made way for deep pride. She starred alongside Kate Beckinsale There are 27 years
between us
in a lm and with Daniel Radclife in a play. I squeal when I see
her face on TV. Yet shes incredibly humble and bigs me up for
writing books from my little shed at home. But while my idea Marketing manager Chantelle Browne, 23,
of a perfect night is a takeaway, hers is a red-carpet premiere. is best friends with Susie Ambrose, 50, who is also
We had babies three months apart and while Im Mrs Routine, her boss. Susie owns Seventy Thirty, an exclusive
she didnt read a single baby book. Our lifestyles are miles apart matchmaking agency. Both are from London
but were exceptionally close, and our friendship works because
we have a deep understanding of our diferences and dont try C H A N T E L L E S AY S : Susie is the boss I look up to and
to change each other. We delight in those diferences. the close condante I call on. Shes a successful entrepreneur
and teaches me ways to negotiate in business. Shes more than
M A R I A N N E S AY S : Feeling nervous in my new boarding twice my age, and there are cultural diferences, such as music
school dorm, I wondered why all the girls looked the same with and movie taste, but rather than getting in the way, theyre the
pastel jumpers and bootleg jeans. Then in walked Rosie, in reasons for our closeness. We connect on a deeper level. If I have
a long, tie-dye skirt, Doc Martens and big glasses. She threw a worry, friends my age will often be trying to navigate through
her suitcase on the bed and proclaimed, Wow, dudes, this is it, too, whereas Susie has the experience to ofer insightful
totally radical! I thought, She is going to be my best friend. advice. Shes also a trained psychotherapist, so is the person
Rosie didnt have much say but went along with the plan. I turn to for relationship wisdom. Im drawn to bad boys, but
She was brave, upbeat and forging her own path very much shell always explain to me why I shouldnt go there. Do you
what I think of her now. Rosie is enviably decisive, whereas have to choose boys with supercars and fancy watches? shell
Im ittery. All my big life choices whether its choosing jobs, ask, steering me towards guys who want to commit. I like to
a husband or when to have a baby are Rosie-checked rst. think Im a good friend to her, too, even if all I do is make
Thats not to say we havent argued; our her laugh as she works so hard.
friendship came under pressure when we
lived together as students. But our rows are Our friendship S U S I E S AY S : Days after starting
brief and we always laugh at them later on. as an intern in my ofce ve years ago,
Now there are so many years of friendship, works because Chantelle said to me: Dont you think
a personality clash wont end that. youre a bit old to be wearing that skirt?
we dont try I fell apart laughing, and we hit it of.

to change
Shes condent beyond her years. Well go
clubbing in London and its hilarious when

each other
people ask if were mother and daughter.
In some ways, I am a mother gure as
I give her advice. But I rely on her to keep
me updated in a rapidly changing world.
She teases me constantly like when I thought Instagram was
a faster way of sending a telegram but I cherish the honesty.
Those who dont know us might sneer at the age diference, but
if they knew us, theyd see we have an uncomplicated friendship
of unconditional admiration and support. The best thing we do
together is laugh and to me, thats a sign of a solid friendship.
(left) and Rosie

I like May,
she likes Corbyn
Laura Dunn, 28, is the founder of blog
Sally (left) Political Style and a devoted fan of the PM. Her
and Almas friend Helen Reynolds, 36, is a badge-wearing
Labour supporter. Both are from Newport

L A U R A S AY S : In the middle of my rst time public

speaking at a tech conference ve years ago, Helen stood up

Im Jewish, shes Muslim and said: Youre so cool can I be your stalker? Weve been
inseparable ever since. We look an unlikely pair, though. Helen
Sally Patterson, 21, from London, and proudly wears Jeremy Corbyn badges and I wear similar clothes
Almas Talib, 20, from Oxford, are both second to Theresa May; I track them for my blog. I am intrigued by her
year students at the University of Bristol style, the personality clues they reveal
plus, I agree with some of her policies
S A L L Y S AY S : Our friendship is quite a statement and and shes a principled leader. Helen
we want it to be. We met at a training day for mental-health and I have an unusual friendship
volunteers in our rst year at uni and realised we both had the but were both passionate about
same outspoken nature, close-knit family and an innate drive politics. Its a shame some people
to help people. Me being Jewish and her being Muslim didnt of opposite political views dont have
even come into it. When we brought up religion, our bond much to do with each other theyre
strengthened. Its important for us to understand one anothers missing out on great friendships.
beliefs not so that we necessarily agree, but so we can stamp Britain has been through tumultuous
out prejudices about one another in our communities. In fact, times with Brexit and a General
we talked with each other more openly than we had with anyone Election, but Helen and I have
about religion. We tackled polarising subjects, such as Israel and managed to avoid clashing personally.
Palestine, without falling out because we trust, value and listen We debate why I like Theresa and
to each other. Almas came to a Jewish Society event with me and she likes Jeremy, but weve never had
I attended a talk on Islam and feminism with her. We set up a a blow-up. We feel strongly about our Helen (left)
and Laura
trial student group for Nisa-Nashim, which is a network bringing values and enjoy verbal jousting but
Jewish and Muslim women together. Hopefully our strong and dont try to change each others mind.
genuine friendship is a small step in a peaceful direction.
H E L E N S AY S : Ive always been left-wing in my thinking
A L M A S S AY S : Sally and I are an interesting and close and joined the Labour Party when Jeremy Corbyn was put
partnership. Historically and politically theres been tension forward as leader. I wear a pendant necklace with his face on
between our religious communities, but weve never had an it. Jewellery can be an expression of yourself, so why not choose
argument about it. When we met, we were just two women who something that showcases someone you believe in? Laura teases
got on and had a good time. Faith is a strong factor in both our me about that necklace and my badge collection but I make
worlds and religion inevitably came up. I didnt have Jewish fun of her T-May-inspired outts. In general, our style has
friends of my own and only knew what Id learned in GCSE always been diferent. Shes preppy and wears designer labels;
about Judaism. When you only hear one side of the Israel- I prefer vintage dresses and high street brands. And while
Palestine issue, you cant even begin to fathom the other until I dislike Lauras politics, I really like Laura. Were always
you actually start talking to those people. Talking to Sally made respectful when we talk politics, and in the heat of the election
me realise we are both following diferent paths to peace. Weve both knew to steer clear of the subject. The diferences between
Photographs: Stocksy

hosted ice-breaker interfaith events to bring Sallys friends us are also what we admire in each other. Im laid-back and
together with mine, and well organise more. Were not trying creative, whereas Lauras a super-organised planner and
to prove anything, but seeing eye to eye and having balanced a bundle of determination. To see us laughing our heads
talks about deeper issues whatever your faith is possible. of together, no one would ever know were so diferent. O


Losing my Juliets mum

during her
modelling days

mother taught me
to embrace life

Stirring from a deep Saturday morning sleep, I could whom I hadnt seen in years, or stay down the
hear the faint sound of walkie-talkies. At first I thought road with my grandparents? Id not long started
I was dreaming, but then the murmur of hushed secondary school and, for the first time, felt settled.
voices came into focus. I sat upright, confused and Even though living with my grandparents wasnt how
drowsy, before climbing out of bed. I saw my teenage years, I chose to stay in England.
I wandered into my mums bedroom, as I did every At the funeral, I remember everyone saying: Wow,
morning, and started chatting to her. Mum was in bed, 44 she was so young. It didnt seem young to me,
but didnt reply. Peering out of the window, behind the especially sitting in the church in my school uniform
lace curtains shed bought at a Dutch antiques market, (Granny had insisted that I didnt wear black). I saw
I saw a police car. It seemed odd in our sleepy Peter, my mums long-term boyfriend, once after that
cul-de-sac, but I didnt think anything of it until day, for Sunday lunch. As I grew up and faced all
I went downstairs and saw my grannys stricken face, my teenage milestones exams at 16, getting into
a solemn police oficer and my mums hysterical university at 18 I missed Mum and I longed for her
boyfriend. Your mums dead! he screamed. Thats guidance. But slowly, I grew to accept life without her.
how I discovered, at 13, that my life as I knew it had Its taken me 30 years to write down anything about
ended. Mum had sufered an aneurysm, and died that harrowing day, but my memories of Mum are as
choking during the night. vivid as ever. The way her pale blue eyes locked on
I ran upstairs and lay at Mums feet, wishing the mine when she told me I could do anything I put my
universe to rewind and make it not true. I thought mind to, her gentle but encouraging voice as she
back to the morning before Id climbed into her taught me not to be scared of the unknown.
bed as she lit a cigarette, propped up on her Because of her, Ive always embraced new
huge pillows scented with Diors Poison. So, adventures whether it was doing a house
Giugi shed said, using the nickname an swap to Brooklyn with my baby, Kitty, at 34,
Italian waiter had given me on holiday, as or moving to Bali so she could go to the
she continued to chat about her latest read. Green School in the jungle near Ubud.
The two of us had been through Now, as I approach 44 myself, I know
so much, including her complicated shes given me the best gift a mother
split from my dad when I was can lessons to pass on to my own
eight. Though we fought at times, daughter. Whenever Kitty, now ten,
she was my world. Now, as I wept feels unsure of herself, I fix my eyes
at her feet, Id never felt so alone. on hers, and remind her that she
That Saturday morning, as I sat can do anything, too, if she puts
shocked and inconsolable, I had her mind to it. In moments like
to decide the course of my life that, I know that Mums love
move to Canada with my dad, and reassurance live on.


life & happiness



So, lets talk. Here, four writers who have battled

racial prejudice tell the world what it should already know

extrajudicial killings of black men,
women and children by police. Id taken
part in several protests myself, interviewing
marchers and bearing witness to the
desperation, anger and power that
informed their resistance. Those moments
transformed me. I knew that my lifes work
WHEN DONALD TRUMP WAS ELECTED had to involve promoting the visibility
PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, of these stories and forcing my country
I didnt go to work for the next three days. to go through the self-reckoning it
I knew that my boss would understand, eschews generation after generation.
and I took the time to mourn and process my thoughts. I became a journalist because I wanted to tell
As an editor at Essence, the only magazine for black peoples stories. As my career progressed, I became
women in the US, Id spent months covering obsessed with giving a platform to those without
the election commissioning analyses and opinion a voice, and educating the majority on the entire worlds
editorials, appearing on cable news segments, speaking that exist alongside them. Learning, working and living
on political panels, urging our readers to head to the in mainstream spaces gave birth to my desire to do
polls. It was exhaustive and exhausting. more for the people who look like me. It was no longer
There were many moments in the months leading enough to be the black girl climbing up the editorial
up to the Presidential election in which Id watched masthead, the one who had made it; heralding
the humanity of black people, Mexicans, refugees and disenfranchised communities became paramount.
other immigrants be questioned and attacked. It was I wanted the world to see us all. Of founding Ebony
a direct backlash against eight years of a black president magazine in 1945, John H Johnson said he wanted to
whose very existence challenged more than 400 years give black people a new sense of somebody-ness.
of institutionalised racism informed by white supremacy. And I carry those words with me every day.
I shouldnt have been surprised, but still, I couldnt But its not enough that black media tells black stories;
believe what was happening. the burden is not on us to right the wrongs of Americas
Perhaps one of the most jarring experiences came slavery legacy. White Americans, and all white people,
when I found out that a dear friend Id known for 17 have to have honest conversations, in which they
years had decided that bigotry, racism, homophobia acknowledge the societal gains from which they have
and xenophobia werent deal-breakers when it came benefited at the expense of African-Americans. Until
to Presidential candidates. Realising that a woman Id white people even those who consider themselves allies
considered an ally since we were teenagers had voted to people of colour are willing to sacrifice the privileges
for Trump shook me, and amplified what I already knew afforded to them by a centuries-old racist hierarchy,
to be true: that honest conversations about race are few freedom and justice for all will continue to be a lived
and far between. How could I, a staunch feminist and experience for some, and an empty ideology for others.
black-folk enthusiast, be completely in the dark about
a close friends political leanings? When I confronted her,
explaining how dangerous her vote would be for millions
of people, our conversation crumbled within a few
exchanges. Like so many other people in this country,
she wasnt up for the painful and arduous task of a self-
reckoning about Americas history, rejecting a teachable
moment about race in favour of a safer denial of this
countrys original sin and its far-reaching effects.
Back in December 2014, we were working on
Essences Black Lives Matter issue. We took the
temperature of the political climate around us and
decided, as a brand, to dedicate an entire issue to the
movement and have the difficult conversations about
matters that were pressing to us and to our audience.
When we were developing the issue, our offices were
located across from Rockefeller Center. For days,
wed seen and heard New Yorkers walking towards
the Rockefeller Christmas tree to protest against the

attractive Somali. I remember shrinking into my
chair with embarrassment. In 2015, working in a bar
I WAS 14 WHEN IT FIRST with black colleagues, I was singled out because my
HAPPENED. A black woman skin wasnt as dark as theirs: Youre not black, youre
started chatting to me at Somali. It stung to have my identity challenged but
the bus stop, and said now, at 22, Ive learnt not to mute my feelings. What
I reminded her of her niece. makes you think Somalis are unattractive? Ill say,
When she asked where I was before asking them not to disrespect my ethnicity.
from, I replied, Somalia. Sometimes their assumptions are to do with
She seemed shocked. colourism prejudice against people with a dark
Really? Are both your skintone. Sometimes its the ignorant and archaic
parents Somali? I nodded. view of light skin being superior to dark which,
Thats when she met my sadly, is the reason why skin-bleaching products,
gaze and said, Youre very pretty for a Somali girl. an industry worth $10billion, are so popular in the
My body bristled. It was as if I was an exception to an black beauty market. Whatever the reason, it
ugly curse. I didnt know how to respond, so I forced highlights the same problem that many still judge
a smile and changed the subject. beauty based on race and ethnicity.
That compliment is one Ive received all my life. Its Ive never felt ashamed of my background. In fact,
usually followed by, Are you sure youre not mixed? or, Im proud to be Somali. Calling one race more beautiful
You must have some white or Asian in you. Id heard other than another is no different, or less damaging, than any
stereotypes about Somalis pirates, big foreheads, other manifestation of racism and it has to stop. Thats
malnourished because at my school, insults regarding why we need a more diverse representation of beauty
ethnicity were considered banter. But hearing an older in the media and, most importantly, to call people out.
woman say I was pretty for a Somali girl made me realise Most of the time, theyre ignorant, not malicious. But
that it wasnt just puerile mockery. The underlying by speaking up, it will permeate. Sadly, my teenage
assumption is that Somali women are unattractive, and sister is subjected to the same racist comments, but
that if you are deemed appealing, youre the exception. unlike me at her age, she knows how to respond. She
Its an insult to a whole nation of people. says, Im not pretty for a Somali girl. Im just pretty.
I grew up in south London, where most of my
classmates were Caribbean or from other African
countries, but I was the only Somali in my year. One
boy wrote, Youre the prettiest Somali girl Ive ever
seen in my yearbook, while someone else, explaining
the definition of oxymoron, declared, Its like saying

received Tweets fuelled with racial hatred: You are

anti-British scum; Muslims are evil; Fuck off back
to Muslim-land, I hope you get raped. They see
me through terrorist-tinted glasses when, really,
EVERY MORNING AT 7.17AM, my life revolves around the same memes and
MY ALARM BLARES THE Netflix binges as most millennials. The biggest risk
INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC FROM I pose? Accidentally spoiling the end of Riverdale.
ARAB STRAPS NEW BIRDS. That said, there were many times growing up
I fumble for my phone, open Twitter and check the when I wanted to be free from the burden of my brown
news. Usually, its a garbled statement from Trump, skin and religious background. The time my dad
but recently Ive seen more Tweets calling for retribution briefed us on addressing authority figures, so we could
against people like me. protect ourselves. The time I wasnt invited to Hollys*
Im a young British Muslim woman who grew up just birthday because her parents hated P***s. The time
outside Glasgow with Pakistani parents, and to some I was called a brown bitch after accidentally breaking
people, my humanity is questionable. This year, Ive a neighbours window. Back then, being white seemed


heavy gold earrings for the evening wedding, I revelled

in the contrasts of my life and how beautiful they are.
I love that my dad always gets the barbecue out,
like a kinder life, and I wanted to hide everything in whatever passes for a Scottish summer, to cook
that was other about me. kebabs for the neighbourhood. And if my ma tells me
But as I got older, I learnt to embrace my Pakistani off in English but slips into Punjabi, I know to make
and Glaswegian roots. When I unapologetically started a quick escape. Im lucky to have a friend who is an
to be myself, I realised that most people are decent, or Ivy League-educated Pakistani writer, and another
at least well meaning. I had allowed the brash minority is a white whip-smart Scottish doctor who loves hill
to have a louder voice than they deserved, and began climbing. Panjabi MC sits next to Britney Spears on my
to find it more amusing and less upsetting that my Spotify playlist, and my pop-culture knowledge is lifted
existence was so controversial for anyone small of mind. from every corner of my Scottish-South-Asian existence,
Recently, I went to two weddings on the same day: making me a pretty good addition to any pub quiz team.
a classic church service, followed by a traditional South If being branded as the enemy to an ignorant few
Asian ceremony. As I stepped out of my A-line dress and is the price I have to pay for a life full of colour and
into a deep green lengha, I thought about how naive love, then so be it. To only consider serving one culture
I once was to think I had to pick a side. My two worlds is unthinkable, and I really wouldnt have myself any
arent always easy to navigate once I forgot the Punjabi other way. My duality makes me whole.
word for spoon and Ill never forget the hurt etched
across my dads face. But as I swapped my pearls for

WHITE PERSON IN and sugary-sweet on the inside. I tried so hard to
THE UK KNOWS? be accepted that they found it bizarre when I fell
And I mean knows. into stereotypes associated with blackness.
Im a mixed-race black In recent years, Ive sought out more diverse
Caribbean and white friends. Fijian, Pakistani, South American and Nigerian
woman living in London heritages are all represented and embraced. This is,
one of the worlds most in part, thanks to living in London and Scotland, but
multicultural cities yet also from working at gal-dem, an online magazine
Im the only black friend many of my white friends written and run by women of colour. While I dont think
have. I shouldnt be frustrated by that, considering its just down to people of colour to raise awareness,
Additional photographs: Laura Gallant, Hannan Saleh. *Name has been changed

a poll found that 94% of white people in the UK have I do think my presence in my white friends lives has
very few, if any, ethnic-minority friends. But I am, helped them to be more woke. For example, one of my
because surely this shouldnt be the norm? closest friends who comes from a Daily Mail-reading
At school, I went through awkward racial phases, family used to think that if a foreigner committed
including describing myself as mixed-race and a crime, they should be sent back to where they came
insisting I wasnt simply black. In my final year, I tried from. When I pointed out that this would apply to one
to reclaim my blackness and, as I do now, started of our closest friends at the time, who was Asian, her
using the descriptors intermittently. But my friends views started to change.
had recorded me all high-pitched and frustrated So, while I might not be able to educate the guy
saying I wasnt black, and would play it back to me who aggressively called me and my friends d**kies in
whenever I said otherwise. To them, my accent and the street recently, Id argue its important that we all
cello-playing ruled out the realities of my racial heritage. have a wider, more diverse spectrum of friends, to help
For my 18th birthday, they even bought me a satire book dissolve any preconceptions when it comes to minority
called Stuff White People Like a checklist of questions groups. It cant be a bad thing to actively try to
that apparently proved my whiteness. They excitedly empathise, engage and befriend people who dont look,
asked me: Do you love a Starbucks? and Do you talk or sound like you do. Thats what society should look
only eat unseasoned chicken? and, in that moment, like, after all. I know it can work these days my friends
I realised that, to them, I was the ultimate Oreo. I may stick up for me, go out of their way to educate themselves
have been black-ish on the outside, but I was white and are open to examining some of their privileges. O

Could you go one whole day without telling even
one tiny lie? D O L LY A L D E R T O N tried it for *seven*

Im gutted when I receive an email from a journalist telling me she was offended by
something I said in my podcast. It was about the terrorist attack in Manchester, and she
feels the way I expressed myself could be misconstrued and encourage Islamophobia.
Normally, Id switch into grovelling mode. Instead, I construct a reply in which I thank
her for her honesty, and explain why I said what I did. She thanks me for my message,
recognising one of my points as valid. The exchange is more confrontational than my
usual tone, but what felt like a risk actually paid off with her response. I go to bed with
a clear conscience, rather than a mind overrun with paranoia (in which I imagine her
building a website called detailing my worst gaffes).

Of course my honesty mission falls during the snap General Election. After a few drinks
at the pub, my friends boyfriend says something that infuriates me: Theres no point
in voting. Nothing will ever change. You dont believe that. Youre being nihilistic to
be entertaining, I tell him. No, Im not Youve signed too many online petitions and
HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIE? Here, Ill convinced yourself it makes a difference, he says. It does make a difference, I say
go first. I lie about how much I drink firmly. Im not going to vote, he concludes. OK, I say calmly. Thats fine. But Im not
to the doctor (who knows what a unit interested in anything you have to say about the state of the country from next week.
is anyway? Why cant they just say pints, You have no right to comment on it. Its awkward for half an hour, but we hug goodbye.
half pints and shots?), I lie about work Weve always had different views we were just being honest this time. And for me, it
deadlines to friends (when really, Im felt liberating. (And as for not making a difference dude, lets talk about that result.)
too tired to go out) and, of course, I lie
on social media (that selfie had more
takes than an entire Spielberg film).
Heres the sobering truth: research
says that we lie up to 200 times a day. While browsing a quiet shop, Im cornered by a charming sales assistant, clearly
A day! Theres this quote I think about working on commission. Can I help you? he beams. No, thanks, I say. Weve
all the time: Youre only as sick as got some gorgeous new pieces, he continues. Mm-hmm. I feel my face starting
your secrets. If thats true, it would to twitch. He tries again: What about this silver miniskirt? The sales assistant
seem were all dying of terminal forces the skirt on me and when I reluctantly try it on, he gushes effusively. Are
dishonesty. But its not the whoppers you not buying the skirt? he asks, when I leave the shop empty-handed. No, I say
Im intrigued about: its the daily details politely, recalling a time when Id have bought it and taken it back at a later date
that we exaggerate in order to, say, so as not to hurt his feelings. Instead, I tell him straight: Its not my thing. Im
tell a good story; those times we keep starting to notice how ludicrous these habitual lies are; how time-consuming
an opinion to ourselves so as not to and anxiety-inducing the whole charade is.
offend anyone; or when someone
starts talking about a subject that
we know nothing about, and we nod
and laugh loudly anyway.
To highlight just how much these My friend turns up late to the cinema and we
little lies are woven into my everyday miss the first part of the film. Afterwards, over
existence, I set myself the challenge dinner, I tell her I am annoyed that we missed
of telling zero lies for seven days. the beginning. She apologises and, to my surprise,
And trust me, when youre as keen thanks me for being honest with her. We swiftly
for an easy life as I am, the thought move on to a different topic and Im relieved to
of laying myself completely bare was have cleared the air instead of going home and
incredibly scary. Still, I wanted to see ranting about her to my flatmates. Its a moment
what, or even if, anything changed. of discomfort for the long-term gain of total
Heres my diary of truth trust and truth in our friendship.


Im being photographed for an article, and when

the stylist gives me a dress in my size (12), its clear
the zip isnt going to do up. Normally, Id start burbling
with embarrassment, muttering excuses about having Clockwise, from left
a roast for breakfast. Ill need a size 14, I say. We Changing-room
dilemmas; hosting
dont have it, she replies. Well, the 12 doesnt fit, podcast The High
so well have to find something else, I respond, Low with Pandora
and realise as I say it that I have nothing to lie about, Sykes; at Isle of
Wight Festival
because I have absolutely nothing to feel ashamed of.

On a night out with my friends, I notice a man moving in my direction on the

dancefloor. Hes hot, a good dancer and I can tell hes interested when he pulls me
towards him with his hand on my waist. Do you have a boyfriend? he shouts in
my ear. He has conveniently asked the question that allows for the default fob-off
I use in response to unwanted advances. But this week, I have to tell the truth, and
the truth is that Ive consciously decided to take a break from men. No, I reply.
Im not dating at the moment. He raises his eyebrow and shouts, Why not? while
he continues bopping. Because I felt addicted to sexual validation and it felt like
it was finally time to find some self-worth on my own, I shout back, to which he
So? Did
responds with a completely terrified smile and shimmies off into the crowd. that suck?
Looking back on the
week, Im surprised at how
equipped people were
at handling my no-holds-
My alarm goes off at 8am. Ive had five hours
barred honesty. And
sleep and drank far too much Whispering Angel
I generally felt more relaxed
ros, which, the morning after, feels more like
Bellowing Demon. But Ive got to drag myself I have nothing in my daily life probably
because I wasnt trying
out of bed to meet my friend Lauren and head
to Isle of Wight Festival. I ponder suggesting
to lie about, to keep track of all the
a later train, pretending I am ill, but in the because half-truths I told. I even
decided to go into the
interest of #NoLies, I give her a heads-up.
I think Im going to die if I dont drink a pint of I have nothing next week with a similar
mission of honesty its
Coke and eat chips immediately, I text on the
Tube to meet her. This can only be the work
to feel more respectful to people
of a hangover, she replies. Ill get you a Burger ashamed of around me, whether that
be an employer or a best
King. Later, when our favourite singers set
friend. Most importantly,
finishes at 11pm and everyone drunkenly
though, its more respectful
Photographs: @dollyalderton/Instagram

stumbles back towards the bar, Lauren turns to

to myself. Youre only as
me and asks, Where shall we go now? I pause, then say, Im tired and cold. I want
sick as your secrets, yes,
to buy two pairs of socks from one of these weird hippie stands. And I want to go to
but this challenge has also
bed. It is, perhaps, the hardest truth Ive had to tell of the week, as I have always felt
taught me that youre only
like I owe everyone a really wild, fun time and have spent a lot of my twenties staying
as free as the truth.
out far later than Ive wanted to in order to please others. I hold my breath for her
response. Me too, mate, she says. Really? I squawk joyfully. I dont want you to
cut your festival experience short but I just wanna get a cup of tea and get into our
tent! So do I! she squawks back. We hug in this shared, beautiful moment of
honesty. I think I love getting old, she says. I think I love telling the truth, I reply.


Are these the Radio shout-out

I was shopping with my two-year-old daughter and was

still carrying a bit of baby weight. When I told the shop
assistant I wanted something loose because of my recent
pregnancy, she looked confused. Oh, I had another baby

six weeks ago, I blurted out. She started talking to my
daughter about her baby sibling, and before I could stop
myself, I told her that Id given my baby away to my sister.
I still cant believe I said it. She started asking about

Whether its a teeny-tiny porky or my sisters fertility and artificial insemination. I blagged it
and practically ran out of the shop. Im a make-up artist,
a carefully orchestrated tale of total BS, and the next day at work, I told Jo Whiley about my white
lies can often come back to haunt us lie. Cue her telling my story on the radio, and the shop
assistant calling in to say she knew I was lying. T a r a , 3 3
as these fibbers know all too well

The intruder
Busted by Liz Je suis inventor
I pulled a sickie to go shopping on Oxford Street, but the bullshitter To get out of a meeting,

Some names and ages have been changed

Queen Mother had just opened a garden. Cue cameras

By Ali Pantony. Photograph: Ben Rayner.

When I met my boyfriend, I pretended that I had to
everywhere. There I was on the news, next to Liz with my I told him I spoke fluent rush home because Id been
shopping. My boss saw. You look better than you did on the Spanish and French burgled. Fast forward a week,
news last night, he said in the morning. J e a n e , 4 3 (I dont). He got a new and the entire office had
flatmate, Florian who is contributed to a 100 Currys
French and my boyfriend gift card to help replace
Move over, Sussed in the had chosen him so we my stolen TV. I did buy
Usain supermarket could talk. Florian sussed a NutriBullet, so it was
During a terrible job interview, I was invited to a family me straight away, but two kind of worth the guilt.
I said Id ran a marathon, to try wedding but barely knew years on, were keeping up Erin, 22
to impress the interviewer. the couple, so I said I was the ruse. When I come
I couldnt even remember the on holiday. The day before over, hell still say: This is
last time I went for a jog, so, the wedding, I was visiting my the part where we pretend
when he asked my time, I gave girlfriends family in Kent when to chat. What a team
a random number. I Googled it we bumped into the brides player. A l e x , 2 8
later and discovered that Id father in Tesco. Cue a cock-
told him I was the fastest man and-bull story about cancelled
in the world. Turns out, total flights, a few red faces and
fraud wasnt a skill they were the quickest food shop of all
looking for. J o e , 2 7 time. C h r i s t i a n , 2 5
One word:

I accidentally wet myself during the night at a festival.
Our tent was soaked so I blamed it on my boyfriend.
To this day, he and all of our friends think he wet the
bed and still mock him for it. E s t h e r , 2 4

Sexual Death deception

storyteller Too hungover for work, I rolled
A group of us were playing out the big guns: Theres been
Never Have I Ever; drinking a death in the family. Id called
when wed done something in sick so many times, Id
crazy. To seem adventurous, exhausted all other credible
I drank to had a threesome. excuses. A few hours later, my
It was the talk of the party, and mum called in a total state,
I thought I was so cool until asking who had died. Turns
we played the same game out, as she was my emergency
a year later, and they called me contact, the company had
out when I forgot to drink for rumbled me and called to offer
threesome. Theyve never let their condolences. Karma is
me live it down. A n n i e , 2 7 real, people. A l i c e , 2 4
Just like your friendship,
our sterling silver jewellery
is made to last.

dating & relationships

Super Likes
and lucky
As Tinder turns five next
month, C A D Y D R E L L
explores how mobile dating
has (and hasnt) changed
our love lives

ometimes its hard to remember how single people
met each other pre-Tinder. Did we go to bars? Just
bang our friends who lingered too long at the house
party? Its amazing how quickly weve adapted to
swiping through thousands of potential partners while
half-watching reruns of Friends. And although Ive never
talked to a woman who didnt have complicated feelings
about dating apps (as a single woman myself, whether I love
or loathe Tinder changes every time I open it), theres been
very little research into the wider effects of mobile dating.
So Glamour surveyed 1,000 women and talked to experts
to find out if apps really have changed how we date. The
answer is yes and more profoundly than we realised
We arent really looking to date, per se
Asking for a little help finding a partner is hardly new where
would Patti Stanger of The Millionaire Matchmaker fame be
if people didnt need expert advice? What Tinder changed
(racking up 1.4 billion swipes a day, more than any other
platform) was that it never actually said it was a dating app.
It killed the stigma of online dating by not being about online
dating, says Steve Dean, founder of Dateworking, a consulting
company for individual online daters and dating sites.
Before Tinder, dating sites specialised in a desired level
of commitment a casual hook-up, an
actual relationship, marriage. But the app
caught on because it made it OK to not
know exactly what you were seeking. The upside of
Tinder says, Do whatever the hell you
want; were just going to show you people
all these options
who are nearby and likely to start talking is that we waste
less time on
to you, says Steve. In that way, it mimics
how people meet in real life. Tinders lack
of endgame fosters a culture in which
a woman can be adventurous in any way
relationships that
she chooses. If you discover through Tinder
that oh, snap! youre actually a unicorn
go nowhere
and want to only have sex with couples (its
a thing all right), you can then go to a more specialised app, a Tinder match: one to talk to the person you matched with
such as Feeld, to meet them. Or if you just want a friend (intimidating) and one to continue swiping (comforting and
(straight up, no dick-pics), BumbleBFF may be for you. And low-commitment). I know which one I choose.
you can always sign up for Coffee Meets Bagel or eHarmony
if youre hoping for a relationship. It can work: more than Working things out? Not a huge priority
30% of women who use apps in our survey said they found While this insane efficiency can get us more dates, some experts
a serious partner on them; 12% married their match. worry that its not making us better daters. Lets put it this way: if
dating is like fishing off the side of a ship, then mobile dating is
We are becoming super-efficient like fishing from a glass-bottomed boat. Since youre now keenly
Of course, the number-one change the apps have brought about aware of how many fish are swimming around at any given time,
is the ability to access millions of single people at warp speed, why wouldnt you (or the person youre dating) try casting for
at any time, wherever we are. Thats how I started going out with more than one? And what do you do when you catch something?
a guy I matched with when my uncles Christmas toast ran on Youre less likely to invest the energy working through problems
too long (admit it, youve swiped under the table, too). The when there are all those other, ahem, fish in the sea.
upside of all these instant options is that we waste less time on
relationships that go nowhere, and were less likely to settle. We Were getting good at being dumped
can set up five dates in a night if we want (though, frankly, that Remember that episode of Sex And The City in which Berger
sounds exhausting), which means were increasing the odds that breaks up with Carrie via a Post-it note? At the time he was
we meet the right person just by playing it like a numbers game. a raging asshole, but in todays dating world that seems
The downside to all that efficiency? It kind of is a numbers downright chivalrous. Now you could have a perfectly good
game. It becomes like an addiction to novelty without date and then the person just disappears, like in The Leftovers.
substance, says Steve. When you get a match with someone, But ironically, experts suggest all that ghosting could actually
it gives you a boost of dopamine, and you think, theres no cost be making us stronger. When youre afraid of spiders and you
to continuing to play. The dating app knows this, and its expose yourself to them, after a while they hold less meaning
exploiting the reward pathways to make sure that were always for you, says therapist Lia Avellino. [Being ghosted] could
coming back. For example, two options show up when you get be building up our resilience and helping us let go more
easily. All those break-ups and blow-offs? Theyre basically
like exposure therapy, but for rejection.
Of course, dating will always be as complicated as
a swipe is simple. But apps have definitely created more
space for women to sprawl out and explore, says Avellino.
And knowing what we want can make us happier when we
do find a partner or partners, if thats what youre into.


Say hello to the

Tired of How are you? app chat? Heres what happened when
we kicked off the convo with job interview questions instead

CA N D I DAT E # 1 CA N D I DAT E # 2 CA N D I DAT E #3

Hollie: Hey, Harry. How would your Scott: Hey, Hollie. Rob: Wow, Hollie, you got it
friends describe you in three words? Hollie: Hi, Scott, nice to meet you. going on, gurrrrl.
Harry: Snappy-dressing stud-mufin. You? Can you talk me through your Hollie: Hi, Rob, nice to meet you. Can
Ho: OK, great, can you talk me through work experience? you teach me something I dont know
your work experience? S: Nice to meet you, too. What would in the next five minutes?
Ha: Im driven, hard-working and very you like to know? Only asking as Ive R: As in a party trick, or a random fact?
rarely steal. I have references if you done quite a lot of random stuf, haha! Ill show you a good few party tricks
need them. H: Just a brief outline of anything you but it would require meeting you in
Ho: Can you teach me think is relevant. person, Hollie.
something in the next five S: Haha, OK, Ill try. I look after the best H: Lets move on. What are your
minutes? film cameras in the world, so Ive been on strongest skills?
Ha: I dont know about teaching, but various film shoots all over the place. Ive R: Negotiation, conversation and
I know fun facts. A group of frogs is worked on a lot of fashion shows for attention to detail.
called an army. high-end brands. What exactly do you do? H: Can you talk me through your
Ho: I see. And whats the biggest risk H: Great, and how would your best friend work experience?
youve ever taken? describe you in three words? R: Really? How come you wanna
Ha: Im a big risk-taker, let me think S: Haha! Can I ask him please? know, love?
Ha: Ive jumped out of a plane. Ive H: Sure. H: I think thats what were here for.
swum in a crocodile-infested river. S: So my friend said attention to detail. R: Why else would I be here? Its not like
You get the gist. How does that bode with you? I thought you were attractive or anything.
Ha: Im a maverick who plays by no S: Hey, Hollie, much going on tonight? H: OK, whats the biggest risk youve
rules but my own. S: Hiiii. We gonna talk again? ever taken?
Ho: Impressive. How do you S: I could be more blunt if youd prefer. R: Going on Nemesis at Alton Towers.
manage stress? H: Hi, Scott, whats your proudest
Ha: Depends. Booze, deep breaths achievement?
and maybe crushing someone with S: Matching with you .
my bare hands. H: If you were in charge for the day,
Ho: OK. If you won 1million tomorrow, what change would you make?
what would you do with the money? S: Id make you my First Lady,
Ha: Buy a house and fill it with dogs then Id find out what we know
or just buy as many burritos as possible. about life outside Earth.
Ha: Did I pass?
Survey conducted by US Glamour

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge are these apps making us better at dating, or worse? We asked 1,000 women, aged 18-44


56% of unattached survey takers say theyve joined a dating app. 15% of those who use apps say the platforms led them
OITS THEIR NUMBER-ONE WAY TO MEET PEOPLE to try something new sexually.
but they dont believe they work 56% of users say they OAND SOME PEOPLE DO FIND LOVE
havent found what theyre looking for. While 32% of those who have used an app say theyve
OWHATS THE APPEAL? never actually gone on to meet someone from one of
The most common reasons users say they log on: those platforms IRL, many others do make connections:
72% I just like to go on to see whos out there 49% went on dates
53% I use them when Im bored 36% had sex
18% I use them as a last resort 36% found a serious relationship
18% I use them with friends 12% got married

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Am I the last
M I L L E N N I A L ?
Enough with the chilled dating,
guys, L A N E M O O R E wants plans

ecently I met a guy. He claimed he was a Hopeless
Romantic, and I immediately melted like icing made
with coconut oil which, if you dont know, is very
melty. Finding a fellow hopeless romantic in this day
and age is like spotting any amount of money on the ground
that isnt coins. You think, Er, what are you doing here? and
How has no one picked you up before I got here? He quizzed
me on the things I like to do and said he would make a plan.
I showed up to our date full of hope until it turned out that
his plan was, Yeah, I couldnt think of anything. You wanna
just walk around in the blizzard outside? Um, no.
Most of the time when I tell men Im a hopeless romantic,
they look at me the same way they do when I say I have allergies:
its not a deal-breaker, but theyd rather it wasnt a thing. And
you know what? So do I! Life would be a lot easier if I didnt
want all that fancy courtship stuf. I swear there were years of
my life when other people felt the way I did. There was Andrew,
who brought me owers and drew cool little cartoons about me.
There was Seth, who took me to this out-of-the-way spot just to
look at the stars and make me feel as if we were inside a very and Dawn have is amazing, but Id prefer to drink beer on this
beautiful medium-tempo pop song. Now, suddenly the best I get futon until he touches my boobs? If so, thats cool. But if youre
is an 11pm text saying, Yo, you wanna come hang at mine? secretly fuming, then hello, grab a seat. Our time is now.
When did dating stop being an elaborately orchestrated Im tired of pretending Im cool with whatevs. I want
dance to win your love and steal your heart? I suspect it was someone to make an actual plan, then pick me up and give me
about the time Netix and chill became a thing, and you know an evening full of adorable surprises because he wants me to
what? Most of us went along with it, because its better to be the know Im special, even if the surprise is just, Oh, this restaurant
ultimate chill girl than someone who gets disappointed all the has twinkly lights! I will happily reciprocate. And we can send
time. Sometimes I feel like the last real romantic, because texts at midday that say cheesy stuf like, Hi, youre gorgeous
whenever I talk about romance, most people stare as if I have and very smart and have a lot of nice jeans. Bye. The point is,
bronchitis they dont want to catch, which is probably why they I want someone my friends will describe as Oh my God, hes
call it catching feelings. Sorry, I am always a carrier of feelings. like a human version of The Notebook instead of the guy who
No one wants to seem like a demanding drama queen who asked you to chill on his roof, and, frankly, is a bit creepy.
needs to have rose petals laid at her feet just to go on one date. A month ago, another guy asked me out; then, on the day, he
Photograph: Michael Hauptman/Trunk Archive

But, as human beings, of course we want romance. To those who said, Lets just gure something out. That sounded like Maybe
think you dont, I point to all TV, movies and music. You mean we can have a drink and youll decide if light groping in a back
to tell me you can watch the The Ofce and say, Yeah, what Tim room is a kind of date. And my romantic self said, Enough.
I told him that we could go out when we had a plan. That
never happened, and it felt not only ne, but good. Meantime,
I treated myself to dinner with fancy chocolate. From now on,
its Tim Canterbury or die, friends. Tim Canterbury or die.

Lane Moore is a writer, musician and comedian @hellolanemoore

When it comes to sex, no one
is more honest than the
fierce, filthy, feminist duo
C O R I N N E F I S H E R and
of hit podcast Guys We F**ked.
Here, the hosts share
some hard-won lessons

an you bake someone a cake to
tell them you have chlamydia?;
Is it OK to be turned on by my
dads best friend?; Do I leave the man of
my dreams to chase dick? just an average
inbox if youre Corinne Fisher and Krystyna
Hutchinson, comedians and co-hosts of
Guys We F**ked: The Anti Slut-Shaming
Podcast. Fed up with post-break-up pity
parties, Corinne, 31, launched the podcast
in 2013, deciding to call everyone shed
dated or slept with to ask how she could
be a better partner. We know, bold. She
roped in her pal Krystyna, 29, who added
the anti slut-shaming tagline after a man
Some names have been changed. Photographs: Meredith Jenks/Trunk Archive,

on the street assumed she was a stripper,

not a comedian (nothin wrong with either,
FYI), and to the mics they went.
What began as post-relationship run-
throughs (shared with thousands) quickly
became unadulterated sex stories that have
T he FANTASY that made me
realise it s not all about se x
Dee Guerreros. Hair & make-up: Glenna Franklin

been listened to more than 35 million times. Corinne We started recording Guys We F**ked at a studio above
And no topic is of-limits. So, what can we a comedy club that was owned by a tall, smart, sexy goof well
learn from the queens of shame-free, been- call Ted. I was cant-think-about-anything-except-his-butt level
there-banged-that sex? Turns out, a whole of attracted to him, but he was in a relationship so I pushed that
(ahem) load. Brace yourselves crush down into the pit of my stomach and ignored it. Later
that year, at the comedy clubs summer party, I ran into him
a little tipsy and just hours after hed broken up with his girlfriend.
I was going to give him some time (respect is important, guys),
but he looked right into my eyes and told me he fancied me. We
snogged and fondled until 7am. This went on for weeks. We
would meet for drinks at midnight, write intense emails about


our desires and stare at each other across the room at work. rooms hidden below New York City, and I even let someones
We never had sex, and we never even tried. To this day, Im wife touch me up while her husband watched me give my buddy
not sure why. Maybe we just didnt want to lose the thrill of it a blow-job. Together, Harrison and I learnt that he likes sex parties
all. Eventually, he met his new girlfriend and I had to pass the more than I do, but we were both proud of ourselves for stepping
torch of exchanging sexy stares on to her. But I do know the out of our comfort zones. These days, we just meet on rooftops to
sex we never had would fuel every masturbation session from drink sangria. And nothing is weird. Im so glad that I challenged
then on. BRB, I need to take a cold shower myself sexually with a long-term friend instead of a fling, because
laying myself totally bare (metaphorically and physically) made me
T he THREESOME that taught me not trust Harrison completely. Now, theres nothing I cant share with
to be ashamed of what I want him. If thats not deep friendship, I dont know what is.
Krystyna Cuckquean is a word I learnt after admitting, on the
podcast, my desire to watch my boyfriend, Stephen, have sex T h e FA M O US E N C O U N T E R t h at s t o p p e d
with another girl. So, we took action. Our first threesome was me caring what other people think
comically awkward (Um, are you guys done yet?). Our second Krystyna In my early twenties, one of my fuck buddies was
was pretty hot. And our third was juuust right. Corinne and I had a celebrity. Girls at college called me a pathetic star-fucker, and
just finished a show when I saw a woman flirting with Stephen. I convinced myself that I was only attracted to him because of his
A day later, the three of us were on a dinner date that turned into status. I felt terrible. Slowly, through the wisdom that comes with
drinks, that turned into Want to check out this weird sex club?, age, I realised something: his fame, and the intrigue that came with
that turned into a night in our hotel room that I still dream about. it, was totally part of my attraction to him. No, it wasnt the only
That night, I was adventurous without questioning myself; I put factor he was kind-hearted and talented but it helped. And so
the What am I doing? doubts aside and just embraced my what? Attraction is complex, and we shouldnt have to justify it. So,
cuckquean needs. It showed me that its a waste of energy to screw what other people think. Were worth way more than that.
criticise our sexuality. Whether its having an orgy, having sex
in public, or installing a sex dungeon, as long as youre not T he longed-for LUST SESSION that
harming anyone, who cares? The unexpected cherry on top of proved you can t plan great se x
my three-way sundae: it brought Stephen and I closer together. Corinne Usually, I have a strict no musicians rule the ones
When two people have a one-night stand, they go on with their Ive met have been narcissistic cheaters. But rules can be broken,
respective lives and process everything solo. Going through right? I met Howie at a gig, after watching him go nuts on brass,
those feelings with someone was strange but exciting. and the chemistry was fiery AF. Quick-witted, slightly cocky,
a little chubby I was hooked. We stayed in touch while he was
T he SEX PARTY that on the road, kissing in cars and having sweaty sex-free sleepovers
cemented a friendship whenever he was in town. Finally, after a year of hectic schedules,
Corinne Curiosity kicked the clit a few years back and my friend we made plans to have sex in a hotel. I was late, he was knackered,
Harrison whom Id never even kissed and I attended two sex but we did it anyway and the night was more fast fizzle than
parties in one weekend. We got it on in several communal sex mind-blowing bang, with zero passion. We were just going through
the motions. So yep, 12 months of build-up, for nothing. Lesson
learnt: procrastination sucks, seize the moment or not at all.
Its a waste of energy to T he PORN-STAR EX that
criticise our sexuality b o l s t e r e d my c o n fi d e n c e
Krystyna Two weeks before Stephen and I started dating, he broke
up with a famous porn star named Stoya, who was lusted after by
men WORLDWIDE. I put her on a massive pedestal and felt insecure
in comparison. While I can make fart noises with my arm, Stoya
makes a living from being a BDSM goddess. After four years of
comparing myself with her, I decided to interview her for the
podcast, hoping to finally bulldoze that pedestal. She was kind,
and talked about the social stigma around her job. And thats when
it clicked we girls are constantly scrutinised for our appearance,
and its easy to believe that sex appeal is everything. But comparing
ourselves with anyone only leads to x 10. We deserve better.
Corinne You said it. Two of my worst sexual partners were the
best-looking people Ive ever slept with. With one guy, I was so
entranced by his looks that I blamed the rubbish sex on my nerves.
One hit me up again a few months later, and turns out he was just
selfish in bed it was all about him. Guys often ask us on the
podcast if a small penis is a deal-breaker. Of course its not, but
a lack of skills is, whether youre a guy or a girl. Your face might be
the CV that bags you the job, but youve still gotta show up for work.
Corinne (left)
and Krystyna will
touch on any F*cked: Being Sexually Explorative And Self-Confident In A World
subject Thats Screwed by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson is out
October 24 and is available to pre-order now


Dawn OPorter

Were all human

so act like it

he older I get, the less I can
be bothered with basic THERES STILL
pleasantries. You know, all TIME TO ENTER!
those Best wishes, Congrats For one issue only, Im
giving you the chance
and With sympathy greeting-
to take over my column.
card responses to life. I really believe if you impossible in a professional capacity: with colleagues or clients.
Whats the lesson you live
cant think of something that shows how But no one really likes these formalities, do they? Its as if were life by? How has it shaped
you truly feel, you shouldnt say anything at all acting like were on the naughty step. Perhaps its because you? Take us on your
all. It might sound mean, but hear me out. we dont want to be judged for being diferent, or because journey. Submit a column
Last week, someone posted on were afraid to say the wrong thing whatever that is. Im of 600 words max (plus
Facebook that their father had died. sure its the latter, so Ive stopped worrying what the right your dos & donts) by
Scrolling through the comments, I found thing to say is, and try to speak from the heart. Its liberating September 8, 2017, to
that around 50 people had written things and feels genuine. My husband, Chris, has always been great glamoureditorialmagazine
like Sorry for your loss on a genuinely at this. We once met Prince William and Kate Middleton at the
devastating update. I read them all, polo and, as I started being bizarrely proper and putting on
wondering how anyone could write that a posh voice, Chris shook Kates our future QUEENs arm,

Fox. Make-up: Salina Thind at Phamous Artists. Manicure: Michelle

Styled by Charlotte Lewis. Hair: Tim Pateman at The Lion And The
without feeling like a cop-out. While it can and told her to wrap up warmer next time. I was horrified, but

Humphrey at LMC Worldwide. Additional photographs: iStock

be dificult to think of something to say, I shouldnt have been she laughed, because shes human.
those reactions are pre-made responses It taught me a fine lesson: we are ALL human, so lets stop
empty words that people use when they being afraid to show our thoughts and emotions, whether
cant think of anything else. Surely sending thats making silly jokes at a work event or ofering genuine
something anything personal would support on social media. That way, when we say something,
mean more to the person whos sufering? at least well be saying something real.
But its not just on Facebook these
stock phrases are everywhere. Weddings
are a hotbed of people saying the right
thing: You must be very proud to the
mother of the bride, or Wishing you a life
Check out
of happiness to the couple. Yes, its all very 19-year-old
nice, but why not ask how theyre feeling? singer Grace
DO Carter from
For my wedding, I was adamant that we
s dos & do Embrace this
wn nt Brighton.
wouldnt do anything that felt overly formal. s.. summers smock
Im obsessed.
I told the photographer that I didnt want to . dress trend
[290 LF Markey].
pose for family photos because everyone DONT
standing in a line wouldnt remind us of the Let your skin dry
out get that DO
fun wed had just who was there. I wanted hand cream on. Try a baking
action shots: people laughing, chatting, I love Clarins soda-based
dancing, being silly. But I lost the battle and Hand And Nail Forget to cleanser it
Treatment support works [4.99
we ended up with dozens of stif, standing- Cream [21]. bookshops Superdrug].
in-a-line shots anyway. It still annoys me. in this
But if we find it dificult to be genuine Amazon age.
around the people we love, it can be near-
is calling
New plump summer raspberry
could be the answer

bottlegreen, for the curious

fri 22 sept

Join Mollie King and organise a

Jeans for Genes Day in your workplace to
help raise vital funds to support children
with life-altering genetic disorders.
By encouraging everyone around you to
wear jeans and donate, you will be doing
something amazing for these children.


Jeans for Genes and , 2017 Genetic Disorders UK.
Registered Charity Number 1141583.
the gla mo u r edit



BRING IT Your A/W17 style is as easy as ABC




the gla mo u r edit

Boots 140 Bag 812
Tommy Hilfiger Emma Charles

You dont need to hit the slopes
Sandals 120
to appreciate this alpine-inspired Carvela at Kurt
trend. Pair cosy knits with Geiger London BLING IT ON
checked tailoring for a more These crystal-embellished
city-appropriate take. accessories arent strictly for
after hours its time to add
a little sparkle to your daywear.

LL TO ARM Jumper 34.99

CA S New Look

Stylish yet
functional for
a modern take on
the military trend,
opt for pieces with
a utilitarian spin.
King & Tuckfield
Jeans 265

Jacket 85

Denim on denim
Coat 754 has been given
Marc Cain a super-chic
overhaul. Go for
tailored styles and
keep it tonal.


Bag 475
Manu Atelier
t he gla mo u r edit

Dress 149
Coat 690

Belt 120
The Kooples

Coat 79.99

Once a fashion faux pas,

EIDERDOWN the pufa has emerged as
DRESSING the must-have topper Boots 365 Intropia
of the season. Elevate this
sports-luxe piece with
smart trousers and FOLK TALES

high-heeled ankle boots. Isabel Marants take on
whimsy came with a touch
of sex appeal: midi-dresses
were given a hint of kink
with knee-high boots and
waist-cinching belts.
Top 190
Stine Goya


Shoes 275
Le Monde Beryl

She may seem like

an unlikely style
icon, but HMQs
signature look has
made its way on to
the Mulberry and
GENTLE Stella McCartney
TOUCH catwalks.

Coat 360

From Tome to
Gabriela Hearst,

designers modernised

touchy-feely velvet

with sumptuous Skirt 210

Scarf 150 Fayewoo
jewel tones. Silken Favours

th e gla mo u r edit

Skirt 22.99
New Look

How to wear pink for
now? Clean lines and
a minimal silhouette
add a refined finish
to the bubble-gum hue. Top 95 Kitri

Jumpsuit 159
Finery London

Trousers 435
Rejina Pyo

Bag 245 Nico Giani

at Avenue 32

There is a very

Shoes 210
sensibility to this

seasons approach
to the polka dot.
Stick to classic
black and white
Jumper 240 and pair with
J.Won London

The Danish love of comfort
(part of what makes up hygge)
is making its way into your
winter wardrobe. Think
deconstructed Aran
jumpers worn with LADYLIKE
louche tailoring. LEATHER

Leather doesnt
have to mean Dress 150
biker. Opt for Topshop
lighter tones
and dare to
go head to toe

just ofset
with feminine
Shoes 59.99
42 Asos
t he gla mo u r edit

Earrings 69
Shoes 32

Top 26
Disco is back in a big Simply Be

River Island
Jeans 45
way. Lam, crystals and

just a dash of party-ready

rhinestones keep this feeling
just the right side of chic.
Dress 109 Warehouse


Designers got the

memo, and bold
blooms in all their
glory could be seen
Boots 75
everywhere from
River Island Ellery to Joseph.
Dont be afraid
to clash prints, but
keep accessories
minimal to avoid
looking fussy.

Top 69

th e gla mo u r edit

Blazer 275
Bimba Y Lola OUT OF OFFICE }
The power suit is making
a break from the boardroom.
Its all about heritage fabrics,
pronounced shoulders and
double-breasted jackets.

Watch 79.99

No longer relegated
to your grandmothers

70 Clarks
wardrobe, todays
pearl accessories feel

refreshingly modern.

Ring 45
Shirt 239 Pandora


The athleisure trend
Trousers 225 is going nowhere. Look
J.Won London at
Urban Outfitters for pieces with a retro
twist and wear kitten
heels for a more
grown-up aesthetic.

Earrings 240
Cornelia Webb
exclusive to

Dress 35
V by Very
Boots 159 Kin by John Lewis

This isnt a take- Bag 430
it-or-leave-it trend. Elizabeth
Top 419 Only those wearing and James
Marc Cain
head-to-toe red
will earn their
fashion credentials.

t he gla mo u r edit

Shearling has
come in from
the cold. Stick
to natural colours Coat

and pair an 1,910 Maje

oversized jacket

Skirt 30 Monki
with a silky midi-
dress and over-
the-knee boots. Boots 59
Charles & Keith
Jacket 269

Trousers 155 Laurel


Shoes 65 J by
Jasper Conran
at Debenhams


Forget 70s bohemianism this
revival has a distinctly preppy
vibe. Look to Ali MacGraw
for inspiration and plump for
anything corduroy. Blazer
345 Sandro VINYL FACTORY Coat 119
There is a way to tackle this trend Mango

without veering into dominatrix

territory. Take one piece and team
it with softer separates it feels less
try-hard when you dress it down. Trousers
13 Primark

55 Asos

A blazer will be the investment
Skirt 179
piece that sees you through Baum und

this season (and beyond). Pferdgarten

th e gla mo u r edit

Embroidered shirts, 135 IKKS

silver-buckle belts
and cowboy boots
fashions having its
day at the rodeo.
Boots 350
RM Williams

Belt 180 Pinko


Finery London
Nab the perfect
throw-on and youll be
sorted, from the ofice
to your best mates


255 Annie
Costello Brown
at Net-A-Porter

Everyone likes a show-of
when it comes to ear
candy. The bigger and
bolder, the better.

Houston, we

have lift-of. Nail

this space age
trend with sleek
metallics. Top tip:
pair with a sporty
Vandevelde, Jason Lloyd-Evans, Indigital. Still lifes: 3Objectives

top to make this

look so 2017. O
By Chloe Bloch and Emma Hargadon. Photographs: Sonny

Boots 225
Bimba Y Lola

Skirt 75
Miss Selfridge
215 By
Malene Birger

the gla mo u r edit

Joan Crawford
nails long gloves
Study t he classics
in the 1930s

Because some decade-defining

pieces never go out of style
Grace Kelly
with that

Herms bag

Gloves 540
Michael Kors
GLOVES Collection
A status symbol of the
30s, gloves have been
given a major revamp for
A/W17. Opt for a longer-

length pair, with a loose fit,
and layer them over the
top of your coat for a look
that is as cool as winter.


Grace Kelly made the Herms
lady bag a cultural phenomenon Bag 895
when she used it to shield Aspinal Of
her pregnant belly from the London
paparazzi in the 50s. As

coat 115
Armani timeless as ever, this style was
Exchange a fixture in this seasons shows,
receiving a modern twist from
the likes of Gucci and Prada.
Who can forget Audrey Blazer 297
Bimba Y Lola
Hepburns iconic trench

coat in Breakfast At Tifanys?

Still very much a wardrobe
staple, the trench has been
given a waxy finish this
season by Cline, while
Maison Margiela has
created one with cut-outs.
Trench coat 80s style icon
165 Comptoir (and suit lover)
Audrey and des Cotonniers
Dress Grace
George work

295 trench chic


By Emma Hargadon. Photographs: Getty Images, Indigital,


century The working woman

of the 80s was not
Trousers 175 Polo Ralph Lauren

complete without a killer

DRESS power suit and now its
Weve seen a return back in a big way. From
to the longer-line Joseph to Calvin Klein,
Alamy. Still lifes: 3Objectives

dress with a loose- these fashionable co-ords

fitting skirt look make for one of the
to Dior and Louis seasons key looks.
Vuitton to see how
to accessorise it

in a modern way.

th e gla mo u r edit

Left Sweater
280 Madeleine
Thompson at
Peek Boutique;
trousers with belt
45 River Island

Right Dress 460

Jamie Wei Huang;
trainers 65 Veja
at Selfridges

NIKI (left)
T-shirt vintage
Adidas; cords
79 Finery London

GIANE (right)
T-shirt vintage
Adidas; cords
235 Tory Burch

with the awesome 70s-inspired
pieces your wardrobe needs now



th e gla mo u r edit

NIKI Polo shirt 155

Sandro; trousers
225 Marc Cain

GIANE Sweater 210

trousers 45 Oasis


Embrace velvet for day by

pairing it with sporty tops

NIKI Brown coat
129 Urban Outfitters;
grey T-shirt 85
P Jean; blue jeans
165 Claudie Pierlot

GIANE Brown coat

1,595 Claudie Pierlot;
blue jeans 155
Kors; white T-shirt
25 Wrangler; ring
250 Pandora
Sweater 209
Baum Und
cords 159 Oui
t he gla mo u r edit

Jacket 515 and

trousers 360 both
MM6; roll-neck 26
Next; loafers 55
J by Jasper Conran
for Debenhams
GIANE Sweater
39 Cos; trousers
419 Racil at
Matches Fashion;
boots 199 Jigsaw

NIKI Sweater 155

Kate Spade New
York; trousers 135
Tommy Jeans; boots
29.99 New Look


Trust us, checks are having a bit of a moment;

pairing tartan trousers with a classic roll-neck
will instantly update your workwear wardrobe
the gla mo u r edit

Sweatshirt 28
Asos; skirt 100
2ndDay; boots
495 Tory Burch

GIANE Orange and
black coat 220
French Connection;
white shirt 69
Finery London; blue
jeans 35.99 Mango;
white trainers 65
Veja at Selfridges;
ring 250 Pandora

NIKI Red and black

jacket 64.99 New
Look; white shirt
165 Marc Cain;
blue jeans 350
Diesel; black and
cream trainers 350
Diesel Black Gold

t he gla mo u r edit
Coat 79 Miss
Selfridge; T-shirt
36 River Island

Make-up: Michelle
Dacillo at Caren
Hair: Brady Lea at
Stella Creative Artists
Models: Giane Alves at
The Hive Management
and Niki Trefilova
at Storm Models
Fashion assistant:
Julia Harvey


Prepare for the cold snap and invest in

this seasons go with everything shearling coat
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6 print issues + 6 FREE digital editions + FREE GIFT *

all for only 6

Package worth 33.94

to iPhone, iPad
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the gla mo u r edit

You do the
Four style calculations ON THE HIG
= the key looks for autumn HS

+ + = MULBERRYS quirky

1 Horse-blanket quilting The Queens closet Mrs Doubtres orals Scarf 195
Liberty London

modern debutante

Sunglasses 75
Adam Selman
X Le Specs
Cristbal Balenciagas Keanu Reeves in Donald Duck
balloon dress circa 1950 The Matrix

+ + = PRADAS leading
Hat 39
By Emma Hargadon. Photographs: Alamy, Indigital, Collection Christophel,

Christys Hats at
Very Exclusive

3 Fellinis City Of Women Robert McGinniss Baker-boy hats

Barbarella illustrations from the 70s
Getty Images, iStock, Rex Features

futuristic America

Coat 265
Lu Mei London
4 Plush ostrich feathers The Jetsons space Plastic bags
age garms

the gla mo u r edit



Gabrielle EDP
79 for 50ml,
112 for 100ml
Chanel; Gabrielle
handbag price on
request Chanel

By Alessandra Steinherr

She gave us tweed jackets and the LBD so who better for
Chanel to name its new bag and fragrance combo after
than its iconic founder, Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel?
the gla mo u r edit


The best
way to get
skin? Smile!

Marion Cotillard


Sometimes less really is more Paris Hilton

Celebrity Name by GREGORY ALLEN


Photographs: iStock. Still-lifes:

Stimulating blood flow to the Hudgens
face through facial massage @zoesaldana
allows a fresh supply of

Benot Audureau
oxygen, which encourages
cell regeneration.
Sarah Chapman, facialist
at Sarah Chapman London

Stimulate lymphatic @hollywilloughby

draining using a jade roller.
This decreases puffiness,
stagnation and promotes
detoxification in the skin.
Marie Reynolds, facialist
at Marie Reynolds London
Going without make-up what makes
allows the skin to absorb you and your
ingredients for a much skin unique,
longer period, which means la Holly and
you get the most out of her beautiful
Celebrity Name
your products. Morag Ross, freckles
UK spokesperson for Suqqu
t he gla mo u r edit

Go make-up-
free with your
For beautiful, clear skin, drink
BFF two
plenty of water, eat a healthy
bare faces
diet, be stress-free and happy
are better
smiling is free and the most
than one!
beautiful accessory. Marie

By applying less pigmented

products to the skin, you are
decreasing the likelihood of
any additional pore blockages
Michelle Williams and
@busyphilipps and therefore the occurrence
of blemishes. Sarah

@amandlastenberg Always use sunscreen with

a minimum SPF of 30 (50+ if
@theashleygraham using retinol or acids) dont
forget lips, neck and ears! Morag

@lupitanyongo Make-up-free selfies are an

excellent thing they build
self-confidence rather
than putting the focus on
airbrushed images, which
are totally unrealistic. Marie


Let your bare face

soak up the sun
like Lupita just Celebrity Name
dont forget to
wear an SPF! @ciara
Skinesis Skin Tone
Perfecting Booster
Chapman London

Face Protector 50
Jade Facial 40 Suqqu
Roller 43 Yu
Ling Rollers at
Cult Beauty

Protection Lip
Balm With
Brow Gel in
Oural 17 Nars SPF30 6.50 Eos
the gla mo u r edit

#Ask Expert advice from our Beauty Director,

Alessandra Steinherr. This month: light-as-water
skincare, perfect palettes and smudge-proof brows

Heaven on
a palette
Palette Essentielle in
Beige Intense 52 Chanel
is both chic and useful,
combining a cheek/lip tint,
concealer and highlighter.
LIQUID It comes in three variations.
Kiss Kiss From Paris
On days when my face looks dull and feels tired, in Romantic Kiss 44
I crave light, fluid textures to bring back some luminous glow Guerlain I love the
inclusion of a lip primer
without overburdening my skin. I reach for:
and three ultra-wearable
lip-contouring hues.
Moisture Surge Hydra Genius Aloe
Hydrating Water 9.99 LOral
Supercharged Paris is an affordable
Concentrate hyaluronic acid and
SOS Roll-On Mask 34 Clinique is aloe vera hydrator
17.50 Kenzoki a refreshing, water- for all skin types.
the roll-on massager like gel that locks in
cools, de-puffs, and long-term moisture.
deposits the lightest
layer of this skin-
boosting mask.
Still lifes: Benot Audureau. Photographs: iStock, @alexsteinherr

I dont just like candles, I LOVE candles,
A LITTLE EXTRA and own a pretty extensive selection
Top Coat
18 Blink Brow Bar Cotswolds Garden 70 Ronny Colbie is the newest
brush over addition to my collection. Apart from the stylish
your pencilled-on packing, the smell is genuinely what youd expect
brows to instantly
render them an English garden in bloom to smell like.
Follow Alex on Instagram: @alexsteinherr


Its the BIG

WORK O n sale




E S,
TO K !
Photograph: Nabile Quenum


Cant wait? Get your daily Glamour fix at

the gla mo u r edit

Beaut y fail?
Believe it or not, us too. Our resident experts reveal their biggest
hair/make-up/skin disasters and how they xed them

 S T R E A K Y TA N ?
N O, T H A N K S
Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director
Dominique Temple, Beauty Editor
Gregory Allen, Beauty Assistant
GLOW ALL YEAR ROUND. Because ITS RARE TO HAVE A BEAUTY FAIL the tone and texture of my face, so Im
a real tan is not an option (hello, sun BUT IT DOES HAPPEN. One of my worst fairly liberal with them. One evening,
damage!), Ive mastered the art and was when I was rushing to get ready to I followed a mechanical exfoliation with
application of fake tan. The problem go to the pub; I curled my own hair with a chemical one why not? Ill tell you
is, when it comes of, it inevitably heated rollers and forgot to take one out why: exfoliation sloughs of dead skin
goes patchy there just hasnt been at the back. Embarrassingly, a random cells, ridding the face of debris and
a product that fades out your tan in girl at the pub made me aware of my bacteria. Exfoliate once, youre glowing.
a natural way. That is, until I discovered mistake. I quickly took it out and was left Exfoliate twice, your skins barrier is
Self Tan Eraser [Bondi Sands], which with an overheated, unruly curl that was severely compromised. The result?
genuinely lifts of the colour without not cool, like my other waves. Thankfully, I burnt of the skin around my cheeks,
streaks, irritation or damage to your I had a clip [Classic Hairclip in Italian leaving my face red-raw. Barrier Repair
skin. And when I dont have time to Tortoise J.Crew] and smoothing cream [Dermalogica] was able to seal and
completely remove it and need a quick [No Blow Dry Just Right Cream Redken] heal my wound in just one day; some
fix, Ill reach for Body Blur Instant which helped me tame and hide it. It SPF protection [UV Essentiel Multi-
HD Skin Finish [Vita Liberata] the proved that there was finally a perk of Protection Daily Defender SPF50
ultimate in perfect coverage, carrying my oversized bag filled with Chanel] and I was good to go. Do I still
long-lasting body make-up. beauty fixes it saved the day! love acids? Lets just say I like them.
Compiled by Gregory Allen. Still lifes: Benot Audureau

Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish Curved Metal Hair Elastic 14, Classic Hairclip UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily
29.95 Vita Liberata; Self Tan Eraser 7 and Oval Barette 16.50 all J.Crew; No Blow Defender SPF50 42 Chanel; Barrier
14.99 Bondi Sands Dry Just Right Cream 17.50 Redken Repair 40 Dermalogica

bespoke promotion

pairings T H E U LT I M AT E
Five minutes to a flawless When it comes to lipstick,
a highly pigmented, long-
face yes, really. And all lasting formula is the only
in just two simple steps way to go: one quick swipe of
Powermatte Lip Pigment 22
NARS will last for hours. The
matte, creamy liquid lipstick
comes in 20 shades to suit
all skintones try a soft nude

for day (Glamour loves
inimum efort, maximum Get It On), then amp
impact: isnt that what we it up for evening with
all want when it comes to a bright, punchy pink
our make-up? Enter the ve-minute (such as Give It Up).
face its what (beauty) dreams are
made of. The formula is simple: Powermatte
Lip Pigment
awless skin + a slick of lip colour = 22 NARS
a fresh, natural look that will work for
any occasion. Of course, you can add
your own touches to nish (a little
brow pencil, mascara or blush), but
this look is about paring things back.
All you need is the right base and lip
colour, then youre good to go.

Flawless Fusion
Foundation 35
Laura Mercier

T H E G R E AT C O V E R - U P
Natural make-up doesnt mean
you have to go without a base;
its about finding the right product.
If you prefer full coverage, try

skin texture after the first week. **After four weeks of consumer testing, 32 women agreed the
*In an independent clinical trial of 31 women, 100% of participants saw a 36% improvement in
a breathable, pore-blurring formula

foundation is ultra long-wearing. Photograph: Nadia Ryder. Model: Georgia Palmer at Storm
such as BarePro Performance
Wear Liquid Foundation SPF20
29 bareMinerals, which is infused
with papaya enzymes to improve T H E A L L - D AY P E R F E C T O R
your skins texture over time*. Blend For a foundation that fuses seamlessly with
one of the 30 shades onto the skin your skins natural texture, look to Flawless
using the Luxe Performance Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation
Brush 24 bareMinerals for 35 Laura Mercier, which comes in 20
a smooth, streak-free finish. versatile shades. A little goes a long way
with this transfer-resistant formula (it lasts
up to 15 hours**), so apply a small amount
BarePro Performance Luxe Performance
to start, then go back and add more where
Wear Liquid Foundation Brush 24 needed for natural-looking coverage.
SPF20 29 bareMinerals bareMinerals


NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment is available at and launches nationwide on September 1; bareMinerals BarePro
Performance Wear Liquid Foundation launches at Debenhams, bareMinerals boutiques and on August 24 and
nationwide on September 7; Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation launches nationwide on September 4
the gla mo u r edit

Pucker up
Presenting 11 luscious lippies
worth pouting about

P H O T O G R A P H b y N E I L WAT S O N
By Claudia Mahoney. Illustrations by Age Of Reason

From top to bottom, left to right Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in Nightfall
28 Chanel; Le Marc Lip Crme in Blow 25 Marc Jacobs Beauty; Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Light
Sculpting Lipstick in Persuasive 26 Este Lauder; The Only 1 Lipstick in One Of A Kind 6.99
Rimmel London; Le Rouge Dior in Enigmatic 27.50 Dior; Le Rouge Sculpt Lipstick in Violine 28
Givenchy; Plush Up Lip Gelato in Red Door Crush 22 Elizabeth Arden; Statement Luxe-Shine
Lipstick in NSFW 18 bareMinerals; Color Riche Matte Addiction in Mon Jules 6.99 LOral Paris;
Lip Color Matte in Black Dahlia 40 Tom Ford; Audacious Lipstick in Kirat 25 Nars Cosmetics
the gla mo u r edit

Fun in the sun

calls for some
damage control

Back to
Summer taken its toll on your body?
New term calls for a regime reboot

here is nothing more irresistible Kaushal, co-founder of Mauli Rituals,
than a sun-kissed glow in summer. agrees: Have regular massages
But when autumn rolls around, to promote detoxification, improve
how much damage control do we circulation and soothe inflamed skin.
have to do to our face, hair and body? Bathing in healing salts will also reduce
bloating, diminish toxins and replenish
BODY lost minerals. Facialist Marie Reynolds
suggests, Take supplements. The skin
Dont save the TLC for your face the rest is fed from within, so making sure you
of you needs it, too. The body routine have a healthy gut and youre hydrated
should be similar to that of the face, will have an overall effect on the health
says Sarah Chapman, founder of Skinesis. of your skin. And get a good nights sleep
Exfoliation improves the appearance there is nothing more restorative.
of skin, allowing products to penetrate Restorative Body Cream 105 Sisley;
more effectively. The body requires Lavender And Chamomile Pillow Spray 24
maintenance less often than the delicate Votary; SleepCycle Clean Skin Pillowcase 26
Skin Laundry; Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Salt
skin of the face, which is more exposed Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub 18 Ren;
to the environment, she explains. Anita Serenity Pitta Body Oil 44 Mauli Rituals

Coming out of winter, we are often of skin, as it destroys healthy cells, says at the Cadogan Clinic. Feed the skin,
deficient in vitamin D, which has been Anita. Limit your time in the sun to ten to echoes Marie. Re-nourish with ingredients
linked to loss of bone density, impaired 15 minutes without sunscreen, allowing that support skins natural function
immune system, joint pain, lack of energy the skin an opportunity to manufacture to repair and restore. Use vitamin-based
and low mood, explains Noella Gabriel, vitamin D. After that, apply an SPF50. products (A, B, C and D), hyaluronic acid,
co-founder of Elemis. By contrast, getting What if the damage is done? Applying and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
adequate amounts of vitamin D in summer SPF is the most important step to counter Z Recovery Intensive Repair Balm 95 Zelens;
has been associated with a reduced risk the effect it allows enough protection for Rehydrating Ginseng Toner 22.50 Elemis;
Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator
of disease while stimulating collagen skin to begin healing. There is no easy way 34 Clinique; Very High Protection Emulsion
and serotonin our happy hormone. to undo the effects of sun damage, but SPF50 11.99 Avne; Phyto Corrective Gel 52.50
Its about balance. A little of everything you can improve it with treatments like SkinCeuticals; Ultra Recovery Booster 59 Sarah
Chapman London; Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew
does you good, but being over-exposed retinoids, antioxidants and peptides, says Cleansing Oil 10.99 Super Facialist By Una Brennan;
to UV rays is detrimental to the texture Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex 33.86 Solgar


Vitamin D is so important for hair: it helps

with growth and general health, says Syd
Hayes, ambassador for LOral Paris. Top tip:
use a cotton bud on your parting to sunblock
By Gregory Allen. Photographs: David Gubert, Kerstin zu Pan/Folio Id/Trunk Archive. Still lifes: Benot Audureau

your scalp everyone forgets! Overexposure

to the sun, salt water, and chlorine can oxidise
colour, which creates brassiness and can
dehydrate the hair. So how do you treat
post-holiday hair trauma? Turn down the heat
on your electrical tools, suggests Syd. It will
only add to any damage. Nourish hair with
repairing serum and deep-conditioning
mask to revitalise fragile hair.
Botanicals Coriander Strength Cure
Strength Potion 9.99 LOral Paris; Olive
Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak 29
Kiehls; Moisture + Vitamin B5 Shampoo
and Conditioner 6.99 each OGX
the gla mo u r edit

How to get the

per fect blow-dry Thickening
Lotion 06
Its possible, people 17 Redken

Thick hair is best left
to dry naturally and
then smoothed out
The dream blow-dry: does
with a round brush and
it really exist? We think so.
controlled heat, says
Gone are the days of
Larry. If you have fine
one style suits all.
hair, product is your best
Thanks to smart new
friend. Use a thickening
styling techniques,
lotion on wet hair to
you can now have
give your roots volume.
a bespoke blow-out
When styling, create your
according to your
shape one inch from
hairs texture, colour
the roots and leave ends
and length. Hairstylist
straight to create just the
extraordinaire Larry
right amount of texture
King reveals his secret
and bend in your hair.
hair remedies to help
you get the most out
of your salon and stylist.

Radial Brush
in size 2

15 ghd

If youre lucky enough to have
beautiful naturally curly hair,
embrace it. Encourage your natural
texture and prep it with a leave-in
conditioner to protect from
heat damage, while smoothing
frizz and defining your shape,
says Larry. Use a difuser on

a low heat and dry the hair

slowly with minimal touching,
allowing the hairdryer to do
the work. Avoid towel-drying,
and style from dripping wet.

FIND THE ONE No Frizz Leave-In

Choosing the right blow-dry for your hair type is important, Supersonic Conditioner 22
as diferent products will change your look entirely, says Hairdryer 299.99 Living Proof
Bellaart/Trunk Archive, Ambra Vernuccio.
By Dominique Temple. Photographs: Paul

Larry. Supersonic Hairdryer 299.99 Dyson has stylist-
approved multifunctional heat and tool settings, meaning you
can create a whole range of looks. Larrys tip: The difuser
A permanent way to maintain volume is to switch your
Still lifes: Benot Audureau

is the every-style tool that can be used at home, so

colour. If you go up or down a few shades, the dye will
you can rock a pro blow-dry wherever you are.
instantly add volume. As a rule, a solid hue will allude to thicker
lengths, while balayage or ombr tones allow thick hair to look
less heavy. Alternatively, you can enhance your existing colour
with your style. Curl it in sections, then contour with a waving
tool to emphasise lighter areas and flatter your face shape.

Naturally Beautiful Results


applies in seconds

Its a simple equation.

Healthy skin equals beautiful skin.
AVEENO Daily Moisturising Lotion contains naturally active oatmeal and
is clinically proven to lock in moisture and improve the condition of dry skin
for visible results day after day. And for days when you need to get out the
door fast, try New AVEENO Daily Moisturising After-Shower Mist,

it absorbs instantly and lasts all day long. Simply beautiful.

E V E R Y T H I N G W E R E B I N G E - WAT C H I N G ,. D O W N L O A D I N G + L O V I N G T H I S M O N T H


on fire
SO hot right now
By Helen Whitaker. Photograph: Kat Borchart/

ot a novel to get to the big screen? Amandla Stenberg
is your woman. After a standout performance as
audience favourite Rue in The Hunger Games, she
shines in this months Everything, Everything. Based on
the book by Nicola Yoon, it follows Maddy, a housebound 18 year

old with a rare disease that makes her ultra-susceptible to illness.

She longs for a normal adolescence, so when she spies Olly (Nick
Robinson) through the window, she risks her health and her
mothers wrath for first love. Coming up, shell also star in the
adaptation of Angie Thomass best-seller The Hate U Give as Starr,
a young woman whose unarmed best friend is killed by the police.

Left and below Charlize
Theron as MI6 spy
Lorraine Broughton
in Atomic Blonde

Shes atomic
Bringing strong females to the big screen and
assassinating sexists as she goes, Charlize Theron
is deadly AF, says JA N E C R OW T H E R

ot on the heels of Wonder blockbuster? Theres the Ripleys, root canal, she joked grimly
Woman is another dose Sarah Connors, Trinitys and Salts in a recent interview) but her
of cinematic kick-ass from of this celluloid world who slashed dedication means what you
a sister doing it for herself. and burned a path for her. But IRL, see is, she reckons, 95% her.
Smashing faces, windows and cars thank Charlize Theron, who liked But more thrilling than
(as well as the glass ceiling), here British graphic novel The Coldest seeing an immaculately dressed
comes our second action-girl City so much she put her money woman off an assailant with
crush in as many months: Atomic where her mouth was and spent five a patent stiletto is the hope that
Blondes super-capable MI6 agent years developing it for the screen. this chick might be the female
working in 1989 Berlin, Lorraine Ms T knows a thing or two about 007 weve long been theorising
Broughton (Charlize Theron). creating credible action women. about. Globetrotting, sardonic,
But where Diana Prince (Wonder After all, shes the actress who made deadly and hiding in plain sight
Woman) is honourable, oozing love Mad Max: Fury Road, a film named (come on, those boots werent
and trust from every pore, Lorraine after the male protagonist, all about meant to blend in), Lorraine
has no qualms, no backstory and her characters empowerment. Its says what she wants, screws who
from the look of her taking on little wonder that her interpretation she likes and gets the job done
multiple attackers armed only with of a super-spy in a dangerous city as before reporting in for the next.
a killer outfit and a hosepipe no the Iron Curtain crumbles not only The latter is also what
fear. As brutal and beautiful as walks the walk but talks the talk, too. Charlize is hoping for off-screen:
James Bond, Broughton is also as Directed by ex-stuntman David Atomic Blonde is planned as
unapologetically sexual, bedding Leitch, Atomic Blonde features long, a franchise, joining Wonder
men and women without a care. brutal fight sequences Charlize did Woman as a female-led actioner
With her particular set of skills, no for real. No calling in the stunt that can keep up with the boys
ones going to dare slut-shame her. double; the star was sent for two at the box office. Well take that
Am I your bitch now? she hisses months of gruelling, five-hour-a-day like the real women watching
to a sexist henchman before Muay Thai and kickboxing training, the films, our superheroines
dispatching him. Um, hell no. so that when it came to filming, she dont have to conform.
So who do we thank for this could keep up with (and beat up)
refreshing take on the smash-em-up the stuntmen playing her attackers. Atomic Blonde is in cinemas
genre and this thoroughly modern Charlize cracked several teeth August 11. Jane Crowther is
woman in a Bechdel-beating for her trouble (Im on my fourth the editor of Total Film

A N D D O N T M I S S Its girl crushes a-go-go in this months must-see movies

Valerian And The American Made Rough Night
City Of A Thousand Sarah Wright This hen do from hell
Planets Cara stars alongside has a hell of a cast
Delevingne is kick- Tom Cruise in including Scarlett
ass Laureline in Luc an 80s-set true- Johansson, Zo Kravitz
Bessons blockbuster. story action flick. and Kate McKinnon.


as the Bafta-winning
actress contends
with a hectic schedule
4.30am My [18-month-old] son has
had chickenpox and hes up, which
means Im up. I put some cream on
him, then my husband takes over
so I can get ready for hot yoga.
5.30am I grab a piece of toast,
throw on my yoga gear and drive
to the class. When Im not filming,
I try to do a class every day. I love it.
8am Time for a well-deserved
cofee I always go for a flat white.
8.30am I stop at the supermarket. pink lipstick, and Im out the door. Pret and have a salad before calling
My husband is working from home, 1.30pm I get in a cab usually I get my husband for a lift. Hes just put
so well all have lunch together. the Tube but Im late.On the way the baby in the bath and cant
9amI shower and then play with I answer emails and call my friend. come, so I wait for rush hour to die
my son. We do some painting and, 2.30pmI arrive at The Groucho down before finishing my journey.
of course, I get covered in all sorts. Club to meet with my team. Im 7.45pmIm homein time to read
12pm My husband and I have promoting the new Doctor Foster, my son a story while my husband
bread and soup, while my son has so were creating schedules. Ive heads out to a meeting.We read
chicken and pasta. He eats around also done a Sky Atlantic show called The Lion Inside, its very sweet.
the vegetables trying to get your Save Me, which comes out early 8.30pm I give my son some hot
child into vegetables is so hard. next year, so we discuss that too. milk and wait until he goes to sleep.
By Sagal Mohammed. Photograph: Tony Briggs/Camera Press

1pm Time to get ready.I plan my 4.30pmThe weather is crazy its 9pm I go into our spare room,
outfits the day before and today showering down with rain! I try to which Ive turned into an ofice,
Im wearing black H&M trousers book an Addison Lee but they dont and try to find some paperwork
and an of-the-shoulder top. I put have any cars for an hour. I squeeze but I cant find it anywhere.
on some Sarah Chapman tinted into a Tube at Oxford Circus. 9.30pmI make a sandwich and
moisturiser, throw on mascara and 5.30pm Its still pouring, so I run to a cup of teabefore calling an
old friend for a gossip.
10.30pmI take of my make-up
When Im not filming, I try and exfoliate. My husband and
I usually stay up to watch House
to do a hot yoga class Of Cards, but Im too tired tonight.
Doctor Foster returns to BBC One
every day. I love it for Season Two this autumn


eyes alert
If anyone asks, well be
inside, glued to these
Diana And I
Marking the 20th anniversary of Princess
Dianas death, this one-of fictional drama
focuses on the response of the British public,
with a cast including Tamsin Greig and
Tuppence Middleton. The sensitive drama
captures the outpouring of grief in the late
summer of 1997. BBC Two, coming soon

The Defenders Strike

Whats better than one troubled Now this will be good: a seven-part
vigilante-slash-superhero? Four adaptation of JK Rowlings crime
of them. Bringing together the novels (written under pseudonym
protagonists of the previous Robert Galbraith), which she has also
Marvel Netflix series, Jessica exec-produced. The Musketeers
Jones (Krysten Ritter), Daredevil Tom Burke stars as private detective
(Charlie Cox), Luke Cage (Mike Cormoran Strike who, along with
Colter) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) Top Of The Lake: China Girl Robin Ellacott (Holliday Grainger),
are The Defenders. Think of Elisabeth Moss reprises her Golden has a knack for solving cases that
them as a rocknroll version Globe-winning role as cop Robin have eluded the police.
of The Avengers. They must Grifin, who is trying to reconnect BBC One, August 27
take on the Hand, an order of with Mary, the daughter she gave
evil mystical ninjas. The villain up for adoption. Joining the cast are
is played by Sigourney Weaver, Nicole Kidman as Marys adoptive
so if that doesnt convince you mother and Gwendoline Christie
to get involved, were not sure as Robins police partner. When the
what will. Netflix, August 18 body of a young woman washes
up on Bondi Beach, a bleak tale
unfolds. BBC Two, showing now


Truth, lies and the nature of memory
the months best books are unforgettable
By Hanna Woodside and Helen Whitaker. Photographs: BBC

he population is split Ten-year-old Joan has the Meanwhile, Cara thinks her
between monos (people opposite problem in The Reminders memory is playing tricks when
who remember yesterday) by Val Emmich. She has a condition she spots Americas most famous
and socially superior duos that means she can remember murder victim alive at a five-star
(who remember the last two days) in everything that has ever happened resort in Sophie Hannahs slow-
Felicia Yaps mind-bending debut, to her. She uses this to help her burning thriller Did You See Melody?
Yesterday. Every night, people log parents grieving friend, Gavin, hold Finally, Transparent creator Jill
their day in diaries, but when there on to memories of his partner. In Soloways Tiny Ladies In Shiny Pants
is a murder, how do you work out return, he helps her write a song. is an un-PC memoir about growing
whos lying when you might not A story of an unlikely friendship up in Chicago as a Jewess and
have recorded your own truth? you can almost hear the soundtrack. a hoor [whore] (her words). #nofilter


Model 8149 RRP 89.99


fa s hi o n
b ea u t y

Whether youre a glitterbug, a club kid

or an all-American girl, prepare to
look Lively. (See what we did there?)

Left Dress 1,925
Givenchy by
Riccardo Tisci;
bra top (just seen)
620 Dior; jacket
110 River Island

Right Dress price

on request Calvin
Klein 205W39NYC

Left Jacket 357
and trackpants
298 both Palm
Angels; trainers
59.95 Reebok;
glasses 365
Saint Laurent;
pants (just seen)
and socks both
models own

Right Bra top

620 Dior; body
130 Wolford;
jeans 320
Y/Project; heels
price on request
Loewe; earrings
9.99 Mango
Whether its feathers on dresses or
sequins on boots, dressing up is officially
cool again. Ready to party?

P H O T O G R A P H S b y T U N G WA L S H
Centre to right
Blazer 709
DKNY; pants 580
Dior; boots 229
Kurt Geiger
London; earrings
160 Emporio

Top 2,055 Toga;

jeans 225
Kors; boots 670
Vronique Leroy

Jumpsuit 1,595
Roksanda; boots
675 Stuart

Body 30
Weekday; jeans
price on request
Dolce & Gabbana;
heels 670 Dior;
necklace 279
Atelier Swarovski
Bra top 620 Dior;
body 130 Wolford;
glasses 260 Gucci;
earrings 9.99 Mango
Jumper 470 and
earrings 160 both
Emporio Armani
Left Jacket 575
Pinko; vest 270
Gucci; pants 15
Boohoo; boots 289
Kurt Geiger London;
earrings 65 Kate
Spade New York

Right Jacket 312

Alexander Wang;
bra 18 Weekday;
pants 580 Dior;
skirt 1,900
Paco Rabanne;
boots 675
Stuart Weitzman;
earrings 165
vintage Kenneth
Jay Lane at
Susan Caplan
Photographs: xxxx
From left
T-shirt 78 Frame;
trousers 440
models own

Coat 1,295
Au Jour Le Jour;
dress 784 T By
Alexander Wang;
bra 620 Dior; boots
(just seen) 485
Stuart Weitzman;
earring 265

Jacket 357 and

298 both Palm
Angels; necklace
models own

Top, skirt and

glove all price on
request Rodarte;
boots 1,130
Valentino Garavani
Centre to right
Dress 1,679 Chlo

Body (just seen)

30 Weekday
Left T-shirt 450,
jeans 725 and boots
1,050 all Gucci;
jewellery and socks
both models own

Right Blazer and dress

both price on request,
and tights 2,270
all Gucci; sandals
models own
Below, right
Top 2,055 Toga;
jeans 225 MICHAEL
Michael Kors; boots
670 Vronique Leroy;
bracelet 149, short
necklace 279 and
long necklace 319
all Atelier Swarovski

From left
Dress 975 Alessandra
Rich; boots 675
Stuart Weitzman

Anorak 1,675
Versace; shorts 786
and tights 98 both
Alexander Wang; boots
1,100 Sergio Rossi

Boots 1,130
Valentino Garavani
Illustrations: Rebecca Strickson
Left Shirt 18 Beyond
Retro; waist bag (just
seen) 1,210 and tights
2,270 both Gucci

Right Dress 975

and belt 185 both
Alessandra Rich;
earrings 165 vintage
Kenneth Jay Lane
at Susan Caplan

Hair: Daniel Martin at Bryant Artists

Make-up: Florrie White at Bryant Artists
Models: Molly Constable at Milk
Management; Arina Lush, Natasha
Luwedde, Meg Fairbairn, Sharnee Gates,
Kieran Foreman and Junior Choi all at
Select Model Management
Senior Fashion Assistant: Emma Hargadon
Photography assistants: Marija
Vainilaviciute and Charlotte Player
Jacket 515 and
jumper 885 both
Stella McCartney


Neck-ties, plaid and all the denim
this season, go west


Cream dress
778 Awake at
Farfetch; ecru hat
from a selection
Cassie Mercantile;
ring 35 Pandora
Shirt and trousers
both price on request,
boots approx 570 and
hood approx 1,320 all
Cline; ring 35 Pandora
Jacket 830
Sportmax; jacket
(underneath) 90
Levis; jeans 135
Tommy Jeans;
boots for hire at
The Contemporary
Wardrobe Collection;
bandana 45 The
Vintage Showroom;
ring 35 Pandora;
hat from a selection
Cassie Mercantile
Coat 1,890, bra
475 and scarf
730 all Prada;
jeans 80 Pepe
Jeans; ring
35 Pandora
Coat 2,450
Isabel Marant;
jumpsuit 795
Joseph; roll-neck
380 Max Mara
Jacket 515 and
jumper 885 both
Stella McCartney; jeans
25 Levis at Rokit
Dress 920 Mulberry; shirt
125 Replay; boots for hire at
The Contemporary Wardrobe
Collection; hat (just seen)
from a selection Cassie
Mercantile; ring 35 Pandora
Coat 1,300
Y/Project; shirt
95 Polo Ralph
Lauren; vest 5
M&S Collection;
boots for hire at
The Contemporary
Wardrobe Collection;
ring 35 Pandora;
American flag
for hire at The
Costume Studio
Shirt 520 and
roll-neck 215
both Calvin Klein;
ring 35 Pandora
Jacket 625 Coach;
jumper 625 Loewe;
jeans 135 Replay;
boots for hire at
The Contemporary
Wardrobe Collection;
ring (just seen)
35 Pandora
Jumpsuit 1,950
Dior; shirt (worn
underneath) from
a selection Cassie
Mercantile; ring
35 Pandora
Multicoloured jacket
740 Racil at Matches
Fashion; white tank top
32 and white briefs
25 both Sunspel
Coat 1,450 and
hooded coat 1,100
both Chlo; T-shirt 210
The Vintage Showroom;
ring 35 Pandora

Hair: Shiori Takahashi

Make-up: Anita Keeling
at One Represents
Model: Florence Kosky
at Models1
Fashion assistant:
Alexandra MacMahon
Photography assistant:
Leonardo Bornati
Dress and boots both
Fendi; earrings
Jennifer Fisher; studs
and ring Blakes own

The former Gossip Girl has grown up into something much
more interesting: a real, messy, opinionated woman



lake Lively is mid-sentence in the dining room of a chic Vancouver
hotel when her hand darts inside her shirt. Why is my bra so lumpy?
she asks, rummaging around. Ah, theres a big fold. Im going to
unfold it. She grins at me. Im gonna look like Im feeling myself up.
Turns out the lumpy bra was for a good cause: Blake had
breast-fed her baby girl, Inez, before she got here. Sitting in her frayed blue
jeans and noshing on ceviche, she looks exactly like the laid-back LA golden
girl we rst came to love in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and Gossip
Girl. But the decade that has since passed has been transformative for the
actress, who turns 30 this month. She married her Green Lantern co-star
Ryan Reynolds, with whom she now has two daughters Inez, who turns
one in September, and James, two. Professionally, she graduated into more
complex roles, such as a drug-addled single mum in Ben Afecks The Town,
a 1930s divorcee in Woody Allens Caf Society, and a blind woman who sees
her marriage diferently once she regains her sight in All I See Is You, coming
soon. Now shes making her next big career move: producing The Husbands
Secret, an upcoming movie based on a book by Liane Moriarty, the author
of Big Little Lies. Blake will also star in the lm, but as executive producer
shell have more creative control, a bigger nancial stake, and the ability to plan her schedule around
her family. Its a savvy move, and one that could earn her a new kind of cred in an industry where
women are learning the power of telling their own stories.
Blake sounds a decade wiser, too. She talks about sexist stage direction in scripts and how the
Presidential election awakened her, and shes deeply educated on issues of child exploitation.
Blake Lively might still have Serena van der Woodsens glorious hair, but shes developed the kind
of thoughtful feminist attitude that comes only with experience. Bra in check, we discussed it all.

GLAMOUR: How long are you in Vancouver?

BLAKE LIVELY: My husbands shooting Deadpool, and Im here for the full shoot. We dont work
at the same time. Were here as a family, then well pack up, and Ill go do a couple of movies.
G: How does that work, when you have two people with amazing careers? It must require some
careful negotiation.
B: I admire people who nd that what fulls them is their art or their work, but what fulls both me
and my husband is our family. Knowing that, everything else comes second. Weve each given up stuf
we loved in order to not work at the same time. Im fortunate to be in a place now where I get to nd
the material a book or script early and develop it. So I know ahead of time that Im going to be
working on this job at this time. And we can plan around it.
G: What was it about The Husbands Secret that made you say, I want to produce this one?
B: Its a little bit pulpy; that makes it really fun. And there are a bunch of women at the centre
of it strong women, awed women. Any day you employ women, to me, is a good day.
G: Youve said before that you are drawn to characters who are complicated, but not just
complicated because theyre damaged.
B: I think that onscreen, at least in the mainstream, complicated women are black-and-white. Theyre
villains, or theyre heroic. And thats just not real life. We all have a lightness, and we all have darkness,
and we all have plenty of shades in between.
G: Do you agree with Reese Witherspoon that, to achieve parity in the industry, women need to
produce their own stuf?
B: I think it helps a lot. Nobodys going to ght for you as much as you ght for yourself. That said,
I know a lot of great men directors, producers, studio heads looking to tell stories about

Top and skirt both

Y/Project; earring
Alexander McQueen;
studs and ring
Blakes own

women, some because theyre drawn to those stories, some because

theyre husbands or fathers and want to see the women in their life
represented more accurately, and some because they look at the
numbers. They see, Wonder Woman has replaced religion in
America. We should probably invest in female summer movies.
G: You investigated sex trafcking for the documentary A Path
Appears. Youre working with Child Rescue Coalition, which
provides law enforcement with technology to track and prosecute
child predators. You seem drawn to issues of child exploitation.
B: I so appreciate the purity of my own childhood, and the idea
that a child doesnt have the opportunity to be a child is devastating.
With Child Rescue Coalition, I asked a law enforcement agent,
How young are kids in child pornography? He said the youngest
hed seen still had the umbilical cord attached. The Child Rescue
Coalition tracks the trade of 30 to 50 million les of child
pornography every single day.
G: What can we do about it?
B: If everybody would write to their internet service providers and
say, I demand that you start blocking the trade of child pornography
images, then they would do something about it.
G: Whats the message you want your daughters to receive from you?
B: Sarah Silverman does a great bit that Im going to butcher: Stop
telling little girls that they can do anything. They already believe
they can do anything. It opens the door for questions. Were all born
feeling perfect until somebody tells us were not. So theres nothing
I can teach my daughter [James]. She already has all of it. The only
thing I can do is protect what she already feels.
G: And how do you protect that?
B: I have no idea! I do know that I have to watch her and listen to
her and not project any of my own insecurities or struggles on her.
G: When Im reading my son a story, Ill give the mother a job
and shes an astrophysicist even if the book doesnt.

Weve joked B: Im more conscious of language, too: I was reading a script, and
this woman, whos very tough, did something where she took control
of her life. And so shes sitting, gripping the wheel, a look of
that my daughter empowerment on her face. And I thought, Hmm, they dont point
that out about men: Look how empowered he is. Its just innate.
is bossy. But my G: Youd have to point out if he werent empowered.
B: Exactly. But with my husband, Im lucky to have someone who

husband said, is so conscious. My husband was like, Why do I always say he?
And I said, Thats what were taught. So hell pick up, like
I dont want a caterpillar, and instead of saying, Whats his name? hell say,
Whats her name? Or weve joked that my daughter is bossy. But
to use that word again. my husband said, I dont ever want to use that word again. Youve
never heard a man called bossy.
Youve never heard G: That is true.
a man called bossy B: There would never be any negative connotation for a man being
a boss, so to add a negative connotation on a woman being bossy? Its
belittling. And it doesnt encourage them to be a boss. So do I know


Dress and scarf both

Saint Laurent by
Anthony Vaccarello

how to be the best parent for a daughter? No, I have no idea. All I can
do is share what Im thinking and learn from others.
G: I feel like articles always talk about this perfect life you have: perfect
body, perfect clothes, perfect husband, perfect family, perfect career. How
do you feel when you read that stuf?
B: Its nonsense. It simplies people. Not all men, but a subsection of
men, have a desire to understand and control women. To do that, you
have to paint them into this thing you can wrap your head around. But
women are complex. It also is [a reminder] that what you see in the
media is not real life. The night before an interview, I have complete
anxiety: how is this person going to spin me? So when you read, Oh,
shes got a perfect life or Her life is crumbling they pick narratives
for everyone. And the narratives stick.
G: Well, I think this interview is going well.
B: Oh, thank you! I feel that too. My husband and I are really shy
people who express ourselves best when were acting, when were hiding
as someone else. So the fact that very shy people have to share that shy
person with the world, and are sometimes hurt by it, its very weird
emotionally. Anyway, Champagne problems.
G: Well, lets talk about writing your own narratives. Ryans Tweets about your family are amazing.
[One example: My daughter gets so pumped watching Disney lms. She loves that they all have
singing, dancing and a part when the parents die.]
B: [Laughs] He may as well work for the National Enquirer. When he says my daughter, hes
never, ever talking about her. Everything is a completely made-up scenario. Hell run them by
me sometimes just to make me laugh. But, oh, Im so in love with him when he writes that stuf.
I mean, Im in love with him most of the time, but especially with that.
G: You said most of the time? [Laughs]
B: I said most of the time, because if I say, Im so in love with him all the time, then you get
that eye-rolling, Oh, her life is so great, shes so perfect. So its, like, my defence mechanism.
G: Well, I love my husband all of the time. But I dont feel butteries and rainbows all the time.
B: But you love him all the time. Theres never a time when Im like, I dont really love you. Still,
in a sound bite? It can be eye-roll-y. I have to learn to stop being defensive.
G: How do you guys deal with conicts in your marriage?
B: In other relationships, if something came up, I would call my girlfriends, or my sister, and say,
Hey, this is what he did what should I do? Whereas with him, we were friends for two years before
we were ever dating. And I treat him like my girlfriend. Im like, Hey, this happened. It upset me.
This is how I feel. What do I do? And he does the same for me. He treats me like his best buddy.
G: Speaking of girlfriends, while lming The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, did you imagine
youd be friends with America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel a decade later?
B: Yes, and Im grateful we are still friends. Theyre three of my very best friends and role models.
Theyre so artistic, and theyre activists. Theyre wives, and most of us are mothers. Theyre
producers, directors and writers. Theyre not limited. Theyre unlimited.
G: Finally do you have any words you live by?
B: This too shall pass. Its a reminder if something is painful, it will pass. But also, if something
is beautiful, knowing that this too shall pass makes you hold on to the moment. Savour it. O

Alex Morris is a contributing editor at New York Magazine and Rolling Stone
Onscreen, in
the mainstream,
complicated women
are black-and-white.
Theyre villains,
or theyre heroic.
And thats just not real life.
We all have a lightness,
and we all have darkness
A true silver metal like [right] suits
all skintones, says make-up artist
Rebecca Wordingham. To create the
look opposite, she used Aqua Cream
Waterproof Cream Color in Silver 17
Make Up For Ever and wiggled it all
over the lid with a flat brush. Skim
it across lids and it will naturally
crinkle into this shape. Avoid
liner to keep the look raw just
darken lashes with Little Black
Primer 21 Este Lauder.

Headscarf: xxxxLauren. Earrings: models own
L e t s
ge t
Metallics, glitter, neons this season,
beauty favours the brave

zure blue, neon pink, gold, silver
and glitter. On paper, A/W17s beauty
trends sound ber cool, sure, yet
at the same time as intimidating
as hell. But dont be afraid. Not only are these
looks surprisingly wearable, theyre also super
simple and speedy to apply. Compared to
a full-face routine, which can take a minimum
of 20 minutes, these take a mere five to swipe,
dab or paint on. And with that in mind, do let
these statements take centre stage and forgo
foundation, contouring and highlighting. Trust
us, they will pop better against fresh, bare skin,
with maybe just a hint of concealer or tinted
moisturiser to even out your complexion.
Get ready to have some serious F. U. N!

A solitary floating line in an
unexpected azure blue takes
graphic liner from runway stalwart
to pretty daytime look. It couldnt
be simpler: look straight ahead into
a mirror and draw Intense Colour
Long Lasting Eyeliner in Metallic
Turquoise 5.20 Kiko Milano just
above your crease line.


I didnt want any base here, to keep the look ultra-fresh and carefree, says Rebecca. But if you want
some coverage without a heavy foundation finish, use a cream concealer such as Studio Conceal
And Correct Palette 36 Mac Cosmetics and mix with moisturiser. On eyes, take your finger and
layer Pigment in Pink Pearl 16 under Glitter 3D Lavender 16 both Mac Cosmetics if needed,
use Glitter Primer 8 NYX as a base. Skip mascara, but, for more intensity, add black pencil in the
waterline. On nails: LOxygn Pink Sand 17 Nailberry. (Glitter all over the hands optional.)
It certainly takes guts to wear
fuchsia pink anywhere other than
on the lips. But if youre going to go
for it, then really go for it and play
up the colour-blocking by applying
Cream Shadow in Pink 3.50
Stargazer with your fingers,
smearing it over brows and upper
lids in a descending moon shape.
Or just, you know, be inventive
and create your own statement.

Glitter lips look fiddly but are actually super simple to create (the tricky part is drinking or eating without ingesting any).
Cover your lips with a sticky clear gloss (try Crystal Lip Gloss 16.50 Bobbi Brown) and dab your chosen glitter on top Mac
Cosmetics and NYX have endless shade options. Here, we matched up the look with the same sparkle all over the top lids.

While we got carried away
and covered beautiful Zuris
face with gold leaf (try Atlantis
Imitation Gold Leaf from
6.15), IRL we love it worn
on eyelids. Pat Vaseline on lids,
rip bits of sheet of and dab on.
Do wear mascara to make the
gold pop, advises Rebecca.
And be aware that the look will
move and evolve as you open
your eyes, so its really more
of a fun, fleeting party look.

Styled by Alessandra Steinherr

Photographs: xxxx

Assisted by Dominique Temple


Make-up: Rebecca Wordingham

at Saint Luke Artist Management
Hair: Jenny Kim at MAP
Models: Zuri Tibby and
Cayley King at IMG Models






Everything you need for a bold look
Still lifes: Victoria Ling

1. Pigment in Fuchsia 16 Mac Cosmetics 2. Face, Hair and Body Glitter in Multi Mix 5.50 The Gypsy Shrine 3. Eyeshadow in Last Call 15 Urban Decay
4. Eyeshadow in Woodstock 15 Urban Decay 5. Gold Leaf Sheets 2.99 Tilt Professional Makeup 6. Metallized Vice Lipstick in Backdoor 15.50
Urban Decay 7. Glitter Pot in Pink Pandora 3.50 Dust & Dance 8. Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Metallic Dusty Rose 33.50 Stila
9. Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Metallic Kitten 33.50 Stila 10. Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Space Case 19 Smashbox 11. Glitter Love
in Ultra Glam 6.50 Beauty Boulevard 12. Eyeshadow in Woodstock 15 Urban Decay 13. Nail Vernis in 612 Metallics 20 Dior 14. Highlander Gel Eye
Crayon in Ody(sea) 20 Marc Jacobs Beauty 15. Metalinude Nail Polish in Preciosa 38 Christian Louboutin Beauty O



With people

all around
us putting
up barriers,
e designers have
tried to break
w these down
and embrace
regardless of age,
size, or religion
Y Hairstylist
Guido Palau


New York, usually known for its pared-down make-up,
did an about-face and delivered the boldest beauty
moments, from Tom Pecheuxs ombre eyes at Brandon

Maxwell to Tresemms global stylist Odile Gilberts knitted

hair at Jenny Packham. We wanted to create a spectacle
AND LIDS that allowed women to be empowered, says Odile.

The products
1. Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish 2
in Venus In Furs 18
Deborah Lippmann 1
2. Wind Blown 05 Dry
Finishing Spray 13 Redken
3. Keratin Smooth Shine Oil
8 Tresemm
4. 4-Colour Eye Palette

in Forest 34 Clarins 5
5. Matte Shaker in 189
19.50 Lancme
6. Audacious Mascara in
Minerve 21 Nars Cosmetics 3


This season
puts the


on a strong,

regal glow.
Prep is key,
and nishing
touches are
brows dene d
your look
Make-up artist
Val Garland



Barely-there make-up has been around for as long as we
can remember, but this season the raw-beauty trend has
evolved into a more elegant and polished look, leaving
complexions simple but immaculately maintained.

4 The products
1. Optimal Brightening
2 Concentrate 51
Nars Cosmetics
2. Frizz Ease 10 Day
Tamer 6.50 John Frieda
3. Brow Gel Pomade
3 9.99 LOral Paris
4. Next To Nothing Face
Colour in Light 27
5 Mac Cosmetics
5. Naked Skin Shapeshifter
Palette 39.50 Urban Decay

Were using
bright liner as
a statement
and as
a form of
not to please
other people
Pat McGrath,
the make-up artist

behind the blue
try GRAPHIC EYES pigment at Prada


You can always rely on the Italian fashion capital to deliver

the most alluring looks, and Milan presented a latent
romantic mood with a sprinkling of sex. Backstage saw
gilded hair accessories, neon lashes and colour blocking.





The products
1. The Fluoro Cream
Eyeshadow in 402 10.95 3INA
2. Trend Forecast Fall17/Eye
35 Mac Cosmetics
3. Oeil Velours Velvet Eye 4
Definer in Hot Chick 32
Christian Louboutin Beauty 6
4. Rouge Allure Velvet 1 7
Luminous Matte Lip Colour
in Nightfall 28 Chanel
5. Sketch Marker Liquid
Art Liner in Canary Yellow
17 Too Faced
6 & 7. Matte Highliner Gel
Eye Crayon in (Plum)age
and (Over)night 20 each
Marc Jacobs Beauty 2 3

cans of LOral Professionnel Infinium
hairspray used in the London shows

200 backstage hero:
Tecni.ART Pli, the ONLY
hand-painted zebra-print false 9 hair product used at
nails created for Pucci Topshop Unique
times Jing Wen brought beauty attitude







4 20

balloons rubbed over

models hair to create
sparkly pouts seen

the static texture seen
at Gucci
at Anya Hindmarch

6 + 2 N U MBERS
room sprays One month. Four cities.
453 shows
and presentations 5
from Diptyque used bright liner looks worn at
Photographs: Jason Lloyd-Evans, Ambra Vernuccio, Davide Cossu, Sonny Vandevelde,

backstage at Versace Prabal Gurung

Archive, @ddtemple/Instagram, Creative Nail Design Inc. Still lifes: Benot Audureau
Schohaja, Molly SJ Lowe, iStock, Shawn Brackbill, Indigital, Kevin Tachman/Trunk

bottles of LOral Professionnel Mythic Oil shipped in for Erdem


metres of black velvet

ribbon finished the graphic 68 1
Range Rover, illustrated
half-up, half-down look at Hairnets worn by Angelica Hicks, carried
Emilia Wickstead backstage at Dior the Glamour beauty team O

its OK
to be
angry AF
Twitter rants, office strops, spats heres an amazing caf on my corner that makes the best
cold brew coffee. Trouble is, I cant go there any more
with strangers A N N A D AV I E S since I recently blew up at the barista for not having any

explores why were so damn full of cold brew left on tap. Of course you bloody dont,
I snapped before allowing the door to slam behind me. But its
fury, and how to harness its power not just the explosions. Its the constant muttering under my
breath on my daily commute or the stomach twist when I see
a smug social media post. What am I angry about? Donald Trump.
Brexit. The friend who forgot to invite me for happy-hour drinks.
The editor who asked for an umpteenth revision of my work.
Myself, for not finishing my to-do list. So, of course, I blow up at
the barista who has nothing to do with any of it. I dont want to
be angry but I am. And while it doesnt feel good, neither does
slapping on a happy face and pretending everything is fine.


I know Im not the only one on edge, though. A quick scroll through
my Twitter feed is enough to show the collective anger floating in
our society. Several reporters labelled 2016 the year of anger
and regardless of where you are on the political spectrum right
now, the simmering rage on social media can easily spill into our 24/7 ANNOYED
everyday lives. I feel like my anger is simmering below the surface,
all the time, says Jen, 30, from London. Im having a good day,
Positive actions, fine. But for me, it never feels like just one
and then I read the headlines and boom, I just feel it all over again.
incident. Its everything and when Im angry, I find myself
Health experts agree that this world anger is evident in their
constantly trying to validate my feelings by adding on a string
practices and its having implications on clients physical health,
of perceived injustices. This is especially easy with social media,
ranging from disrupted sleep, headaches, lowered immune
when you can find anyone, at any time, to agree with your point
system response, and higher risk of serious health issues,
of view. And my anger hopscotches: Ill start feeling angry at
says Dr Gail Saltz, a psychiatrist and author of The Power
a friend for cancelling drinks plans due to work, and find
Of Different. And holding it in isnt any better: as well
myself embroiled in a virtual argument with my online
as amplifying depression and anxiety, research says
mums group about the best playschools for toddlers.
those who hide their anger are more likely to have
Theres comfort in anger, and there can also
heart attacks and shows a direct link between
be comfort in amplifying our emotions, says
suppressed anger and early mortality.

Anger is
Jo Allison, a behavioural analyst for Canvas8,
Thats likely because anger is a complicated
a London behavioural insights consulting
emotion, which can be much tougher to

powerful, and
firm. But research shows anger spreads
manage than, say, happiness. Unlike
faster online than any other emotion.
other emotions, anger stems from
And our brains arent built to handle
we can manifest
a combination of another feeling
the click, click, click of a constant news
and a judgement, adds Dr Dathan
cycle healthily. Think about it: we

that in positive
Paterno, clinical director of Park
encounter more conflicting opinions
Ridge Psychological Services in
in ten minutes than our ancestors did
Chicago. The feeling is almost
always hurt, while the judgement
is almost always injustice. For
actions in years, explains Allison. All those
emotions and opportunities to take
offence at others opinions put our
example, if I accidentally stub
nerves in an incredibly sensitive state.
my toe, Ill feel pain but I wont
Thats what Molly, 26, from Chichester
get angry. But lets say someone
discovered. At first, I was glued to the news because
steps on my foot as hard as
I would always find more points to be angry about.
they can. The exact same hurt
But then I realised it was just pulling my passion away from
will ignite anger. I might tell
what I really loved, like writing. So I made rules to turn off.
them off to rebalance or achieve justice. Without that emotion,
I might never be roused to action; I might settle for being hurt.
Understanding how anger drives us is crucial. So, that
revved-up heart rate and heavy breathing? Courtesy of RETHINKING ANGERS
adrenaline flooding your body, gearing you up for potential
action, explains Dr Paterno. And this heightened physiological
state can actually be a force of good; one study presented at
The British Psychological Society found that anger motivated
While turning off may help, there are still real-life disagreements,
volunteers just as much as sympathy. Another study in 2017
at work or at home, that we have to contend with. And sexism
found that cancer survivors who were angry at their diagnosis
still plays a part in how our anger is perceived. Dr Saltz says that
were more motivated to follow through on health goals, such as
a woman who gets angry even when rightfully so, like defending
committing to an exercise plan. Anger is powerful, and we can
a project thats important to her at work is called irrational
absolutely manifest that power in positive actions, says Dr Saltz.
or unstable far more frequently than a man who pulls a similar
And those who frequently find their blood boiling arent doomed
move. But, Dr Saltz says, stereotypical anger raised voice,
to poor health; in fact, research says people who cope with anger
red face, throwing papers has limited utility for anyone. And
constructively, such as by working to solve the problem that made
managing anger in that moment is a skill anyone can learn.
them angry, have a lower resting blood pressure than those with
Its OK to tell someone youre so angry you cant even talk,
fewer coping skills. Increased creativity and optimism are other
says Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and author of 13 Things
benefits you can reap from angry emotions. The trick, says
Mentally Strong People Dont Do. But its important to take
Dr Saltz, is learning how to separate what we can control, like our
a step back from the anger and ask, How can I be an effective
own actions, from those we cant, like the outcome of an election.
communicator? This takes the focus off your anger and puts
it on a solution. First, its helpful to think of your anger on a scale
of one to ten, and then notice, without judging, the physical
manifestations that occur. So maybe when your anger is at


a four, you may notice your heart pounding; when its at a seven,
your voice rises; and at a nine, you cry. Whatever it is, being aware
of these symptoms can help you feel calmer.
I tested Morins theory after receiving an email pulling me

from a project Id intended to work on. As soon as I saw the
words Budget reasons! So sorry, I felt my heart rate rise, tears
stung my eyes and I marked my anger at a solid eight on the rage
scale. Even though it wasnt her fault, I wanted to lay into her.
But I reminded myself that these symptoms werent putting me
in the best place for a professional chat. I ignored the email and
responded the following morning, citing my disappointment but
asking her to consider me for the future. It worked. I felt better,
didnt burn a bridge, and got another assignment from her two
weeks later. That might sound simple but, as someone whos
always been on the verge of exploding, it was a game changer. M O R E WAY S T O
WORK FOR YOU Yep, write down everything
youre angry about (shouty
background music optional),
Heres the thing: we cant escape anger. We shouldnt want
suggests spiritual teacher
to. Its a powerful agent of change if embraced positively.
Teal Swan. Its a small step
Instead of seeing anger as a burden, we need to see it as a jolt
in figuring out whats
of adrenaline that can point us in the direction of our passions
bothering you, especially
and highlight areas of our life that need work. So, that fight if you struggle to express
with your partner because they forgot to text that theyll be your anger and usually bottle
home late? Its an opportunity to have a conversation about it up. The idea is to use these
communication patterns that arent working in your relationship. notes for a conversation IRL.
The creeping annoyance you feel in a queue? Use it to practise
acknowledging your anger and your coping skills; two things ONO MINDLESS SCROLLING
researchers have proven are beneficial to your health. The Bus running late? The worst
blow-hard co-worker who cant stop talking politics? A sign thing you can do is read the
to start volunteering on campaigns that matter to you. news or someones #blessed
I tell clients who feel angry that looking back, or at what might posts on Facebook. It feeds
happen, isnt helpful. Doing something to support their own values your anger your mind will
can help everything feel less out of control, says Sarah Allen, look for further reasons to
psychologist and member of The British Psychological Society. And get angry, says Niels Ek,
me? Ive joined a Friday-night letter-writing campaign to politicians a psychologist and
at my local bookshop. I also know I can dial back my anger when co-founder of mindfulness
app Remente. Instead, do
I need to. Reaching a nine on the anger scale isnt an emergency,
something you enjoy (listen
but a response that can be brought down a few notches with some
to a podcast, browse Asos or
(wait for it) deep breathing. Yes, that works. It sends oxygen to the
read a book) as a distraction
brain needed as blood rushes to your head and counting in for
and the rage should fade.
five and out for five gives you something to focus on besides the
emotion. Stopping my anger cycle before it ratchets up to a full-on OFIND A ROLE MODEL
strop is making me calmer and a better communicator. I may still The upside of a busy year?
get annoyed at a friends flakiness, but at least Im recognising the Plenty of women have shown
reason for my anger. And now that Im more likely to express that theyve been able to
Thompson/Trunk Archive, iStock

disappointment rather than let it brew, I plan to head to my local get angry and get shit done.
caf again, apologise, and enjoy my coffee with confidence. Take JK Rowlings Twitter
takedowns of Donald Trump
and French PhD candidate
Rebecca Amsellem
Theres a lot of shame and guilt surrounding anger, but ignoring
spearheading a national
it can make it worse, says psychologist Jared DeFife. It can alienate walkout in France to protest
others and lead to resentment plus, according to one study, against gender wage
people who dont acknowledge their anger are more likely to turn disparity. Seeing people
Photographs: Michael

to violence. The first step? Accepting anger as a healthy emotion.


efectively get angry and

But if youre regularly blowing up, or finding it impossible to get how they communicate their
past a situation, seek professional help. Anger management message can inspire ways to
courses (visit can provide support and coping manifest your emotion into
strategies, as can talking to a counsellor (find one at action, too says Dr Saltz. O



Could it be

Stars Daisy Ridley and

Lena Dunham have
discussed their struggles
with endometriosis,

a disorder in which
tissue that normally
grows inside the uterus
starts to grow outside

it. In the UK, one in ten
women of reproductive
age sufer from it but,
traditionally, Its not
From the time you get your period, youre tracking it. Gynaecologist Dr Katharine White a condition many
knows patients who plan sex, their holidays and even their outfits round their cycles women are aware of,
and then sometimes it changes. Before you freak out, heres what she wants you to know: says gynaecologist
Dr Jamie Renslo.
Thanks to the headlines,
Suddenly need to double your usual pads Birth control is usually the culprit. with abnormal bleeding
or tampons? If one period is crazily heavy, Breakthrough bleeding is especially are wondering whether
wait it out, but if a few in a row are, you common with a new method, but it usually endo is the cause. Heavy
may have developed a polyp or fibroids in resolves itself on its own: after two to three periods and spotting
your uterus. This sounds scary, but these months on the Pill, or three to six months are two symptoms,
benign growths are more of a nuisance with an intrauterine device (IUD, also known but a better indicator?
than a danger. Or you may be experiencing as the coil). If the bleeding doesnt improve Your cramps. The
a hormonal imbalance in your thyroid or in that time, talk to your doctor about severity of the pain
pituitary gland also completely treatable. switching methods. And if youve been on is the distinguishing
Your doctor can order blood tests or an the same birth control method for a long factor, says Dr Renslo;
Massachusetts. Additional words: Cheryl Grant. Photographs: Julia Noni/Trunk Archive

ultrasound scan to figure out the cause. time and start spotting, your doctor should endo-associated cramps
Dr White is an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Boston University,

know that too the bleeding could be are usually so intense

WHAT IF ITS ERRATIC? caused by an infection or a benign growth. that they interfere with
An adults cycle can range anywhere from your quality of life.
21 to 35 days (in the teens, up to 45 days). AND IF ITS MIA? (Another tell-tale sign
Some women never have regular periods, First, take a pregnancy test. But if youre not is dificulty getting
but if yours are becoming more random pregnant or on a hormonal birth control* pregnant.) It takes
or if youre suddenly skipping two method and youve gone three months surgery to look for other
months (or more) tell your doctor. The or more without a period, its time to be causes of the symptoms
most common cause is polycystic ovarian evaluated. (*Occasionally skipping a period and confirm a diagnosis,
syndrome (PCOS), which often occurs in is normal sometimes the hormones do so if your doctor
your twenties. Its a complex condition, so such a good job of thinning out your suspects you have endo,
a doctor will discuss treatments with you. uterine lining that you dont bleed at all.) they may try to treat it
The most common cause in your twenties first. Various methods
WHY AM I SPOTTING AFTER SEX? and thirties is PCOS early diagnosis is the of contraception can
Any amount of blood after sex can be best way to manage symptoms. In your suppress the growth
scary. If its a relatively rare thing, though, forties, it could be peri-menopause (the of uterine lining, which
you dont need to worry. Happening often? transition to menopause). But if you have can help to relieve
Head in for a check-up. It could be an an IUD or the contraceptive implant, having symptoms.
infection, such as bacterial vaginosis, your periods stop is common. I tell my
a cervical polyp or a sign of an STI. patients: enjoy not having to buy tampons.

Halkidikis unspoilt
coastline Right The pool
at Eagles Villas Below
a Mount Athos monastery;
natural beauty abounds



GREECE. This summer, were going of

the beaten Aegean track

But not as
you know it

Greece has long been a go-to destination for Palace resort on the Athos peninsula. The
sunseekers, and its popularity shows no signs of two-bedroom villas are incredibly spacious,
abating. Thats before the hotly anticipated release with chic, neutral dcor and, as they each
of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! But beyond come with their own heated pool, it can be
the masses lie plenty of undiscovered treasures tempting to just hang out in your room all
day. But theres so much to do outside.
S WA P S O U T H E R N The ancient village of Ouranoupolis is less
GREECE than ten minutes away by car. Steeped in history,
FOR THE NORTH it has working monasteries, a Roman grave and
the 14th-century Tower Prosforios. Of course,
by Editor-In-Chief Jo Elvin there are also more gorgeous beaches and plenty
For a real under-the-radar gem, consider of sh taverns specialising in the local favourite,
Halkidiki. Jutting out into the northernmost baked mussels smothered in a spicy tomato sauce.
part of the Aegean Sea, its heavy The highlight for me was exploring the little
on crystal-clear waters and islands that are a stones throw from the resort.
stunning mountain views, but It was very fancy of us to hire a boat with
light on the tourist hordes of a skipper, but denitely worth it. We spent the
the more party-tastic islands. day swimming in the breathtaking translucent
Our base camp was Eagles waters of Diaporos Island before sailing over to
Villas, the recently opened another, dubbed The Frying Pan by the locals
apartments at the ve-star Eagles (best explained by seeing it), and tucking into
F O R U B E R - LU X U R I O U S
Mykonos town
Right The pool at
Kensh Boutique
Hotel & Suites
by Digital Picture
Editor Sandra Waibl

Think of Mykonos
and you just think
party, right? Youre missing
a trick. If you want to enjoy the
true beauty of the island and get the islands sherbet sunsets
our picnic of Greek salads and baklava. We of the plane at the end of the (preferably with cocktail in hand).
sailed back to the resort in time for cocktail holiday actually feeling restored, The beach of Ornos, with
oclock, and watched the sun set while admiring head for the hills. There sits its turquoise waters and white
views across to Mount Athos. (Enjoy looking at Kensh Boutique Hotel & Suites. sands, is just a few minutes walk
it from afar because, as the mountain is home A secluded hideaway, the down the hill from the hotel. But
to 20 working monasteries, its a strictly male, resort is a harmonious mix of if you feel like venturing just a bit
and pretty much monk-only, province.) traditional Greek architecture and further, Mykonos town can be
The Eagles Palace resort also has several contemporary minimalism. Most reached in less than ten minutes
restaurants our favourite being the rooms have their own pool or by car. Youll look forward to
beachfront Armyra with its amazing selection Jacuzzi, with picture-book views retreating back to your haven
Photographs: Getty Images, Alamy

of sexed-up traditional Greek mezze dishes, but over the bay perfect for enjoying come the end of the day.
the ne-dining at Kamares is fabulous too.
Theres a saltwater pool that features a swim-up
bar (go on, youre on holiday) and a cool,
underground Elemis spa that ofers a huge
menu of relaxing treatments.
Im already planning my return visit. by Style Editor Chloe Bloch
Looking for a Greek
island escape without the inevitable
beach bunght? Head to Sifnos. With
Left and below A Residential
Pool Villa at Eagles Villas, no airport or direct ferry connections
Halkidiki Right A shop at from the more commercial islands,
N O W hotel, Sifnos
Apollonia, Sifnos Below right
T R I G H T Kamarot this picturesque spot remains free
from package tourism. In a lush olive
grove near the town of Kastro, youll
nd Kamarot, a boutique hotel with
13 rooms spread over three classic
Cycladic-style buildings, all white
interiors and unparalleled sea views.
Restaurants in Sifnos pride
themselves on using locally sourced
ingredients, and Omega3 is a must
for seafood lovers. Its the perfect
place to while away the hours under
a bougainvillaea-clad terrace.
Those of you wishing to explore
Photographs: xxxx

will not be disappointed by the


whitewashed villages of Apollonia

and Artemonas, or the secluded
beaches of Fikiada and Vroulidia.

Los Angeles king of denim
J Brand has collaborated
with London-based
designer Bella Freud
to create a capsule
collection of ber-cool
looks, complemented
T A K E TWO by her slogan sweaters.
These acetate sunnies from French Want, want, want!
Connection are the perfect styles
to flatter all face shapes, and the
warm- and cool-coloured lenses
mean they will suit all skintones,
too. 79 each at House of Fraser

WA N T , L O V E ,
SHOP Jumper 380
and jeans 245 both
J Brand x Bella Freud

Stuf weve seen and now we need


because Away has
created a limited-
edition luggage set
with actress and
writer Rashida Jones.
Our top pick? This
cactus colourway
(225). And to avoid
lost luggage, why not
add a cool travel tile
(30)? Travelling
never looked so chic.

Still lifes: 3Objectives

The iconic London store has revisited some of its classic prints for
these Merton tote bags (195 each). The Orions peacock feathers
date back to the 20s, the paisley Andromeda is from the 70s and the
chintz Christelle was introduced in the 90s. Decisions, decisions

Calvin Klein creates some of the coolest designs,
including these earrings, while Swarovskis
The Remix Collection ofers endless styling
opportunities, like this bracelet with added charms.
Defining minimalist-cool, Missomas stack
of 80s-inspired rings have shot to the
top of our wish list.

WATER BABE Earrings 69
Calvin Klein

Rings (from left) 75 and 49 both

Missoma; The Remix Collection
bracelet from 59 Swarovski

The new bb range from swimwear label Heidi The shoe of the season is
Klein comprises simple, clean designs, like this brought to you by none other
gorgeous bikini (130). All styles are reversible, than Jimmy Choo. Not only is
so you get two for the price of one. #winning oxblood the shade to rock
right now, but this ultra-chic
heel (825) complete with
Dress price Coat 2,545, deep V-cut and sexy ankle
on request, jumper 1,110,
boots 1,900, bracelet will also bring any
shoes 540,
earrings 95 scarf 460 and outfit together perfectly.
and bag 860 bag 1,470

We ve

Looking for a life-changing
IN STORE beauty buy? Here are two
NOW! (youre welcome).
One of our favourite
Abeille Royale Youth Watery
designers, Michael Oil 37 Guerlain; 5 Couleurs
Kors, has done it High Fidelity Colours &
again with his new Coat 3,140, Efects Eyeshadow Palette
jumper 1,110, in Fascinate 45 Dior
lust-after collection.
boots price
(Credit card, dont on request
fail me now.) and bag 1,040

For more fashion updates, follow Executive Fashion & Beauty Director Claudia Mahoney on Instagram: @claudiamahoney
   0 /2       !0  (/%!3% 2&00
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0'(!02!2!'&+ 6,3!0!2 2!$0 & 027$!0 ((/$ !& & '32 ' 2 7%+
&  &'&$&2 0&0 ' 027$ 2& '32 .%(4*54 14 5 ,:
/(/0&2 2 / & 022!+ @@@2%(4*54 14 5 ,:2/2=) '$$'5
 4/ 5& 75/ '$$2!'& !0 %(4*54 14 5 ,: )*+
/2/!8 7  %'/& 2# '& $!2 '/% & 02/323/ 30!&
!&&'42!4 2&!,30 $$ &% 5!2 2 !02 ,3$!27
/20%&0!(+ / & $ (!23/+ !0!2 A: 4,/,,B2/+

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/%2! 30!'& ' '$ '$'3/0 & 2623/0

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$363/7 /& '
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5'/#5/ 23/!& /2 '& '  #!& $!03/5/
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5'%&.0 "#20 '/ 2 %'/&
!&2/&2!'&$ & (/'00!'&$
5'%&+ /$'22.0 "#20
/!& 3& 327 & $%'3/
!&2' 4/77 $! 7 '%!&!&
$!2 250 5!2 '&2%('//7
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 &5 /& 0 '/& &% #&!25/ /&+ !2 @@@2&4*/:: */,/,2/+ '/ 2
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2!$ (/'32!'&+ !0!2 & '$$'5 '& &02/%  3&!,3 3&'&4&2!'&$ /2!4 4!0!'&+
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 -7$(7$'D $) 8+'$ 788 ) 8=7'$)! 8$'A7 ="$8 +''=$+) $8 7= +7
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<BI,)<' <)&.< B'B . G0;. !0; .I F.B6 ; B'< -E<B('F 2)< !0;
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2)< !0; B' )& I . F;II6 0,,0G 94)++- 0.  . E< 8  1>9 0. 94)++-2/,
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2;)-;I <'2<6 )BE; '; )< B' 0E&.F),, .+, 2).B ,E-).)E- 0-). G)B' BG)<B
0BB0. ;02 F),, ). )!!;.B 0,0E;<6 )<)B B'); 0.,). <'02 B >>>21@+2)9 .
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<02')<B)B ;B G)B' B' -0;. G0-. ). -).6 )BE; '; )<  ;).& ;.
!;0- B' 0E* 0,,B)0. '.;!B ). 1
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0.,I  0E2, 0! I< . B'I G),, &)!B G;2 )B ). B'); <)&.BE; 0H6 F),, ). <B;,).& :A
<),F; &0, 2,B . ;0< &0, 2,B6 )<)B >>>2, 4),,-/<9)3< 2/,

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6A&)A5 ,5 (( 6$.6 * 6&D62
$6 *,<%6,%6& 6?&<6 5 B<(C
A$< C,?5 A55, *6 &6&<
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(%&*6.&5 6A&)A52 $,.
<$&5 *A(C (?*$ $*)

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@5&<C , ?*&3? 5& * 6<C(62 )  <5 &<6 6&#*5 * )( :::14&84&4:(+:31-18) *
,A* <$ 5* $6  .5 < ?*56<*&*# , A,)*46 A*<6 * 5&@ >E1 , A&<$   >E
$6  #,( <, )' @5C A,)* (,,' 6 ?<& ?( * "<<5&*# 6 /B.2 E=9-E9-702 ,((,A <$) ,*
.,66&( &* <$&5 6&#*62 ?*$ &* <,5 >E-8 <$ 5* $6 *6<#5) 4&84&4:(+:3
(5C ) &< <, &<6 !56< 5?*AC 6$,A < <$ &)& A&) '2 &6&<
:::1*(,/631-+ ,5 ),5 &* ,5)<&,* ,5 (( 2. #7#'!77'..>2

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#(),5,?6 6A&)A5 ) A&<$
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B(?6&@ ( *,56 6?))5 6*6<&,*2 $6 ,) ,5<( "&.
6<C( &'&*&62 -E1 , A&<$ , ",.6 A&<$ ?* ,5( 5 6&#*6
 <C( ?* * ?))5   -E /B.2 E+9-E9-702 A&(( 5@,(?<&,*&6 C,?5 $,(&C
6&#* * ,?* C )(& ,,<A52 :::1"-/=1-+ ;=E2
5D   ,)&*6 .56*<6 &<6 >E-7%>E- ,((<&,*
),5* <,*6 * <B<?56 A&<$ < , &<C &* 5&6 %+%-E ?(C2
+E46 6&#*6 <, 5< 6.,5<C 6BC $ ,((<&,* &6 *)    &6 <$
)&*&)(&6<& 6A&)A52  <),5.$,6&6 * 6'6 <, .5 < 6A&)A5 (&* ,5 <$
 6&#*6 5 5 < A&<$ *$* <$ ?<C , A,)* 6<C(&6$ <&@ A,)* <$<
$&#$ 3?(&<C <(&* 5&6 A&<$  <,C , 5&*# ,) ,5< * )56 (&  A&<$ $ #,5#,?6
6)(66 !*&6$ <, 5<  6,* 6( %,*!* .5,@&&*# .& <'&*# C,? 5D&(C 5,)
6'&* (2 &6&< ?6<,)56 A&<$ 3?(&<C * $ <, *",,52 &6&<
:::1;4:(+1-+ * ,((,A @5&<C , .5,?<62 &6&< 3=6&3=1-+ * ,((,A
;4:(+ ,5 ),52 :::1+3'*(1-+ ,5 3=6&3=14:(+ /02
*6<#5) +3*(4:(+:3 $,<,#5.$5 ,5&* ?(&
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6A&) * 56,5< (( ,( *<,*&C ,*@2
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,?6&*# ,* $&#$ <$< 5&)#&*6 <$ ,*%.& *
3?(&<C )<5&(6 * <A,%.& <, (5< * "<<5
<$ .5 < !<2  <$ )( ,5)2 (*&*#
6<C(&D (* , B3?&6&< <&)(66 6&#* *
$&#$ 6$&,* * )<&?(,?6 <&(&*# $ .& &6
#(,( (?B?5C &6  (66&2 $ (&<<( (' 566 ,
),& &* <$&5 6A&)A52 &6&< <$ 6<,5
,5 6<$<& A$&$ < :::163(//4:(+1-+
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*A(C (?*$ A6&< +(-4:(+1-+ * ,((,A +(-4:(+ /02


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:.& 0: !0,,0E 4/<&'9/--/ 0. 6
;2   :@ 2:;0.,); ;; ;)&. G G0C6 ' C.)7C
;; -+ !0: @' 2:!@ &)!@ 0: @:@ @0 G0C:;,!6 0: . F,C;)D BI5 0!! C;
0    @ '+0C@6 ,) C.@), A1=I/=BI1<6 :@ G0C: ; @
???2&/<59/,)B2/2<* . !0,,0E &/<59/,)B 0. 6
:2    0!!:;  E) ;,@)0. 0! ')&' 7C,)@G ;; . E,,@;
).;2): G @' '0@@;@ @:.; 0! @' ;;0.6 '02  @
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I1=1I=1<6 0,,0E )+/"5?- 3 4
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%2     2:0D); @' C,@)-@ ). ') '0-E: .
!;')0. ;;0:);6 :0- ,;;G '0. ;; @0 ;;;G C.&,;;; 
@':9; ;0-@').& !0: D:G0. @ 00.C@(,.60-6 : AI5 0!!
C;).& 0   AI C.@), AI=I=1<6 0: ),G 2).+ .;@ ).;20 &@
!0,,0E).& //-<9+-<*!
$2 (  @' ;@(@;@).& 2.C@; G0C9,, D: @:G ,))0C; ;@
!:). 2.C@; '.(00+ ). ;-,, @'; E)@' .0. 0! @' C;C,
0),).;; . ;,@).;;6 ( C@; : 0--)@@ @0 )-2:0D).& ,)D; 0!
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:E ;0 G0C . -+  0!!;'02(7C,)@G C2 ' G ).;@.@,G G
).& -),+6 : 0.0. ,)D:G6 );)@ ???2/99+5'/94?2/,
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;C;:)2@)0. 0F; ). @'): 0C.@:G +)@'.6 '): + 0! @' -0.@'
,@:.@; @E. ).C,&.@ :0E.); .C@:)@)0C; $2*+; . $
@:)@)0., ;20.&;6 ' 2:!@ &)!@ !0: .G + ,0D: );)@
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  ,CF 0:&.)H@)0. . ;@@)0.:G (0C@)7C ; ). @'
 '; G0C: 22: .;6 'G D. 0!!:  -0.@',G ;@@)0.:G
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0@.), ).;2): 2:).@; . 2@@:.;6 )@'  C@)!C, :.& 0!
&:@).& :; .0@00+; . 2:).@; G0C9,,  ;C: @0 ".
;0-@').& !0: @' 2,.@ ,0D: ). G0C: ,)!6 );)@ ???2'+/('++2/2<* . !0,,0E
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 6 -:). BI(G:(0, ;)&.: G:)+ :G: :@; @' 2:!@ -)F @E. @:02), .
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0.,). @ ???2+<5'-+<@2/, . 0.  +<5'-+<@4-
002      );  ,CFC:G ., 0-2.G @'@ :@;
'. 20C: .,; - 0! . F,C;)D ,. C:.).& .@C:, 0C 00
00.C@ EF ,.6  CC:9; ,&.@ ,). 0! &,;; . .@C:, ;@0.
D;;,; 2:0D)  E) ::G 0! C;@0-)H@)0. 02@)0.; @0 :@ G0C:
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. ",,; D:G 0:.: 0! @' :00- E)@' )@; &0:&0C; :0-6 @9; @'
2:!@ &)!@ !0: D:G ., .@'C;);@ ). G0C: ,)! 0: @:@ G0C:;,! @0
0. . F2:). @' -&.)". 0!  CC:
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0;2     2 .)0:. .0@ 00H; ;2:+,6 '.., 
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;@0+; ,;@ @ ???29'145-9#-42/2<*
0:2 -),G 0E.       : :@0:; 0!
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!:0- '),,) @0 :-,); 0.)0.6  @:)@)0., ')&' 2:0@). .
',@'G ;.+ ),@0.& ); - !:0- :G C: . ;2) ;,@
2:)- !6 );0D: @' ,))0C; $D0C:; 0.,).
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F? F# * )3?) 3I@  @,)1@ L,// ,05? @@ $3? 1N 3@,319 3? 4P8 3$$ N3I? %?@F 5I?*@  I@ 3
=<   4P F * .3IF9 /, I1F,/ PG94P94B9 , L F* ,? @F3? F AAA1;6C1.+9>)96%.090.6%6+>)


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3? F3M, @I@F1 @ J /JFF @FN/ @ ? F,0 / @@ L,F* F*F .,1 3$ 5?F,I/?,FN
F*F 0. @ F* 0 MF?3?,1?N9 ,@,F AAA1*?*?;;1 3? 6 7 *>&&*>;;
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3// F,31 $3? *,/? 1 ,@ 0 L,F*3IF @,/,31 1 L,F* MF? @3$F 1 ?@ @I,F/ $3? F,K 5/N 1 / )1F 3IF,1)@9  @3,//N 31@,3I@ ?1
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L,1F ? L??3 9 ,@,F AAA1+','+',61.+ 3? +','+',6@,C 6 7 1 I@   4& $3? 4&8 3$$ N3I? %?@F 5I?*@ I1F,/ GPCP2C4B9
3?/L, @*,55,1)9
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9>A$+1 8A'E $9>$)>$B ) -'EA' 9$!)9 ')
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:::,+"+%8&+#.,)& ) )%+E  , 0 $9+A)>
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) 8> >$( E+A8 8A! $9  ')$)! - +8 9-$''9 )
8> 9A--'$91 ")&9 >+ $)9'>+> C">
"--)9 +) E+A8 8A! +9)7> "B >+ *7 *5 *
9>E +) E+A8 8A!1 "9 +8'
-'E(>9 9'$- 8$!"> +B8 $> !$B$)! '$>>' *
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$9$> :::,4#'/%4)4,)&
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"$8 $( $9 >+ >$B> >"
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>A8 +) >"$8 '+>"9 9+ E+A )
'$>8''E 899 A- $)  $8E>' C+8'
$9$> /&)).),)&,+%
*7,    $9  ($'E *1 *0
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')$)! +#8$)'E >"$''E (
'+>"$)! C$>" +8$'$>E ) A)>$+)' 8>$B 9$!)1 "A)&A)9 $))>
) >+'8 $>(9 8 9$!) >+ > +B8 '+>" $-89 ) "B !8+C#C$>"#
( >A89 >+ )9A8 "$'8) C$'' )+> !8+C +A> + >"( )8'E 9 9>
"A)&A)9 8''E "9 9+(>"$)! +8 B8E+)1 $) >"( "8'$8'/
.  C$>>8/ ) :::,"8'$8'/,)&
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")-8$)>91 " !8-"$9 8 ( C$>" $8)> >")$3A9 -$)>8A9"
-)$' ) (8&81 "$9 +''>$+) +)>$)9 >"$8 -+-A'8 8$)+>  C8(
B'B> %&> +8 >" +' A>A()  C++'') &)$>> 8$!) )  +'8+1 *
"E "+- >"> '' C$'' (& E+A ' C8(8 $) "8> >++
$9$> :::,&'8%,"8
* ,    9$!)9 3A'$>E '+>"$)! ) 99+8$9 +8 E+A8 '$>>'
+)9 ")8> $) ) A9$)! +8!)$ ) 9A9>$)' 8$91 "$8
$!)>A8 -A8>9 8(9 ) "+8>9 "B  +'$)! C$9>) ) A9
9$!) >+ !8+C C$>" E ) >+'81
> E+A8 E 8'D ) -'E $)
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  8  A)$3A A9$)99 8>$)! ( >+ +88
>8)E >+'8 ) E '+>"$)!1 "E +)9>)>'E 8> )C 9$!)9
$)'A$)! 9'+!) >#9"$8>9 ->>8) >#9"$8>9 '+)! 9'B >+-9 ) 8+(-891 *( 7<
"E "B  )C -89+)'$9 '$) '' + C"$" )  -8$)> +)>+ >"$8
8)! + '+>"$)! $>(91 $F9 8)! 8+( G#; E891
$9$> "%%)!.;/%$#/:.,)& +8 :::,!.;/%$#/:.,)& 7*


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E+A8 '$>>' A9 ) +''91 "$9 >8)E ($)$ 99)>$' -89+)'$9 &-&
C$''  -8> +8 E+A8 '$>>' +)9 C"+ C$''  !+$)! & >+ 9"++' 9++)
$9$> %8%/8/')%%/,#!.4%,)& +8 %8%/98/9'9)%%/9 >+
9 >"$8 C"+' 8)!1

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!+' $9 >+ 8$)! A)A'>8> 8C !E 9>E' >+ &$9 9"$+) C$>" 9$!)8
$)9-$8 -$9 >+ >"+9 '$!"> A' +) + &$) $>(9 >"> +)'E
$>>' +99
+A' 8> +8 E+A1 $9$> :::,%#44%)//%)4"#'!,)& +8
%#44%)//%)4"#'! ./
*,  8$)!9 E+A 9-+8> 8) )--$9 +8 E+A8 E !$8' +8 77
+E +8$)! >(9 8+( 8+99 A8+-1 "+C >"> E+A8 E $9  8' )
9$) $8>" $9$> .++#/,)& ) 9A--+8> E+A8 B+A8$> >( C$>" 
>"9 "$!" 3A'$>E ) A) )--$91
*(,     9''9 A>$A' 9"+9 +8 A>$A' "$'8)1 "$8
"$!" 3A'$>E 9"+9 ) 99+8$9 8 $(-+8> 8+( 8+A) >" !'+
8)!$)! 8+( $8>" >+ >)91 " AE$)! >( "B +B8 ,G E89
D-8$) $) "$'8)79 C81 B8E 99+) >"E >8B' >+ )9A8 >"E
"B >" 9> B$''1 $9$> :::,'#')/)'#4)/,),8$
+8 '#')/)'#4)/9/")/
7<,    $9  9-A)&E  )+ 9-8&'9 )+ A99  &$9 '+>"$)!
'$)1 >"8 >") 9$!)$)! C$>" >" >8$>$+)' 'A9 ) -$)&9 >" 8)
+A99 +) !E +(E 9>8> C81 " ()>8 $9 +A> '8>$)! >"
$ 4 $9 9"+A'  &$915 $9$> >" 9"+- > :::,:&)'/4.,'4
    +($)9 $))+B>$+) 9>E ) 9>E' >+ 8>
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)#"#+ +(+8>891 "9 'B8 -8+A>9 C8 9$!) C$>" A9
>+'89 ) 9'-#-8$B -8)>9 $) ($) >+ "'- C$>" 9'#9>>'$)!
9-8>$+) )D$>E ) -++8 9'-1 $) >"( +) )9>!8(
4:#%':#'$/ ++& :::,))$,)&24:#%':#'$/
+8 B$9$> :::,4:#%':#'$/,)&,8
77,  -  $9  "$' $)9-$8 A'> A8> +''>$+) +
'$!">A''E 9$!) -8+A>9 ) A8)$9"$)!9 8> 9-$''E +8
'$>>' -+-' C$>" $! $(!$)>$+)91 +A9 2 !-$ -8>)89 C$>"
$)>8)>$+)' 8>$9>9 ) $''A9>8>+89 8+( 8+A) >" C+8' >+ D'A9$B'E
9$!) >"$8 +)#+##&$) -8+A>91 $C >"$8 +''>$+)9
> ::::,&)8/'&!+#,)&

(* E++: /+: :/G; G(A&/EA ,*'E17 /: G*;7 &A9; A& ;:A7 A9;
(   -;A-A (-A A ;+/- ;AI+ :/G; (- ,(-EA; G(A& A& G/:+9; !:;A
-/',(H I:/G A(-A5 -)/I - H+E;(F DK4  A 666*+'6*'$
G(A& /     E-A(+ B0?0K?0=5
3* I I/E: ;*(- %+/G - I/E: &(: #/G5  
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EA&-A( /:/- ,(+I /G- E;(-;; ;1(+(;(-% (- +(F:(-% 
0KK4 1E: /:%-( :%- /(+ /:,E+ G(A& A& (, A/ &+1 :F(A+(; I/E:
;*(- - -/E:(;& I/E: &(: G(A& ,/(;AE:5 (;(A 666*$+#'%'%*'$
/: ,/: (- /:,A(/- /- A&(: +EHE:I (6E( /+ ,%(5
      (;  +EHE:I F%- ;*(-: :-5 &(; 
; :- :A; ;,++ A&; / +EHE:(/E; ;*(-: 1: E, - -+;5
:A(! G(A& A& 1(-% E--I :/%:, ;  :E+AI' : /,1-I< A&I : : /
++ -(,+'; (-%:(-A; - A;A(-%5 (AE: (; A& JE+ I /--A:A5 &/1
A& :-% A 666*1,7*'$/, ')/1 '#!5!+',' - E; A& /    A/
:(F 0K4 / I/E: !:;A /:: 2H15 D50050=35
*   D$'&/E: "'1( +(6E( +(1;A(* ;A (; ;,E%'1://  1:AI'1:// 
*(;;'1://  G&AF: +(  A&:/G; A I/E -+E;  /+ /:-%?:  ;E+A:I -
;EA(F 1+E, A& 1: A -E :/G-  ;A:(*(-% ,('A/-+ 1(-* -  1 -
:(-% : G(- ;& 666*%'*4" H+E;(F $K4 (;/E-A G(A& /
+,/E:$K E-A(+ BK?K.?0=5
 :A; ++ -AE:+ ;*(- : - EAI
1:/EA; E;(-% &:; - #/G:; :/, A&(: %:- (- A& /EA&;A:- -(A
AA;5 :I /- / A&; +/F+I +(1 +,; A/ ,/(;AE:(J - ;//A&5 (;(A
 6!#6'$%'1%!#,*!8 - /++/G /- -;A%:, 6!#6'$%'1%!#,

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;1:; ;(+I /- A& ;*(-5 :(%(-++I E; (- -(-A %I1A - /, /: EAI
1E:1/;; A&(; -AE:+ ;*(- +-;: - +;/  E; ;  ,*'E1 :,/F: /:
,;;% - :/,A&:1I 11+(A(/-;5 /: ;A :;E+A;   :/1 /: AG/ (- I/E:
F/E:(A /I +/A(/-5 / F(G A&(: E++ /++A(/- F(;(A 666*$!+#!%1 +%*'$
-* :/, (J A/ +(E A/ -&AA- A&(; (1 /, (;  ,E;A'&F /: +, /F:;5  G(A&
E++I F%- (-%:(-A; &//; - (- E;(/- / ,(-A /: (A:E;5  
-AE:+ A&': :-% A&A ,*; 1:/EA; /: ++ A&/; /-'A&'%/ (;(A
- * 
    (; F/A A/ :A(-% +EHE:(/E; ++ -AE:+ /;,A(; A&A I/E:
/,1+H(/- G(++ +/F5 ;(-% /-+I 1E: 1(%,-A; J:/ !++:; -/ A+ /: ;I-A&A(
. (-%:(-A;5 /*/+A :/-J: (;  :(& ,AA 1/G: A&A (; 1: A /: /-A:(EA(-% A/ A&A
E,,: %/;; %+/G (;(A 666*"'4"#',$1!,*'$ - /++/G
 "'4"#',$1!, 2 35
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;:A ;+- (+ (;  ;GA - #/:+ /A-(+ +-
/: ;(+*I ;,//A& - :(-A +//*(-% ;*(- G(A&/EA  %:;I +5 &(; F(A,(-'
& (( :(& 1:-' : A(F /(+ -  E; /- (A; /G- /: G(A& ,/(;AE:(;: A/
(9 -/E:(;& A& ;*(- G(A& ,/(;AE:5 /++/G /-  7,$!%"+!$! - F(;(A
666*7,$!%"+!$!*'$ A/ :(F  0K4 (;/E-A G(A&   0K
2H15 KB50K50=35
(9* +%!  9; 0KK4 :A(! :%-( /+ :;; ;A/: (+ (; 
,E+A('1E:1/; /(+ A&A ++/G; I/E A/ A:A -I  &(: I5 &- E; ;  &/A
/(+ A:A,-A (A 1:/F(; ,/(;AE: A/ :I - ,% &(: :/, A& ://A A/
(3 A(1 +F(-% (A +//*(-% &+A&I - ;&(-I5 (;(A 666*'+%!,4"4*'$
((* & G:'G(--(-% +E,!:,C +(- :/,   1:/F(; (,,(A
- F(;(+ ;*(-: :;E+A;5 /:,E+A G(A& : E++I ;+A &(%&'A&
(-%:(-A; G(A& A& ,/;A F- +(F:I ;I;A,;5 & +E,!:,C +( A -
%+/G I /-A/E: (; A& ,/;A ;E;; E+ (- A& +(- F(;(+I ;,//A&(-% A&
11:- / +(-; - ;(-% 1E !-;;5 (;(A 666*)5'%!*'*4" - /++/G
/- -;A%:, )5'%!4"
(3* :/, :E:+ /:%-( :,; (- A& &(+(11(-; 
 (; :G 1E:
- / A& !-;A 6E+(AI5  1E: /: EAI
//-EA (+ (; ;(+*I ;,//A& G(A&  EA( E+ ;EA+
//-EA :/, - (; &(%&+I ,/(;AE:(J(-% G&(+ :(&
(- -/E:(;&(-% (A,(-  - -A(/H(-A;5
(;(A 666*")4#4%''%41*'$
(2* H1:(-  !%E:'&E%%(-% ;&F G(A&   F >
+ :J/:5 &(: E-(6E -+ :A:(% ++/G;  +/;
;&F /++/G(-% F:I /-A/E: / I/E: /I5 (A& /F: >K
I:; / H1:A(; /:/ (; /- / A& ,/;A A:E;A :-; (-
A& ;&F(-% (-E;A:I5 -)/I  0K4 (;/E-A /- ++ 1:/EA; I
( -A:(-% 8   0=9 A 666*+8'+,7'+'*'*4"
( : H1(:; BK?K.?0=5
9; ;A';++(-% +(1 A:A,-A (; -/G F(++ (- 
%/:%/E; :/; ;& E: *E*E( /(+ - ;& EAA: &+1 A/ :;A/: ,/(;AE: -
:)EF-A :I +(1; G&(+ %F - %:1 ; /(+ &+1 ;//A& - 1:/AA5 F(++
A 666* %#!'$)%7*'$
(. (*   
 / :  /++A(/- / :(%(-+ ;;-A(+ (+ /G+AA;5 E: :;&
- E+/E;5 & 1:/EA 1(AE: /-A(-; +,(-% F-: :,/F;
(- ,*E15  :;&(-% ,/- E; A/ :;&- E15 1+( A(-% :-% +- &-;  A:
E;(-% 1E+( A:-;1/:AA(/-5 -F(%/:A(-% 11:,(-A AE* (- (: /- F-A A/ 11
E1 /- :/ A:(1;5 A(,E+A(-% E+I1AE; + (- &/A ;&/G: A/ -)/I :/,A(
F1/E:; (;(A +%,,%1!#,*'$ F(++ A/ 1E:&; :/, $8'%*'*4"
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Beauty Nationwide

Welcome to The Laser Treatment Clinic, 1 Harley Street London. The clinic was founded in
2000 and has over 17 years practice and experience in cutting-edge Laser Skin Care Treatments
for All Skin Types. A Multi-Award Winning Clinic, our Laser Skin Care Experts offer honest expert
advice, whilst our Laser Practitioners produce unrivalled work to reveal your healthy beautiful
clear skin.
We offer advanced non-invasive Laser Treatments and high quality Skin Care Products that
work in synergy, for the most effective solutions to all your modern day skin concerns.
We have become the first choice in laser skin care treatment for many high profile figures.

Book a Free Consultation today with our Skin Specialist to find our more about how we can help
you. Call us now on 020 7307 8712 and one of our friendly skincare professionals will be happy
to help. Treatments we offer include but are not exclusive of:

Legal Services
Helping You to a Healthier Smile To advertise on
Professional oral health advice and
products the experts recommend
these pages
please telephone
020 7499 9080
ext 3705.

For more information visit
promo code GLAMGS for
10% off your first order*
*T&Cs apply Valid until 01.09.17

Failed root canal treatment? Filling fallen out?

cosmetic surgery of course carries a Failed to notice Gum Disease?
risk, and this could include
disappointment with the results. Sensitive Teeth after whitening?
If in doubt, please consult your GP.
Unhappy with Implants?
Tooth Extraction has left you with Pain?
Clairvoyancy & Tarot

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your dental

treatment then contact us today on 0161 624 0387
(option 3) or e-mail
as you may have a Claim
Chairman Emeritus: S.I. Newhouse, Jr.
President & Chief Executive Ofcer: Robert A. Sauerberg, Jr.
Artistic Director: Anna Wintour


Chairman and Chief Executive: Jonathan Newhouse
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Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Ofcer: James Woolhouse
Executive Committee: Wolfgang Blau, Nicholas Coleridge,
Moritz von Lafert, Jonathan Newhouse, Xavier Romatet,
Elizabeth Schimel, James Woolhouse
President, New Markets and Editorial Director, Brand Development:
Karina Dobrotvorskaya
Director of Finance and Strategy: Jason Miles
Apply Director of Acquisitions and Investments: Moritz von Lafert

Vogue Digital Director: Jamie Jouning

World-class fashion education President, Cond Nast E-commerce: Franck Zayan
in the heart of central London
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Photographs: Getty Images/iStock, Everett Collection

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