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Amazing Experience

Two weeks ago, we, some teachers, some college students from UNNES and some
parents did social activity in Rindang Kasih and Kopeng. Our social activity held on 18 th
October 2011- 19th October 2011. It took for 1 days . We did these activities
Orientation accompanied by our teachers, named, Mrs. Chusnawati, Mr Lomo and Mr Hudi and 3
college students there are Mr. Bagus, Mr. Samba and Ms. Vivi. The purpose is to
improve further solidarity and train the participants self-reliance. We prepared many
entertainments, such as games, ensemble music, reading the poem. We also helped
them by giving some main foods such as rice & instant noodles.

At first we went to Rindang Kasih and did some activities, like reading the poem &
sang together we also ate snacks with the students of Rindang Kasih. Next we visited
Event 1 the Kopeng. It tooks for 1 hour to reach it. We finally arrived at Kopeng. The first
activity we had a lunch together at the village hall, and then we went to the lodge
where peoples in Kopeng House. After that we took a rest and took a bath. In the
evening there is welcoming activities, like Bondan Traditional dance, sang together
and also some games from the students of 8F.

The second day we had to help the flower and vegetable farmers, and squeeze the
milk. At last we prepared to go home. From these activities weve got some
Event 2 advantages such as: we can know the way to plant vegetables, flowers and also the
knowledge about vegetables and flower. In addition, we can adapt to live
independently in society.

Reorentation We were very happy, and we hope that this experience can repeated.