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Goal Indicators and evidence Actions you will take to work towards the goal
you will have to
demonstrate you have
achieved this goal
Goal 1: Lesson plans showing the 1.6: Demonstrate broad knowledge and understanding of
Professional Knowledge inclusion of students with legislative requirements and teaching strategies that support
disabilities. participation and learning of students with disability.
1.6: Strategies to support full participation Have feedback forms from - Discussing with the associate teacher the learning needs of
of students with disabilities. the associate teacher to the student with the disability to ensure that the activities
confirm that I can planned are both age and content appropriate for the situation,
1.2: Understand how students learn. demonstrate how children if appropriate.
learn through different - Speak to the students themselves to discuss what they do
strategies. and do not struggle with.

1.2: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research

into how students learn and the implications for teaching.
- Discuss with the associate teacher the implications of
- Use different teaching theories in class to see the effects of
Goal 2: Have lessons planned in 3.7: Describe a broad range of strategies for involving
Professional Practice which parents/carers are parents/carers in the educative process
involved. As with the above - Engage with parents/carers prior to lessons to discuss what
3.7: Engage parents/carers in the have the parents/carers they enjoy doing in the classroom.
educative process. provide feedback on the - Plan with the supervising teacher to implement the activities.
activity to engage what they
3.5: Use effective classroom thought of the lesson. 3.5: Demonstrate a range of verbal and nonverbal
communication Use different forms of communication strategies to support student engagement
communication that can be - Discuss with the associate teacher what verbal and nonverbal
reflected upon. communication strategies that they use that are affective.
- Practice a number of different communication strategies.

Goal 3: Multiple different sources of 4.1: Identify strategies to support inclusive student participation
Professional Knowledge marked and unmarked and engagement in classroom activities
sources of student works
4.1: Support student participation together with the feedback of - Give the students different activities that need to be assessed
my thoughts and the (in conditions that the students know are assessment
4.5: Use ICT safely, responsibly and feedback of my associate conditions and not).
ethically teacher. - Also, allow students to have multiple assessments in different
Have feedback from the content areas of the curriculum.
associate teacher to confirm
that ICT has been used 4.5: Demonstrate an understanding of the relevant issues and
responsibly and within the the strategies available to support the safe, responsible and
schools guidelines. ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching.
- Obtain a copy of the schools ICT policy and further discuss
this with the students and associate teacher.
- Ensure that ICT lessons are employed to use the above ICT
Other aims you may have for the professional experience:

- I really would like to focus on learning strategies for Indigenous Australians in the classroom and how my teaching
needs to change, if at all.
- Attend meetings that are not related to my class and or area so that a larger understanding of the school life is gained.
- Working on the language used in the classroom, that is appropriate to the age group.
- Work on using more ICT in the classroom and start to use the interactive whiteboard a lot more (so that students can
be included in the lesson a lot more).

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