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Problems Encountered

1. Unexpected Construction Joint

One of the major problem in operations that is always being dealt, is that for every
concrete pouring, some areas is not completely covered in a sense that unexpected
construction joint must be created before another pouring to occur. Construction joints help
in joining old and new concrete. Initially, there are planned construction joints prior to
concrete pouring. But due to problems such as late arrival of mixers and underestimating
of volume of concrete, there will be a need to create unexpected construction joint. Our
recommendation for it is for the Operations Department to analyze estimates correctly and
also plan the arrival of mixers. Lets say 3 mixers should arrive and due to circumstances,
one of the mixer arrive too late making the concrete hardened. This would not happen if
the operations department had a plan for creating construction joint only for 2 mixers so
that if ever 1 of the mixers become late, the construction joint is created for easier joining
of old and new concrete.

Figure 7.1. Construction Joints are Created to Allow the Joining of Old and New Concrete
2. Health Issues on Workers

Once we had interviewed the nurse on the Admin Department and she told us that
one of the things that make workers to be absent is hypertension. Hypertension is common
nowadays especially that on the active floor, the temperature is very hot and thus, blood
pressure may rise. Another thing is the food that the workers eat might not be healthy in a
sense that it contains too much cholesterol or very salty. Health issues such as this must be
carefully given attention. Workers must be healthy at all times because if not for them, the
construction may not be as it is due to lack of manpower. Our recommendation for this are
the following: monitor the canteen on the food that they serve in a sense that it should focus
in less fat and less cholesterol, always encourage exercise not only in the morning but also
maybe in noon or afternoon but on a shady place, and lastly, encourage every worker to
bring water bottles to keep them hydrated because too much heat may trigger hypertension.
Health is indeed wealth not only on ourselves but also in construction. The workers are the
heroes of the construction industry and if they are not feeling well, the project may not
become successful.

Figure 7.2. Stock Medicines in Case of Emergency

3. Cracks in Concrete

The most common problem that everyone encounters in the construction industry
especially on Operations and Quality Control department are the cracks that show up on
concrete. This varies as small as hairline cracks or even as large and as thick as CHB
depending on the degree of damage. This may be caused by defective formwork, too much
vibration while pouring, heavy load while the concrete is fresh, etc. Our recommendation
would be strict implementation of installation of formwork as well as concrete pouring.
Also, assign a team that will check each and every corner of structures thoroughly and
periodically. Figure 8.3. shows a crack that is not easily seen because at a glance, you may
think that nothing is wrong. Cracks such as this must be observed because one day, it might
become larger. As much as possible, follow the adage of Prevention is better than cure.
A small crack must be prevented as early as possible and dont even wait for the time that
repairs would cost a large amount of money because of negligence.

Figure 7.3. Cracks on Concrete as Major Problem Encountered in Princeview Parksuites