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Put the adjectives in brackets in the correct form:

1. Bucharest is (far) from Madrid than Paris is.
2. George is the (tall) boy in his class.
3. His car is (good) than mine.
4. A new house is much (expensive) than an old one.
5. Your homework is (bad) than hers.

2. Translate into English:

Cel mai mare
Cel mai frumos
Mai mult
Mai bucuros
Cel mai mic
Mai bun
Mai interesant
3. Translate into English the sentences:
Parul meu este mai lung decat al tau.
Camera mea este curata. Ea este mai curata decat ieri.
Este mai bogata decat tine?
Acest fotoliu este mai confortabil decat acela.
Acest exercitiu nu este dificil, dar este mai dificil decat aceasta problema.

4.Formati gradele de comparatie de la urmatoarele adjective:


5. Traduceti urmatoarele propozitii in engleza:

1. Ochii mei sunt mari si albastri,iar parul meu este mai lung decat al tau.
2. Exista cuvinte dificile in acest text.Trebuie sa gasesc un dictionary.
3. Am un apartament mare, cu 3 camere.Este mai confortabil decat al lui.Ce
4. Prietena ei citeste in fiecare zi o pagina in engleza. Ea stie o multime de
5. El poate sa vorbeasca,dar nu poate sa scrie in engleza.Tu poti?Este foarte

6. The order of the adjectives is:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
size General age shape colour material origin purpose


A long sharp knife

An old plastic bucket
A small round bath
Blue velvet curtains
An elegant French clock

7. Put the words in brackets in the correct position:

1. a coat (long, leather, brown)

2. a bar ( chocolate, big, new)
3. a castle (small,English, old)
4. a dog (fat, big, white)
5. some shoes (running, modern, super)
6. a car ( American, grey, fast cheap)
7. a cottage( stone-built, small, old)
8. a dress ( cotton, summer, short, white and blue)
9. a comedy (English, terrific, new)
10. a fire (electric, excellent, small)

8. Completati spatiile punctate cu adjectivele : long,small, big, short la gradele

de comparative corespunzatoare:


At a lesson of physics the teacher asks the children about the effects of heat and
Heat makes things .and cold makes things..answered little
Quite right, says the teacher. Can you give an example?
In summer, when it is hot the days are.., but in winter , when it is cold, the
days are.., answered Tommy.

Completati spatiile punctuate cu adjectivele date la inceputul propozitiilor si

1. (old) John is eighteen years old and George is twenty-one. Which is the
..of the two?
2. (young, old) Mary is ten years old, Ann is twelve and Citronella is seven.
Ann is theand Citronella is the
3. (good, bad) What was your best subject at school? Romanian was
myand drawing my
4. (tall) Ella is 5 ft.6 in; Joan is 5 ft.8 in. Which is theof the two?
5. (interesting) I lent you two books the other day. If you have read them, tell
me which you find the.

9. Traduceti in limba romana:


Angry father: Well, Tommy, I asked to your teacher today, and now I want to ask
you a question. Who is the laziest person in your class?
Tommy: I dont know, father.
Father: Oh, yes, you do ! Think a little ! When other boys and girls are reading or
writing, who sits in the class and only watches how other people work?
Tommy: It is our teacher, father.

10. Traduceti in limba romana:


The more we study, the more we know. The more we know, the more we forget.
The more we forget, the less we know. The less we know, the less we forget. The
less we forget, the more we know. So, why study?

11. Construiti comparatii de superioritate cu urmatoarele elemente:

1. Tom old I
2. This apple big an orange.
3. A mountain high a hill.
4. An elephant big a horse.
5. A city big a town.
12. Adjectivele din paranteza la inceputul fiecarei propozitii au grade de
comparative neregulate. Completati spatiile punctuate cu formele necesare:

1. (old) My friend John has three brothers, all than he. The
, George, is a doctor.
2. (good) You do look well. Yes, Ive just returned from the holiday Ive ever
3. (far) I was able to get ..information about trains at the railway-
4. (old) Jack is my .brother (doua posibilitati) and Tommy is my
5. (late) This is theedition of Dickens . .novel.

13. Traduceti in limba romana:

Tom, Harry and Alice are counting their books.

- I have only a few books, says Harry. I have only fifteen.
- I have more than you, says Tom. I have thirty books . How many have you,
Alice has more books than Tom and more books than Harry. She has more
books than Tom and Harry together. Alice has the most and Harry has the
Now Tom, Harry and Alice are counting their money.
- How much have you, Alice? Says Tom.
- I have only a little, says Alice. I have three shillings.
- I have more than you, says Tom. I have eighteen shillings. How much
have you, Harry?
- I have ten shillings, says Harry.
Alice has the least and Tom has the most.

14. Fill in the blanks with the corresponding possessive adjectives and
1. Tom and John are playing in the park with ____________ friends.
2. We are sitting in_________ living room.
3. I am wearing__________ best dress today.
4. We spend____________ winter holiday in the mountains.
5. Mary doesnt read____________ book.
15. Write the correct form of the words given in brackets: (denissa)
A fish can swim (fast) than a frog.
Vegetables are (healthy) than sweets.
This box is (big) than that box..
Maddy is (happy) than Sue.
This clown is (funny) than the other.
Tom is (tall) than his brother

16. My brother is (good) than his brother. (Denissa)

Winter is (cold) season of the year.
Sam is (good) in his class.
Our book are (interesting) of all.
These shoes are (expensive) in this shop.
A bear is (dangerous) than a fox.
My grandpa is (old) in our family.

17. Translate into English: (Denissa)

a. Este din ce in ce mai dificil sa gasesti o slujba in zilele noastre.

b. Din ce in ce mai multi oameni calatoresc in strainatate.
c. La sfarsitul taomnei, vremea devine din ce in ce mai urata.
d. Viata a devenit din ce in ce mai scumpa.
e. Sunt de accord cu tine ca povestea devine din ce in ce mai
f. In acea dimineata copiii au devenit din ce in ce mai galagiosi.
g. Fiul meu mai mare este cu trei ani mai mare decat cel mai vechi
prieten al tau.
h. Mie mi-au placut ambele fete, dare nu cred ca cea mai mica e cea
mai draguta.
i. Cu cat imbatranim, cu atat mai bogata este experienta noastra de
j. Bunicu ne viziteaza din cand in cand.
k. Tu poti sa o iei pe oricare din cele doua fuste.
l. George si Nick vor sa inceapa propriile lor afaceri.
m. Erau destui oameni ca sa inceapa discutiile.
n. Verisorul meu studiaza aceeasi limba straina ca si tine.
o. Unii oameni conduc masina cu atentie, altii o conduc necugetat.
p. Fiecare baiat avea un ziar in mana.
q. Noi mergem la munte din doua in doua saptamani.
r. Mary mi-a imprumutat 2 carti dar nici o carte nu este interesanta.
18. Translate: (Denissa)

Este placut sa-ti intalnesti vechii prieteni.

Este pacat ca nu i-am gasit acasa.
Este ora 5, nu-I asa?
Este mai cald astazi decat a fost ieri.
Am incercat sa vorbesc cu parintii mei dar nimeni nu era acasa.
Am primit ieri doua scrisori dar nici una nu este de la parintii mei.
George are doi frati dar nici unu nu e mai intelligent decat el.
Avem sa facem doua exercitii pentru maine, dar nici unul nu este usor.
Cei doi copii sunt in camera; amandoi se uita la televizor acum.
Ea mi-a aratat doua rochii, Dar nu cred ca mi-a placut vreuna dintre
Hotelul avea doua lifturi dar in acea zi nici unul nu mergea.
Prietenii nostril nu au gasit pe nimeni acolo.
Mary si Lucy au promis ca vor fi aici la ora 5 , dar nici una nu a venit
Baiatul al carui nume l-ai vazut in ziar a castigat o masina si o casa.
Copii pe care i-ai vazut in parc sunt colegii mei de clasa si prietenii
Primele exercitii sunt corecte, celelalte sunt gresite.

19. Supply the comparative or superlative form of the adjective in brackets:

He is (lazy) student in the class.
She is looking for a (big) flat than the one she has now.
Jane is (good) cook I know.
He is much (familiar) with modern painting than with modern music.
What is (late) news of him?
He was able to get (far) information at the railway station.
Her (old) sister is five years (old) than you.
The (far) house from the sea is Dans.
My work is bad, but yours is (bad).

20. Write the comparative and the superlative of the following adjectives:
1. good-
2. bad-
3. much-
4. little-
5. far-
21. Make up sentences with the following words:
1. the smallest
2. the largest
3. more comfortable
4. older
5. longer

22. Correct the following sentences:

This man proved to be the ignorantest person I have ever met.

You cant find a more prettier girl in this town.
Of the two, I like Julia best.
The gooder our result are, the more happy we become.
Who is the youngest, Paul or Laura?
My brother plays tennis regularly. He thinks its a fascinated game.
The weather today is as worse as it was yesterday.
I have much more friends than you have.
Rebecca was the worse dancer in the class.
Clothes that you make yourself are better than in the shop

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