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Machine maintenance

Regular care and inspection of your STUDER cylindrical grinding machine is important to keep it running. Here
you will find a list of important maintenance and inspection points which should be regularly checked for your
STUDER universal cylindrical grinding machines. The points are itemized according to operating hours.

The list is by no means exhaustive, but is a useful reminder which you can affix to your STUDER machine. Chap-
ter 7 in your STUDER operating manual provides further information on the subject of machine maintenance.

After 8 operating hours After 200 operating hours

Lubricate the seatings Check extraction unit filter
STUDER recommends drying and lubricating the Check number of drops of pneumatic service unit
table during single-shift operation and at the Check lubricating system of internal grinding
weekend. The sliding doors should be comple- spindle
tely opened, so that high humidity levels in the Operate air lifts
machine can escape.
Check oil condition in hydraulic system
Tipp: Remove the anti-corrosive protection at the
Check operating pressure
start of grinding, so that the function of the grinding
oil is not impaired. Check cooling-lubricating unit

After 40 operating hours After 1000 operating hours

Clean the machine Check bellows

Check the incoming compressed air Check tightness of telescopic devices
Check the oil level of the pneumatic service unit Check that barrel runs smoothly
Clean bellows and telescopic devices
Check oil level of tailstock After 2000 operating hours
Check barrel seal
Check coolant level Replace filter mat of extraction unit
High frequency spindle: check oil flow Replace buffer batteries

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