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commirree on & ‘CONGRESSIONAL AsiAN PACIFIC agin nanos Grace Meng congress ‘tr: reegracemeg Congress of the United States “Sos Sixth District, New Bork ‘September 8, 2017 ‘Commissioner Chair Meenaskhi Srinivasan New York City Landmnatks Preservation Commission David. Dinkins Municipal Building 1 Centre Stet, th Flce North [New York, NY 10007 Dear Chie Srinivasa: {Lam writing in support fthe Old St. James Episcopal Parish Halls application for designiton asa landmark bythe New: York City landmarks Preservation Commission St Tames Fpieenpal Church, eater at 8-00? Broadway in Ques, i ready onthe National Register of Historic Places, but designation as an individual New York City landmark would Allow for further preservation ofthe structure snd greater awareness ofthe early history of our great city. ‘The Old St. James Episcopal Church was built n 1735. cis the oldest building in Elmhurst and the second-oldest surviving religious building in the Cty (andi is the oldest Anglican house of worship in te five boroughs). Old St. James remained intact daring the American Revolutionary War, likely because it served asa chapel for prominent British niltay officers, including Earl Cornwallis and King George I's son, William. Later, ober nationally known figures, Considered Old St James their house of worship, among them the Reverend Benjamin Mosre, the first president of (Columbia University, andthe Reverend Dr. Same! Seabury, Je, the fist American Episcopal bishop, ‘The almost 300 year old structure still has timber frame, interior paneling, and woodwork dating from the Colonial period. The almost 180 year old remodeled exterior, which inludes the Goth window mallions and sash single and Clapboard siding and tri, have been carefully maintained and restored by the community, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining the space and teaching neighborhood residents about the hstorieal evolution oF Queens, A cemetery ‘originally existed next te Old St James, and some believe colonists’ remains may sill exis on site. The New York [Landmark Conservancy and the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation understood the importance of this historic stricture and the nee forts preservation, whichis why in 2004 they reportedly made almost {$400,000 available For ahistrially accurate restoration. (Old St James Parish Hall teaches us about life in New York. A landmark designation frost Commission will ensure future generations ae able to share inthis tory. Thank you for consideration of this request. Sincerely, Yopen Mons — ce Meng Mente of Congress Pass fa neat atone en etme