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Newsletter of the Friends of White Clay Creek State Park

Friends of White Clay Creek State Park

P.O. Box 9734

Newark, DE 19714-9734

www. whiteclayfriends. org

Volume 6, No.3 November 2003

Expert to Discuss Local Dragonflies and Damselflies at Membership Meeting on Monday,

November 24

Professor Hal White of the University of Delaware will present a fascinating program on
"Dragonflies and Damselilies of the White Clay Valley" at our membership meeting on Monday
evening, November 24. The presentation includes beautiful slides of the different species. Come
and learn about these striking and beautiful insects that can be readily seen and appreciated in our
natural areas.

The meeting is free and open to the public (no reservations required) and will begin at
7:00 pm in the public meeting room of the Newark Library, 750 Library Avenue, Newark. Come
a few minutes early to see the newly renovated library or grab a bite to eat in the new snack bar.
For further information about the meeting call 302-239-2471.

Note that the only entrance to library parking is now from Main Street. If you are coming
from the north on Kirkwood Highway, do not take the Main Street cutoft'that goes by
McDonalds, or you will miss the entrance. Rather, continue to the intersection with Main Street,
turn right (90 degrees) and then left into the library parking lot.

Carpenter Area Planning Meeting Scheduled for Thursday, November 20

A public meeting to review changes planned for the Carpenter Recreation Area in the
Master Plan for White Clay Creek State Park will be held on November 20, 2003 from 6:00 p.m.
until 9:00 p.rn. in the auditorium of the Bob Carpenter Center, 106 Bob Carpenter Center,
University of Delaware, Newark. For further information contact Mark Chura, (302) 739-3423,
Division of Parks and Recreation, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware.

Friends Lead Programs for the Park

This fall, the Friends have begun volunteering to lead programs as part of the park's
program series. Mike Ott has led two hikes, one to the Big Pond area, an infrequently visited
section ofthe park, and one exploring some of the history associated with the area around the
David English trail. These hikes were very successful--a total of about 20 people participated and
enjoyed seeing and learning more about our park.

Mike has agreed to lead two more hikes in the spring, and we would like to expand this
project to include other kinds of programs that would be of interest to park visitors. If you have
some topic or activity that you might like to share, contact Angel Rosauri at the nature center

Trail Work Program Starts Work on New Trail

Work was recently begun to extend the Boundary Line Trail between Corner Ketch Road
and Thompson Station Road, by-passing the Cart Road Trail which has become badly eroded.
This new, mile-long section of trail traverses attractive woodlands and fields and will be a valuable
addition to the park. During deer hunting we will be working one Sunday each month. When
there is no hunting, we plan to work Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings, weather
permitting, to expedite progress on the trail. Contact Wendel Cassel, 302-737-3319, if you are
interested in helping out and are not already on his communication list.

During the summer and fall the Friends worked several days on the Preserve Loop Trail to
improve drainage and repair major damage that occurred during tropical storm Henri. This trail
follows the west side of the creek from the Nature Center to the Pennsylvania line and is one of
the more heavily used trails in the Park.

Friends Organization Donates Materials and Equipment to the Park

This summer, we decided to increase our support for the park by purchasing some
critically needed items that were not covered in existing budgets. Most of the funding is being
used to enhance educational programs at the nature center. For example, we agreed to fund the
purchase of nature program supplies (such as skulls, pelts, and natural resource slides) and
taxidermy expenses to prepare new animals for the displays.

We have also supported the purchase of additional china for the Judge Morris house to
facilitate programs there, as well as some minor equipment needs for the park office and the
maintenance shop. In total, these commitments amount to approximately $2,500.00.

What Else Have We Been Doing?

In addition to projects and activities mentioned in other articles, there has been a lot going
on since our last newsletter:

> We completed (for this year) our successful efforts on weekend nature center staffing

and water ice sales at summer concerts.

> We placed 6 new benches in the park and performed maintenance on all the others.

> We revamped our Adopt-a-Trail program just in time to help deal with the aftermath

of Hurricane Isabel.


> We planned for next spring's reforestation planting along the creek.

> We completed monitoring of the park's bluebird boxes and are preparing a report for a

national data base.

> We began a program of small construction projects to help with park maintenance.

> We again volunteered to help with advocacy for the preservation of open spaces.

> We completed a report on areas deserving special habitat protection.

> We continued research leading toward a historical booklet for park visitors.

> We promoted the park and our own organization at Newark Community Day.

> We decided to apply for a new Adopt-a-Highway assignment because of safety

concerns with Fox Den Road.

> We are keeping our new website updated.

We thank all our volunteers who make these efforts possible. Project leaders for these and
other activities are listed below. Please contact them for more information or to help out.

Volunteer Opportunities

We need a few more volunteers to help with organizing our tree planting next spring. We
have broken down the tasks so that time commitments should be pretty modest. Areas where
leaders/coordinators are needed are field layout and auguring; tree delivery and unloading; and
application of fertilizer, trunk guards and deer repellent. Please contact project leader AI Zverina
at 302-239-6108 for more information or to volunteer to help with this important work.

There are also opportunities to assist with park programs as described below. For more
information about these activities contact Janice Garda ( or Angel
Rosauri ( at the Chambers House Nature Center, 302-368-6560.

Judge Morris Estate Holiday Party and House Tour - Get in the holiday mood at the
Judge Morris Estate! Volunteers are needed during the tours to help serve refreshments, greet
guests, and attend to fires. In addition to helping, you can become part of the fun 1940's tour,
learn the history of the house, and listen to lovely guitar and harp music by Mark Feil. Tours take
place on Saturdays and Sundays, December 13,14,20, & 21.
Judge Morris House Decorating - We will be decorating the house as it may have been
during the holiday seasons of the early 1940's using lots of fresh greenery. Assistance is needed in
making wreaths, window boxes, and swags. No experience is necessary! Decorating will be done
on December 6, 7, 9, 10, & 11. (Fresh greenery is also needed ifyou have extra.)

Hawk Watch Team - Volunteers are needed to participate in spring and fall hawk
migration counts. Training will be provided. We will begin recruiting members for a Hawk Watch
team in late January.

Wish List

We need a metal tool cabinet for storage of trail construction tools. To donate contact
Wendel Cassel (302-737-3319)

Calendar of Scheduled Events

December 8 Executive Committee Meeting

December 14 Trail Work
January 12,2004 Executive Committee and Advisory Board Meetings
January 18 Trail Work
February 9 Executive Committee Meeting
February 21 Trail Work
March 8 Executive Committee Meeting
March Annual Membership Meeting (to be scheduled)
March 20 Trail Work
March 25 Reforestation - Tree Delivery
March 27 Reforestation - Tree Planting
April 12 Executive Committee Meeting
April 17 Trail Work - Christina River Cleanup
Apri1lMay Migratory Bird Walk (to be scheduled)
May 10 Executive Committee Meeting
May 15 Trail Work
June 5 Trail Work - National Trails Day
June 14 Executive Committee and Advisory Board Meetings

Projects and Project Leaders

Adopt-a-Higbway: Dee and Dick Benson, 410-398-4180

Adopt-a-Trail: Mike Ott, 738-6652
Advocacy: Andy Urquhart, 239-2471
Birders Guide: Mark Keese, 369-9128, and Gene Hess, 738-4690
Bluebird Boxes: Meta Little, 368-3472, and Marilyn Sweeney, 235-2548
Kestrel Boxes: Andy Urquhart, 239-2471
Historical Booklet: Debbie Keese, 369-9128
Ligbt Construction: Chip Caverly, 292-0255
Member-led Park Programs: Angel Rosauri. 658-6560
Nature Center Staffing: Tom Hallenbeck, 610-274-1345
Newark Community Day: Ken Daws, 737-8120
Reforestation: AI Zverina, 239-5046, and Christa Stefanisko, 369-1933
Trail Bencbes: Andy Urquhart, 239-2471
Trail Improvement Work: Wendel Cassel, 737-3319
Water Ice Sales: Tom Hallenbeck, 610-274-1345
Wayside Historical Markers: Wendel Cassel
Website: Rick Hall, 831-1295
Wildlife Habitat Protection: Andy Urquhart, 239-2471

Executive Committee

President: Andy Urquhart, 239-2471,

Vice-president: Christa Stefanisko, 369-1933,
Secretary and Newsletter Editor: Dick Benson, 410-398-4180,
Treasurer: Ken Daws, 737-8120,
Membership Chair: Lisa Wool, 235-1873,
Projects Committee Chair: Tom Hallenbeck, 610-274-1345,

Membership Application

Join us! If you are not already a member and would like to join, please return this form with your
check made payable to Friends of White Clay Creek State Park.

Phone (~--- E-mail

Annual Memberships

_ _$10.00 Individual Membership

_ _$15.00 Family Membership
_ _$ 5.00 Student Membership
__$_ _Extra Contribution
$ Total Enclosed

Friends of White Clay Creek State Park, Inc.

P.o. Box 9734, Newark, DE 19714-9734