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Flow Chart Rubric

Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary

1 2 3 4
Not organized,
Organization Some organization,
flow makes no Organized, flow for
and organization, flow flow is logical,
Layout sense and is not the most part is clear
slightly unclear and easy to

Quality Unable to find Details are

Some details are not Steps are very
and specific details somewhat
relevant to process specific to
Accuracy and/or details are ambiguous and/or
of and chart contains a process and
mostly somewhat
Information few inaccuracies accurate
inaccurate inaccurate
Feasibility Not possible in a Not likely to be Possibility of success Probable in a
real world successful in a in a real world setting real world
setting real world setting setting

Neatness No use of arrows Some use of Use of arrows and Excellent use of
and/or format of arrows and/or correct format of a flow chart
a flow chart; format of a flow flow chart; slightly format; not at all
confusing and chart; somewhat confusing confusing
untidy confusing