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Physical Education LESSON PLAN


TEACHER Nadira Jagdeosingh- Seecharan


CLASS Form 2

TIME 40 minutes

UNIT Football

TOPIC Dribbling the football

Review the passes in football


Students should be familiar with dribbling technique and the passes used in the game of football.


To promote understanding of the dribbling and passes in football. Football skills and passes applies to the
Physical Education syllabus at the NCSE level.


1. Students will able to understand the skill of dribbling the football.

2. Students will be able to perform the passes used in the football game.


Students will be able to:

1. Distinguish what is dribbling -Cognitive

2. Identify the four main passes of the game - Cognitive& Psychomotor

3. Describe and demonstrate the passes technique. Cognitive & Psychomotor

Estimated time: 3 minutes

Students are shown a demonstration, which would stimulate interest on the topic, students then would be guided
to perform the movement of a dribble relay to introduce lesson.


Teaching Points

Definition of Dribbling the Football

Dribbling can be categorized into two areas

(1) Foot- keep knees bent slightly to balance
(2) Head kept upright, looking straight ahead.

Methods in Balancing:

(1) Keep shoulders up

(2) Bend knees
(3) control on the ball

Passes and Footwork

(1)Step forward when passing the ball with the non- kicking foot

(2) Step backward when collecting the ball


Estimated time: 35 minutes

Teaching strategy Student activity Resources

Warm up muscle warm up activities by
participating in a dribble relay
Demonstrate (5 mins) Footballs
Students follow demonstration
with teacher and note the
correct technique.

Group Activity- divide students Footballs

into pairs and give instructions (5 Each pair is given a ball to
mins) practice the passes and the
footwork. Inside pass, outside
Teacher informs students to perform pass , instep pass and ball
the passes in football control

Group Presentation

Each group will demonstrate Footballs ,cones and markers

the technique of passing the
ball to each other.

Perform stretching activities

and breathing exercises
Cool down

Closure &
Estimated time: 2 minutes

Students will recap the main points of a lesson

Students are given feedback on their responses.
Students are engaged in a discussion highlighting main points of the lesson.