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World History II:

Unit 1 Project Guideline

Step 4 - Create a proposal according to the given template and rubric.

Group Member(s): Kanyaluck, Pemika, Sarocha, Thanaree
Product Title: ___Pemika and Friends: The French Fiasco____
Type of Product: Video

Your Selected Revolution, Historical Figures, and Ideologies/Movements:

(From the list in Step 2)

Revolution The French Revolution

Historical Figures John Locke, Thomas Hobbes
Ideologies/Movements Lockeanism, Hobbesianism, New World Uprisings

Research Questions (at least 2-3 questions):

(What do you hope to learn? Make sure it is not straightforward/simple. Look at the rubric.)

1. How the French Revolution can affects and changes the world?
2. The causes of the French Revolution?
3. What are the differences between John Lockes opinion and Thomas Hobbess
4. Explain how Locke and Hobbes ideas influenced the French Revolution
5. What are the benefits and disadvantages of French Revolution?
6. Why it needed to happen?
7. What would happen if this had not happened?

Product Description:
(Make sure it is clear what the product will look like, what it will include, and how it will be

Our group decided to create a video, which each of us will role play as historical characters that
are included in this period of time, and act in order to deliver the information and messages of
this revolution to the audience. There will also be subtitles on the video for easier

How the product demonstrates the connection between your selected topics and the
goals/essential understandings of this unit:
- To know how the French revolution had affected the modern world and the society
over time.
- To observe the causes and effects of the event and come up with solutions to prevent
it from happening
- To show understandings, opinions and ideas about the topic independently.
World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

(What ESLOs does your project relate to and how?)
- Strategic Learners => to plan how to learn without wasting time; to use technology
correctly for research and work
- Innovative Thinkers => to build up the ideas, explanation and reasoning of others;
apply what we know to analyse, evaluate and solve problems
- Articulate Communicators => to express what we understand and how we understand
the topic to different social groups
- Morally Intelligent => show good behavior that is moral, honest and correct according
to societys rules
- Altruistic Global Citizens => to respect the French and opinions as well as the changes
of cultures and differences
- Leaders of the Future => to build the teamwork/engaging and leadership to achieve
common goals

VARK Learning Strategies:

(What is your individual VARK learning style and how do you plan to do your research based on
the style?)
As we go through VARK Learning Strategies test, which was about the skills that you have for
learning style; so I got 3 for Visual, 5 for Kinesthetic, 6 for Aural and 7 for Read/Write. In
addition, I also personally prefer read/write as my skill to study about different reading. From
that, I will take note and find more reading to gather the information. Moreover, I also got the
second high score in Aural skills, this can help me combined the skills together, such as
looking for documentary film or short summary video on Youtube in order to find out gain
more data.

Starter sources/references:
(Sources that you will begin with in your research for your project.)
World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

Learning Plan:
(This is a daily plan of what you will do each day for the rest of the quarter.)

What You Plan to Do Things to Due Date


Day 1 Choose the topic and the - -


Day 2 Continue choosing the product - -

Day 3 Do some brief research - -

Day 4 Name the project and continue - -

doing research

Day 5 Research how our chosen topics - -

are related

Day 6 Write the proposal Proposal 18th August

Day 7 Continue writing the proposal - -

Day 8 Submit the proposal/ Plan how - -

we are going to film the video

Day 9 Start doing some reaseach in - -


Day 10 Gather datas from different - -

Analyse and compare datas,
combine the datas

Day 11 Write the script for the film - -

Day 12 Start filming the project - -

Day 13 Continue filming the video and - -

edit some of it

Day 14 Further edit the video, and - -

recheck it.
World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

Day 15 Submit the video Product 8th September


Day 16 Submit learning record Learning Day 1 of that

Records Week

Day 17 Create an outline of the reflection - -

Day 18 Write the reflection - -

Day 19 Write the reflection - -

Day 20 Submit the reflection Reflection 21st September

World History II:
Unit 1 Project Guideline

began in 1789 One of the founders

The father of and ended in the of modern political
Liberalism late 1790s philosophy

John Locke The French Revolution Thomas Hobbes

and physician Lockeanism New world uprising