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Knowledge is Power.

To gain knowledge, we must be educated from different schools we want to study in. School is said to be the
anvil of quality education which also shapes a better future for every youth who are expected to lead the nation to
success. Yes, our government has been teaching us that education is the ultimate investment of every nation. But can
we call it ultimate investment that leads to success if the kind of education is being deprived? If so, in what sense?

As developed countries prioritize on investing more in their education, Philippines have it the other way around.
The countrys youth suffered a depressing education due to its revenue-driven and marketed educational system
nature. Philippine education is said to be colonialized because the educational system is adjusted and recreated in a way
that it can assimilate to foreign countries way of educating. An example of showcasing this colonialized education is
University of the Philippines calendar shift.