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Full Name_____________________________Date___/__/___/___Edad_____

I.E. __________________________________Sexo F M
1.-Look at the picture and write the parts of the body.(2pts.)

2.- Choose the correct letter for each picture: ( 2 pt)

A.- I have a headache B.-I have a backache C.-I have an earache D.-I have a stomachache.

3.- Look at the pictures and make comparisons with adjectives

Young and old ) (3 pts)

Frank Jack Joseph

a.- Frank is ____________________ than Jack.

b.- Joseph is the ______________ man .
c.- Jack is ________________ than Joseph.
5.- Read the chart about Tony, David and Pattys last weekend
activities, then complete the sentences and answer questions: (4pts)
swim Ride a bike

Tony X
David X
Patty X

1.- Patty________________at San Pedro Beach.

2.-David_________________a bike around the park.
3.-Tony and Patty___________at the swimming pool.
4.-Tony_____________a bike in the street

6. - Put in order the following words and make sentences (3pts)

a) Snails - never have- I- eaten.

b) For years grandmother-her-has-visited She.


8. - Complete the sentences with the correct word. (2pts)

a) My father has worked at the factory ______years. Since
b) Have you __________ seen a ghost? Never
c) I have lived in Lima _______ 1989. For
d) Valery has ________ been in Cusco. ever
9. - Choose the option that shows a logical result. (1 pt)

1. - If I mix red and yellow, 2.- If She gets good grades,

a) I get pink a) She will be happy
b) I get Orange b) She will be worried.

11.- ORAL EXPRESSION: Introduce yourself and describe about your

experiences in your last vacation. (3 pts).