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Full name: _______________________________________________I.E:___________________________

Age_____________________ Date: __________________

I. Listen, draw and write: (2pts)

II. Listen, choose and color the correct answer. (2pts)

Sit down Cheat on the exam

Dont sit down

Dont cheat on the exam

Clean the board Listen to the dialog


Dont write on
the board. Dont listen to the dialog.


My name is Julian. I had not been to Cuzco before, so my trip

was very interesting. I had learned a bit of Spanish before I
came, so I didnt really have much trouble while I was there.
There was so much to do in the city, but I still saw a lot of
remarkable things. I also went to lots of museums and I ate
delicious food in beautiful restaurants. Then I drank things
that I had not tried before. This was a really unforgettable

III. Read the text and write true or false. (5pts)

a) Julian had gone to Cuzco before. _________

b) He knew Spanish. __________
c) He had troubles to communicate with people. ___________
d) He ate delicious food in beautiful restaurants. ___________
e) He had tried delicious drinks before. ______________

IV. Complete the sentences using simple present or simple past. (2pts)
a) My family and I _____ (stay) in a hotel last vacation.
b) Ana usually ______ (wear) short in summer.
c) John ______(eat) a sandwich yesterday.
d) Some people _______(study) languages.

V. Write the sentences in order. (2pts)

Wash / dont/ clothes/ in / dirty / the / your / sink .


TV / to / you /bed / before / turn off / the / go.


VI.- Match the phrases with their correct tag questions. (2pts)

a) They havent been to Mancora before, _____ cant you?

b) John sold his surfboard, _____ isnt she?
c) She is afraid of dogs, _____ didnt he?
d) You can swim, _____have they?

VII.- Complete the conditional sentences.(2pts)

a) If I were in London, I ______(visit)the Natural History Museum.

b) If I didnt have so much work, I_______(go) swimming at the beach.
c) If I_________(have) super powers, I __________(be) invisible.


VIII. Tell me about some inventions and their inventors or some products that your country produces. At least 6
sentences. (3pts)

Listening tape script

Oral comprehension. Say the words only twice.