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1) First standards?

2) Paint system use under insulation.

3) What is common name of system which use under insulation.
4) What is rust grade standard of SSPC.
5) What gauge use to check thickness on SSPC
6) What gauge use to check thickness on concrete.
7) How calculate outlet pressure of airless spray pump.
8) What important during metal powder liquid coating .mixing zinc.
9) Name of pump & ratio of pump.
10) Why is the maximum operating temperature of a line or vessel important to the coating
11) How do you normally apply a non skid surface which has to be non sparking over a deck plate?
12) If coating material has gelled, how much thinner would you generally add to bring it back to the
proper composition?
13) During assembly fabrication and construction coating operation what must stainless steel
surface be protected against. Include why?
14) Concerning inorganic zinc primer technically defines two positive tests that will demonstrate
that the coat has cured described one of them.
15) Why must alternate coat be tinted?
16) Give the four things that must be present for galvanic corrosion to occur.
1) Described what the sprayer should be worn during in process application.

A: Air less spray

B: conventional spray
C: Mega spray

2) As a coating inspector you will be expected to review the surface condition prior to , during and
after coating .the welding inspector may or may not have reviewed the work prior to your
arrival .he may have overlooked some defects .what are the types of defects you may find
during visual inspection of completed weld.

A: surface porosity
B: under cut
C: lack of sidewall fusion

3) Wet sponge with 67.5 volts the machine will short circuit an arc at the holiday or defects
location allowing it to be detected for repair to be made as necessary.
a. True
b. False
4) If total DFT for your coating system is 300 to 380 micron what is the suggested voltage for high
a) 15000V
b) 1500V
c) 2500V
d) 300V
5) Coating failure blistering, flaking, scaling and peeling is what type of failures.
a) Blistering
b) Flaking
c) Scaling
d) Peeling
6) An Extrem form of coating failure generally preceded by checking or cracking.
a) Blistering
b) Flaking
c) Scaling
d) Peeling
7) Loss of adhesion of a coating to the metal surface results primarily from
a) Incorrect surface preparation
b) Incorrect application techniques
c) Paint mixing problems
d) All
8) Which among the following is not an application related coating failure
a) Mixing
b) Thinning
c) Sharp edges
d) Runs and sags

9) A design related coating faults

a) Sharp edges
b) Deep square corners
c) Lifting
d) A&B
e) B&C
10) Application of next coat should be faster
a) Minimum interval time
b) Maximum interval time
c) Next day
d) After 30 min
11) The most common type of blasting machine is
a) Vaccum type
b) Suction type
c) Centrifugal type
d) Pressure type
12) In airless spraying the paint port is pressurized
a) True b) false
13) Saudi aramco standard for holiday test is
a) H-100
b) H-200
c) H-102
d) H-101V

1) As relative humidity decrease evaporation is
a) Increase
b) No changes
c) Decrease
d) Remain same
2) Application at incorrect temperatures can cause defects such as
a) Blistering & pin hole
b) Cratering & dry spray
c) Mud cracking
d) All of above
3) .may be cause by excess cathodic protection voltage
a) Peel off
b) Blistering
c) Burn thru
d) Mud cracking
4) What is calibration frequency for DFT gauge per SSPC-PA2
a) At beginning of each shift
b) In every week
c) In every 6 month
d) At beginning and end of each working shift
5) How many spot measurement are to be taken to be average for each 10m square SSPC-PA-2
a) 6
b) 3
c) 5
d) 4
6) What is the acceptable level of DFT measurement for each spot per SSPC-PA2
a) 5% Add/less
b) 10% Add/less
c) 15% Add/less
d) 20% Add/less
7) How many DFT reading shall be taken for single spot per SSPC-PA2 within 2cm Circle
a) 5
b) 4
c) 3
d) 2
8) What is organic coating
a) Binder are made from organ
b) Binder are made from carbon based
c) Binders are made from living or once living things
d) All of above
e) B&C
9) What shall carry out for verification of abrasive cleanliness?
a) Sieve analysis test
b) Vial test
c) Visual test
d) Blotter test
10) When coating is applied over soluble salt contamination the result is most likely to include
a) Discoloration of coating
b) Pinholes
c) Chalking
d) Blistering
11) Which of the following is not a common cause of blistering
a) Solvent entrapment
b) Hygroscopic salt
c) Girt entrapment in coating
d) Temperature gradient across coating film
12) Runs ,sags,curtains,wrinkles caused by
a) Applying the coating too thick
b) Applying the coating too thin
c) Too much or incorrect thinner used
d) A&C