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Removing the SJ7 from the Charging your camera using Removing the battery.

Waterproof Case. the MiniUSB cable.

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4 MiniUSB Cable
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Remove the camera from the Plug the MiniUSB cable to the slot Remove your ba ery by pressing the
waterproof case by li ing the clasp on the side of the camera as bu on and sliding the lock at the
from the front side of the case, indicated above, and the other end bo om of the camera to release the
following the steps shown above. to a USB wall charger with an output compartment door.
of 5V 1A, or plug it to a computer. Pull the ba ery out by the ap, plug it
Once free, swing the backdoor open, to an External Dual Charger Accessory
then pull the camera out from the (not shown, sold separately).
waterproof case.

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