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Minnesota WingTips 2007 Wing Conference Special Edition Page 1

Saturday started with the general assembly.

Minnesota Wing Hosts 60th Members heard from a variety of speakers
Annual Conference including: Ray Rought, Minnesota Division of
Aeronautics director; Gary Schneider, CAP
Nearly 350 members of Minnesota Wing gathered National Headquarters deputy director of logistics;
at Breezy Point Resort for the 60th Annual Colonel. Sean Fagan, North Central Region
Minnesota Wing Conference, in Breezy Point, Commander; Lt. Col. Mike Pederson, CAP-USAF
Minn. on April 20-22. North Central Liaison Region Commander; and
Minnesota Wing Commander; Colonel Stephen
The conference started on Friday with Emergency Miller.
Services Training. About 80 members attended a
First Aid Course taught by Capt. Paul Pieper or a
session on Emergency Services Technology led by
Maj. Jay Craswell.

During the program Lt. Col. Pederson presented a

custom piece of art to Ray Rought on behalf of the
Air Force in recognition of the support MNDOT
Col. Marilyn and Lt. Col. Gary Chambers enjoying Friday has provided CAP over the years.
Night’s Social Activities.

Friday evening members came together for a joint

social. In the past cadets and seniors had separate
social events, but this year it was decided to have
everyone come together.

Col. Michael Huttner, presents C/2nd Lt. Mitchell McGillick

with an Air Force Association Award

Lt. Col. Gary Chambers, president of the General

E.F. Rawlings Chapter of the Air Force Association
spoke to the wing and Col. Michael Huttner
After a short welcome from Minnesota Wing presented awards to these Minnesota Wing
Commander, Col. Stephen Miller members enjoyed members.
a spread of various finger foods and a soda bar.
Cadet Corey Titus, Cadet Alex McGillick, Cadet
The event was well attended and everyone seemed John Learned, Capt. Marilyn Lucas and Capt.
to enjoy themselves. Dee Kirchner.

Minnesota WingTips 2007 Wing Conference Special Edition Page 2

The cadets also received a $ 250.00 scholarship.
During the general assembly, Colonel Miller Emergency Services – Capt. Mari Lucas, Red
presented awards to members honoring them for Wing
their service to CAP and excellence in various CAP
specialties. Finance - Lt. Col. Dennis Yeager, Wing HQ

Logistics - 1st Lt. Mike Pierce, Owatonna

Logistics - 2nd Lt. Shelly Supan, Anoka County

Public Affairs – Capt. Rich Sprouse, Group 2

Recruiting/Retention - 2nd Lt. Cheryl Winnett,


Colonel Miller presents the Long Service Award for 40 years

service to Colonel Kevin Sliwinski.

The following members received CAP Service

Awards for 20 years service: Col. Wilbur
Donaldson, Lt. Col. B.J. Eckhoff, Capt. James
Harris, Maj. David Kenan, Major Douglas
Mitchell and Major David Sigvertsen.
Colonel Miller presents the Dunbar Award to Capt. Kenneth
The following members received CAP Service
Awards for 30 years service: Lt. Col. Gary
Chambers, Lt. Col. Keith Flanagan, Lt. Col. The Dunbar Award is presented to a member who
James Garlough, Lt. Col. Lynn Hegrenes, Lt. has expanded the capability of the Minnesota Wing
Col. Mariann Wildt and 1st Lt. Earl Isaacs. Communication field through their efforts and
technical expertise. This year’s recipient was Capt.
The following members received CAP Service Kenneth Hartwig of Northland Squadron.
Awards for 40 years service: Capt. Ronald Frink,
Capt. Charlotte Frink, 2nd Lt. Jorgen Kjostad,
Lt. Col. Richard Ohmann, Maj. Jesse Riehle,
Maj. Thomas Seehuetter and Col. Kevin

Minnesota Wing has had a long tradition of

recognizing excellent performance at the unit level.
This is done with Specialist Awards. Members are
nominated by their peers and award selection is
made by the wing level specialist and the wing
commander. The 2006 awardees are:

Aerospace Education - 2nd Lt. Carolyn Carlson,

Crow Wing Capt. Mark Shorter receives the Coffin Award from Colonel
Cadet Programs – Capt. Delores "Dee" Kirchner,

Minnesota WingTips 2007 Wing Conference Special Edition Page 3

The Coffin Memorial Award is presented to a 1st Lt. Robin Helgager received a Commander’s
member not assigned to the Cadet Programs, Commendation Award for her outstanding service
who promotes, assists, participates in the Cadet to the Northland Squadron.
Program and provides solution to cadet problems.
This year’s recipient is Capt. Mark Shorter of
Cass County Senior Squadron.

Maj. Chet Wilberg received a Commander’s

Commendation Award for his service as
Commander of the 2006 Minnesota Wing Cadet

Capt. Terry Best received a Commander’s

Commendation Award for his outstanding service
to the Northland Squadron.
Maj. Conrad Peterson (3rd from left) receives a Lifesaving
award from Col. Miller and is accompanied by NCR
Commander Col. Sean Fagan (2nd from right) and area public
safety officials.

1st Lt. Richard Raveling and Major Conrad

Peterson were presented with Lifesaving Awards.

After the General Assembly members had a choice

of Safety Learning Labs to attend. A number of
experts talked to members about such diverse safety
topics as Defensive Driving, Home Safety, Personal
Safety, Ground Crew Safety, Flying Safety and
Flight Line Safety.
Capt. Richard High receives the
Commander’s Commendation Award from Col. Miller.
During the afternoon, members attended Learning
Labs that covered a wide array of CAP subjects and
Capt. Richard High received a Commander’s
programs, including Emergency Services, Finance,
Commendation Award for his outstanding service
Flight Operations, Technology, Aerospace
to the Grand Rapids Squadron.
Education, CAP Uniforms, Cadet Programs and
Marketing. There were also specialized sessions for
1st Lt. Todd Christopherson received a
Cadets, Chaplains and Inspector Generals.
Commander’s Commendation Award for his
outstanding service to the North Star Cadet

Lt. Col. Tom Kettell conducts a briefing on CAP Uniforms.

This year’s Learning Labs were different in that the

commanders were surveyed about what they and
their members wanted for Labs. The Wing Staff
1st Lt Robin Helgager receives the Commander’s
Commendation Award from Col. Miller.

Minnesota WingTips 2007 Wing Conference Special Edition Page 4

delivered on these requests in the form of The Spaatz Award is CAP’s highest cadet honor. It
informative presentations. is pre-sented to cadets who have demonstrated
excellence in leadership, character, fitness and
Vanguard joined us this year and had a wide array aerospace education. Only 44 Minnesota Wing
of CAP uniform items and merchandise for sale. Cadets have earned this award.
They were so impressed with Minnesota Wing and
the reception that they received that they plan on Col. Miller presented Wing Awards to the
returning next year. following members:

Cadet Commander of the Year

A recruiter speaks to a cadet about opportunities in the Air C/Maj. Cory Titus, Viking
National Guard.

During the day members had the opportunity to

visit with representatives from Air Force Reserve
and Air National Guard Recruiting, as well as the
Youth Aviation Foundation and the St. Paul based
General Vessey JROTC Leadership Academy.

After a day of learning, members and their guests

gathered for the annual banquet and wing awards

Cadet NCO of the Year

C/2nd. Lt. Alex McGillick, Hutchinson

Brig. Gen. William Schuessler

After the meal Col. Miller and Brig. Gen. William

Schuessler, Chief of Staff of the Minnesota Air Cadet of the Year
National Guard spoke to the conference. C/Lt. Col. Laura Broker, Viking

Brig. Gen. Schuessler presented the Gen Carl A.

Spaatz award to Captain Joshua Waddell of Viking
Squadron and Captain Nathan Wozniak of
Northland Squadron.

Minnesota WingTips 2007 Wing Conference Special Edition Page 5

Senior Member of the Year
Capt, Andrew Bosshart, Anoka County
Unit Commander of the Year
Maj. David Odette, Group 1

After the Banquet members gathered for the Annual

Military Ball.

CAP Family of the Year

The Tyner Family, Crow Wing

Tami and the Bachelor had almost everyone

dancing with a mix of current and classic music.
A feature that returned to this year’s ball was a
King and Queen competition. Cadets were able to
nominate and choose a Military Ball King and
Queen by secret ballot.

Squadron of the Year

Northland Composite Squadron

This year’s King and Queen were C/1st Lt. Andrew

Squadron of Merit Puckett and C/Lt. Col. Laura Broker.
St Paul Composite Squadron

Minnesota WingTips 2007 Wing Conference Special Edition Page 6

Throughout the ball Lt. Col. Doug Kilian drew
tickets for a variety of raffle prizes. The Military
Ball was very well received by cadet and senior

The conference concluded Sunday morning with a

Commanders Call and the Cadet Advisory Council
(CAC) meeting.

The CAC elected new officers for the 2007-2008

term. They are:
Captain Scott Slawson’s T-38 model.
Chair – C/Maj. Cory Titus, Viking
Vice Chair – C/ Lt. Col. Laura Broker, Viking
Recorder – C/2nd Lt. Jason Anderson, 130th
2007 Wing Conference
Model Aircraft Contest
The wing will begin accepting nominations for
awards to be presented at the 2008 Wing Major Conrad Peterson
Conference on Oct. 1st. This process only works if Director, Aerospace Education
members recognize excellence by sending in
nominations. The 2007 Wing Conference at Breezy Point had a
new “first” for Aerospace Education. The first ever
If you have pictures you would like to contribute to model aircraft contest. Participation was not huge
the 2007 Wing Conference Scrapbook, please send but there were a few great entries and those who
them to entered them did an outstanding job in
The 2007 Conference Scrapbook can be seen on-
line at There were two senior member entries and one
cadet entry. The entrants and their aircraft were as
follows; Chaplain Don Mikitta with an Avro Arrow,
Capt. Scott Slawson with a T-38 Talon and a Cadet
entry with a B-17 bomber.

Chaplain Mikitta received Best in Category for

Senior Member built aircraft and Capt. Scott
Slawson received First Place in the Senior Member

The B-17 received First Place in the Cadet Junior

built category.

An honorable mention for his hard work is Lt. Col.

Doug Kilian and his wood model glider aircraft.
Special thanks to the following members for
contributing photos and news for this issue of
Look forward to next year at Arrowwood, April 11-
13, for the Second Annual Wing Conference Model
Aircraft Contest with a new contest specifically for
Lt. Col. Shannon Bauer , Lt. Col. Dave Skaar,
model rockets.
Lt. Col. Tom Theis, Capt. Mark Helseth,
Capt. Mari Lucas, Capt. Paul Pieper,
The rockets will not be launched so please do not
Capt. Rich Sprouse, C/Lt. Col. Ryan Kenny
equip them with rocket engines. Build them only
for show.

Minnesota WingTips 2007 Wing Conference Special Edition Page 7