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1st Long Exam Pointers

1. Basic Concepts
a. How are data arranged in a string? (string hierarchy)
b. How are the coordinates in a point arranged in a string file?
c. What are description fields?
d. What are the different types of segments?
e. What are the different data types in surpac and their corresponding file extension?
f. How do you setup the working directory in surpac?
g. What is a working directory?
h. What are the parts of the surpac user interface and their uses?
i. What are toolbars?
j. What are profiles?
k. What are layers?
l. What does it mean when you see red layer with an asterisk?
m. What does it mean when a layer has a check?
n. What is the drafting mode for? How can you activate it?
o. How is a (string/segment) range in surpac declared?
p. How can you display an additional viewport?
q. What are the different types of grids?
r. What are the different types of help in surpac? How can you access them?
s. What is the difference between a clockwise and an anti-clockwise string?
2. Displaying Data
a. What information about a point can be displayed in surpac?
b. How can you change the color of strings?
c. What are the functions available inside the Inquire menu?
d. How can you create a report about the properties of a string?
3. Basic Digitization Techniques
a. How can you digitize a point? A string?
b. What is the difference between the 3 point modes?
c. How do you close a segment?
d. How do you reactivate a segment? Reverse? Break?
e. How do you renumber a string?
f. What is the difference between Clean, Normalize and Smooth?
g. How can you expand a string/segment?
h. What are string/segment maths?
i. What are the different types of point snap?
j. How do you create curved lines?
k. How do you move/copy a string?
l. In Clean, what is a crossover? A duplicate point? A spike?
4. Surface
a. What is the hierarchy of data in a surface?
b. What happens when you copy a dtm without its corresponding str file?
c. How do you create a dtm file from a string file?
d. What are breaklines?
e. How do you create a line of intersection between dtms?
f. How do you clip dtms?
g. How can you make a report about the volume of a pit?
h. How do you drape a line on a dtm?
i. How do you drape an image on a dtm?