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Ntegra Compact

Multi-currency desktop
banknote counter

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Ntegra Compact; superior authentication and valuing in a
compact device Ntegra Compact
Ntegra Compact is a small and portable banknote counting solution for
your teller, when space is a primary consideration. Designed to t the
Technical Information
footprint of a traditional single pocket banknote counter, Ntegra Compact
is a space-saving, light and ergonomic solution for todays busy teller. Users Dual (available from 2015)
Whether it is in a front ofce application of a bank branch, or a cramped Image detection Contact Image Sensor
back ofce environment of a fast food restaurant or retailer, Ntegra High resolution visible and IR
Compact is the new standard for banknote counting. UV
The Ntegra Compact offers numerous development enhancements over Magnetics
traditional single pocket counters, which all combine to ensure the Ntegra
range offers additional operational improvements for the user: Speed Range 800 1200 notes per minute
Comparable footprint and size to single pocket banknote counters Document Range 55 100 mm to 85 185mm
High-resolution full-width detection system ensures improved image Capacity Feed Hopper = 500 notes
detection and fewer false rejects Stacker Hopper = 250 notes
Reject = 50 notes
A range of connectivity options allow greater operational exibility, and
more data storage options Display 3.3" Full Colour touch screen LCD
An intuitive graphical user interface that displays key operational data Connectivity 2 x RS232 Serial
Clearance Program (Multi Batch Recording) 1 x USB 2.0 (Slave)
1 x USB 1.1 (Host) - optional
Dual-user operation for greater exibility (available from 2015) LAN - optional
SD card - optional
A multitude of applications System Memory 2 Gb
The Ntegra Compacts design allows it to be used in Power supply 100 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
a multitude of locations. From on a teller counter,
fast-food outlets and retail and leisure back-office Power consumption 140 W
processing environments; wherever space is at a Dimensions (H x W x D) 284* x 273 x 269 mm
premium, the Ntegra Compact is the ideal note Weight 8.5 kg
authentication solution.
Manufacturing standards ISO9001, CE
and approvals
User experience Accessories Additional currencies
Ntegra Compact provides an unrivalled user Remote display
experience. A large colour LCD graphical user interface
and multi-language options provide a machine which *Specications are subject to change without notice.
is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. The Ntegra *Please read the instruction manual carefully to ensure correct equipment usage.
Compact is also easily transported, so is ideal for *The product shown may not be available for sale in all countries
mobile or temporary applications.

Connectivity Ntegra benets

Today, counting money is no longer just about
Allows continuous and un-interrupted processing,
counting money. It is now about audit trails, data
records and statistical analysis. All records need to be whilst rejecting suspect/unwanted notes to
kept electronically as well as in hard copy. Collecting a separate reject pocket
and managing this data can be time-consuming,
however, Ntegra Compact is equipped with multiple Delivers a variety of different counting and sorting
options for automating the process. processes whilst recording and maintaining
the data in a multitude of formats
Flexible modes of operation
With an increasing number and complexity of Provides an industry leading user-experience
counterfeit notes that must be detected, to meet Central designed to motivate and empower staff.
Bank regulations, the Ntegra Compact offers a wide
range of operational modes; counting, authentication,
denomination sorting, mixed bundle valuing, multi-
currency processing, facing and orientation of
banknotes, issue splitting and serial number printing.

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