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Menu Pattern Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7

Ground Turkey Vegetable Stew Creamy Clam Home-style Hearty Creamy Tomato
Soup ( broth, Velvety Green Pea
and Bean Chili with onions, Chowder Chicken Noodle Minestrone Soup Bisque
thick, veg, and Tarragon Soup
topped with carrots, celery,
meat/prot. onions, cheddar mushrooms,
cheese, and potatoes, beans,
optional hot and tomato
Cobb Salad made Chef Salad on a Garden Salad Mexican Tuna Greek Salad on Tuscan Salad on Chicken Caesar
Entre Salad with a spring mix, mix of spinach made with lettuce, iceberg lettuce spring mix with salad with
Salad with local
(specify base, topped with and greens with chicken breast, with feta, quinoa, dried cranberries, romaine lettuce,
heirloom tomatoes
protein source, avocados, bacon, ham, hard onion, pepper, & avocado on cucumbers, walnuts, onions, parmesan cheese,
and dressing) cucumbers, boiled eggs, tomato, croutons, Baby Greens with tomatoes, mozzarella croutons, and a
tomatoes, and cheddar cheese, and pepperoncini Lime Vinaigrette kalamata olives, cheese, roasted creamy Caesar
avocado ranch and tomatoes topped with Italian Dressing topped with an red peppers, tuna dressing
dressing topped with a dressing olive oil and salad, topped with
creamy ranch vinegar dressing Balsamic
dressing Vinaigrette
Chopped Salad Chopped Salad Chopped Salad Chopped Salad Chopped Salad Chopped Salad Chopped Salad Chopped Salad
(offered daily)
Ground Beef Pulled Pork with Beef and Broccoli Turkey Breast Chicken Pork Chops
Main entre Meatloaf house made Stir Fry with
Cornbread Stuffed
seasoned with Parmesan topped seasoned with
meat/poultry/ Chicken Breast
sprinkled with barbecue sauce onion, grated thyme served with with fresh grown fresh rosemary,
seafood based with sage gravy
breadcrumbs and ginger, soy sauce, gravy basil and garlic cloves, and
(Homestyle) topped with a and minced garlic. mozzarella cheese red wine
sweet tomato *gluten-free
Vegetarian Pot Roasted Baked Ziti topped Spinach and Falafel with fresh Veggie Gyro with
Vegetarian Savory Fresh
Pie with fennel, Butternut Squash with melted Cheddar Souffl tomato, bell garlic, olive oil,
Entre Spinach, Cheddar
yellow onion, topped with mozzarella cheese made with locally pepper, onion, and lemon juice,
*gluten free pasta
Cheese, and Red
(ovo-lacto) chopped carrots, butter and brown sourced spinach, a hummus mushrooms,
available upon request Onion Quiche
sliced sugar mild cheddar zucchini, onion,
mushrooms, cheese, eggs, and tomato, and
peeled russet whole milk lettuce
potatoes, baby
green peas, fresh
parsley and chives
topped with
mushroom broth.
Bread (served Fresh Baked Roll Fresh Baked Roll Fresh Baked Roll Fresh Baked Roll Fresh Baked Roll Fresh Baked Roll Fresh Baked Roll
Smooth Garlic Creamy Steamed white rice House made Pasta with Quinoa Stuffed
Starch Side Red-skinned
Mashed Potatoes Macaroni and Stuffing marinara sauce Bell Peppers
(served hot) mashed potatoes *gluten free pasta *gluten-free
NOT BREAD available upon request
Sweet Corn with Sweet Green Skillet Fried Steamed Broccoli Baked Zucchini Green Beans with
Vegetable Side Buttered Carrot
Butter Peas Eggplant, Yellow topped with with parmesan lemon juice and
(served hot) Coins and String
Bell Pepper, and cheddar cheese cheese and olive pepper
Green Onion, oil
tossed in a light
sweet and sour
Taco Salad with Pasta Station with Roasted Eggplant, Sauted Steak Quesadillas Kebabs with Grilled cheese
Action Station
nachos, salsa, choice of zucchini, and Bites with herb with jalapeno grilled bell with choice of
Entre (main
guacamole, marinara, alfredo, chickpea wraps sauce and pasta peppers, mixed peppers, American, Swiss,
dish with side)
Mexican blend pesto sauce or with fresh bell peppers, tomatoes, colorful or Provolone
Item prepared cheese sauteed mozzarella cheese Choose: Fresh black beans, zucchini cheese. Choice of
quickly in front Choose: grilled vegetables in Choose: white, pesto or mushroom Mexican blend Choose: grilled white or whole
of customer tofu or chicken olive oil and whole wheat, or & cheese steak or tofu wheat bread
& garlic gluten-free wrap linguine or fusilli Choose: &
a variety of fresh guacamole or tangy lemon *optional gluten-free
vegetables *gluten-free pasta salsa buttered rice bread available upon
available upon request request
Deli/Grill Chicken Fingers, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Fingers,
Burgers, Wraps, Burgers, Burgers, Burgers, Burgers, Burgers, Burgers, Burgers,
Chicken Cheesesteaks Cheesesteaks Cheesesteaks Cheesesteaks Cheesesteaks Cheesesteaks Cheesesteaks
Fingers, Turkey or Ham Turkey or Ham Turkey or Ham Turkey or Ham Turkey or Ham Turkey or Ham Turkey or Ham
Cheesesteaks, subs/wraps, and subs/wraps, and subs/wraps, and subs/wraps, and subs/wraps, and subs/wraps, and subs/wraps, and
Subs & Fries French Fries French Fries French Fries French Fries French Fries French Fries French Fries
(offered daily)
Grilled Vegetable BLT on toasted Grilled Hummus Eggplant Melt- Roasted Pork Refreshing Greek
Specialty Roasted Turkey
Panini made with whole wheat and Caramelized Oven roasted Sandwich with Salad Sandwich
Sandwich Breast and Bacon
grilled red bread. Crispy Onion Sandwich eggplant on a extra-sharp made with a
(specify bread) Club served on
peppers, zucchini, bacon, fresh on whole grain crusty Italian roll provolone, roasted lemon chickpea
sun-dried tomato
and yellow squash lettuce, and mayo bread layered with red peppers, and and olive spread,
with melted melted parmesan broccoli rabe topped with sliced
provolone cheese and garlic butter cucumber,
tomato, red onion
and feta cheese
Traditional White Veggie Pizza Margherita Pizza Italian Sausage Mushroom Pizza Meat Lovers
Specialty Pizza Tropical Fresh
Pizza, topped with topped with bell with fresh basil Pizza Pizza topped with
(cheese and Pineapple &
garlic, ricotta, peppers, broccoli, Canadian bacon,
pepperoni Smoked Ham
mozzarella, and and onions. salami, pepperoni,
offered daily) provolone cheese and a spicy
Fresh Guacamole Assorted Fruit Traditional pasta Refreshing Macaroni Salad Broccoli Salad
Side Dish/Salad Confetti Coleslaw
and Salsa with Salad salad with onions, Cucumber and with crumbled
(cold & non- with sweet & sour
chips *made with tomatoes, and Couscous Salad bacon and sliced
leafy greens dressing
seasonal fruit olives in a house almond and
based) made Italian raisins
(Optional) Cherry Crisp Double Chocolate Rocky Road Warm Peach Frozen Fruit Warm Apple Vanilla Yogurt
Additional Crumble made Brownies with Parfaits Pudding Cake with Sorbet Crumble with Parfait with fresh,
with a short frosting made with a Brandied Whipped *Choice of flavors: raisins, cinnamon, locally sourced
items to *optional crushed banana, mango,
cookie crumble creamy chocolate Cream granola crumble honey,
complete menu mixed with peanuts for topping pudding topped
strawberry, or peach
with a warm strawberries,
(Eg. Special pecans, almonds, with caramel sauce blueberries, and
Breads, Sides, and tart cherries, marshmallows, *with optional vanilla granola
Toppings, topped with salted peanuts, ice cream
Dessert, Drinks) vanilla ice cream almonds and
whipped cream.