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[Nov-15] b) Explain the operation of the Depletion type MOSFET 6

B.Tech. Degree Examination
6. a) Explain about the biasing in MOS Amplifier Circuits 6
Electronic & Communication Engineering b) Discuss about the single-stage MOS amplifiers 6
ELECTRONIC DEVICES & CIRCUITS 7. a) Explain the significance of BJT small signal and High frequency
(Effective from the admitted batch 201213)
Models 6
Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60
b) Enumerate the concepts involved in device structure and
Instructions: Each Unit carries 12 marks.
physical operation of BJT 6
Answer all units choosing one question from each unit. OR
All parts of the unit must be answered in one place only. 8. a) Explain in detail about BJT Internal Capacitances 6
Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b) Discuss in detail about the operation of single stage BJT
Amplifiers 6
1. a) Bring out the differences between Analog and Digital Signals 6 9. a) List out the characteristics of Ideal Op Amp 6
b) Summarize the concepts related to Frequency Spectrum of b) Explain the term DC Imperfections 6
Signals 6
10. a) Discuss in detail about the large-signal operation of Op Amps 6
2. a) List out the salient features of Digital logic inverters 6
b) Explain about the Op Amp Inverting Configuration 6
b) What is the function of an amplifier? Explain the principle
involved in it 6
[4/III S/115]
3. a) Define the term Rectification. Explain the operation of a
bridge full wave rectifier with a circuit diagram and waveforms 7
b) List out the advantages of Zener diode 5
4. a) With a neat diagram, explain the operation of center tap full
wave rectifier with a circuit diagram and wave forms 7
b) Explain about the terminal characteristics of Junction diode 5

5. a) Discuss how the MOSFET can be used as a switch 6