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Lesson Planning

Teacher: Ciobanu Carmen Silvia

School: Liceul cu Program Sportiv Botosani
Class: 7th
Level: intermediate
Number of students:26 (Boys: 22 ;Girls: 4)
Date : 18.03.2016
Topic: A Trip to England
Type of Lesson :Mixed
Methods and strategies: Communicative Approach
Classroom interaction: individual work, in pairs
Length of lesson: 50 minutes
Teaching aids: Students book: High Flyer Intermediate,Ana Acedevo,Marisol Gower
Worksheets, pictures, internet resources, notebooks, white board,pencils
Anticipated Problems: The students might not know the places from London, they could
find difficult to understand the dialogue in English. The teacher guides them, monitors
and helps the students understand the new information or work the requested tasks.
General Aims:
To develop students listening skills
To develop students speaking skills
To build on students cultural knowledge
Lessons objectives: By the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
Recognize some tourist attractions in London :London Eye, Big Ben etc
Decode the meaning of the text listened to and the read one
Ask and answer questions using the present perfect simple tense
Introduction This lesson asks students to talk about the famous tourist objectives from
London. It includes practice of the present perfect tense and listening practice.

Stage Teachers activity Students activity Interactio Skills T Purpose

Warm-up T greets Ss Ss greet the teacher T-Ss speaking 2 To create atmosphere for
T asks Ss how they are, the absents Ss answer the question the new lesson
T- Ss
Lead in T checks Hw, asks questions using Ss pay attention to the Speaking 5 To check the previous
present perfect, starts the lesson with teacher and answer the info
a gameHave you ever been to questions
Paris?, Have you ever eaten Ss play the game Ss-T Listening
snails?(Hot Potato) Ss Ss 5
T announces the title of the lesson
and the objectives{SWAT}
Pre-listening T asks Ss to read the note from Ss achieve the task , read T-Ss Reading To introduce the info
page vi of their book ,eliciting ideas the note , answer the SS-Ts 5
associating or explaining if it is questions from ex.1/vi in
necessary ex.1/vi pairs, express their Speaking
T asks Ss to watch the picture above opinions about the image,
the note associate the the two 10
T asks Ss to associate the two columns from handout no Ss-Ss Writing
columns of handout no.1 1./join the words on the
/unscramble the words whiteboard, to get the
names of some famous
T asks students how tourists usually places to visit in London
visit these famous places. Do they
go by train, taxi,
or tourist bus? Point out the open-
top bus in the preparation task.
T asks who usually
talks to the tourists about the famous
places during a tour on a bus? (A
tour guide.)
T tells the students that they are Ss pay attention to the task Ss-Ss Writing To understand and to
going to listen to a guided tour on a and reorder the places to T-Ss 5 practice the new
bus in London. visit while listening. Speaking information in context
T explains they have to put the Students now look at the
places in the order that the tour bus check your understanding: To acquire the new info
While will visit them. multiple choice task on the
listening T plays the audio then students worksheet. 10
compare answers before checking Ss select the correct
and correcting as a class. T plays answers while listening
again if necessary. again.
T plays the audio again and students Ss compare in pairs before
select the correct answers. checking answers as a
T asks students what the weather class.
was like on the tour. (It was raining
heavily.) He writes
the following on the board history, Ss copy the list. They are
umbrellas, famous people, the told that now they are
queen, shopping, money. going to listen
T plays the audio one more time ,T carefully to the tourist
asks if they can remember the actual rather than the tour guide.
questions that the tourist asked? and
Ss must now underline the
topics that the tourist
Post Ss change their SS-SS 5 To check understanding
listening T asks Ss to check their answers notebooks(pairs ) and Speaking
giving points to their partners ,then check their answers
he starts a discussion giving point
Have you been to any of these Ss answer the questions
places? Which city would you like
to take a tour in? Why?

Evaluation T assigns Homework T tells the Ss write down on their T-Ss Listening 3 To practice the new info
&homework class to imagine that they are on a notebooks Homework, Writing
guided tour visiting London. They paying attention to Speaking
have to choose a place and bring instructions
information and photos about it for
the rest of the class. No more than
100 words.