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The Regional Headquarters that is located along Banago Wharf Road is an

advantage for the site. There is no addition nor relocation of a Police Station facility.
Safety and security is present within the whole the vicinity.

The transportation used in the area is through tricycle. Public Utility Vehicle is not
present in the area.

The intersection between the two roads should be placed with traffic lights, and
pedestrian lanes should be added, since the intersection is busy among vehicles and
walking pedestrians.

The road
intersection is
composed of Felix
Amante Avenue on
the north which
goes over a river
that connects to
the nearby ocean;
San Juan Street on
the south that
leads to the
downtown area;
Circumferential Road on the east that leads to Pepsi Cola Products at the Lacson Street;
and the Banago Wharf Road that leads to the port. The road is quite large on the south
and west part of the intersection where large trucks usually pass through.

The advantage of
the road is that it is
quite large where traffic
only exists during
nighttime as people
would go to the market
to prepare for dinner.
Since large trucks pass
by the area towards the
port, the risk of
accidents is greater to
the pedestrians. Though this is the case, the area along the Banago Wharf Road and
the San Juan Street are great for redevelopment to become a commercial industry.
A mini market along the road can cause traffic and delay to the people who are
passing by particularly during dawn where buyers clogged the streets as well as the
sellers starts to put their own station.

Since it is located in an intersection, heavy flow of any kinds of transportation

such as private cars and trucks are just fleeting around especially if its weekdays and
theres work and class.

Across the market

are retail stores/ sari sari
stores owned by the private
owners and it is where the
tricycles / pedicabs park and
load waiting for people who
wants to be accompanied
on going to their own

The advantage of this

(retail store) is that they have their own land property to merchandise their products to
other people but this could be a competition towards the market place who rents in
their stalls to sell their production therefore there could be a competition in both sides.