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7A Description of a Person | SSS) yn of your best friends. Tenedeete | pesson and desc Ste ial | specs Body Describe the person's nature and personal characteristics, Give examples. son you have chosea, dy ~ fired when heeft Useful Language Physical Appearance ‘all/ short goot-ivoking attractive stunning beautiul overnight underweight thin pale Jong f short straight /ourly dark ight “When we describe a person, we should try to waite in such 2 sway that, by the time the reader finishes reading the essey, helshe feels like helshe really knows the person. Look at the topic. Then stady the plan end read the model. [MOBEL! My Penfriend vill never forget the day when I first met Rudy, my penfriend from Hungary. He had sent me 2 photograph in which he had shor, straight hair — infact, he looked just like anyone ese. His ‘rain arrived and I looked for him among the crows, but there ‘a5 00 one who looked lke the person in the photograph. Then | saw someone with 2 rucksack which had 2 Hungarian fag on it. But this person had long, curly hair, and was auch taller than 1 had imagined, Of course, it was Rudy — the photograph was frm ‘his anmy service, which is why his hair had beea so short. (- Rudy spenta week in my home, and I soon eared 2 lot about the person with whom I had been corresponding, From his lemers, Tinew that be bad an excellent sense of humour, and that be was a very kind person. I had no idea, however, that he was 50 ourgoing. He needed no introduction to anyone, and ifhe saw” 1 beautiful gid, he would star talking to ber as ifthey bad known ‘each other for yeas. He could never understand why the Bric girls were So cold and often ignored him! Rudy was also avery carious person and wanted to visit as many historical sites nd learn as such about Britain as he possibly could. enjoyed having Rudy around. His energy was 2s endless as bis cariosiry. Being with Rudy was like being in the middle of 2 ‘vhinkwind. Everything seemed so quiet after he returned 10 Hungary. ature and Characteristics | Feelings ‘uit funny | love outgoing pleasant hate extrovert bong fai introvert interesting adore shy intriguing | espise ind ‘fascinating | be fond o' wicked patient = | intigue has (aso) sense impatient =| intarest of humour | ae