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S gio dc v o to k thi chn hc sinh gii lp 12 THPT

Thanh Ha Nm hc 2005 - 2006

Mn thi: Ting anh - Bng B
chnh thc (Thi gian: 180 pht - khng k
thi gian giao )
( thi gm 03 trang)

Question 1: Phonetics
A. Which of the following word is stressed differently
from the rest.
1 a Explain b Explanatio c Explanator d explicable
. . . n . y .
2 a structurali b Fashionabl c Spontaneo d mountainou
. . st . e . us . s
3 a comfort b Honour c Title d admire
. . . . .
4 a satisfactor b Opportuni c Compulsory d anniversary
. . y . ty . .
5 a photograp b Objection c Imaginable d orginal
. . hic . able . .
B. Pick out the word which has the underlined part
pronounced differently from the rest.
1 a hatred b Asked c Laughed d typed
. . . . .
2 a tooth b Smooth c Theory d author
. . . . .
3 a earn b Learn c search d clear
. . . . .
4 a chain b Entertain c bargain d complain
. . . . .
5 a jobs b Bags c days d Shops
. . . . .
Question 2: Put each verb in bracket into a suitable
1. Alex, you (look) through my drawers again? How many times I
(tell) you not to do that?
2. Dianas train (arrive) tomorrow evening at 6.00 so we (meet)
him at the station.
3. Hurry up! I (think) you (be) ready by now.
4. Hello, John. I (phone) to ask if you (do) any thing this Saturday.
5. You (play) with that cat for hours. If you (be) allergic to cats,
you (know) by now.
6. Ann really likes (invite) to dinner parties.
7. Im sorry, madam, but this carpet (already/sell).
8. Jenny is late. She (might/forget) about the about.
9. Did you find out What was wrong with your car? Yes, the
voltage regulator needs (replace).
Question 3: Complete each sentence with a word
formed from the word in capitals.
1. Beauty: She is training to be a
2. Advice: Until the situation has settled down, it is. to
travel to that country.
3. Die: The doctor gave him an injection tothe pain.
4. Demostrate: Grandfather rarely showed the affection he felt for
his family. He was a very person.
5. Argue: Hes a very bad tempered,..chap. Hes
always quarrelling.
6. Fail: She is very efficient, and.polite to customers.
7. Encourage: She..stood in the way of the escaping
8. False: It is say he did when you know he didnt.
9. Prophecy: Im not aand I wouldnt like to make a
prophecy on whether the world can survive this age of nuclear
10. Describe: The weather asked them to write
a..passage about their hometown.
Question 4: Choose the best answer.
1, Jane kept annoying her parents until they gave
her demands.
a Back b. up c in d away
. . .
2. I understood to problem after it had been .me.
a Explained b. admitted to c confessed d replied to
. to . to .
3. Oh,the bus I wanted to catch.
a Wherever b. Its left c There goes d Owning to
. . .
4. When you saw Jack at the dance, what did he..?
a Wear b. Have on c dress d Put on
. . .
5. did you realize that the murderer was still in the
a Seldom b Under no c only after d only then
. . circumstances . .
6. ..did the passengers realize how lucky they had been.
a Few b. A few c Little d A little
. . .
7. We go to evening classesday.
a Another b. the others c other d every other
. . .
8. We had..table.
a. an antique oval oak dinning.
b. an oval antique dining oak.
c. an oak dining oval antique.
d. a dining oak antique oval.
9. A tomato is commonly assumed to be a vegetable.
Actually is a fruit.
a So b. But c And d Where
. . .
10. Since the 17th century, the religious order of Quakers has
been.associated with pacifist beliefs.
a Closer b. Mor close c Mose d As close as
. . closely .
11. The life expectancy of the average American male is 71
years..that of the female is 78 years.
a Because b. otherwise c While d Not only
. . .
12. The word taboo ..the polynesian word tabu
refers to something sacred or dangerous.
a Which comes from b Which it comes from
. .
c It comes from d came from
. .
13. Cashews, a popular food in the US, are most
a While roasting b Although roasted
. .
c If it roasts d When roasted
. .
14. The horizon appears to be curved when viewed a
high place.
a With b. from c On d out of
. . .
15. Dakar capital of senegal, which became an
independent nation 1960.
a The b. being the c of the d is the
. . .
Question 5: Read the passage, then choose one
suitable word or phrase o fill in each numbered blank.
The English channel
Engineers have been dreaming of an underwater link
between Britain and France..(1) 1802. Finally, in 1994 the
Channel Tunnel (nicknamed The Chunnel by the English)
was.(2) opened.
This fifteen billion dollar project took seven years to.
(3). It is 50 km long and built 45 metres under the seabed. The
trains which go through the Chunnel can travel at up to 300 km/h
due to the.(4) electrical system.
The journey from London to Paris via the Chunnel takes just
three hours. It is also...............(5) for driver, since they can load
their cars onto the train. They dont need to book in..................(6),
as trains............(7) every few minutes.
However, while on the train, there isnt much to do
many...............(8) the Chunnel for this...............(9) the ferries,
theres no duty - free shopping, no videogame parlour or
refeshment stand...............(10) can you look outside and enjoy
the.............(11). As a result, many would find the
Chunnel.................(12) and would take the ferry..............(13).
Despite these drawbacks though, we cannot................(14)
the fact that it will soon become the best way to got...............(15)
the channel.
1. a. From b. During c since d. Ago
2. a. Officially b. Regularly c correclly d. Typically
3. a. Perform b. Achieve c deal with d. Complete
4. a. Forward b. Advanced c higher d. Increased
5. a. Benefit b. Handy c advantag d. Spare
. e
6. a. Advance b. Time c ahead d. Future
7. a. go away b. exit c set out d. Depart
8. a. Criticise b. accuse c compain d. Blame
9. a. Opposite b. not like c unlike d. Dissimilar
10. a. Nor b. either c neither d. Not
11. a. Appeara b. picture c image d. View
nce .
12. a. Unlikely b. unwanted c unappeali d. Unpopula
. ng r
13. a. Instead b. however c rather d. Otherwise
14. a. Neglect b. disapprov c refuse d. ignore
e .
15. a. Over b. across c along d. opposite
Question 6: Read the tex carefully and then choose
the correct answers:
Nowadays we have many conveniences in our society which
have been brought about through science and technology.
However, these same advancements in science and technology
have caused some dangerous problems. These problems will not
go away easily because people do not want to give up the
conveniences of a modern kife - style. The most critical problems
are pollution.
Machinery, domestic devices and means of transport make
human life more comfortable, but they have dangerous emissions.
The problem created by pollution are growing daily. Because
people do not want to change their life - styles, we must invent a
way to neutralize pollutants we are putting into our enviroments.
People need to be edu cated to stop damaging the earth.
Furthermore, goverments must take action to prevent individuals
and companies.
1. Science and technology have brought us......................
a. not only conveniences but also pollution.
b. not only conveniences but also clean air.
c. only problems.
d. only life - styles.
2. We cannot solve the problems of pollution because....................
a. everybody is ready to cooperate with the government
b. everybody is interested in science and technology
c. everybody does not know anything about pollution
d. everybody does not want to give up the conveniences of a
modern life - style.
3. Machinerym domestic devices and means of
a. make our life more b. cause pollution
c. supply us with clean air d. a and b
4. The problems created by pollution..
a. can be solve in some day b. can be easily solved
c. are growing everyday d. are unknown
5. Government must take action to.
a. prevent everybody from harming the environment
b. prevent companies from producing machinery
c. pay attention to education
d. damage the earth

Question 7: There is a mistake in each other. Find out

it then correct it.
1. (A) Alike the United States, Canada (B) conducts a (D)
complete cencus of its population (D) every 10 years.
2. (A) Natural resources provide the raw material (B) are
needed to (C) produce finished (D) goods .
3. (A) Because they are so secretive, blind snakes are (B)
seldom seen, and (C) its habits are not (D) well known.
4. The main rotor and tail rotor (A) of a helicopter (B) make
the (C) same job as (D) the wings, propellers, and rudder of an
5. X.ray are (A) too powerful that they can penetrate (B)
most solid (C) as easily as light passes (D) through glass.
Question 8: Use the word given in brackets to write a
new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the
original sentence.
1. The police arrives as the thieves were committing the
crime. (Red - handed)
2. We dont seem to have much sugar left. (Running)
3. He celebrated his birthday last Saturday. (Place)
4. They lost not only their money but their passports as well.
5. Bad weather delayed the flight. (Due)
6. They arrived at their destination alive and kicking. (Sound)
7. Travellers consider themselves superior to those who lead
more sedentary life. (down)
8. Why does life have to be so difficult. (only)
9. My jewellery has been stolen. (off)
10. What do you do with the money is of no interest to me.
Question 9: Make all the changes and addition
necessary to produce from the following sets of words and
phrases, sentences that together make a complete letter
oer paragraphs.
Dear Jeery,
1. I write/say/how sorry/I/be/hear/death/your grandfather
2. His sudden death/must be/shock/you/your family
3. I/really like/attend/funeral/pay/last respects
4. If it/be/just/family/affair/I/quite understand
5. Please/no hesitate/contact me/if/be/anything/I can do/help
Your sincerely
Question 10: Complete each sentence with a suitable
1. The minister responsible has promised to lookthe
2. Sorry, we must end there. Weve run.time.
3. All passengers are asked to fill.this immigration.
4. Everyone was worried in case war broke.
5. I dont understand your comments. What are you
6. Your behaviour is intoleratole! I wont
7. The recipe says include garlic but I have left it.
8. Have you ever come.a write called Jack Common.
9. When you feel like a rest from driving. Ill take..
10. Ill do the garden soon. I just havent gotyet.
S gio dc v o to p n thi chn hc sinh gii lp 12 THPT
Thanh Ha Nm hc 2005 - 2006
Mn: Ting anh - Bng B
chnh thc
Question 1:
A. 1.b 2.c 3.d 4.c 5.a
B. 1.a 2.b 3.d 4.c 5.d
Question 2:
1. have you been looking/ have I told
2. arrives/ will meet (are going to meet)
3. thought/ would be
4. am phoning/ are doing
5. have been playing/ were/ would have known
6. invited
7. had already been sold
8. might have forgotten
9. replacing
Question 3:
1. beautician 6. unfailingly
2. inadvisable 7. courageously
3. deaden 8. falsehood
4. undemostrative 9. prophet
5. argumentative 10. descriptive
Question 4:
1.c 2.a 3.c 4.b 5.d
6.c 7.d 8.a 9.b 10.c
11.c 12.a 13.d 14.b 15.d
Question 5:
1.c 2.a 3.d 4.b 5.b
6.a 7.d 8.a 9.c 10.a
11.d 12.c 13.a 14.d 15.d
Question 6:
1.c 2.b 3.a 4.a 5.c
Question 7:
1 A. alike like
2 C. Its their
3 A. Too so
4 C. efficien efficien
. cy tly
5 D. drawin drawn
. g
Question 8:
1. The police caught the thieves red - handed.
OR: The thieves were caught red handed by the police
2. We are running out of sugar.
OR: Our sugar is running out of.
3. His birthday celebration took place last Saturday.
4. In addition to their money, they lost their passports as
5. They flight was delayed due to bad weather.
6. They arrived at their destination safe and sound.
7. Travellers look down on those who lead a more sedentary
8. If only life werent so difficult.
9. Someone has run off with my jewellery.
10. I dont care what you do with the money.
Question 9:
Dear Jeery,
1. I am writing to say how sorry I was to hear the death of
your grandfather.
2. His sudden death must be a shock to you and your family.
3. Id really like to attend his funeral and pay my last
4. If it is just a family affair Ill quite understand.
5. Please dont hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can
do to help you.
Your sincerely
Question 10:
1. into 6. for
2. out of 7. out
3. in 8. across
4. out 9. over
5. at 10. round to

Ton bi 100 im.

Mi cu ng 1 im
im ton bi = im s cu ng : 5