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Example: A: Good morning, Im Vanessa Graham. Example: A: Nikki, whats wrong?

B: Hello, Mrs. Graham. B: My head is killing me. I keep taking medicine,
A: Actually its Ms. Graham, please. but it doesnt help.
A: You must feel terrible! You should go to
1. A: Excuse me. Im looking for Dr. Guerra. the doctor.
B: Ill get him. But call him Manuel. Everyone uses first
names here. 1. A: Hello, Im Jessica Banks. I have a 2:00 appointment.
A: OK, thanks. B: OK. And what brings you in to the office today?
B: By the way, Im Julia. A: One of my fillings came out.
A: Nice to meet you. Im Neil. B: Oh no! How did you lose a filling?
A: I dont know, but it really hurts!
2. A: Hello. Im Ayako Suzuki. Im here for the conference. B: Im sorry. The doctor will see you in just a minute.
B: I dont see your name here. Did you register?
A: Yes, I did. In fact, I had already registered by the time 2. A: Hi, Susan.
the conference was announced. B: Hi, Jim. You look awful.
B: Oh, excuse me. Here it is. A: Thanks.
B: No, I mean, you must feel terrible. Do you have a cold?
3. A: Hey, Sophia. Im making beef for dinner. Would you A: No, I dont. Its my allergies. I forgot to take my allergy
like to come over? medication this morning. I cant stop sneezing. The
B: Thanks, Mark, but I dont eat beef. There are rules trees and flowers are making my eyes red and itchy.
against it in my culture. Im going to take something right now.
A: OK. Well maybe some other time. I can make chicken.
B: Sounds good! 3. A: Is anything bothering you today, Mr. Kemper?
B: No, Dr. Powell. I feel fine. I just came in to get my
4. A: Hi, Im Denise Pei. allergy shot.
B: Hello, Im Daniel Hoffman. A: OK, Ill give you the shot, and youll be out of
A: Nice to meet you. By the way, how would you like to here quickly.
be addressed? B: Thats great. Thanks.
B: Mr. Hoffman is fine, thanks.
A: Thanks for fitting me in this morning. I needed to see
5. A: What time are you going to dinner?
someone right away.
B: The reservation is for 8:00, so Ill get to the restaurant
B: Glad to be of help. Whats the trouble?
after that.
A: I think I broke a tooth.
A: No! In this culture its impolite to arrive late. You
B: You must be in a lot of pain.
should be there no later than 8:00.
A: Yeah, its really killing me.
6. A: Why do your students call you Ms. Pilman instead B: Well, lets have a look. I might be able to fix it today.
of Dr. Pilman? A: Will I need a prescription afterwards?
B: Well, I had already taught them for a while when I B: Maybe. I might give you some painkillers.
became a doctor. They were used to calling me Ms.
Anyway, titles really arent important to me. UNIT 3

7. A: Hi, Im Elizabeth Flores, the new English teacher. Julia: Hi, Im your new neighbor. I just moved into
B: Hello, Im Patricia Small. Im a teacher here, too. Ill apartment number twelve. Im Julia Frost.
introduce you to everyone. How do you want the Mark: Im Mark Fines. Welcome to the neighborhood. Let
students to address you? me know if you need anything.
A: Whats customary here? Julia: Actually, can you recommend a housecleaning service?
B: Well, in our culture its very impolite for a student to Id like to get the apartment cleaned before I unpack.
call a teacher by his or her first name. Mark: Sure. Almost everyone in the building uses Maid to
A: Then Ms. Flores is fine. Clean. Theyre very honest.
Julia: Great. And what about a copy service? I have to get
some things copied before Monday.
Mark: Go to Edisons. Its just down the street. Theyre
really fast.
Julia: Edisons for copying. And can you tell me where you
get your car repaired?
Mark: I always go to Tonys Auto Repair. Theyre not very
efficient, but theyre extremely helpful. Theyre around
the corner.

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Audioscript (continued)

Julia: And just one more question. Can you recommend 2. A: Hey, Dan. Can I ask you something?
a tailor? B: Sure. Whats up?
Mark: Sure. Sew Good is great for tailoring. Their work is A: Im not sure of the customs here. Im visiting
excellent, and theyre very reasonable. Theyre across someones house tonight. Should I bring a gift
the street. for the host?
Julia: Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate it. B: Yes. You should take a small gift.
Mark: No problem. See you around! A: Great. Thanks.

3. A: So, theres a holiday next week?

UNIT 4 B: Yes. Everyone travels to be with their relatives. The
A: I wonder where Alan is. airports and train stations are mobbed. It takes a long
B: He must have gotten lost. time to get anywhere.
A: Oh, look, there he is. Hi, Alan! 4. A: What are you doing?
C: Hi, guys. Sorry Im late. I was going to leave the office B: Im sending some holiday cards.
at 5:30, but I got a call at 5:25. I shouldnt have answered A: Is that a tradition here?
the phone. B: Yes. Most people send cards to their friends
B: No problem. Now, lets talk about dinner! I thought wed and family.
try the Indian place down the street.
A: Oh, we should have made a reservation for that place. 5. A: How does your family celebrate Christmas?
It gets really busy. B: Well, we pray and give each other gifts.
B: Well, lets go look . . . A: That sounds nice.

Simon: Hi, Christina. Im Simon Wells, your career 6. A: I hear theres a holiday soon.
counselor. Lets look at your resume . . . So . . . B: Thats rightCarnaval.
you studied art, but you didnt graduate. A: How do you celebrate?
What happened? B: Everyone wears a costume and goes out into the
Christina: Well, it was going to be hard to make a living as an streets. Its so much fun!
artist, so I quit.
Simon: And then you studied at a beauty school? 7. A: Im not sure of the customs here. I heard something
Christina: Yes, but I couldnt cut hair. I had this exam, but about throwing flowers at a wedding?
I didnt pass. B: Thats rightafter the wedding ceremony, the bride
Simon: OK . . . and you have some job experience? You throws her bouquet. All the single women try to
worked at an art gallery. catch it.
Christina: Yes, but I decided that I liked music better than art.
Simon: So your tastes changed? REVIEW TEST 1 (UNITS 15)
Christina: Exactly! So I was going to play in a band, but my
parents talked me out of it. A: Thanks for fitting me in.
Simon: And then you worked at a bank? B: Luckily, the dentist had a cancellation. Whats bothering
Christina: Yes, I worked there for a few months, but then you today?
I didnt want to anymore. I guess I just changed A: I lost a filling a few days ago, and now my tooth is
my mind. killing me!
Simon: And now you want my help? B: You lost it a few days ago? You should have called earlier!
Christina: Yeah! A: I was going to, but I got busy with work.
B: Why dont you have a seat? The dentist will be right
with you.
Steve: Hey, Maya, can you recommend a courier service?
Example: A: How can I give someone good wishes for the
I need to send this package.
New Year?
Maya: Sure, Steve. Why dont you have Pack Express take
B: Say, Happy New Year! The other person can
care of it?
answer, Thanks, you too! or Happy New Year!
Steve: Do you think that they can get it to Lima overnight?
1. A: My sister is getting married. Maya: They must be able to. They have service all over
B: Congratulations! What are weddings like here? South America. Theyre really reliable.
A: The ceremony is simple. The real celebration is the Steve: I should have asked you for a recommendation earlier!
reception. Its a big party with lots of food and Last week I used Aero Fast, but they were expensive
dancing all night long. and not very efficient.

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Audioscript (continued)

Elizabeth: Hi, Sarah. 3. A: Can you recommend something very easy and light?
Sarah: Hi, Elizabeth. Do you mind if I ask you a question? B: Lets see . . . oh, this is good! Its a love story about this
Elizabeth: Absolutely not. Whats up? couple whose parents wont let them get married.
Sarah: Im not sure about the customs here for
Independence Day. Im going on a picnic, and 4. A: I like to learn when I read.
everyones taking something. I was going to B: Well, this is a good book about the life of the Mexican
take soda, but I decided to take something else. painter Frida Kahlo. The author did a lot of research
Its OK if I take sandwiches, isnt it? before writing. She used some of Fridas own letters to
Elizabeth: Absolutely perfect. make it very personal.
Sarah: So how else do you celebrate the holiday?
5. A: Do you want this book?
Elizabeth: Well, theres a parade. And at night they set
B: What is it?
off fireworks. Youre going to watch them,
A: Its about Egypt . . . how to get there, where to stay,
arent you?
what to see . . .
Sarah: Definitely. Thanks for your help!
B: Well, Im not planning a trip to Egypt, so I guess Ill pass.

UNIT 6 6. A: Is this book scary?

B: No, its not scary, but its very suspenseful and full of
Example: Our top story tonight is the typhoon that continues adventure. Its a real cliffhanger. You can never guess
to take peoples lives and destroy property. The whatll happen next.
storm is still very severe, and government officials
are asking other countries for help. 7. A: Do you know anything about this book?
B: Yes, its fiction, but its not a novel. Its a collection of
1. The rain still hasnt stopped, and theres nowhere for the works by different authors.
water to go. Peoples homes are becoming filled with
water and many roads are covered as well. If you need to
get somewhere, a boat will be more useful than a car.
Colleen: Hello, Im Colleen Campbell for Channel 7 News. Im
2. Experts predict that the coming storm will be terrible.
reporting live from the Inventors Cup in London.
They feel certain that an evacuation will be necessary and
Inventors have gathered here from around the
that there will be a lot of destruction and many casualties.
world to try to win first prize for the best invention.
Some are even advising people to leave their homes now,
A few of the inventors are here with me now. Lets
before the storm hits.
talk first to Johnny Nichols, who participated in
3. Officials are trying to determine the number of people last years competition. What happened last year,
affected by yesterdays storm. However, its difficult to Johnny?
determine casualties, because there is still a very large Johnny: It wasnt my fault! It couldve happened to anyone!
number of people who havent been found. Search and Colleen: Excuse me?
rescue teams have been formed to look for survivors. Johnny: I would have won if it hadnt rained and ruined my
invention. I still cant believe it. Such bad luck . . . !
4. Although last weeks landslide had a huge economic Colleen: OK, thanks, Johnny. Next is Howard Simon.
impact on the town of Hamilton, we are pleased to Howard, the winner of todays competition gets a
announce that the death toll from the disaster is zero. prize of 1,000. What will you do with the money
if you win?
5. You should always keep some supplies ready in case of Howard: Thats easy. Ill buy materials to invent more things.
minor injuries. Your supplies should include ointment, Colleen: And if you dont win, will you try again next year?
bandages, and painkillers. Howard: Absolutely! If I compete every year, Ill win sooner
or later.
UNIT 7 Colleen: Well, good luck, Howard! Now lets go to Brenda
Lipton. Brenda, your invention looks pretty
Example: A: Have you heard anything about this book? high-tech.
B: Yeah, supposedly its like all of his other books. Brenda: It is, and you wont find anything else like it. Its an
You know, the police officer who desperately entirely new idea.
tries to solve a crime . . . Colleen: What does it do?
Brenda: It helps you if you get lost. See these colored
1. A: Whats this book about?
buttons? If you touch the blue button, it tells you
B: Theres this inventor, and he makes these robots that
where you are.
control peoples minds. Its weirdit could never
Colleen: What happens if I touch the red button?
really happen.
Brenda: Oh, I dont recommend that . . . Oops!
2. A: Do you want any of these books? Colleen: I think thats it for this report. Im Colleen Campbell
B: How about some nonfiction? reporting live. . . .
A: Heres one about the life of Gandhi. In fact, he wrote it.

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Audioscript (continued)

UNIT 9 Mitch: But isnt the undertow too strong to swim?

Julie: No, everyone goes swimming there.
Teacher: Good morning class! Lets open our books and Mitch: I guess I was thinking of somewhere else. But it
discuss last nights reading on Russia. sounds like its worth seeing.
Throughout its history, Russia has been through Julie: You also shouldnt miss the pyramids at Palenque.
many changes. Who can tell me more? Marcia? But dont go in the morning. Its often too foggy to
Marcia: The most difficult period in Russia was probably see everything well.
the twentieth century. In 1917, Russia was a Mitch: Foggy?
monarchy ruled by a czar, or king. Julie: Yes. The ruins of this ancient city are in a valley in
Teacher: What were some problems under the monarchy, the middle of a jungle. Oh, and its worth going to
Marcia? Sumidero Canyon, too. Take a boat tour of the river at
Marcia: Problems such as poverty, poor health and the bottom of the canyon. The scenery is spectacular
education systems, and poor working conditions with canyon walls that are 1,000 meters high and
made the czars politics unpopular. covered with lush vegetation.
Teacher: What did the people do? Jeff? Mitch: Thanks for your help. Everything sounds great!
Jeff: The Russian people, under the leadership of
Vladimir Lenin, formed a group called the socialist
party. The members of the socialist party were REVIEW TEST 2 (UNITS 610)
radicals who wanted to change the way the
country was ruled. Lenin and his supporters Example: A: Im going to see John Marshall later.
believed a revolution was necessary. The B: Great, tell him to call me.
revolution was successful, and the monarchy lost 1. A: Hey, Megan, do you have any issues of Easy Cooking
its power. Russia invaded nearby countries and magazine?
formed the Soviet Union. B: I can check, but I dont think so.
Teacher: Right. What happened to the Soviet Union?
Jessica? 2. A: Have you seen the new electric car from Yakota?
Jessica: In 1922, Joseph Stalin became leader of the B: Yeah, its really innovative. If I needed a new car, Id
Soviet Union. He ruled the government with definitely buy one.
complete and total power. Under Stalin, the
Russian people suffered greatly. If someone 3. A: I didnt know you were going to buy a computer.
disagreed with him, he had that person arrested B: We wouldnt have bought it if it hadnt been such a
or even killed. Stalins dictatorship continued great price.
until his death in 1953.
4. A: They should encourage tourism on this island. It
Teacher: Good. When were people able to vote in Russia?
would bring in a lot of money.
Marcia: In 1990, under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev,
B: True, but buildings and more people could affect the
people were able to vote in the Soviet Union.
ecology of the island.
Elections were held and Gorbachev became the
first president of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev, with
Radio announcer: Tropical Storm Alex has arrived in our
others, wrote the first constitution in the history of
area. The National Weather Service
the Soviet Union, which made it a democracy.
says not to leave your house. Its too
dangerous to drive, so if youre still in the
UNIT 10 area, you should stay inside and wait for
the storm to pass. Curl up with a good
Julie: Hey, Mitch. I heard youre going to Chiapas. book or do a puzzle. Theres a possibility
Mitch: Yeah. Youve been there, havent you, Julie? of a power outage, so be sure to have a
Julie: Yes, for two weeks last summer. Do you want flashlight or some candles nearby.
some tips?
Mitch: That would be great! A: Who do you want to win the election?
Julie: Well, the Miso-ha waterfall is a must-see. Its B: The Yellow Party.
humongous! And you can walk right down to the A: The Yellow Party? But they want to make so many
waterfall and stand in a cave behind the water. changes. They want to spend less money to fight
Mitch: Wow, Ill definitely do that. terrorism.
Julie: But be carefulthe path is really slippery. B: Yes, but they want to use that money to fight poverty. I
Mitch: OK, thanks. think thats more important.
Julie: And theres another waterfall, too: Agua Azul. You A: Im afraid I dont agree. The nation needs protection
have to go swimming there. The water is so clear and from terrorists.
beautiful. Its absolutely breathtaking! B: Terrorism is very dangerous, but I think poverty is a bigger
problem, no matter what. We have to help the people
who need it most. Its time for change.
A: I guess well have to agree to disagree!