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Along with recent progress in environmental-protection measures, the construction

of waste incineration plants is on the increase. Meanwhile, severe cases of hydro-

chloric-acid dew-point corrosion are occurring in the flue-gas treatment equipment.
Countermeasures Rapid cooling of waste gas Occurrence of severe sulfuric/
against dioxin emission to lower temperature hydrochloric-acid dew-point corrosion

S-TEN1, in particular highly resistant to acids including chloride ions (CR-), is the
steel material best suited for such application environments.
Features of S-TEN1
q Improved hydrochloric-acid corrosion resistance w Excellent hydrochloric-acid corrosion resistance
High resistance to hydrochloric-acid corrosion in waste High resistance to sulfuric-acid dew-point corrosion occurring
incineration and similar facilities in waste incineration plants and heavy oil-fired boilers
High resistance to corrosion caused by sulfuric acid, e Wide range of steel products
including chloride ions (CR-), occurring in coal-fired boiler
flue-gas treat ment equipment and others
Hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets, electric resistance-
welded pipe and tubes
r Ease of availability
t Products Conforming to JIS
Hot-rolled sheets and plates conforming to JIS G 3106
Specifications (SM400A)are available upon request.
Size range
Steel type Thickness Steel type Size
Cold-rolled sheets 0.6mm or more to 2.3mm or under Electric resistance- Wall thickness: 1.8mm or more to 10.5mm or under
Hot-rolled sheets and plates 1.6mm or more to 20mm or under welded pippe and tubes Outside diameter: 19mm or more to 114.3mm or under

Chemical composition Mechanical properties

Chemical composition% Thicknessmm Yield pointN/mm2 Tensile strengthN/mm2 Elongation% Test pieceJIS

C Si Mn P S Cu Sb Hot-rolled sheets 16 245

400510 *23 or more No. 5*
0.14 0.55 *1.60 0.025 0.025 0.250.50 0.15 and plates 20 235
Mn ERW pipe and tubes 10.5 230 380 35 or more No. 11
*Plate:No. 1A specimen
( t16 18%, t20 22%

Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties (Example)

Size range Mechanical properties
Chemical composition% Thickness Tension test
C Si Mn P S Cu Sb mm Yield pointN/mm2 Tensile strengthN/mm2 Elongation% Test pieceJIS

0.04 0.29 1.00 0.011 0.011 0.29 0.09 2.3 333 444 40
6 332 443 42
No. 5
12 382 452 42
19 378 450 44
Corrosion Resistance
Hydrochloric-acid corrosion resistance Sulfuric-acid corrosion resistance
Corrosion rate of S-TEN1 in hydrochloric acid Corrosion rate of S-TEN1 in sulfuric acid
20 15
Corrosion ratemg/cm2/h

Corrosion ratemg/cm2/h

SS 400 SS 400
Sulfuric-acid resistant steel A Sulfuric-acid resistant steel A
Sulfuric-acid resistant steel B 10 Sulfuric-acid resistant steel B


0 0
40C / 10.5% 60C / 3.5% NaCl Free 3%NaCl
Temperature / Hydrochloric asid 40C / 20% sulfuric acid
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S-TEN1 (AC334)
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