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Romanian Journal for Multidimensional Education

Call for Papers and for International member of Journal Editorial Board for the Romanian Review for Multidimensional Education

Romania July 2010: Lumen Publishing House announces the call for papers for the Romanian Review for Multidimensional Education (Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala). There are expected professors, teachers and researchers which are working or are passionate by this domain. The selection will be on period the 1 st of August 2010 to 31 st of September 2010.

The Romanian Review for Multidimensional Education (Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala) is an international Journal with Peer Review, indexed in Index Copernicus, and under evaluation for ISI Thomson Reuters.

The Romanian Review for Multidimensional Education (Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala is also seeking qualified researchers as members of the editorial team. Please contact us at mentioning To be member of editorial board. Send us letter and a resume.

Lumen Publishing House from Romania announces call for papers for the Romanian Review for Multidimensional Education. There are expected articles which refer to any of the domains above, but also from related areas in terms of social transformation resulting from various educational processes. We expect those persons which are interested in promoting the new educational technologies and approaches. This selection is opened for teachers, professors and researchers and also for anyone who is interested in the development of the modern educational practices, educational theories, alternative strategies in education, institutional evaluations in educational sphere and any other subjects related with the ones above.


Our publication is a Romanian Scientific Review which is rising in the domain of education , which has in site to promote the new multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives both in terms of the theories on children and/ or adult education, of educational methodology, of partnership between the educator and educated one, and the special dimension on continuous education and social action through educational strategies.

Submission Information

All manuscripts should be submitted online at with specification for Romanian Journal for Multidimensional Education.

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Romanian Journal for Multidimensional Education

Manuscripts should be no more than 6.000 words all-inclusive and should be double spaced, preferably written in English. Submitted papers will be screened by the volume editors before they are entered into the review process.

Submissions should be sent by email as an attachment of a single file that includes all images and figures. The preferred format is MS Word for Windows. All manuscripts should be generally outlined and edited to conform to the APA writing style.

All submissions will be double-blind reviewed by at least two reviewers. Authors are expected to participate in the review process.

Individuals interested in contributing to the Book Reviews sections should contact the relevant section editor prior to submitting a manuscript.


The abstract is complete if it is able to stand alone and adequately describe the paper by providing just enough background information to make the results understandable. Normally an abstract should only be 100–250 words long. The abstract in English are required. Each of them must have no more then 250 words.


The keywords (5-6 keywords) should follow the abstract without a blank line, accompanied by the heading "Keywords:" in Times Roman 12-point boldface, initially capitalized. Leave two blank lines after the keywords, and then begin the main text.

Author's biographical information

Texts must be accompanied by: the author's biographical information (professional title, didactic position, institutional affiliation, contact information, and email address), a list of the author's main publications (1/2 page), a digital photo in .jpeg or .jpg format (optional). All of these will be public information for selected authors.

The submission of a manuscript implies that the author certifies that the material is not copyrighted and is not currently under review for any refereed journal or conference proceedings. If the paper (or any version or part thereof) has appeared, or will appear, in another publication of any kind, the details of such publication must be disclosed to the editors at the time of submission.

Important Dates

Simona PONEA - PhD Antonio SANDU –

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Romanian Journal for Multidimensional Education

We expect your articles along with a CV and an Intention Letter at the email address mentioning “FOR THE ROMANIAN REVIEW FOR MULTIDIMENSIONAL EDUCATION”.

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