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Cairo University

Faculty of Engineering Credit Hour System

MDP N002: Fundamentals of Manufacturing Engineering

MIDTERM Exam, November 27th, 2007

Instructor : Prof. Dr. Abdalla Wifi

Name : Section No: BN: .

Question #1

Choose the correct answer (10 Marks)

1. Permanent mould casting include which of the following (two correct answers): (a)
sand casting, (b) investment casting, (c) die casting, (d) centrifugal casting (e) lost
pattern casting.
2. When compared to thermosetting plastics ,thermoforming plastics are: (a) Stronger,
(b) More stable (c) more widely used.
3. The three basic categories of composite materials are: Metal matrix composites
(MMCs), ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), and polymer matrix composites
(PMCs). (a) False, (b) True.
4. The best material for food making equipment is: (a) Aluminium, (b) Polyethilene, (c)
Stainless steel.
5. The hardest material among the given list is : (a)Brass , (b)polypropelen, (c)tool steel
6. In a sand casting mould, the (volume/surface are), V/A, ratio of the riser should be (a)
equal to, (b) greater than, or (c) smaller ,than the V/A ratio of the casting itself?
7. Which of the following alloying elements are most commonly associated with
stainless steel (two best answers): (a) chromium, (b) manganese, (c) molybdenum, (d)
nickel, and (e) tungsten?
8. New ceramics are more recently developed ceramics which are generally simple in
chemical composition than traditional ceramics .(a) false, (b) True
9. In the lost pattern casting technique, the pattern is made of: (a)wood, (b)polyester,
(c)polystyrene foam
10. In sand casting, given that W = weight of the molten metal displaced by a core and
W = weight of the core, the buoyancy force is which one of the following: (a)
downward force = W + W , (b) downward force = W - W , (c) upward force = W +
m c m c m
W , or (d) upward force = W - W ?
c m c


Question #2: ( 5 Marks)

Consider the aluminium casting shown in Fig.1. [ Hollw Cylinder with Do=10 cm, Di=8 Cm
and L= 20 cm]The casting density is 2.68 gm/cm3, the molding sand density is 1.56 gm/cm3
and its Chvorinovs solidification canstant Cm = 4 minutes/Cm2. If the riser height=riser
diameter, determine :

i. the total solidification time of this casting in minutes .

ii. the diameter of the riser needed .

iii. the bouyancy force acting on the core in Newtons.

Queation #3 ( 5 Marks)
Consider the copper-nickel phase diagram shown in Fig.2. :[ Use the Phase Diagram in the
i. Label the different zones and curves of this diagram
ii. Study this phase diagram carefully and complete the following Table:

Alloy 26% Ni 36%Ni 62%Ni

Pouring Temperature 1260 C
Start of freezing 1210 C 1260 C
End of freezing 1260 C
Max. hot forming temperature 1210 C