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JAN 15/07

Words to describe the case:

Control & uncontrollable
Hiding (weakness)  turtleneck
Anxiety around ppl
Justice vs. injustice

Dr. Hall would have given the px glycine acutely to decrease panic attacks & done
acupuncture before giving a homeopathic in this case.

Its good to note when px’s change actions throughout the intake (ie. Still for a while, then
tapping feet all of a sudden).  px got more fidigity when talking about coming home
from her undergrad.

She had fear of being sick in front of people b/c she didn’t think ppl would help her &
didn’t want ppl she doesn’t know to help her.

Dr. Hall likes looking at things from a mineral perspective, b/c there is a good/ clear
scientific evidence on them. Compared to other remedies that are based on only provings
b/c there’s always some human involvement there that could skew the results.

Dr. Hall analyzes a case by splitting the page into 3: mental emotional (1/3 of the page) –
ex. Loquacious, energy lecher (sucks your energy up), your thoughts on them (like
creepy, etc.).
Physical/general (1/3 of the page), physical/local (1/3 of the page).
• most impt. w/ this page layout is not that you put something under the right
heading, but that you only put the most impt things on the page.

When he looks at remedy lists (rubrics), he looks at it as basic  for example, if he sees
lach, he thinks ALL snakes are fair game.
Also if he sees nat-mur, her thinks all natrums & all muriaticums are fair game.
He thinks that the remedy you want will not always show up in the repertorizing.

Sometimes its better to look at cases through themes instead of rubrics – b/c looking at
only one rubric is like looking at a wall w/ your nose touching it (can’t tell it’s a wall, cuz
you’re too close up). Need to take a step back to get the whole picture.

Concomitant  sx’s that go together are good to use as rubrics b/c different/interesting.
Ex. Trouble swallowing w/ anxiety attacks.
Need to decide whats impt from the past  everyone has some suffering, but only impt
to include past if its still having an influence on px.
 ex. Aconite given to farmer’s wife 20 yrs after she found her husband dead in farm
machinery & worked for her (aconite = for acute shock/grief, but still helped her 20 yrs
after the fact, b/c its still affecting her).

Impt to look at how px responds to stress.

when a px yells/screams for no reason (Dr. is 5 min late, etc.)  rubric is
mindcensorius or mindcritical

today’s case:

M/E  anxiety, enclosed spaces

Rubric: minddelusionwalls are falling inwards

Mindfearcontrol, losing
Afraid of showing weakness
Mind embarrassmentstrangers, in presence of

*relationship w/ father significant*

muriaticum = issues w/ mother (chlorine)
 suphuricum = for issues w/ loved ones (usu romantic, but can be any loved ones)
 carbonicum = for issues w/ father

(extra notes): its good to look at how ppl act drunk b/c alcohol is a disinhibitor. Also
good to look at px’s premenstrual sx’s too.
Rubric for ‘dirty old man’ who tells rude jokes and makes borderline comments =