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English 2

5 June 2017

The Sunken Place

Finesse or become finessed, life is like the game of chess, it's all about who plays it


Iago dreams to scheme but then schemes for his dreams causing Othello to make a

scene and stab a knife in his spleen. Death before dishonor but Iago doesn't deserve

an honorable death, they have faith in his word but there is none left. Had Othello

hiding in the shadows and left his heart shallow, he fell to the sunken place deep in

the gallows.

Heart broken, Othello then became awoken. He killed his true love Desdemona

and then turned the knife upon himself forcing him to have bad health. Iago kinda

like a knight in chess takes an L to be ahead. Iago finessed everyone just to end up

dead, accused Cassio of being a drunk to get him fired to become drunk with


A brand new lie was told every hour.

Emilia, Othello Dessy and Rodrigo fell a victim to his trickery trapped in his web

of schemes and plots, Iago let it go to his head and he just couldn't stop. He crossed
to the dark side and led everyone to a sunken place. He then ended up in a cell

with little space.

Thou shall not scheme or your dreams will be diminished. Iago wanted the power

now his life is finished.