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They are more focused on the thought process)

Response to Competition:
Be as detailed and structured as possible while giving your recommendation. For
reference, below is the structure I used in the interview.

Your What was good: The interviewer was very happy with the recommendation I gave
experience/Dos for response to competition.
donts/ Any What could be better: I probably spent too much time scoping the question. The
comment interviewer had to guide me by asking me to start with the market sizing.

Name Anshumaan Ravi

Pre-ISB Profile in Chartered Accountant with 2.5 years experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers
brief audit practice
Company The Boston Consulting Group
What in general Main focus is on the case. If you crack the case, you crack the interview round.
this company That said, PI helps in building a rapport with the interviewer. (Roughly 5-10 min PI
interview focuses and 20-25 min case)
Interviewer Geet Bhanawat (Principal)
Any I presume it was a stress interview. The interview seemed very uninterested
unconventional PI initially and was mostly on his phone. He introduced himself to me and then asked
questions me to introduce myself. He asked me for something that was not on my Resume
asked/Anything and I spoke about ISL. He asked me the sports I played and gave me a case on
specific FIFA.
looking for
Case Type* Pricing
Case Narration The 2018 world cup is going to be in Russia and FIFA comes to you asking for help
on how to price for the media rights
Case Approach

Scoping I clarified what media rights exactly meant and found out that FIFA treats the world
Questions to be cup as a product and they will sell broadcasting rights. FIFA would not get any
asked by advertisement revenues as this would go to the broadcaster.
interviewee (no
particular order)
(answers to be
provided by
interviewer in
Recommended I started by identifying all the sources of revenue for FIFA (Merchandising rights,
Approach Ticket sales and merchandise sales). I started by saying FIFA could price this
product using any of the following 3 strategies:
Cost + margin (Which is the minimum price that FIFA can charge)
Revenue the media channel could earn by airing the event (Which is the
maximum price that FIFA can charge)
Price of previous world cup events or other large scale sporting events like
the Olympics.

The interviewer was extremely interested in the 3 option and asked me to explain
it in greater detail. I explained how FIFA has the experience of pricing the event
every 4 years. They can use the previous world cup in Brazil as a base and adjust
for various factors like change in macro-economic levels that would drive
disposable income, change in the location of the world cup (from brazil where
football is widely followed to Russia), changes in other sources of revenue
(potential drop in ticket sales or merchandise) and other changes in the tournament
I also mentioned that FIFA could use the pricing strategy used for the Olympics as
a reference.
The interviewer seemed happy with what he had heard and said I would solve the
case and that he wanted to test me with another short case, where he wanted to
have a discussion with me and didnt want me to write anything.

Case 2: The client is in the travel space having multiple businesses in airline, tour
operators, hotels, e-commerce website for travel, Hotel, etc. The CEO comes to
you and says I have 2 ideas Retail in Railways and Detective agency- which one
should I pick. What advice would you give the client?

Scoping question: - Location of the business (India)
- Clients motivation to start new business (The CEO loves
starting new businesses and wants to start a customer
facing business to build new brand)
- Targets for the new business (Wants fast growing and
customer facing business)
- What does retail on railway mean? Sell on the platform or
sell in the train? (Selling snacks on the train and the
Due to lack of time the interviewer pushed for me to evaluate both businesses:
Detective business I mentioned that it would be a small market and that it
is not really client facing as the public is not generally aware about
detective agencies. Further, the existing businesses do not really
complement the detective agency business and hence I concluded saying
this was not a great idea. The interviewer smiled and nodded in agreement

and asked me to evaluate the other business
Retail on platform I mentioned that this is a highly unorganized segment
and it would be very hard to go about this business. The biggest risks in
this business would be obtaining licenses/ permits from the government,
supply chain management (where the food will be cooked, how to cater to
different tastes across India, train routes to open these stalls). I also
mentioned that no one really notices the names of the shops you buy
snacks on railway stations as there is a high chance you are pressed for
time in a railway station. Thus it could not be in line with the CEOs vision
of starting a large customer facing brand and hence I do not deem this
business a great idea.
Your What was good: The PI went well despite the interviewer looking uninterested. I
experience/Dos found out very soon that the interviewer liked sports and made sure I spoke about
donts/ Any my interest in sports as well.
comment What could be better: Nothing specific. It was a very unstructured case which was
more conversational in nature.

Name Anshumaan Ravi

Pre-ISB Profile in Chartered Accountant with 2.5 years experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers
brief audit practice
Company The Boston Consulting Group
What in general Main focus is on the case. If you crack the case, you crack the interview round.
this company That said, PI helps in building a rapport with the interviewer. (Roughly 5-10 min PI
interview focuses and 20-25 min case)
Interviewer Yashraj Erande (Partner)
Any The interviewer was very cold when I walked in. It was very evident that it was a
unconventional PI stress interview and the interviewer kept probing into weaker areas of my Resume
questions asking if I am really good enough. Based on prior ISB case prep books, I knew that
asked/Anything this interviewer was known for stress interviews. I made sure I was always smiling
specific and answered all questions confidently. If you have been shortlisted for a
interviewer consulting job, the Resume does not matter too much. So always remember that
looking for any question asked about a relatively low GMAT score or a low GPA is only to see
how you react to uncomfortable situations.

Other questions: How long would it take an investment earning a return of 7% to

double itself? If the interest rate was 10% when would the investment double itself.
Case Type* Pricing and Game theory
Case Narration The Government of India has invited bids for purchasing 1 GW solar power in
multiples of 5MW. Our client is considering bidding for this project. Advice the client
on pricing and capacity.
Case Approach
Scoping What does our client currently do? (Manufacturing of turbines, water
Questions to be heaters and other similar plant and equipments)
asked by Does the client have a solar plant? (No, the client will need to construct the
interviewee (no plant)
particular order) How long will it take for the client to build the plant? Does it have the land
(answers to be and resources or will it be easy to procure (Yes, client has the land in

appreciated my answer and asked me if I would change the structure of the
Hospital in question.

I replied that I wouldnt change the structure. The hospital has a very strong brand
and has been following this pricing structure since ages. If it seemingly makes it
lower, there is a possibility that patients may come to know about this and its brand
may get tarnished. I wasnt too happy with how I defended but I defended

He asked me if I had any questions and I really didnt have any questions for him.
Too tired and nervous to think of anything. However, it is very important to prepare
questions for interviewers.

Your 1) PI is extremely important. It helps you to develop connect with the

experience/Dos interviewer. Also it adds to your confidence. Be genuine about your PI.
donts/ Any 2) Always keep smiling and be very confident. More than the solution, the
comment interviewer should get good vibes during the interview. Even if you falter,
admit that you do not know and you would like to understand from the
interview how it needs to be done.
3) Be humble.
4) Do not ask your colleagues about how their interview experience went. It
will just add to your worries and you may end up losing confidence.
5) The interview should be more like a conversation.
6) Sleep well the night before, do not wait for the schedule. Get up early and
check the schedule. Do one case which you are most confident about the
day of the interview.
7) Again keep smiling.

Name Ujjwal Mukherjee

Pre-ISB Profile in 2 years 6 months experience in Tata Motors, Nano division. Worked primarily
brief across customer support and Warranty & Supplier audit
Company BCG
What in general 10 min PI and 20 min case is the usual interview
this company
interview focuses
Interviewer Amita Parekh
Any About yourself
unconventional PI How has the day been so far and how many interviews have you given
looking for
Case Type* Growth
Case Narration Chart 5 year growth strategy for BCG India
Case Approach
Scoping Confirm objective as growth in revenue or only number of clients

Questions to be Revenue
asked by Target
interviewee (no Get it to grow by about 20% y-o-y
particular order)
Is it limited to Indian customers
(answers to be
provided by Yes
interviewer in What is the competitive scenario
italics) Assume what you know about consulting currently
Recommended Split revenue as price per engagement and number of engagements
Approach Said that we could increase price because of customized solutions but not enough
for 20% and hence need to increase quantity of engagements
Proposed customer retention through better service like engagement at lower
corporate levels etc and more customer acquistion through industry expansion
(verticals) ;
Was asked to suggest a recruitment strategy for industry expansion and said that
need laterals for PL position with industry knowledge and we could hire consultants
and associates from b-schools with generic experience
Your What was good: Speed to cover issues, involving the interviewer in case, PI
experience/Dos What could be better: More energy could be better because you need to energize
donts/ Any the interviewer as well as it is a long day for them too

Name Ujjwal Mukherjee

Pre-ISB Profile in 2 years 6 months experience in Tata Motors, Nano division. Worked primarily
brief across customer support and Warranty & Supplier audit
Company BCG
What in general 10 min PI and 20 min case is the usual interview
this company
interview focuses
Interviewer Goutam Patil
Any Walk me through your resume
unconventional PI Had a brief discussion about football
questions Talked about time at Pilani as we were from the same college and how it had
asked/Anything changed
looking for
Case Type* Operational improvement
Case Narration Tshirt manufacturer has inefficient throughput in his warehouse
Case Approach
Scoping What is the product mix
Questions to be assume one product
asked by How many warehouses are there and do all have a problem
interviewee (no
Multiple vendors and retail outlets but only 1 warehouse
particular order)
(answers to be Should I concentrate only on the warehouse or also on other parts of the chain like

interviewer about my work at Deloitte. One strange thing that I thought he asked me was that if
looking for my parents have given me enough freedom to travel, and work in a industry like
consulting and we had a short discussion around that
Case Type* Other Business Context (Value Chain of an Automotive Industry)
Case Narration There is a large automobile manufacturer of cars, trucks and buses. The problem
is of the spare parts. Whenever a customer enters the dealership shop and asks
for spare parts, they are never available
Case Approach
Scoping Q. What does the company do? Here is it located
Questions to be It is an Indian company. It also exports outside India. 90-95% are exports
asked by
interviewee (no
Q. How many suppliers of parts does the company have
particular order)
(answers to be 2
provided by
interviewer in Q. Do they face the same problem of parts with the new vehicles also
italics) No, the problem is only with spare parts

Recommended I started the analysis by drawing the whole value chain of these spare parts and
Approach tried to explore possible reasons at each step
Supplier >>Manufacturing >>Dealers>> retailers>>Customers
After further questioning , I figured out that the problem of spare parts is directly
originating from the Supplier itself

After that I started exploring the reasons as to why the supplier is not interested in
supplying. I listed down the possible reasons
1. They are getting inputs from somewhere else this cannot be the reason
as the same problem would have otherwise occurred when they were
supplying for the new vehicles as well
2. Set up time Spare parts may be required less in no. and therefore, it
takes a lot of time to do the whole setting again and again for such small
On this he said thats not the issue. Assume no set up time needed
3. Capacity Issues, as most of the capacity goes in making parts for new
vehicles. On this he said capacity is good enough. However, the supplier is
just not interested in making just spare parts
4. After this, it clicked me that the supplier might be finding it expensive to
just supply the spare parts. Therefore, I started listing down the cost
Cost of raw materials - same as new parts, means parts for new
Cost of production - Same as new parts
Cost of Packaging - Eureka!! (I felt, when he said yes that was
significantly different :)
Cost of transportation also I asked for completeness sake but that
was also not the issue

He then asked me to summarize the issue, and suggest a plan of action in 30

seconds as if I were to present the solution to the CEO of the company

I told him that the manufacturer is facing this issue because the packaging cost is
very high for the supplier in case of spare parts. Therefore, either he can share

those costs as it is important for customer satisfaction. Also, he can consider order
pooling by ordering in bulk and keeping extra inventory so that the supplier can
also package in bulk
Your Developing a repo is very important. I was a bit stressed in this round as I was not
experience/Dos able to.
donts/ Any Dont ask too many questions. Also, majority of the scoping should be done initially
comment itself
Even while leaving the room, I was not able to figure out much how have I done as
Ramesh still didnt give me any slightest of the hint of weather he is happy or not.
Therefore dont jump into conclusions if something like this happens. You can still
get hired

Name VailinaTulsani
Pre-ISB Profile in 2 years 9 months experience in management consulting. I worked with Deloitte,
brief Strategy and Operations Consulting for 2 years. Post that I worked in the
consulting division of Boston Analytics for about an year
Company McKinsey and Company
What in general This was a pure PI round and was very light and conversational
this company
interview focuses
Interviewer JaiditBrar - He is a Partner based in McKinsey & Companys Delhi office. He co-
leads McKinseys Marketing and Sales Practice in India, and is one of the core
leaders in the area of commercial performance transformation. He also leads the
Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice in India.
Any He was really sweet and kept me at ease for the whole of 20 minutes of our
unconventional PI interaction. The only discussion I had with him was about my name, how it came,
questions whats the meaning, what are my likes, dislikes etc. I think the idea was to
asked/Anything understand my communication skills and energy levels
looking for
Case Type* NA
Case Narration NA
Scoping NA
Questions to be
asked by
interviewee (no
particular order)
(answers to be
provided by
interviewer in
Recommended NA
Your Energy levels were really important. It became very important for me to be very
experience/Dos lively, smiling and keep him interested in what I have to say because there was no
donts/ Any case in this round