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English II Honors

Edmonson County High School

Syllabus and Course Information
Mr. Alan Florence
Room 114

Course Description:
In this course you will read short stories and novels, autobiographies and other types of
nonfiction, poems, and plays. The works come from a broad range of time periods and cultures. As
you read and analyze the literature, you will become more skilled interpreters of literature and the
world in which we live through the systematic implementation of literary criticism. In addition to
reading, you will be writing expository, narrative, and argumentative essays as well as stories and
poems. We will not, of course, neglect grammar study and vocabulary development.

Course Objective:
To prepare students for advanced coursework in Junior and Senior years, to build foundational
knowledge and skills required for academic success in those, and future college level coursework.

Required Supplies:
1 inch 3 ring binder with pockets
Pen and/or pencil (DAILY-- EVERY DAY)
Notebook paper (college rule is preferred) (needed DAILY)
A USB Flash Drive is recommended

Seating: Students will sit in assigned seat. Assigned seating will be adjusted at teacher
discretion as needed throughout the school year. Students are to remain in seats until
released from class. Under no circumstances should students gather by the door
waiting for the bell.
Hall Pass: Students will sign out hall pass and take it with them when they leave class. No student
will be allowed to sign out to speak to another student for any reason unless given
administrative permission. No student will be allowed to leave class within ten (10)
minutes of starting or five (5) minutes of leaving.
Tardy Policy: Students will be excused from tardies only if they have a note stating that a staff
member detained them. If a student has unexcused tardies, the school policy will be
Devices: Cell phones, iPods, and other devices are not allowed to be used during instructional
time, and are to be put away, out of sight, and in a secure location at the beginning of
class. School policy will be followed in dealing with violations. Students will not be
allowed to visit office during classroom time to use phone except in emergency
Absences: Good attendance is important to academic success. Students who are absent are
expected to contact teacher for make up work, handouts and assignments, and to
borrow the notes of fellow students. Make up work will be returned to teacher in a
timely manner.
Late Work: Your responsibilities in this class include keeping yourself up-to-date on new
assignments, maintaining pace with the reading, and turning all assignments in on time.
If you do not understand an assignment, ask for help far enough in advance to have
time to finish the assignment. If you are having personal difficulties apart from class,
talk to me before an assigned due date so that we can make other arrangements.
Otherwise, each day an assignment is late, I will subtract 10% from the grade.
Extra Credit: Extra credit is not given.
Extra Help: Extra help is available during Academic Time (as referred), at ESS after school, and I
will be available before school if need be to answer questions and provide assistance.

Plagiarism: I begin the year with complete trust and faith in each of you. Please do not abuse that
trust by being dishonest. That said, student work will be checked regularly for
plagiarism. Online technology will be used to search student work for plagiarized
material. Any found plagiarism will receive a 0% grade and be referred to the office.

Examples of Plagiarism:
To submit an essay written in whole or in part by another student as if it were ones own.
To download an essay from the internet, then quote or paraphrase from it, in whole or in part,
without acknowledging the original source.
To restate a clever phrase verbatim from another writer without acknowledging the source.
To paraphrase part of another writer's work without acknowledging the source.
To reproduce the substance of another writer's argument without acknowledging the source.

Cheating: Any student found cheating will receive a 0% on the assignment and be referred to the
Cheating Includes:
To take work originally done for one instructor's assignment and re-submit it to another teacher
To cheat on tests or quizzes through the use of crib sheets, hidden notes, viewing another
student's paper, revealing the answers on ones own paper to another student, through verbal or
textual communication, sign language, or other means of storing and communicating
information, including electronic devices, recording devices, cellular telephones, headsets, and
portable computers.
To copy another student's homework and submit the work as if it were the product of ones
own labor.

Category Percentage Types of Assignments
Major 60% Drafted Writing and In Class Timed
Writings, Unit Exams, Book Reports
Daily 40% Writing Process, Quizzes, Reading
Checks, In class Timed Writings,
Projects, Daily Work

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