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By Narendra Neeraj - August 24, 2015

CF Internal Fault Map Class 1A

CF I1A:0 - Reset, Automatic Recovery

CF I1A:1 - Reset, Power On
CF I1A:2 - Reset, Switch
CF I1A:3 - Reset, Watchdog
CF I1A:4 - Reset, SW Fault
CF I1A:5 - Reset, RAM Fault
CF I1A:6 - Reset, Internal Function Change
CF I1A:8 - Timing Unit VCO Fault
CF I1A:9 - Timing Bus Fault
CF I1A:15 - IDB Corrupted
CF I1A:16 - RU Database Corrupted
CF I1A:17 - HW and IDB Inconsistent
CF I1A:18 - Internal Configuration Failed
CF I1A:19 - HW and SW Inconsistent
CF I1A:21 - HW Fault
CF I1A:22 - Air Time Counter Lost
CF I1A:24 - Temperature Close to Destructive Limit

CF Internal Fault Map Class 2A

CF I2A:8 - VSWR Limits Exceeded

CF I2A:12 - RX Maxgain/Mingain Violated
CF I2A:13 - Timing Unit VCO Ageing
CF I2A:13 - Timing Unit VCO Ageing
CF I2A:16 - Indoor Temp Out of Normal Conditional Range
CF I2A:19 - Power and Climate System in Standalone Mode
CF I2A:22 - Battery Backup Capacity Reduced
CF I2A:23 - Climate Capacity Reduced
CF I2A:24 - HW Fault
CF I2A:25 - Loadfile Missing in DXU or ECU
CF I2A:26 - Climate Sensor Fault
CF I2A:30 - Bus Fault
CF I2A:31 - High Frequency of Software Fault
CF I2A:33 - RX Diversity Lost
CF I2A:34 - Output Voltage Fault
CF I2A:36 - RU Database Corrupted
CF I2A:38 - Default Values Used
CF I2A:41 - Lost Communication to TRU
CF I2A:43 - Internal Configuration Failed
CF I2A:45 - High Temperature
CF I2A:46 - DB Parameter Fault
CF I2A:47 - Antenna Hopping Failure
CF I2A:48 - GPS Synch Fault
CF I2A:50 - RBS Running on Battery
CF I2A:51 - TMA Supervision/Communications Lost
CF I2A:53 - HW and IDB Inconsistent
CF I2A:54 - Timing Bus Fault
CF I2A:57 - RX Path Imbalance
CF I2A:58 Disconnected
CF I2A:59 - Operating Temperature Too High, Main Load
CF I2A:60 - Operating Temperature Too High, Battery
CF I2A:61 - Operating Temperature Too High, Capacity Reduced
CF I2A:62 - Operating Temperature Too Low, Capacity Reduced
CF I2A:63 - Operating Temperature Too High, No Service
CF I2A:64 - Operating Temperature Too Low, Communication lost
CF I2A:65 - Battery Voltage Too Low, Main Load Disconnected
CF I2A:66 - Battery Voltage Too Low, Prio Load Disconnected
CF I2A:67 - System Undervoltage
CF I2A:68 - System Overvoltage
CF I2A:69 - Cabinet Product Data Mismatch
CF I2A:70 - Battery Missing
CF I2A:71 - Low Battery Capacity
CF I2A:72 - Software Load of RUS Failed
CF I2A:73 - Degraded or Lost Communication to Radio Unit
CF I2A:79 - Configuration Fault of CPRI System
CF I2A:80 - Antenna System DC Power Supply Overloaded
CF I2A:81 - Primary Node Disconnected
CF I2A:82 - Radio Unit Incompatible
CF I2A:83 - Radio Unit Connection Fault