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You are going to a month training program in UK, and you know that the head of the course

would lik
e one of the participants to be the social events organizer.

Write a letter to the training organizer

Expressing your interest in the role

Requesting more information about it

Explaining what experience you have

Dear Sir/Madam,
st for two months. I would like to apply for the social events organizer posted on your website. The posi
tion sounds really interesting to me, and I believe this position is match (matches) with my previous exp

However, I find no information about responsibilities and requirements of the job in the website. Ther
e would be great if you can send me more information about it. Also, I would like to know how many ho
urs per week I should work.

As I mentioned above, my work experiences are match with the position. During my high school, I was
a member of events organizer team. My responsibilities was arranging different kinds of training activit
ies and programs for students such as school trips or sport contests. I have also worked as a team manag
er for our school events organizer for the last two years of my study.

Once again, I would appreciate if you can send me more information about this position. Thank you for
considering my request. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Azadeh Kashian

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In many countries the level of crime is increasing and crimes are becoming more violent. Why do you t
hink this is and what can be done about it?

In the recent decade, not only the level of crime is increasing significantly around the globe, but also Stat
ics show that crimes are becoming more violent each year. In this essay, I would like to discuss the reaso
ns caused this problem as well as suggest some solutions to tackle it.

One of the main reasons for crime is poverty. Unfortunately, due to financial crisis, lots of people have l
ost their jobs. As a consequence, the number of people who lives (live) below the poverty line (added:h
as) increased gradually. In UK, for example, around 5 percent of employees have been lost (present perf
ect:have lost) es showed the level of crime has increased i
n the following year.

Another explanation for increasing crime is availability of drugs such as Marijuana and Ecstasy. One of th
e challenges that (with which governments are struggling is...) governments are struggling with is decrea
sing the age of drug users. In some countries such as Afghanistan the age of drug users is as low as 10.

Furthermore, these years, movies and computer games containing violent (add a noun) are very popular
among children, adolescents and even adults. Some believe there might be a link between popularity of
those media and increasing (excessive use) violent in society. For instance, two months ago in Canada, t
wo teenagers, in effect of a violent story that they red on the Internet, stabbed their friend.

There are several solutions to address this problem. One approach is for governments to make more job
opportunities. Governments should support startup companies and provide different kinds of funds for
organizations which are in economically difficult situation. Another solution is educating people about n
egative effects of drugs as well as help (helping) addicted people to return to their normal life. Parents a
nd schools are responsible to teach young people about the effects of smoking in early ages. Also, paren
ts should control over which movie their children watch and which games they play.

In Conclusion, the level of crime is increasing (use synonyms: rise, grow, elevate...) around the world bec
ause of several reasons such as poverty, availability of drugs and popularity of violent programs. In order
to address this problem, government should make more jobs opportunities and educate people. Also, it
is recommended for parents and schools to have more control over the children's spare times activities.

Examiners comment:
Your writing seems simple. As it was mentioned before try to write various sentence forms (e.g. Conditio
nals, subordinate clauses with which, in which, about which, comparative structures: the more...,the bet
ter...). Besides, add collocations and do not use only common vocabulary.

Task 1:
Task achievemen Coherence and co Lexical resources Grammar range
t hesion and accuracy

Band 6 5 5 5

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Task achievement Coherence and co Lexical resources Grammar range
hesion and accuracy

Band 7 6 4 4

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