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Scrub Jay

Audubon of Martin County Organization
U.S. Postage
621 S.E. Palm Beach Road, Stuart FL 34994 Paid
Permit #57
Stuart FL 34995
Florida Scrub-Jay Art Logo
by Brian Sylvester
A publication of Audubon of Martin County
A 501(c)3) non-profit organization based in Stuart, Florida ‹ 772-288-2637
February 2008 Audubon of Martin County

Program Meeting February 21

Office hours area generally 10am– Joanne Davis—1000 Friends of Florida
2pm, Mark Your Calendars !
Monday through Friday. Please call
“Preserved Open Land in the Region”
Joanne Davis will speak on what worked and did not in PBC regarding the
AG preserve growth management changes in the Boynton Beach area, the February 2008
processes required and the truth about the results.
A Florida native and resident of Palm Beach County, Joanne is currently 15 Bird ID Course Begins
Community Planner with 1000 Friends of Florida. In this capacity she serves
as a direct link on Palm Beach and Martin County issues as she is very fa- 15-18 Great Backyard Bird Count
miliar with local land development regulations and comprehensive land use
plans. Joanne organized very successful grass roots campaigns to pass pub- 21 Program Mtg—Joanne Davis, from
lic land acquisition programs in Palm Beach County. She has a science 1000 Friends of Florida
background and is very familiar with South Florida ecosystems. Ms Davis is
23 Field Trip—Local Scrub-jays 7:30 AM at
well versed in linkages between land use, development, transportation, econ-
omy and environmental protection. She twice chaired Palm Beach County's AoMC Office.
environmental land acquisition program boards and understands appropriate
compromise where necessary so long as environment and quality of life are March 2008
protected .
If you don’t drive at night, or are interested in car-pooling, call us at the
We recently received a great 4 Crane Watch Orientation 10 AM at
office at 288-2637 and we’ll try to find a ride for you. Social at 6:30 Meet-
Taxidermy Fund Support Needed horned owl, a rough-winged swallow
ing starts at 7 PM. Remember, we have a new location – detailed map AoMC office
and 2 (yet to be identified) warblers page 11. See you there !
and we are looking for donations to fund the work of our taxidermist, Rick Macklem. 8 Crane Watch excursion—call to register
If you have not seen our collection of birds used for educational and research purposes, 15 Growth Management Forum
plan to stop by our office and see the birds close-up. Particularly in warblers and other
20 Program Meeting, David Hitzig, Busch
small birds this is the only way you can truly appreciate what beautiful creatures that are. Fieldtrip Saturday, February 23 Wildlife Sanctuary
To make a tax deductible donation, send your check, made payable to Audubon of Martin
Local Scrub-jay habitat areas and our Urban Scrub-jays
County, to 621 S.E. Palm Beach Rd., Stuart, Fl 34994 22 Field Trip—Riverbend Park and Busch
Join AoMC on Saturday, February 23 for our field trip during which we’ll Wildlife Sanctuary
continue our search for local populations of Florida Scrub-jays. It has been
Thank you over 10 years since a comprehensive survey was done of Scrub- jays in Mar- April 2008
Welcome New Members tin County, and with the assistance of several AoMC volunteers, we’re sys-
AoMC Sponsors ! tematically visiting former jay sites to determine and document the pres-
ence/absence and abundance of these
4-6 Audubon Academy in Vero Beach
Donna Banister Linda Panas
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bates Ron Powell Roseate Spoonbill General Sponsor fascinating birds. 12 Annual Birdathon Fund Raiser
Alice Chodrea James Ross Meet at the AoMC office at 7:30 am
17 Program Meeting, Jim Egan, Marine
Marilyn Cottrell Joette Smith Bill & Dianne Dwyer Santo J. Coco and we’ll car-pool to various locations
Resources Council
Edwin Delaney June Steffen Carmine Greco Michael T. Martin in eastern Martin County to search for
Suzanne Faitella Nancy Stevens our friendly mascots. 19 Field Trip—South Fork Natural Lands
Serina Jones Davies Tainter Great Blue Heron Call the AoMC office at 772-288- including Delaplane peninsula
Maureen Longo Nancy Read 2637 to make your reservation.
Naomi Gawiser 26 Annual Picnic & Student Essay Awards.
Patricia MacPherson Dennis Kerrigan Fee: $5.00 for Audubon members, $10
for non-members.

12 1
Board Members 2007-2008 New Meeting Location
Message from our President
Executive Director – Greg Braun
~~~ Laurie Odlum Treasure Coast Hospices is located at 1201 SE Indian
Street, Stuart. Call (772) 403-4500.
President Laurie Odlum 772-223-0339 As all of you know by now, the South Florida Hospices’ entrance is located on the north side of Indian
Vice-Pres Volunteer Needed Water Management District (SFWMD) has de-
clared a water emergency for all counties south of Street East of Willoughby and West of US 1. Meetings are
Treasurer Bob Gordon 772-546-2206
Lake Okeechobee and within the Kissimmee basin. in their public room in the main building which is the first
Secretary, Recording Joan Bausch 772-219-8285
That includes all areas in Martin County. This wa- building as you enter the campus. We are in the room to
Conservation Bob Matheson 772-283-5999 ter emergency includes water use restrictions spe- the right side as you enter the main building entrance.
Education Nathalie Browne 561-747-6042 cifically for lawn irrigation where most of our wa- See you there.
Field Trips Volunteer Needed ter is used. Individual residential watering is lim-
ited to ONE day per week within specific hours ONLY. You can check
Resource Development Doug Warns 772-452-3751
the SFWMD website: restrictions regarding drip irriga-
Membership Curt Wood 772-546-5435 tion, plant nurseries and multi-family housing. It is imperative that all

Ed Fielding

Ric Berger

Martin County residents abide with this new and more restrictive regula-
tion. Water is the life blood of South Florida and all of us need to take Progress Report - Possum Long
responsible actions to preserve our life as well as the lives of wildlife. If
Public Relations Tom McNicholas 772-219-1719
water restrictions are in effect in your community, you must adapt your The butterfly/hummingbird garden plants are planted and Henry, the Black Racer, was has been
Nature Center Susan Smyth 772-692-3489 watering to fit the restrictions. Have your automatic system serviced and the irrigation system is in place and operational. Many sighted near the Ruth Miles House re-
Newsletter Editor Volunteer Needed adjusted to work during the appropriate day and hours. We should be thanks to Tigh Calhoun of Bright Electric Inc. for his do- cently as has a beautiful Box Turtle.
Wildlife Center Dan Martinelli 772-286-6200 prepared for permanent water restrictions. nation of time and equipment to get our electricity supply Steve Adams of Palm City Growers
Water Resources Patrick Hayes 561-747-6397
Be water wise. Change out those overhead, impulse, rotor and mist restored. on Savage Road in Palm City Farms
irrigation heads over to micro heads, and upgrade to underground drip Fred Burkey (Martin County IFAS Extension Office) donated a number of native plants in-
Youth Liaison Devon Green 772-283-3024
irrigation. Redesign your yard with less lawn area, more shade trees, continues to help us through his ‘Tame Melaleuca Project” cluding fiddlewoods, muhly grass, coco
Garden Club Liaison Louise White 772-283-4416 ornamental grasses and shrub beds. Then adjust your system or re- by sanitizing the mulch produced when his crew cleared plums and Simpsons Stoppers. A few
IRL & Speakers Bureau Bill Hudspeth 561-667-5123 plumb your yard so you irrigate only the plants; not the sidewalk. And out a number of Brazilian Peppers and Melaleuca on our of the plants have been planted but we need help to get the
finally install an automatic timer for your in-ground irrigation system. property. The mulch, when ready, will be put to good use remainder in the ground. Anyone who has a couple of
OTHER IMPORTANT COMMITTEE CHAIRS Learn about Florida-friendly plants, including Florida native plants, in the Butterfly garden. Tanks to Scott Wolf of Lucido & hours to spare and would like to dig a few holes should
which require little irrigation or fertilizer, are low maintenance and attract Associates for hands on work during our planting project. contact AoMC 772-288-2637.
Eaglewatch Coordinator Clare-Rue Morgan 772-286-9833 wildlife. There are many varieties of plants that will give you that beauti-
Librarian Tatyana Sorokina 772-546-8444 ful tropical look we have all become accustomed to seeing and enjoying
in South Florida and still be both Water and Environmentally smart. Ask
Cranewatch in Martin County
Cranewatch Coordinator Pam Hopkins 772-408-6153
your local plant nursery for plants that are drought tolerant and wildlife
Cranewatch Co-coordinator Carol Spinney 772-545-7987 friendly. A few years back we were told to reduce water expense by
Jaywatch Coordinator Pam Hopkins 772-408-6158 using a design called “Xeriscape”. Those of you who took that advice
Jaywatch Co-coordinator Clare-Rue Morgan 772-286-9833 already have a yard that survived last year’s water restrictions and will do Much of Martin County was good Sandhill Crane habitat. erection of Sandhill Crane Crossing signs; 2) educating the
so again this year. Now, unfortunately, many crane territories have been lost due to public about Sandhill's, their lifestyle, their needs, their vulner-
Christmas Bird Count Liz Hailman 561-746-7293
This is a short list of Smart Watering tips: 1. Water deeply and thor- development and many others have been degraded or are bi- abilities; and 3) monitoring breeding success, injuries and mor-
Webmaster Ed Fisher sected by roads. talities in order to gain a better understanding of how well the
oughly per your day; 2. Water at the right time of day on the right day; 3.
Watch your lawn rather than a calendar – only water when the lawn Anyone who has looked a Sandhill in the eye knows what I urban Sandhillls are coping.
AUDUBON HOUSE DOCENTS needs water; 4. Too much water can hurt plants and causes fungal infesta- mean I say these birds have 'presence'. A tall, If you feel like you live with cranes or just
Clare-Rue Morgan, George Mirka, Beverly Poppke, tions; 5. Install Drip or micro-irrigation systems that save water and re- elegant bird, the Sandhill is not easily intimi- love them and would like to help promote their
LaWayne Niedzielski, Mary Ann Woidt, Ed Fisher, duce waste; 6. Mulch 4” or more to reduce evaporation; 7. Remove dated, a trait that leads both to its success and well being, please join us. The only require-
Carol Coyne Weeds; Add Native and drought tolerant Plants in there place; 8. Install a to its downfall. They have learned to live side ment is your interest; the only obligation is to
Open board seats: rain sensor to turn off irrigation when it rains during your irrigation cy- by side with humans with all the pluses and your cranes. The SH Cranewatch Group meets
Vice President, Scrub-jay Editor, cle; 9. Raise your lawnmower blades and keep lawnmower blades sharp; minuses that human contact brings. Living on several times a year to share experiences and
and Fieldtrip Chair 10. Install an automatic timer for your irrigation system. For a full expla- a golf course may offer some protection from learn a little more about cranes. We encourage
Contact Laurie Odlum or Greg Braun
nation of each tip to go SFWMD.GOV and look for Florida Yard predation but this is offset by the hazards as- everyone to keep records or report on the num-
A copy of the official registration and financial information may be Smart. sociated with cars and with foraging in artifi- ber of chicks that hatch, the number that fledge
obtained from the division of Consumer Services toll-free within Flor- cially maintained areas. and any injuries, fatalities or other incidents. A
ida 800.435.7352. Registration does not imply endorsement,
approval, or recommendation by the state.
Crane Watch is a small but dedicated band little action on your part can mean a lot to fam-
Help the birds Call Bob Matheson, (772) of volunteers. Many of us have Sandhills in ily of cranes.
The Scrub Jay is published seven times a year on 283-5999 our neighborhoods and see them daily from Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 4, at 10
recycled content paper with soy-based ink. and our patios or in our daily travels. The Crane- am in the Audubon Office on Palm Beach Road,
Contact your U.S. Senators in Washington DC at the
their environment. watch Group was primarily formed to keep a Stuart.
neighborly eye on those crane families living Contact AoMC: 772-288-2637 or Pam Hop-
following numbers: Please consider a bequest to in built-up areas. Our activities include: 1) kins, Sandhill Crane Project Co-ordinator at
Senator Mel Martinez: 202.224.3051
Audubon of Martin County. identifying stretches of road - frequently used 772-285-1445 or 772-408-6153.
Senator Bill Nelson: 202.224.5274
by crane families - in order to recommend to Help give the Cranes a voice.
the County sites that would benefit from the Photo courtesy of Patriche Fallon

2 11
Conservation Corner - Greg Braun 11th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count
At a recent Board of Directors ergy to non-consumptive Board of Directors voted to op- The GBBC takes place every ogy, provides an opportunity
meeting, discussion took place sources including wind and en- pose FPL’s proposal to construct February during Presidents’ for people of all ages and bird- Species Specific Feed Suggestions
regarding FPL’s proposal to ergy, our mission is to protect and operate wind turbines on Day weekend. This year’s ing skill levels to enjoy learn- Bird(s) Seed Nuts Insects Suet Fruit Nectar
construct and operate windmills birds and their habitat, and we Hutchinson Island based on con- count will take place February ing about their backyard birds
on Hutchinson Island for the do that in part by advocating for cerns about the adverse environ- 15-18, 2008. Prepare now. while collecting important Nuthatch Y Y Y Y
purposes of electricity genera- public land acquisition for con- mental impacts, including im- Set up the feeders in your back data for conservation. Woodpecker Y Y Y Y Y Y
tion. Although we support the servation purposes and appropri- pact to birds, and our opposition yard. With a little experimen- The Northern Cardinal was
philosophy of transitioning ate management of publicly- to the use of public conservation Cardinal Black oil Y Y Y
tation and basic bird knowl- the most frequently reported
America’s electricity sources owned conservation lands. lands for utility purposes. sunflower
edge you can create a haven. bird for the 2007 count, and
from fossil fuel and nuclear en- A majority of the AoMC Blue Jay Y Y Y Y
It is a great opportunity now American Robins topped the
while the migrants are coming list as the most numerous spe- Bunting Y Y Y Y
through our area to let them cies counted, with more than Grosbeak Y Y Y Y
2007 Stuart Christmas Bird Count—January 5th know where the best banquet two million robins reported Goldfinch Thistle Y
is when they need from 60 states and Pine Siskin Y Y
Dawn broke with cloudy, rainy skies on January 5th, 2008, The primary objective of the Christmas Bird Count is to moni- refueling. provinces. Rare
Establish your birds found during Hummingbird Y
when bird counters rose early to begin our annual Christmas Bird tor the status and distribution of bird populations across the West-
Count. Although the data are still being compiled, some prelimi- ern Hemisphere. feeding stations with the 2007 GBBC Oriole Y Y
nary results suggest that our species list (125 species), is up The count period, which is from December 14th to January 5th, general seed, special included five
seed, fruit or even Lesser Prairie- Bluebird Y Y Y
somewhat from recent years, but the overall number of individu- in North America is referred to as "early winter," because many
meal worms for spe- Chickens in Okla- Mourning Dove Y Y
als seem comparatively low. birds at this time are still in the late stages of their southward
Several notable sightings, most of which were reported by only migration, so it is not "true" winter. When we combine these data cific species … then homa and two
sit back and enjoy. Pink-footed Geese Sparrow Y Y
one team, include: roseate spoonbill, peregrine falcon, purple with other surveys such as the Breeding Bird Survey, we begin to
Inside at your observation in Rhode Island – first records Northern Mock- Y Y Y
gallinule, piping plover, dunlin and stilt sandpiper. see a more clear picture of how the conti- ingbird
We’ll share the finalized totals in next month’s newsletter, once nent's bird populations and distribution post, you can prepare to record for the GBBC!
we get everything compiled. change over time during the past hundred what you see in the 4-day Although we are on the far Tanager Y Y
The Christmas Bird Count is AoMC’s largest and longest- years. event. Just an hours worth of southern end of some of the
term database of local avian diversity and abundance and we The information is also vital for conser- notations per day, (or just one ranges, you never know what
thank our CBC compiler Liz Hailman and all the counters who vation. For example, local trends in hour one day-at a minimum) will appear at your feeder.
spent time on January 5th searching for our feathered friends. bird populations can indicate habitat can help establish bird popula- Good Luck!
You can go to: and find out what the fragmentation or signal immediate tion trends. This information To learn more about the re-
count was for any bird species in any count area. environmental threats. is then combined with others sults for the 2007 count, and to Squirrel
nationwide to get the over all see the GBBC online photo proof yet
picture. gallery featuring images taken Small
The GBBC, led by the Na- from across the continent, visit
bird friendly feeder
THANK YOU ! All 83 Count Participants ! tional Audubon Society and
the Cornell Lab of Ornithol-
Albertson, Liz Gordon, Marta Lowe, George Rogers, Cynthia
Anderson, Greger C. Griner, John Marshall, Barbara Senn, Katharine
Bach, Jeff Griswold, Shirley Marshall, Bill Smith, Joette
Beckett, Robin Hailman, Jack McGill, Barbara Tainter, Davies
Beyman, June Hailman, Liz Melton, David Tainter, Gayle
Bollinger, Sonia
Braun, Greg
Hand, Laurie
Hart, Irene
Merritt, Vic
Merritt, Peter
Teeter, Kate
Tomlinson, Tom Eaglewatch 2008 in Martin County
Campbell, Nicky Hart, Zack Mishell, Teddy Topping, Sheryll
Cerchio, Sal Hatch, Pat Muench, Glen Vogel, Ralph B.
Chabot, Daniel Healey, Queenie Odlum, Laurie Vogel, Mabel
Eaglewatch Coordinator Clare-Rue Morgan If you are interested in
Chatowsky, Florence Hopkins, Pam O'Mara, Mel Weir, Darcy reports that the bald eagle nesting season ap- assisting, please call
Chatowsky, Tony Hull, Hank Orne, Judy Weir, Jamie pears to be progressing on schedule for most of Eaglewatch Coordinator
Clipsham, Chick Hull, Dotty Poppke, Bev White, Annie our eagles in Martin County. Although we still Clare-Rue Morgan at 722-
Davis, Ollie Jacobs, Maddie Preston, Russell H., Jr. Winston, Kathy haven't received approval to access some prop- 286-9833
Day, Evi Jones, John E. Price, Nancy Witt, Tom erties where eagles nest, those that are included
DeKorte, John Kerrigan, Dennis Quickel, Jane Wolters, Bill in our network seem to be doing fine. You can watch a pair of eagles
Edmunds, Bill Kaufmann, Greg Quincy, Deborah F. Wood, H. Curtis III Our thanks to Lynda and Jim White and raise their family at Tesoro in
Elliott, Hazel Kline, Carolyn Quincy, Peter Yorke, Paul education eagle "Paige" and to all who St Lucie County. Just go to
Elliott, Rebecca Kline, Phillip Rath, Allie Yorke, Susan participated in the Eaglewatch orienta-
Foxwell, Richard W. Leonard, Robert D. Reese, Hope tion at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. agle/cam.html
Galileo, John Lindsay, Alec Roberts, Richard

10 3
Bird of the Month do with an unfortunate
situation in North River
Osprey JOIN Audubon of Martin County Write your check in favor of “Audubon” and
Shores where an osprey’s (Pandion haliaetus) mail to: Audubon of Martin County
The bird for this month is the Osprey, a well-known resident nest tree has deteriorated Attn: Membership
of the Treasure Coast that needs your help. At approximately 24“ Name
to the extent that it will no longer support their efforts to build a 621 S.E. Palm Beach Road
from tip-of-bill to end-of-tail, and with distinctive black and new nest. Stuart, FL 34994
white plumage, ospreys are easily one of the most accurately With encouragement and assistance from Dan Roberts, Cap- Address Select your membership level:
identified bird species in Martin County. tain Phil Sherman and Barbara Milner, AoMC is working toward O Individual or family…………………….$20
Over the years, ospreys have been the subject of intense re- installing a new osprey nesting platform to replace the dead tree O Senior (over 62) or Student…………….$15
search, and we now have an excellent database regarding the mi- City State Zip
at a nesting location near the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. O Scrub Jay Newsletter only……………...$15
gratory habitats of various indi- By the time we’ve purchased a power pole, attached a nesting
vidual ospreys. Some indi- platform and had it installed, we estimate the project will cost Phone Email Chapter Code: 7Ch-E26
viduals travel thousands of approximately $1,000, and we’re asking AoMC members to con-
miles annually, traveling from tribute toward this fund. If, by chance, we get donations that
Long Island Sound to Brazil exceed the cost, they’ll be earmarked for the next time this oppor-
(or from Puget Sound to Chile). tunity arises. As of this writing, we have re- Audubon of Martin County Sponsorship Become an Audubon of Martin County
Along Florida’s Treasure ceived the approval of the property owner to
Coast, although we have a resi- Levels and Benefits Sponsor
erect the platform on his vacant lot and we are Yes! I want to be an AoMC Sponsor
dent population of ospreys, awaiting approval from the County before
their numbers swell substan- In addition to the basic membership, $ 500 Osprey Your tax-deductible contribution will help us sustain
purchasing the pole and moving forward with you can become an AoMC sponsor. our programs, projects and conservation efforts.
Photo—Greg Braun
tially during the winter months, the project. Sponsorship provides funding for pro- Wood Stork benefits plus a natural
when birds that nest at more grams, projects, field trips and history tour led by an AoMC Board
Based on the history of successful nesting AoMC’s important conservation work. Name
northerly latitudes visit while their lakes are frozen. member to the nesting colony at Bird
at the North River Shores site and the success Island in the Indian River Lagoon.
A substantial percentage of ospreys nest on man-made struc- ful use of the nesting platforms at the Rio $ 50 Great Blue Heron Select your sponsorship level:
tures, and it has been interesting for AoMC members to observe Nature Park and other sites, we are optimistic Special recognition in the Scrub Jay and O Scrub Jay $ 5,000
the increased movement of local Ospreys from trees and other a certificate of appreciation. $ 1000 Bald Eagle O Bald Eagle $ 1,000
that this project will be a success too. Osprey benefits plus a natural history
natural nesting sites to man-made structures. The hurricanes of Please send your tax-deductible contribu- Map Courtesy of Cornell $ 100 Roseate Spoonbill
O Osprey $ 500
tour led by an AoMC Board member to a O Wood Stork $ 250
the last several years have blown down a number of osprey nests, tion to AoMC with the note: Osprey Fund. Lab of Ornithology
Recognition in each Scrub Jay , a local birding destination of your choice. O Roseate Spoonbill $ 100
and the situation for which we are looking for your support has to certificate of appreciation, an AoMC
O Great Blue Heron $ 50
T-shirt and one complementary member- $ 5000 and more Scrub Jay
O Other $
ship for a person of your choice. Bald Eagle benefits plus a natural history
Audubon Art Show and Sale $ 250 Wood Stork tour led by an AoMC Board member to Enclose your donation with this form and mail to:
Spoonbill benefits plus one copy of the Everglades National Park, Merritt Island Audubon of Martin County
Sibley Field Guide to Birds and a lunch- National Wildlife Refuge, Ding Darling Attn. Treasurer
Our thanks to AoMC member and art eon briefing with the AoMC president National Wildlife Refuge or Arthur Mar- 621 SE Palm Beach Road, Stuart, FL 34994
show coordinator John Dye, and the fol- and executive director. shall Loxahatchee NWR.
lowing artists who contributed their
work: Phil Capen, Guy Coheleach, John
Dye, Ed Fisher, Claudine Laabs, Robin
Lee Makowski, Karen Leffel Massengill,
Mary Louise O’Sullivan, Linda Rellis Our Generous Benefactors
and Geoffrey Smith. Our thanks also to
Janet Renfro and Nancy Turrell at the Thank you for responding Davidson, Robert Mantz, Anne E. Trachtenberg, Arthur
Council for the Arts, Randy Matthews to our Year End Appeal. Delvecchio, Joseph Matheson, Marjorie & Mary Noel
and Bob Hall from Zebra Publishing, Your generosity will sup- Dwyer, Mary T. Matheson, Robert Vopal, Dr. James L.
Tom McNicholas and Ike Crumpler from Friese, Mary Ann McKey, Jr., John & Candice Warns, Drs. Doug
McNicholas and Associates and everyone port our ongoing educa- Fritz, Fredrick Meyers, Mary A. & Madeleine
else who helped to make the show a suc- tion and conservation pro- Gongaware, Alice Natural Habitats Williams, Albert
cess. grams. This list is current Gordon, Robert Niedzielski, LaWayne Woidt, Mary Ann
Thanks also to AoMC Board member up to publication date. Gray, Nancy Maguire Page, Ms. Sandra L. Wood, H. Curtis
Susan Smyth and members Ross and Bar- Grimm, George & Eileen Parks, Ralph H. & Jean R. Zipf, George G.
bara Strickland who purchased John James Received in 2007 Hatch, William Patterson, Anne
Audubon works, a portion of the proceeds Holloway, Caswell & Marie Pereira, Julia Received in 2008
Allen, Philip
of which went to AoMC. Jones, John & Carlene Pitkin, Stephen H.& Mary T. Scheele, Nicholas
Ayres, Fredrick
Our thanks to all of you who attended the Keller, John P. & Judith K. Rademacher, Doreen & Rosamun
Bergalis, Anna
opening night and for your continuing sup- Kidde, Walter II Robinson, Mary & Robert E.
Brengel, Joan
port! Knopf, Jr., Charles Smith, Mary Allen
Breslauer, Charles
Lamont, Mary Ann Hamilton Spahr, Dorothy
Chatowsky, Anthony
Lange, Marilyn Stevenson, Gladys
Clark, Jean B.
Linn, Fredrick & Grace Tiedemann, Gloria
Cox, Prudence
Lucido & Associates Totilas, Richard A.

4 9
Birdathon 2008 Pledge Form 621 S.E. PALM BEACH RD.
STUART, FL 34994
Saturday, April 12, 2008
2008 Birdathon PLEDGE FORM—Your support is critical for this Annual Fundraising Event!
On April 12 Audubon of Martin County will conduct a "Birdathon" in an attempt to seek out as many bird species as possible in
one day as a measure of the ecological health of our community. Audubon of Martin County leaders, members and community vol-
unteers will strike out in the wilds of Martin County to find, identify and record wild bird species. Yours and the collective efforts of Course Outline
this generous community will provide for very vital conservation and education initiatives that will help keep the birds vibrant and
alive. Sponsors are asked to pledge an amount of money to be donated for each species identified. We suggest a dollar per species, Instructor: Greg Braun, Executive Director, Audubon of Martin County
but whether it be a quarter, half a buck, or as much as $2 or $5, it will all add up to enhance AoMC's effectiveness in environmental
education and protection of our natural resources. After the Big Day, AoMC will send you a list and description of what was ob- Location: Various venues throughout Martin County
served, along with a statement requesting the total of your contribution which we will use to serve our community.
Audubon of Martin County wishes to express our deep appreciation in advance for your generosity, commitment and dedication. Dates & Times: 5 Fridays starting February 15 through March 14, 2008, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM approx
Please help us mobilize our "Community's Capacity to Care" for our birds. The birds and Audubon will count on you! Thank you!!
For more information contact Audubon of Martin County at 772-288-2637.
Course Description
Yes, I would like to help support the Audubon of Martin County’s Birdathon 2008 by pledging to donate the fol-
lowing amount per species identified. The purpose of this course is to present experienced birders with new opportunities to learn more about the birds that
Amount Pledged per species $__________________ OR Flat Amount Pledged $_____________________
are present in Martin County and Florida’s Treasure Coast. After reviewing basic information regarding
Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________
“birding” (e.g., new field guides, CD/DVD materials, spotting scopes, digital cameras…) during class #1, the course
Street ________________________________________ City ______________________ ST_____ZIP ______________
will focus on techniques to assist in difficult-to-identify and hard-to-find species, including: Class 2- Habitats and their
Phone: _____________________________________ E-Mail ________________________________________________
birds; Class 3 - Birding by Ear; Class 4- Silhouettes, poor lighting and plumage variants: Class 5) Migration and Sea-
Mail to: AoMC at 621 SE Palm Beach Road, Stuart, FL 34994 Remember...Your contribution is Tax Deductible!!!

The course outline includes:

Class Date Meeting Location Topics
Birdathon 2008 Pledge Form
Saturday, April 12, 2008 1 Fri., 2/15/08 Indian Riverside Park Introduction - Bird Guides & Optics
Field Excursion – Wakodahatchee Wetlands
2008 Birdathon PLEDGE FORM—Your support is critical for this Annual Fundraising Event!

On April 12 Audubon of Martin County will conduct a "Birdathon" in an attempt to seek out as many bird species as possible in 2 Fri., 2/15/08 Dupuis Management Area Habitats and their Birds
one day as a measure of the ecological health of our community. Audubon of Martin County leaders, members and community vol- Field Excursion – Red-cockaded Woodpecker re-introduction site at Dupuis WMA
unteers will strike out in the wilds of Martin County to find, identify and record wild bird species. Yours and the collective efforts of
this generous community will provide for very vital conservation and education initiatives that will help keep the birds vibrant and
alive. Sponsors are asked to pledge an amount of money to be donated for each species identified. We suggest a dollar per species,
3 Fri., 2/29/08 Jonathan Dickinson State Park Birding by Ear
but whether it be a quarter, half a buck, or as much as $2 or $5, it will all add up to enhance AoMC's effectiveness in environmental Field Excursion - Hungryland WEA
education and protection of our natural resources. After the Big Day, AoMC will send you a list and description of what was ob-
served, along with a statement requesting the total of your contribution which we will use to serve our community. 4 Fri., 3/7/08 Blowing Rocks Preserve Silhouettes, poor lighting, plumage variants
Audubon of Martin County wishes to express our deep appreciation in advance for your generosity, commitment and dedication. Field Excursion – Peck Lake Park, Rocky Point Hammock
Please help us mobilize our "Community's Capacity to Care" for our birds. The birds and Audubon will count on you! Thank you!!
For more information contact Audubon of Martin County at 772-288-2637.
5 Fri., 3/14/08 Seminole Inn Migration and Seasonality
Yes, I would like to help support the Audubon of Martin County’s Birdathon 2008 by pledging to donate the fol- Field Excursion – Port Mayaca, Okeechobee Ridge
lowing amount per species identified.
Amount Pledged per species $__________________ OR Flat Amount Pledged $_____________________
Each class consists of: A) a + 1-2 hour morning bird-walk at the host site; B) a + 2-hour classroom session
Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________
and C) a field excursion to a birding hot-spot. The cost for all five sessions is $60 per person ($50 for Audu-
Street ________________________________________ City ______________________ ST_____ZIP ______________ bon members) single-session attendance is possible - price varies based on vehicle rental rates for the field
Phone: _____________________________________ E-Mail _________________________________________________ trip section for each class. Seating is limited. Call the Audubon office (772)-288-2637 for more information.
Mail to: AoMC at 621 SE Palm Beach Road, Stuart, FL 34994 Remember...Your contribution is Tax Deductible!!! Send your registration check to the letterhead address to reserve your seat. Bring your field guide, binoculars
and a pack lunch to all sessions. Contact Greg Braun directly for individual course pricing..
8 5
2008 Birdathon !
Aka Be a Better Birder Saturday, April 12, 2008
Audubon of Martin County’s Annual Fund Raiser: To raise money to protect
habitat in the Treasure Coast and go birding too!!
There’s still time to sign up for AoMC’s new
Advanced Bird ID course which begins on You don’t have to be a hardcore birder to participate. You don’t even have to be a birder. This can be done without even leaving
your yard. Here is the idea.
February 15th.
A Birdathon works very similar to a walkathon. You collect pledges for every bird species seen instead of miles walked. For ex-
How many of Martin County’s + 300 species of birds can you ample: $1 per species, $.25 per species what ever… or simply garnered a flat amount for all the birds sighted. All the bird species
identify? Unsure how to differentiate our winter-time gulls? eligible must be sighted in a 24-hour period- this year we have designated April 15 as that special day. This is a fun day spent with
Looking for local rare birds like snail kites, red-cockaded like minded new and soon to be old friends. Every dollar raised goes to further the work of Audubon here in Martin County on land
conservation and education.
woodpeckers and bald eagles? And “Just what are those weird
night-time sounds; frogs? birds? or crickets?” If you want an- Remember, you don’t have to leave the house…. You don’t even have to bird for the entire 24 hours. The most important thing to
swers to these and other questions about our local residential do is collect pledges.
birds and visitors from the islands, then we’ve got just the pro-
gram for you! How to “Birdathon”!
If you can identify the birds in the silhouette you probably First thing — contact AoMC and let us know you want to participate in our Birdathon 2008, get your Sponsor and Pledge forms, ask
don’t need this course… however if you are challenged con- to be put on a team or form a team on you own.
sider our newly revised classes.
Of course we will be reviewing basic information (e.g., new Then —Get $$ pledges from friends, neighbors, co-workers, strangers. How? Get our pledge sheet (attached) and Sponsor Pledge
field guides, CD/DVD materials, spotting scopes, digital cam- Form from our web site or just call AoMC 772 288-2637.
Go Count birds —. The detailed counting rules are available on-line or directly from our offices.
eras…) then, on to birding reality in the field.
Finally —Tell us which species you saw and how may pledges you received. Drop off your pledge sheets, and species count list to
The ID course will consist of five (5) , day-long sessions, the AoMC offices no later than April 15. AoMC will tally ALL the species sheets and let you know the count.
each of which will include a classroom session and an associ- Then .. Collect pledge donations and forward the dollars to AoMC, Attn; Treasurer at 621 SE Palm Beach Road, Stuart FL 34994.
ated field excursion to a birding hot-spot. The course begins on
Friday, February 15 and runs on consecutive Fridays through You can always drop off your pledge forms and checks into the mail slot in the door if you prefer other than to mail them.
March 14th. Because we know of inevitable scheduling con-
Doing the Birdathon is a lot of fun and every single dollar raised stays right here in Martin County. We need your help to do it, so
flicts, this year we are also offering the course on a ‘per session’ pay-as-you-go basis in addition to the total draft some friends, grab your binoculars, a bird ID book and get birding!!!
course fee.
Registration for all 5 sessions is $60 per person ($50 for Audubon members). However, single-session atten- COUNTING RULES
dance is possible - price varies based on vehicle rental rates for the field trip section for each class.
Team members must remain within earshot of one another (no cell phones or radios) while observing, and all sighted birds must be
seen or heard (verified) by a majority of the team members i.e.: 3 of 4, 2 of 3 or 2 of 2 members.

For the highest number of species categories all bird sightings must be confined to Martin County. Exotics, including all parrots and
Where: Each sessions will be held at a different birding location in Martin County the infamous Muscovy Duck, are subject to consideration as long as they are free and unrestrained. Bird collections of any sort or
When: From 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Fridays from February 15 through March 14, 2008 birds belonging to local golf courses, etc. – intentionally brought in to decorate the course/pond - do not count toward official sight-
ings. If you see banded birds…and can read the band… please share the tag data as well as the location data too.
How Much: The cost for the entire course is $60 per person ($50 Audubon members).
Per-session attendance available; fee varies based on transportation costs Keep your eyes open for the chance sighting of visitors from the Bahamas as well as those migrants who have flown far off course.
Remember to take the best birding guides you have – you never know what you will see. Try out the new set of binoculars or that
Who: The course is open to experienced birders. new scope….. You bought them to use them didn’t you?? Now is the perfect time.

Seating is limited. Call the Audubon office (772)-288-2637 for more information or to make reserva- BIRDATHON TIPS
tions. To reserve a seat, mail your check made payable to ‘Audubon’ to: Audubon of Martin County, 621 Doing a Birdathon is easier than you might think. Some birders may be out for 24 hours straight. Some may bring in hundreds of
S.E. Palm Beach Rd, Stuart, FL 34994; Attn: Bird ID Course. collars in pledges. But a Birdathon can be as easy as counting birds for an hour at lunchtime and collecting $25 in pledges.

PLEDGE FORMS— Available at AoMC offices, on the website, and in your mail.

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