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IKBU SFL / 2012 FALL INT Level Material No.


Skills & Teaching Points : Reading & Writing

Material Used :-
Objectives :
1. Understanding and identifying the writers purpose, mood, intent and attitude in authentic texts
2. Responding in writing to appreciation, complaint, and disappointment
3. Writing emails which have good control over complex structures, spelling and punctuation as well as
coherent ideas and organization


Estimated Duration for the Activity : 150

1. The T asks students what they do when they have a problem with a product they buy, when they really like a
product or service. If Ss talk about writing emails the T asks what kinds of emails they write. If they dont the T
teacher asks whether writing an email can be a good way to show their content or dissatisfaction.

2. The T distributes the handout and asks students to read the emails and find out why the writers wrote them.
(Exercise A) T also asks Ss to underline the words which help them to understand the writers purpose. The T
projects the emails on the board and works on the emails and together with the Ss they underline the important
parts in the emails.
Answer key:
Email # 1 : Appreciation
Email # 2 : Complaint
Email # 3 : Disappointment

3. The T asks students to read the emails again find out what the writer includes in the introduction, body, and
Suggested Answers:
introduction: purpose; body: explanation; conclusion: hopes and expectations

4. The T asks Ss to read the sample response and answer the question. (Exercise B)
Suggested Answers:
introduction: thanking for interest/sending an email, apology; body: explanations and showing empathy
and understanding; conclusion: inviting the customer back

5. The T asks Ss to choose one of the emails they have read, and write a response to that email. (Exercise C) The T
reminds Ss to follow and introduction-body-conclusion format. While the Ss are writing their responses, the
teacher constantly monitors and gives feedback about complex structures, spelling, punctuation, organization and
content. Ss use the following checklist while writing their responses.

Email Writing Checklist

I organize my ideas in an introduction-body-conclusion format.
My ideas are connected/related to each other.
I use complex sentences in my response correctly.
I check my spelling and punctuation.